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AutoAutoProduct and Underwriting GuideUpdated as of 10/10/22 2022 Stillwater Insurance GroupAll right reservedAM Best Rating of A- (Excellent)

Auto 5.0 Product GuideTable of ContentsAutoAbout Stillwater InsuranceAuto Program Effective DatesContact InformationClaimsProcedureContact NumbersLetter of ExperienceSubmit AuthorityUpload OnlyNon-Bound (Paper) ApplicationIssue DateBackdatingPolicy Period/TermReport OrderingRewritesMoratoriumsApplication SubmissionPost-Issuance ReviewFIRST: Quote QuestionsSubmittingStart an Auto QuoteAdd QuoteReports and VerificationAdditional Driver Discovery (ADD)Proof of Prior Auto InsuranceNCF OrderingPolicy QuestionnairesRenewal VerificationPhone InterviewsQuality Planning Corp (QPC)File Maintenance & Audit RequirementsPhysician’s Opinion FormAgency DocumentRequirementsUM/UIM Option FormProof of Not at FaultPersonal Injury ProtectionDifferent AddressesDriver ExclusionPhotos (Lapse in Coverage)Expired Drivers LicenseBusiness UseGaraged at SchoolProof of Marital StatusVehicle Use DefinitionsPleasure UsePersonal/Commute-Work UseBusiness UseFarm UseArtisan (CA only)Annual Mileage (CA Only)Mileage Changes (CA Only)Unacceptable RisksCalifornia Auto Eligibility – GoodDriver ProgramUnacceptable Drivers (Except CA)CoverageDriver EligibilityBodily InjuryHousehold MembersProperty DamageDriver ClassificationMedical PaymentsInexperienced Operator SurchargePersonal Injury Protection (PIP)Additional (Second) NamedUninsured & UnderinsuredInsuredMotorist BI LimitsDriver Marital StatusCoverage StackingPermit HolderUninsured & UnderinsuredDriver StatusMotorist PD LimitFinancial Responsibility SR22CollisionSuspension & Failure to AppearCollision Deductible WaiverDriver ExclusionsComprehensiveNon-Related RoommatesRental Car BenefitOut-of-State Driver’s Licenses(Transportation Expense)Rated Drivers (CA Only)Towing and LaborNon Rated DriversEmergency Roadside Assistance (RSA)Non-Driver—UT OnlyCustom Equipment CoverageCanadian DriversLoan Lease Payoff (GAP)Named Non owner or ExtendedNon OwnerUnacceptable PoliciesCanadian ID CardCar SharingLimited Coverage in MexicoRide Sharing(CA only)Florida and PennsylvaniaProvisional Instruction Permit-specific RulesDriversAccidents/Violations EligibilityFull Safety GlassSame Day - Concurrent OffensesComprehensive Coverage OnlyPossible Related Claim (PRC)Pennsylvania Only CoveragesExperience PeriodCoverage AvailabilityUnacceptable VehiclesVehicle EligibilityCA Photo/Inspection Req.2Prior Insurance CoverageDriving RecordMinor ViolationsSpeedingMajor ViolationsAlcohol related ViolationsAccidentsPermissive User AccidentComprehensive LossesGlass ClaimsTowing ClaimsCommercial ConvictionsGovernment VehiclesCampers & TrailersCampersTrailersCamper & Trailers DeductibleChartDiscountsAccident FreeAdvance QuoteAccident Prevention/DefensiveDriver CourseAgency ControlledAnti-Lock BrakesAnti-Theft DeviceCoverageDistant StudentDriver TrainingEmployeeGood DriverGood StudentHomeownershipHybrid VehicleMature DriverMulti-CarMulti-PolicyPaid in FullPaperlessPassive RestraintRenewalViolation FreeDiscount AvailabilityProcessingEndorsementsHow to Make Policy ChangesLegacy ProgramsNumber of Vehicles on a PolicyCancellationReinstatementsReturned PremiumPaymentsPay Plans and Installment FeesEFTRefundsPolicy FeesComparative RatersFrequently Asked Questions

AutoCompanies and CopyrightsCopyright 2022 Stillwater Insurance Group all rights reserved. Stillwater Insurance Group, the Stillwater Group logo,Stillwater Insurance Services, Inc. and the Stillwater Insurance Services, Inc. logo are registered trademarks of Duval Holdings, Inc.Stillwater Insurance Group consists of the following companies: Stillwater Insurance Company Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company Stillwater Insurance Services, Inc.Stillwater Insurance Group is AM Best rated A-Excellent. Back to Table of Contents3

AutoStateCompanyAcceptingNew BusinessCompanynumberRate BookCodeNew BusinessDateRenewal BusinessDateRaterAZStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes207227/31/227/31/22Auto 5.1ARStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes218217/9/218/15/21Auto 5.2CAStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes202192/22/192/22/19Auto 5.2CTStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)No21HLR9/30/1611/6/16LegacyCTStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes208218/6/218/6/21Auto 5.2FLStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes206225/25/226/29/22Auto 5.0IDStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes205224/22/225/27/22Auto 5.1IDStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)No21HLR9/30/1611/6/16LegacyILStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes20O229/1/2210/6/22Auto 5.2ILStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)No21HLR11/18/1612/25/16LegacyINStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)No20D1511/6/1512/13/15LegacyINStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes21O229//1/2210/6/22Auto 5.2KSStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes2012010/16/2011/22/20Auto 5.2MNStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes20O2210/4/2211/8/22Auto 5.2MOStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes208229/9/2210/17/22Auto 5.2*NEStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes20O218/27/2110/3/21Auto 5.2** Migrating from Legacy to Auto 5.2 Back to Table of Contents4

AutoStateCompanyAcceptingNew BusinessCompanynumberRate BookCodeNew BusinessDateRenewal BusinessDateRaterOHStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)No20D1511/20/1512/27/15LegacyOHStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes219227/29/229/4/22Auto 5.2ORStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes2112212/17/211/23/22Auto 5.2PAStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes205227/2/227/2/22Auto 5.2RIStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes215224/15/225/20/22Auto 5.2SCStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes20O229/16/2210/23/22Auto 5.2TNStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes216224/29/226/5/22Auto 5.2TNStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)No208186/22/187/29/18LegacyTXStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes207227/15/228/21/22Auto 5.2UTStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes206224/29/226/4/22Auto 5.1VAStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes207225/26/227/1/22Auto 5.2WAStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)No204223/4/224/10/22LegacyWAStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes218227/18/228/22/22Auto 5.0WIStillwater Insurance Company (SIC)Yes207225/20/227/11/22Auto 5.2WIStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)No21D1510/30/151/5/16LegacyWYStillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC)Yes215193/29/195/5/19Auto 5.2 Back to Table of Contents5

AutoCompany Websitewww.stillwater.comUnderwriting & SubmissionsPhone: 1-800-849-6140Fax: 1-866-699-1936Email: auto@stillwater.comService HoursCustomer Service Representatives are available to meet yourservice needs and for technical assistance:Monday - Friday 8:00am - 9:00pm EasternSaturday 8:00am – 3:00pm EasternService & EndorsementsPhone: 1-800-849-6140Fax: 1-866-877-6355Email: ins@stillwater.comEvidence of InsuranceRequests for Evidence of Insurance can be emailed or faxed to 1-888-333-2490 Back to Table of Contents6Mailing AddressStillwater Insurance GroupP.O. Box 45126Jacksonville, FL 32232-5126Physical Address (for Overnight deliveries)Stillwater Insurance Group6800 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 700Jacksonville, FL 32216ClaimsToll Free: 1-800-220-1351Fax Number: 1-800-491-7683 or 1-402-242-4872Email: claims@stillwater.comClaims Mailing AddressStillwater Insurance Group12500 I Street, STE 100Omaha, NE 68137

AutoClaims ProceduresAll claims are to be reported to Stillwater Claims Service immediately.For fast claims service and to completely eliminate your time involvement in processing claims forms, please instruct your insureds and claimants to call ourclaims department directly. This procedure will eliminate non-productive time and give the company the opportunity to give both your client and claimantsimmediate direct claim service.General Information: Please remember that you have no claims settlement authority. Please refer all claims to our claims department.The toll free line is (800)220-1351.The toll free number is answered by Stillwater staff during the following hours:— Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 8:00pm Eastern— Saturday from 8:00am - 3:00pm EasternAfter these hours a service called Lynx Services LLC answers the 800 line and can take a first notice of loss. They can take the initial claims info,but cannot verify coverage. Lynx Services LLC is available 24/7. If there is a genuine and severe emergency or very severe loss the Lynx Services rep can in most cases get a Stillwater adjuster in touch with the client. We offer a translation service where English is a second language. The service handles dozens of languages including Hmong, Farsi, Punjabi,Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese.Claims Contact Numbers: Phone (800) 220-1351Fax (402) 351-2650 or 1-800-491-7683Email: Back to Table of Contents7

AutoLetter of Experience (LOE)Stillwater Insurance is able to provide a letter that shows the insured’s Loss History while insured with Stillwater Insurance Group.We have automated the creation of the Letter of Experience (LOE). The process can be completed by Customer Service/FNOL, and the Agent via the Action Menu on the Sales Portal – FIRST. The Policyholder can also view the LOE if they have set up an account on the Self Service Site. The LOE is available for each individual policy (all policy types). The LOE can be printed and downloaded for email.A Letter of Experience can also be requested verbally over the phone or sent to: or via fax: 1-800-491-7683 Please include the policy number Please allow 24 – 48 hours to process the request. Upon completion the Letter of Experience will be emailed. If the LOE needs to be forwarded to additional parties, please include that contact information in your email.Sales Portal: Back to Table of Contents8Self Service Site:

AutoUpload OnlyYou must upload all Stillwater policies through our quoting system, FIRST. We will not pay commission on paper applications.Non-Bound (Paper) ApplicationsAn exception to uploading policies through FIRST is made when requesting substantial risk or hazard on our quoting system. In these situations, werequire a paper application to be submitted to Underwriting for review. The application review may take up to 30 days from the receipt of the application.For consideration, the paper application must include the following – A printout of the complete ACORD Application signed by the customer Photos for all vehicles – 2 photos from opposite corners Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) and Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) reports Any other applicable completed forms such as a Driver Exclusion formIssue DatePolicies can be issued a maximum of 90 days in the future.Backdating - New Business1. We do NOT allow backdating of policies.2. If an exception or a correction is needed, please contact Underwriting.3. Pictures of all 4 sides of each vehicle and a statement of no losses may be required.Internal Users only - Please see the Processing section under Backdating Endorsements for endorsement guidelines. Back to Table of Contents9

AutoPolicy Period/TermPolicies can be issued and renewed with 6-month terms (all states) and 12-month terms except in CA, FL, and RI. A minimum insurance score is required toqualify for a 12-month term at new business.For existing clients with a 6-month term, a 12-month term may be requested except in CA, FL, and RI if the following criteria is met:1. Insured must have completed at least two full 6-month terms with Stillwater2. There must be no AFAs, late payments, or reinstatements in the past 12 months3. Request must be made at least 40 days in advance of the end of the current term, or at least 55 days in advance of the end of the current term ifthe state is WisconsinRequest should be sent to Auto Underwriting ( OrderingWhile Stillwater does not bill agents for reports, it is something we monitor closely.RewritesPolicies need to be rewritten when there is a lapse in coverage greater than 30 days due to expiration or cancellation. Before submitting a rewritten policy, anoverride must be requested to allow a driver on a 2nd policy. Any remaining or waived balance on the previous policy must be received before an override isallowed. Please contact customer service to request an override.Note: Rewritten policies are not eligible for the Advance Quote discount (where applicable).Moratoriums Submit authority may be suspended for new business or increased coverage endorsements during periods of imminent danger from natural disasters, orwhen the National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning. We will not honor Physical Damage coverage that you bind in any area wherea hailstorm, hurricane, tropical storm, tornado or flood watch, warning or occurrence is in effect at the time of binding. This would also mean no changesto deductibles – adding or lowering.The types of natural disasters include but, are not limited to, Earthquake, Earth movement (landslide, mudslide, sinkhole, etc.), Wild Fire, Hurricane,Tropical Storm, Tornado, and Flood.We reserve the right to suspend submission authority as we deem fit, and as allowed by state regulations and emergency orders.In the event of such suspension, we will issue a moratorium on FIRST. During moratoriums, no new business or increased coverageendorsements may be submitted. Existing vehicles may not lower their deductibles. Adding a car is fine but it would be liability onlyuntil the moratorium has been lifted. When replacing a vehicle the deductibles would remain the same.If the policy is canceled, do not accept payment. If pending cancelation, accept payment. Back to Table of Contents10

AutoApplication SubmissionFIRST is a real-time Quoting and Underwriting system designed to assist our Producers in quoting and issuing insurance policies. This system provides aneasy way of doing business by indicating whether the risk is eligible and if so, allows the Producer to issue the policy instantly.Post-Issuance ReviewOn occasion, our Underwriting Department may request additional information after the policy has been purchased. This includes photos, forms oradditional clarification regarding the risk. If the information is not received within 7 days, the policy may be canceled due to underwriting reasons.FIRST: Quote QuestionsResponses to the various questions during the quote process will advise of underwriting eligibility conflicts. The producer does NOT have the authority tosubmit coverage for any vehicle exhibiting a conflict with one or more of the characteristics shown in our Underwriting Guidelines.However, the Company may be contacted for prior approval regarding acceptability. Policy submission is subject to acceptance of the risk based on theCompany Exposure Management Plan. All such requests should be emailed to for consideration.SubmittingPolicies are only valid if they are issued on FIRST with a policy number. WE do NOT provide the Producer submission authority except through FIRST.Click below for information on starting a Quote on FIRST:Start an Auto Quote Back to Table of Contents11

AutoStart an Auto Quote1To start an Auto Quote, on the Dashboard screen, under Start a Quote select New Customer and enter a ZIP code.2Select Personal Automobile from the drop down list.12There is also an Add Quote feature which should be used when you start a quote for another line of business, like Home.Click here for more info on the Add Quote feature. Back to Table of Contents12

AutoAdd Quote"Add Quote" should be used when you start a quote for another line of business, like Auto. This will give you the option to pre-populate the new quote withthe basic info from the HO or Dwelling quote. It also links the quotes and policies so that discounts can be applied and maintained. In addition, it makesservicing and supporting the quotes and policies easier.If you have an active policy or quote and would like to quote another line of business, on the Dashboard screen, under Start Quote,1select Existing Customer and enter a quote/policy number, name and/or address and click Search.12 Discount Note:Using Add Quote will add the Quote to the sameClient ID. Having all quotes and policies on thesame ClientID will automatically link all quotes andpolicies together so that discounts can be appliedand maintained.Once the existing policy/quote is found, click on the ADD QUOTE button as indicated below.2 Back to Table of Contents13

AutoAdd Quote continued.3After clicking ADD QUOTE, enter a ZIP code to select the product from the drop down list.34Select the Personal Automobile to begin the quote.4 Back to Table of Contents14

AutoVerificationAs a part of new business process FIRST will order third-party data reports.MVRs, CLUE, ADD (Additional Driver Discovery), & insurance bureau scores (if applicable).Other forms may be applicable to the risk and may be requested.Additional Driver Discovery (ADD)Please verify the relationship between the insured and the driver(s) listed on the Additional Driver Discovery (ADD) report. Also tell us if they are amember of the insured’s household. If they are not a household resident, please advise if there is regular access to drive the insured’s vehicle(s).Prior Auto Insurance ProofAny of these items must include the named insured and most recent term with expiration date and previous liability limits. Declarations page; Cancellation notice; Nonrenewal notice; Print-out from an agency management system. If unable to confirm that Physical Damage was previously afforded, a Declarations Page or photos could be requestedThe named insured on the new Stillwater policy must be the named insured on the prior policy or a listed driver on the prior policy.Note: Motorcycle insurance policies are acceptable, but watercraft and off-road vehicle insurance policies are not.Identification (ID) cards will be considered at minimum limits if the liability limits are not displayed.The policy will be rated using the lowest prior carrier limit from the 6-month period before the start of the new Stillwater policy.Anything sent in other than what is stated above will cause the policy to be re-rated without prior insurance.Documentation of an acceptable reason for not having prior insurance may also be considered on an exception basis.Click Next for additional Verification guidelines: Back to Table of Contents15Next

AutoNCF OrderingThe NCF is the National Credit File which contains the credit history. Lexis Nexis uses this report to determine the Insurance Score that we use in rating.This will NOT count as a regular credit inquire or affect the client’s credit.Here is how it is currently coded in the program that orders NCF:New Business Do not order: CAOrder: All states except CARenewalsDo not order: CAOrder every 36 months: WA and MOOrder every 24 months: Remainder of the statesEvery renewal: when the score is a ‘Z’ or ‘R’, we attempt to order credit on prior no hits. In Oregon and Utah we do not re-order automatically atrenewal, we re-order only as requested.Policy QuestionnairesThe company may mail a new business or renewal questionnaire to the policyholder. Typically a timely response is required to enable the continuation orrenewal of the policy.Some risks may require additional forms to be submitted:Example: If a previously unlisted driver is excluded from the policy, a signed driver exclusion form will be required*To avoid notice, potential changes, or possible cancellation of a policy, please fax required forms and/or information with your original submission to: (866)699-1936, or email to If applicable forms are not signed and submitted, or requested information is not provided to us within 7business days of notice, we will adjust and rerate the policy accordingly or possibly cancel the policy if it is no longer eligible for our program.*Please print application forms from the “Application Forms” link under Quick Links in the right margin of any auto quote. Forms are also available on the“Policy Forms” menu from the Client List screen on FIRST.Click Next for additional Verification guidelines: Back to Table of Contents16Next

AutoRenewal VerificationPhone InterviewsThe company may periodically contact the policyholder to conduct a phone interview.Quality Planning Corporation (QPC)QPC is a nationally recognized company based in San Francisco that is part of ISO (Insurance Services Office - a leading source of information anddatabases related to Property & Casualty business.) QPC performs renewal underwriting questionnaires for many top-flight companies in CA andacross the nation and we have engaged them to help verify and correct basic risk and rating data on our auto renewals. The process is as follows: QPC mails letters asking policyholders to confirm rating information within 14-21 days. We are manually entering a note on the AS400 to indicate this. In due course this note will be added automatically. It will say the following orsomething similar: QPC CA AUTO QUESTIONNAIRE MAILED.There are two letters:1. One letter with a website address to allow an on-line response on policies (with the PIN provided in the letter) where we are only pursuing apotential annual mileage disparity.2. One without the website address on policies where we might be pursuing something else/additional (e.g. potential missing driver). They are asked to call QPC toll free at (866)-634-4830 for English and (855)-571-9775 for Spanish between 6am-8pm PST (Mon-Fri) and6am -2pm PST (Sat). Or they can log-on to The calls are answered by a team in Canada. These are highly professional call-center staff who are very well scripted in how to handleand help callers. Although the CSRs are in Canada, the data is all securely maintained on the QPC servers in San Francisco. QPC may send a follow-up letter or make outbound calls to selected policy policyholders who did not respond to the letter. QPC transmits the acquired data to us. We enter the updated information in the green screens and send the renewal offer. Back to Table of Contents17

AutoFile Maintenance and Audit RequirementsYou are required to maintain relevant documentation for a period of seven years after the policy expiration plus the additional statutory requirements forrecord retention after the policy is non-renewed or cancelled.DocumentSend toCompany*ApplicationRetain inAgency FileRequirementXCompleted and signed by named insured(s) and agentUM Selection RejectionXXCompleted and signed by named insured(s). Send to company if UM iswaived or reducedPIP Selection rejectionXXCompleted and signed by named insured(s). Send to company if PIP iswaived.DiscountsXXDocuments to support good student, distant student, affinity/groupprogram and defensive driving programsEFTXSigned electronic funds transfer (EFT) formCredit CardXSigned credit card authorizationNot At-Fault AccidentXXLetter of Experience - Proof to support an at-fault accident was not at faultDriver ExclusionXXSigned exclusion form listing all persons excluded from coverageProof of specialequipmentXXIf custom equipment is purchasedProof of PriorXXRequired if information is missing or incorrect on current carrier reportPhotos and InspectionsXXAs required by state (CA)XRequired for the homeownership discountProof ofHomeownership*We do not accept non-Stillwater forms.Note: Physician Opinion Forms are no longer required. Back to Table of Contents18

AutoREQUIRED FORMSUninsured/Underinsured Motorist Option FormThe UMBI form or waiver must be signed when deleting UMBI coverage, when UMBI is less than the BI limit, and when the non-stacked option ispurchased in FL. The UMPD form or waiver must be signed when deleting UMPD coverage. If the signed UM/UIM Option form is not provided, we will addcoverage and/or raise the limits. For UM changes in CT legacy (SPC), please send a request to, the form requirements arehandled manually.Proof of Not At-fault (NAF) AccidentPlease provide proof in the form of either a letter of experience from the prior carrier or a police report with accident details stating that the insured was notat fault. If proof is not received, the accident will be rated as an at fault accident.Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Selection (only applicable in AR, FL, MN, OR, TX, UT, and WA)In applicable states, the PIP Selection form must be completed, signed, and included with your submission.Different AddressesIf the mailing address is different than the garaging address, please provide the reason why they are different. If this critical underwriting information is notreceived, the policy will be canceled for underwriting reasons.Driver ExclusionPlease provide the signed and completed Driver Exclusion form. Failure to return this required form will result in the cancellation of the policy. Pleaseclick here for more information on Driver Exclusions.Note - We do not accept non-Stillwater forms.Click Next for additional required Document Requirements: Back to Table of Contents19Next

AutoREQUIRED FORMS continued .Photos (Lapse in Coverage)If physical damage coverage is requested on a vehicle where there is a lapse in coverage, then two photos of the vehicle must accompany theapplication. Please provide us with at least two photos of the vehicle that clearly show all four sides. If the photos are not provided, the policy will becancelled for underwriting reasons.Expired Driver’s LicenseIf it has been noted that a driver has an expired license, please provide us with a copy of his/her renewed driver’s license or a letter from the DMV statingthat his/her license has been renewed. If documentation is not provided, this policy will be cancelled for underwriting reasons.Business UseIf the policy has been rated with a Business Use vehicle and it’s noted the insured is a self-employed, please specify how the vehicle is being used andconfirm that the vehicles insured under this policy are not being used in the course of the insured’s employment.Garaged at SchoolIf a vehicle is listed as garaged at school, please provide the school’s address. If this critical underwriting information is not received, the policy will becanceled for underwriting reasons. Students away at school with a vehicle, in or out of the state and not located in Michigan can be considered.Proof of Marital Status if Spouse/Partner is ExcludedPlease provide proof in the form of a photocopy of the marriage license/certificate or a photocopy of the most recent tax filing. Please click here for moreinformation on Marital Status. **Not Required in CaliforniaProof of HomeownershipIf a homeownership discount is applied to the policy, proof is required. The NI or spouse’s primary residence must be a home, townhome orcondominium. This does not apply to mobile homes. Proof of home ownership can be any combination of documents that indicates name, address,and proof that the customer owns, is making payments on, or is insuring the home. Back to Table of Contents20

Auto1. Drivers without a garaging address or with a non-residentialgaraging address;2. Vehicles with a principal out-of-state garaging location3. Vehicles without a permanent garaging address or with a nonresidential garaging address;4. Policies with vehicles garaged at two different addresses anddrivers in two different households.5. Proof of garaging must be retained in your agency files whenthe address on the policy is different from that on the insured’sdriver’s license or mailing address.The Company may take steps to confirm the garaging address on apolicy when the address cannot be verified or when it does notsupport other information provided on the application or obtainedfrom third party sources.Please note: Fictitious zips or use of producer’s address will beconsidered misrepresentation on the policy and may impactcoverage in the event of a claim.This list is not a complete list of unacceptablerisks. Please see the related links. Back to Table of Contents21Related links -Unacceptable VehiclesUnacceptable Drivers

Auto Stillwater offers a variety of Auto policy Coverages Please click on the desired Coverage option shown below to view a detailed description. Bodily Injury Named Non Owner or Extended Non Owner Property Damage Canadian ID Cards Medical Payments Limited Coverage in Mexico CA only Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Provisional Instruction Permit Drivers Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist BI Limit Full Safety Glass Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist PD Limit Pennsylvania Only Coverages - Collision First Party Benefits (FPB) – Medical Expense Collision Deductible Waiver (CA only) Work / Loss Benefits (WLB) Comprehensive Accidental Death Benefits (ADB) Rental Car Benefit (Transportation Expense) Funeral Benefits (FEB)Towing And Labor Extraordinary Medical Benefits (XMB) Combination First Party Benefits (CFB) Emergency Roadside Assistance (RSA) Tort Option Custom Equipment Coverage Loan Lease Payoff (Gap) Coverage Back to Table of Contents22

AutoClick on the Coverage to view limits and availability by state:Bodily Injury –Limits must be equal to or higher than the minimum financial responsibility limits required by law. All vehicles on the policy insured for liability coveragesmust carry the same liability limitsProperty Damage –Limits must be equal to or higher than the minimum financial responsibility limits required by law. All vehicles on the policy insured for liability coveragesmust carry the same liability limitsMedical Payments Limits –Medical Payments limits apply to each person, for each accident. If selected, all vehicles on the policy must carry the same medical limits.Personal Injury Protection –Personal Injury Protection (PIP) limits apply for each accident.

Company number Rate Book Code New Business Date Renewal Business Date . Yes 20 821 8/6/21 8/6/21 Auto 5.2 FL Stillwater Insurance Company (SIC) Yes 20 622 5/25/22 6/29/22 Auto 5.0 ID Stillwater Insurance Company (SIC) Yes 20 522 4/22/22 5/27/22 Auto 5.1 ID Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company (SPC) No 21 HLR 9/30/16 11/6/16 .

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Hampshire Insurance Department does not mandate or set Auto Insurance Rates. Auto Insurance Rates will vary by insurance company. This guide is intended to give New Hampshire consumers basic information on auto insurance. It suggests ways to: Lower the cost of your auto insurance, shop for Auto insurance and, file an auto insurance claim.

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