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Invitation for Bid(IFB) # 22103Psychiatrist Services forJ.L. Norris Addiction Treatment CenterIssued May 16, 2022Amended: June 27, 2022www.oasas.ny.gov1

Invitation for BidPsychiatrist Services for J. L. Norris Addiction Treatment CenterOASAS Project No. 22103 - Psych ServicesNew York State Office of Addiction Services and SupportsBureau of Addiction Treatment CenterExpected Timetable for Key Events: (Amended 6/27/2022)Release Date: .May 16, 2022Closing Date for Submission of Contractor’s Questions. 5:00 PM EST on May 31, 2022Answers to Contractor’s Questions on or about . June 8, 2022Closing Date for Receipt of Contractor’s Bid .4:00 PM EST on June 22, 2022 July 15, 2022Anticipated Evaluation and Selection .July 8, 2022 August 1, 2022Contract Term Begins . November 1, 2022All Inquiries to:procurements@oasas.ny.govSubject: OASAS Project No. 22103 - Psych ServicesSubmission of Bid to:OASAS Project No. 22103 – Psych ServicesBureau of Fiscal AdministrationNew York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports1450 Western Avenue, 5th floorAlbany NY 12203Attn: Nicole GennarelliPlease be aware that any expenses your firm incurs in the preparation and submission of the bidwill not be reimbursed by the State. Your firm’s continued interest in providing service to theState of New York is appreciated.1

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Amended 6/27/2022)PageChecklist of Submission Requirements . 4Section 1 Overview . 51.1 Purpose . 51.2 General Overview . 51.3 Description of Services . 51.4 Location of Addiction Treatment Center . 51.5 Designated Contact . 51.6 Eligible Bidders . 61.7 Qualifications . 61.8 Questions . 61.9 Bid Submission Content . 61.10 Instructions for Submission of Bid . 7Section 2Administrative Information . 72.1 Issuing Office. 72.2 Method of Award . 72.3 Notification of Award . 72.4 Negotiations and Approval . 72.5 Full-Service Contract . 82.6 Funding . 82.7 Price . 82.8 Price Adjustment . 82.9 Method of Payment. 82.10 Invoice Preparation . 82.11 Electronic Payment . 92.12 State Holidays . 92.13 Successful Bidder’s Responsibilities . 92.14 Staffing . 92.15 Non-Responsibility Determinations. 92.16 J. L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center/OASAS Responsibilities . 102.17 OASAS Reserves the Right To:. 102.18 Debriefing Information . 11Section 3Specifications/Scope of Work . 123.1 Specifications . 123.2 Scope of Work . 123.3 Specific Requirements . 123.4 Criminal Background Checks . 123.5 Contract Period . 13Section 4Evaluation of Bids . 134.1 Missing Forms . 134.2 Cost Evaluation . 134.3 Final Bid Ranking . 13Section 5Contract Clauses and Requirements . .135.1 Appendix A-Standard Clauses for All Contracts with New York State .135.2 Business Participation Opportunities for New York State Certified Minority- andWomen-Owned Business Enterprises and Equal Employment Opportunities forMinority Group Members and Women. 135.3 Business Participation Opportunities for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business2

Section 5Section 6Enterprises Requirements and Procedures . 15PageContract Clauses and Requirements (continued)5.4 NYS Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire . 155.5 Ethics Compliance . 165.6 Indemnification . 165.7 Procurement Lobbying Law . 165.8 Tax and Finance Clause . 165.9 Contractors Insurance Requirements . 175.10 Worker’s Compensation and Disability Benefits Certifications .185.11 Important Notice Regarding NYS Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) . 185.12 Procurement Lobby Law . 185.13 Confidentiality and Nondisclosure . 195.14 Non-Collusive Bidding Practices. 195.15 Subcontracting . 195.16 Regulations and Guidelines . 195.17 Public Announcements . 205.18 Acceptance. 205.19 Iran Divestment Act . 205.20 Third Party Web-Based Information and Application Development . .205.21 Consultant Disclosure Law (Appendix H) .205.22 Public Officer’s Law 215.23 Conflict of Interest 215.24 Executive Order 177 .225.25 State Finance Law, Article 9- §139-l Statement on Sexual Harassment .225.26 HIPAA Business Associates Agreement .225.27 Executive Order No. 16 22Termination . 226.1 Termination. 22AppendicesAppendix A – Standard Clauses for All Contracts with New York State . 25Appendix B – Cost Proposal . 32Appendix E – Qualified Service Organization/Business Associate Agreement . 33Appendix H – Consultant Disclosure . 39Appendix L – Procurement Lobbying Restrictions 43Appendix M- Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises Forms 47Appendix T – New York State Department of Taxation and Finance ContractorCertification (Pursuant to Section 5-a of the Tax Law). . 62AttachmentsAttachment 1 – Bidders Certified Statements . 63Attachment 2 – Buprenorphine Training Attestation . 65Attachment 4 – Vendor Assurance of No Conflict of Interest/Detrimental Form . 66Attachment 5 – Non-Collusive Bidding Certification . 68Attachment 6 – Encouraging Use of NYS Businesses . 70Attachment 8 – Executive Order 177 Certification . 71Attachment 9 – Statement on Sexual Harassment . 72Attachment 10 – Certification Under Executive Order No. 16 . . .73Attachment 11 – References . 743

Checklist of Submission Requirements (Amended 6/27/22) Submitted on or before June 22, 2022 July 15, 2022, 4:00 PM EST Administrative Proposal (1 original, 1 copy) Packaged together, separate from the Fiscal Proposal, and sealed Outside of the package should be identified with the Office of Addiction Services and Supports’ name, and thephrase “Administrative Proposal: NYS OASAS Project No.: 22103” and “Submitted by: [Bidder’s Name]” Include a Cover Letter with the following completed forms attached: Copy of the appropriate professional license, certification or other credential Attachment 1 – Bidder’s Certified Statements Attachment 2 – Buprenorphine Training Attestation, if applicable Attachment 4 – Vendor Assurance of No Conflict of Interest/Detrimental Form Attachment 5 – Non-Collusive Bidding Certification Attachment 8 – Executive Order 177 Certification Attachment 9 – Statement on Sexual Harassment Certification Attachment 10 – Certification Under Executive Order No. 16 Attachment 11 – References Appendix L – Procurement Lobbying RestrictionsThe following forms may be submitted as part of the Administrative Proposal or submitted during contractnegotiations. (Note: only the Successful Bidder will be required to submit these forms.) Attachment 6 – Encouraging Use of NYS Business Appendix E – Qualified Service Organization/Business Associate Agreement Appendix H – Consultant Disclosure Form A Appendix M – Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises - Form 4 and Form 6 Appendix T – Form ST-220-TD and Form ST-220-CA Fiscal Proposal - Appendix B (1 original, 1 copy) Packaged together, separate from the Administrative Proposal, and sealed Outside of the package should be identified with the Office of Addiction Services and Supports’ name, and thephrase “Fiscal Proposal: NYS OASAS Project No.: 22103” and “Submitted by: [Bidder’s Name]”4

Section 1 - Overview (Amended 6/27/2022)1.1Purpose. The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) is issuing this Invitation forBid (IFB) for Psychiatrist Services at our J. L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center (ATC).1.2General Overview. The John L. Norris ATC has been serving New York State for more than 35 years and isoperated by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports. The ATC operates a 44-bed, inpatient, addictiontreatment program 24 hours a day, every day of the year serving people affected by substance use disorders. It has speciallytrained staff and programs to help deaf and hard of hearing people with alcohol and/or drug problems. The ATC servesWestern New York with a five (5) county service area: Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Orleans, and Wyoming.1.3Description of Services. A psychiatrist to serve as a practicing specialist by providing psychiatric services topatients, coordinating other treatment and support services; plan and oversee psychiatric, medical and patient care andsupport services for a treatment program, providing coordination with the psychiatric nurse practitioner and training to theATC facility staff; assist with the needs of buprenorphine patient care under the direction of the ATC medical Director.1.4Location of ATC.J. L. Norris Addiction Treatment CenterRochester Psychiatric Center1111 Elmwood AvenueRochester NY 14620-30051.5Designated Contact.1.5.1OASAS has designated a Contact Agent who shall be the exclusive OASAS contact from the time of issuance ofthe IFB until the issuance of the Notice of Award (restricted time period). Bidders may not communicate withany other personnel of OASAS regarding this IFB during the restricted time period. The designated contact agentis:Nicole GennarelliNew York State Office of Addiction Services and Supportsprocurements@oasas.ny.gov1.5.2The following are permissible contacts by a Bidder: submission of written bids in response to this IFB. submission of written questions prior to 5 PM EST on May 31, 2022. filed by a Bidder stating that the Designated Contact has failed to respond in a timely manner. after the bid due date between the successful Bidder and OASAS for the purpose ofgenerating a contract or purchase order. by Bidders after the bid due date to request the review of a contract award. by Bidders in protests, appeals, or other review proceedings before OASAS seeking a finaladministrative determination, or in a subsequent judicial proceeding; or complaints of alleged improperconduct in a procurement to the Attorney General, Inspector General, District Attorney or court ofcompetent jurisdiction; or written protests, appeals or complaints to the State Comptroller’s Office duringthe contract approval process, and where such communications and responses thereto are made in writingand shall be entered in the procurement record; or complaints of alleged improper conduct in thisprocurement conducted by a municipal agency or local legislative body to the State Comptroller’s Office,provided, however, that nothing in the subdivision shall be construed as recognizing or creating any newrights, duties or responsibilities or abrogating existing rights, duties or responsibilities of any5

governmental entity as it pertains to implementation and enforcement of Article 11 of the State FinanceLaw or any other provision of law dealing with the governmental procurement process.1.6Eligible Bidders. Bidders may be individuals, partnerships or organizations who have experience in providingpsychiatric services with a substance use disorder population.1.7Qualifications.1.7.1Licensing Requirements. The Successful Bidder must be or employ a Psychiatrist who is licensed to practicemedicine in New York State and Certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.Services may be provided by the Board-Certified Psychiatrist or a Board Eligible Psychiatrist under the supervisionof a Board-Certified Psychiatrist.1.7.2Education. The Psychiatrist provided by the Eligible Bidders must have graduated from a program at a college,university, or other institute whose program is registered by the New York State Education Department.1.7.3Buprenorphine Training. The Psychiatrist must have a valid waiver to prescribe and dispense buprenorphine oragree to obtain such waiver within 90 days of contract award. If the latter, Psychiatrist must complete Attachment2 – Buprenorphine Training Attestation.1.7.4Experience. Bidders shall have at least five (5) years’ experience in Psychiatrist Services in healthcare, mentalhealth, or substance use disorder treatment setting. Also experience in addiction medicine and membership in theAmerican Society of Addiction Medicine is preferred. The Psychiatrist must be of good moral character and mustbe enrolled as a Medicaid Provider or eligible to be enrolled as a Medicaid provider.1.8Questions. All questions concerning the bid must be submitted by email to with asubject line of OASAS Project No. 22103 – Psych Services. All questions should cite the bid section and paragraph number.Written questions will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. EST, May 31, 2022.The questions and answers to all questions will become part of this IFB and any contract. With the exception of questionsconcerning procedural bid formatting or submission instructions, OASAS will not respond to questions on an individualbasis. All questions and answers shall be posted to the OASAS website on or about June 8, 2022.1.9Bid Submission Content. To be eligible, Bidders are required to submit a complete Bid response in conformancewith the format and content requirements set forth herein. All Bids and accompanying documentation will become theproperty of the State of New York.Bidders are strongly encouraged to use the Checklist of Submission Requirement, page 4 of this IFB.1.9.1An Administrative Proposal which includes a cover letter on company letterhead with an original signature is anintegral part of the bid package. The cover letter shall be signed by the individual who is authorized to contractuallybind the Bidder. The following information must be included in the cover letter submission: following shall be completed and attached to the cover letter:Copy of the appropriate professional license, certification or other credential;a. Completed Attachment 1 – Bidder’s Certified Statementsb. Completed Attachment 2 - Buprenorphine Training Attestation, if applicablec. Completed Attachment 4 – Vendor Assurance of No Conflict of Interest/Detrimental Formd. Completed Attachment 5 – Non-Collusive Bidding Certificatione. Completed Attachment 8 – Executive Order 177 Certificationf. Completed Attachment 9 – Statement on Sexual Harassment Certificationg. Completed Attachment10 - Certification Under Executive Order No. 16h. Completed Attachment 11 – Referencesi. Completed APPENDIX L - Procurement Lobbying Restrictions6

1.9.2Appendix B – Cost Proposal shall be submitted separate from the cover letter and must be signed by an officialauthorized to bind the Bidder1.10Instructions for Submission of Bid.1.10.1 Each Bidder must submit one (1) original and one (1) copy of the Cover Letter (paper copy) with the documentationlisted in Section (above). The original Cover Letter should be clearly marked “Original”. Submit theoriginal and copy in a sealed package separate from the Cost Proposal. Clearly mark the outside of your sealedpackage Cover Letter “OASAS Project No. 22103 – Psych Services submitted by (Bidder’s name).”1.10.2 Each Bidder must submit one (1) original and one (1) copy of the Cost Proposal (paper copy). The original proposalshould be clearly marked “Original”. An official authorized to bind the prospective Bidder shall sign the CostProposal. Submit the original and copy in a sealed package separate from the Cover Letter. Clearly mark theoutside of your sealed package Cost Proposal “OASAS Project No. 22103 – Psych Services submitted by (Bidder’sname).”1.10.3 Submission of proposals in a manner other than as described in these instructions (e.g., facsimile, Email or othertransmission) will not be accepted.1.10.4 The Cover Letter and Cost Proposal must be submitted in a sealed package before 4:00 PM, EST, on June22, 2022 July 15, 2022 to:OASAS Project No. 22103 - Psych ServicesBureau of Fiscal AdministrationNew York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports1450 Western Avenue, 5th floorAlbany NY 12203Attn: Nicole GennarelliLate Bids may not be considered for award.Section 2 – Administrative Information2.1Issuing Office. This IFB is issued by OASAS which is responsible for the requirements specified herein and forevaluating all Bids submitted.2.2.Method of Award. Award will be made on the basis of “Best Value”. “Best Value” is defined as the basis forawarding this contract for service to the Bidder which optimizes quality, cost and efficiency, among responsive andresponsible Bidders. Such basis shall be, wherever possible, quantifiable (State Finance Law §163 (1) (j)). It is theintention of OASAS to award one (1) contract to the Bidder who submits the lowest responsive and responsible Bidas represented by Appendix B – Cost Proposal Form for Psychiatrist Services.In the event of a tie, preference will be given to the Bidder with the most experience in providing the services described inthis IFB.To be awarded, the Bidder shall also meet all terms and conditions as set forth in this IFB.All provisions of this IFB and resulting contract award are contingent upon the availability of New York State funds.2.3Notification of Award. The Bidder will be advised of selection by OASAS through the issuance of a Notificationof Award Letter. Unsuccessful Bidders will be notified by letter of the non-select/conditional award.2.4Negotiations and Approval. During negotiations, OASAS expects to have direct access to the Bidder who hasfull authority to make commitments. Bidder must include, as part of their bid, any restrictions under which their primarynegotiations will operate.7

2.5Full Service Contract. If an award is made pursuant to this IFB, a contract containing terms and conditions willbe negotiated with the Bidder based on this IFB and the successful Bid. The Contract will include, but not be limited to:Contract, Standard Clauses for all New York State Contracts, the IFB and any changes or modifications thereto, questionsand answers to the IFB and the Bid received appendices and any other attachments. Full service means that the Bidder’sbid price includes all costs of providing Psychiatrist Services, including but not necessarily limited to: all administrativerequirements; travel costs; and additional costs such as background checks.2.6Funding. Delay in authorization of funds for the services being solicited herein may result in a change in theeffective date of the contract.2.7Price. For purposes of this IFB, Bidders shall enter on the Bid Form, the Bidder’s name, hourly rate and grandtotal. Appendix B – Cost Proposal Form for Psychiatrist.It is anticipated that the contract will be for 10 to 16 hours a week of psychiatrist services for J. L. Norris ATC over thefive-year period of the contract, depending on the total cost of the service.2.8Price Adjustment. On each anniversary date of the contract, the Successful Bidder may be granted an increasein price using the Consumer Price Index, Medical Care Services. In order to be considered, this price increase must berequested in a letter from the Successful Bidder ninety (90) days prior to the anniversary date of the contract. The negotiatedprice adjustment will be effective each anniversary date for the upcoming year. Submission of a request for considerationof a price increase in no way guarantees such price increase. Approval will be at the sole discretion of OASAS and theOffice of the State Comptroller.2.9Method of Payment. Payments by the State shall be made upon the completion of the services herein providedfor to the satisfaction of OASAS. Invoices must include a copy of time sheets signed by an official at the ATC. Thisdocumentation shall be submitted for verification, approval and payment.When possible, a PDF version of invoices should be emailed to The subject line shouldinclude the Invoice Number, and OASAS 3670000. (If sent electronically, do not send a paper copy of the invoice as thiscan cause duplication with may slow down the payment process.)If submitting a paper copy of an invoice, send it to:New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports c/o NYS OGS BSC Accounts PayableBuilding 5, 5th Floor1220 Washington Ave.Albany, NY 12226-19002.10Invoice Preparation. The following information must be included on all invoices. Failure to do so may resultin delay of payment and/or non-payment of invoice until such information is provided.2.10.1 OASAS as customer agency2.10.2 Invoice number and account number2.10.3 Invoice Date2.10.4 Your organization’s SFS Vendor Number2.10.5 OASAS Unit ID of 36700002.10.6 Contract ID Number (i.e.: OAS01-C00XXXX-3670000) associated with the invoice2.10.7 Line-item details that match the corresponding PO item8

2.11Electronic Payment.Payment for invoices submitted by the Successful Bidder shall only be renderedelectronically unless payment by paper check is expressly authorized by the Commissioner, in the Commissioner’s solediscretion, due to extenuating circumstances. Such electronic payment shall be made in accordance with ordinary Stateprocedures and practices.The Successful Bidder shall comply with the State Comptroller’s procedures to authorize electronic payments.Authorization forms are available at the State Comptrollers website at, by e-mail, or by phone at (518) 457-7717. Su

Bid (IFB) for Psychiatrist Services at our J. L. Norris Addiction Treatment Center (ATC). 1.2. The John . General Overview. L. Norris ATC has been serving New York State for more than 35 years and is operated by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports . The ATC operates a 44 -bed, inpatient, addiction treatment program 24 .

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