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Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 is a context-sensitive,collaborative, voice and multichannel customer contact solutionthat allows enterprises to anticipate, automate and acceleratecustomer interactions. Avaya Aura Contact Center intelligentlyroutes up to six simultaneous multichannel contacts to the mostappropriate resource through a unified agent interface. By creatinga complete view of the customer and the context of theirinteraction, Avaya Aura Contact Center allows enterprises andorganizations to manage the customer experience in a way thatconsistently delivers a superior level of engagement. Avaya AuraContact Center allows users to proactively reach out to customers,combines historic and real-time contextual customer informationto help improve the quality of interactions, optimizes agentutilization and productivity, and enhances supervisor performanceto deliver superior customer experience and drive sustainablebusiness growth.A software only application that runs on commercial off-the-shelf servers, Avaya AuraContact Center is the ideal solution for customers who need the flexibility of an open,reliable multichannel solution. The following flexible deployment options are available:Avaya AuraContact CenterDescriptionCompleteThe Complete solution manages all contact types(inbound/outbound voice, email, web chat, SMS, fax, IM,Social Media, etc.) as a universal queue and offersintegrated real-time and historical reporting. The AACC-Mmidmarket solution utilizes the Avaya Aura Contact CenterComplete deployment model.ComplementThe Complement solution is utilized to manage non-voice,multichannel contacts (email, web chat, SMS, fax, SocialMedia, etc.) while allowing Call Center Elite to continue tobe utilized for voice calls on Communication Manager. Allcontacts are managed by a unified agent desktop withunified reporting available with Avaya IQ and unifiedadministration offered by Avaya Control Manager.StandaloneThe Standalone solution is deployed to manage only nonvoice multichannel contact types (email, web chat, SMS,fax, etc.). No integration or inter-operation with a “voicecall center” solution is required.avaya.com 1

turnover. Avaya Aura Offsite Agentis an optional add-on feature thatallows agents to utilize their homeor mobile phone to accept customerinteractions from Avaya AuraContact Center. UC desktop integration: Integrationwith Avaya Aura Session Managerdelivers powerful UC capabilitiesdirectly to the agent desktop,helping increase agent productivity.Based on the context of aninteraction, expert/buddy lists aredisplayed on the desktop for expertconsultation using instantmessaging (IM). Both agent andexpert see the inquiry context,helping resolve customerinteractions faster and improve firstAvaya Aura Contact Center supportsnext generation, SIP baseddeployment options on Avaya AuraAgent Efficiency Unified Agent Desktop: Avayacontact resolution. Proactive interaction: OutboundAura Agent Desktop allows agentsdialing enables enterprises andto simultaneously handle multipleorganizations to utilize their agentscontacts of various media types.for revenue generating activities. TheThis single desktop interface can beability to reach out to customers withused for both Elite voice interactionstimely information increases up-selland multichannel interactionsopportunities, resulting in higherdelivered from Avaya Aura Contactrevenues and profitability. It alsoCenter, or it can be used for bothhelps shape the type and number ofAvaya Aura Contact Center 6.2voice and multichannel in completeinbound contacts.includes many new and enhanceddeployments. The email editor, autocapabilities that help enterprises andsuggest, auto response, web pushorganizations improve customerand context sensitive handlingsatisfaction, increase revenues andcapabilities substantially enhanceprofitability, and enhance agent andagent productivity while minimizingand drop menus in the graphical usersupervisor productivity whiletraining requirements.interface of Orchestration DesignerCommunications Manager and AvayaAura Session Manager, as well asCommunications Server 1000integration through the ApplicationsMessaging Link (AML).Features and Benefitsreducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.Avaya Aura Contact Center addressesthe needs of all stakeholdersincluding the line-of-businessmanager, contact center manager, IS/IT manager and agents. Keycapabilities include:2 avaya.com Agent quality, motivation andperformance: The ability to offerflexible, at-home teleworkingarrangements allows contact centermanagers to hire the best agents,motivate them, improveperformance and reduce agentSupervisor and AdministrativeEffectiveness Orchestration Designer: The dragmakes it easier and more efficient todevelop routing scripts with fewererrors, removing the need forspecialized resources. Moreimportantly, this workflow design toolis utilized by both Avaya Aura Contact Center and the Avaya Aura

Experience Portal, making it easierreports. This reduces the time spentoffice applications allowing enterprisesand faster to modify work assignmentanalyzing data and allows more timeand organizations to quickly and easilyrequirements for automated andfor coaching agents, helping improveadapt to changes. For example, theassisted care environments.both agent and supervisorAvaya Open Queue Web Serviceproductivity. When Elite is integratedallows any media type to be routedwith Avaya Aura Contact Center as ainto the contact center, including socialmultichannel complement, Avaya IQmedia such as Twitter and Facebook.provides comprehensiveAdditionally, a Web Service integrationconsolidated reporting on Elite voiceis provided for quick and easyand Avaya Aura Contact Centerintegration with Salesforce.com, asmultichannel interactions.well as other CRM systems. The SIP Simplified Administration:Common, web-based administrationfor contact center supervisors andmanagers helps reduce configurationcomplexity, eliminate duplication,reduce errors, and lowerimplementation time and cost. It alsoallows contact center managers tomaintain multiple virtual contactcenter nodes over the web from asingle point.based solution simplifies theArchitecture, Scalability,Security & Reliabilityarchitecture, and reduces the need forexpensive and time consuming CTI Open standards based solution: Thedeployments.Avaya Aura Contact Center SIP-based Unified Reporting: On-boardarchitecture makes it easy to develop, Virtual contact center that scales:Avaya Aura Contact Center is appro-reporting with standard orimplement and maintain screen popscustomized, tabular and graphical,reducing time, effort and cost requiredhistorical and real-time displays withto launch new capabilities that furtherdynamic filtering provide easy-to-enrich the context and informationread information on Keypresented to agents. Standards-basedPerformance Indicators (KPIs),Web Services simplify the integrationcontact summaries and consolidatedbetween the contact center and backpriate for a wide range of deploymentsfrom single-server to midsize and largeenterprise deployments. Multi-site, virtual contact center deployments aresupported for up to 30 nodes creatingan environment where skills are utilizedacross a network to create greater effi-ReleasesVoice OnlyAgentsMultichannelAgents(includes voice)Avaya Aura Solution forMidsize Enterprise6.1300300Avaya Aura CommunicationManager with Session ManagerCM 6.0.1SM 6.1AES 6.130003000Avaya Communication Server1000 (AML)7.07.530003000Avaya Aura ContactCenter Complete –CEM MidsizeEnterprise Solution(AACC-M)Avaya Aura CommunicationManager with Session ManagerCM 6.0.1SM 6.1AES 6.1400400Avaya Communication Server1000 (AML)7.07.5400400Avaya Aura ContactCenter MultichannelComplementAvaya Aura CommunicationManager with EliteCM 3.x, 4.x,5.x, 6.xVoice providedby Elite3000Avaya Aura ContactCenter StandaloneNo UC vaya Aura ContactCenter Completeavaya.com 3

investments in Elite voice-based callcenter capabilities, businesses canadd intelligent routing of email, webchat, SMS text, IM, fax and scanneddocuments for agent handling. Avaya Aura Experience Portal: AvayaAura Experience Portal can be used asan IVR front end to Avaya Aura Contact Center. Experience Portal is asoftware-based platform that providesintelligent agent selection withsegmentation and offers advancedwait treatments. OrchestrationDesigner, an advanced developmentenvironment included in Avaya AuraExperience Portal, helps speedprocess and workflow development. Avaya Aura WorkforceOptimization (WFO): Avaya AuraWorkforce Optimization is a unifiedsuite of applications for analyzing andoptimizing customer interactionswithin the contact center across everytouch point. The Avaya Aura WFOciency and allow businesses to drawserver consolidation and deploymentsolution provides companies with thefrom a wider talent pool.flexibility saving CAPEX and OPEX.information they need to makeAdditionally, Avaya Aura Contactintelligent decisions about agents andCenter supports desktop virtualizationprocesses, and improve the quality ofwithin Citrix environments.customer service they deliver. Rich third-party developer Avaya Contact Center Control Enhanced security and authentication:Enhancements to security includesingle sign-on and authentication withMicrosoft Active Directory reducingrepetitive authentication. Reliability: High availability optionsinclude geographic and campus. Realtime shadowing with automaticfailover options for all core applicationcomponents: call processing,multichannel, agent desktop,administration and CTI, with zerotouch recovery helps maintainseamless uninterrupted operation.ecosystem: SIP, SOA and WebManager: Avaya Contact Centerservices interfaces encourage a richControl Manager provides centralizedecosystem of third-party applicationoperational administration exclusivelydevelopers to develop and integratefor Avaya Contact Centerapplications to meet the specificApplications (i.e. Avaya Aura Contactneeds of enterprises.Center, Call Center Elite, etc.). ThisIntegrated Contact Center Suiteon-going management of: agents, Avaya Aura Call Center Elite:Avaya Aura Call Center Elitecustomers can add an affordable Virtualization: Support for bothmulti-channel solution with AvayaMicrosoft Hyper V and VMwareAura Contact Center multichannelvirtualization environments facilitatescomplement. While preserving4 avaya.comallows one-time definition andskills, vector directory number,extensions, call flows, integrated voiceresponse working hours, dynamicprompts and menu content.

Customer Satisfaction Increased access options: Intelligentassignment of up to six multichannelcontacts including voice, IM, WebChat, SMS text, email, voice mail, fax,scanned documents, and social mediathrough an open, universal queueoffers customers numerous contactoptions. The multichannel capabilityhelps enterprises and organizationspromote the concept of ‘always-openfor-business’, increasing customeroptions and ease of access. Context preservation: Informationsuch as the customer’s immediateprior activity, historical data andcategorizes Twitter and FacebookAvaya Aura Contact Center is asocial attributes help anticipate usercontacts so that they can bestandards-based customer contactneeds and facilitates higher rates ofprioritized and routed into thesolution that allows enterprises andFirst Contact Resolution (FCR), andcontact center for agent handling.organizations to:enhances contact center efficiency. Offer more customer access optionsAnchoring the customer contact onThe Value for Youthe SIP Avaya Media Server helpsAvaya’s vision for next generationensure that agents, experts andcustomer care is about deliveringsupervisors have access tosuperior Experience Management.information about the customer’sIncreased competition, changingcontext. Customer contextdemographics, the growth of newinformation will be used by the workcommunications media, and moreassignment engine in the future todemanding customers, requirecustomer data to frame thefine tune the match betweenbusinesses to consistently deliver higher-appropriate context for each andincoming customer interactions orvalue customer service and effectivelyevery interaction and boost firstwork and available contact centermanage their customer’s experience.contact resolutionand enterprise resources.Context is critical to Experience Social media integration: Ease ofManagement. Knowledge of ato improve satisfaction and loyalty Improve agent utilization andproductivity through multiplecontact handling and agentefficiency features Use real-time and historical Equip managers to administer thecontact center, analyzeperformance through unifiedintegration with social networkscustomer’s most recent activity, pastprovides options for businesshistory, purchase behavior, andmanagers to nurture, build andpreferences provides a wealth ofpromote brand image, and equallyinformation and a rich context for theimportantly, resolve issues beforeinteraction. Businesses that harnessthey balloon out of proportion.this context to deliver superiorboth assisted and automated, to quicklyAvaya Aura Contact Centerexperience differentiate themselvessolve customer issues and increaseintegrates with Avaya Social Mediafrom their competitors.profitable revenue opportunitiesManager which analyzes andreporting, learn and apply bestpractices to continuously improvethe agility of the contact center Manage the customer’s experience, Evolve from queuing and routing toavaya.com 5

Resource Selection andEnterprises and organizations canWork Assignmentachieve these benefits while preserving Use SIP, SOA and Web services toflexibly connect and open theenterprise, eliminate cost andcomplexity and facilitate integration tobusiness processes and social media Provide migration paths to protect,existing infrastructure investments andenhancing flexibility, tightening security,augmenting service availability andsaving CAPEX and OPEX.Learn Moreextend and grow investments, optimizeFor more information about Avayacost and improve performanceAura Contact Center contact yourAvaya Account Manager, Avaya Ease deployment of reliable,resilient contact centers withuninterrupted operationAuthorized Partner or visit us atavaya.com.Avaya Aura Contact Center Supported Capabilities at a GlanceAgent DesktopAvaya Aura Agent DesktopMultichannelFully blended support for voice, email, IM, Web Chat, Fax, SMS and social media contact types.Multiple call handlingUp to 6 simultaneous contacts can be handled by an agent (One voice call and up to fiveadditional non-voice contacts).Offsite AgentAvaya Aura Offsite Agent solution allows contact center agents to work from any remotelocation whether that be a home or via a mobile phone.Virtual Contact CenterSupports networked skills based assignment selection for voice and CTI data across up to30 nodes in a single Virtual Contact Center.ReportingGranular and customizable real-time and historical reporting for voice and multichannel.Scripting/WorkflowBuilt-in Graphical Orchestration Designer tool. Legacy text-based scripting fullysupported and can be imported into Orchestration Designer.Self ServiceAvaya Aura Experience Portal, Voice Portal MPS 500 or MPS 1000 3.0, 3.5 (FP 2/3)Outbound CampaignsIntegrated preview and progressive outbound dialing with integrated campaigns manageror with the Proactive Contact solution.WorkforceOptimizationAvaya Aura Workforce Optimization is fully integrated and does not require the separateconfiguration and licensing of DMCC, TSAPI and CTI licenses.6 avaya.com

Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 Requirements at a GlanceUC Platform Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.0.1 Avaya Aura Solution for Midsize Enterprise 6.1 Avaya Communication Server 1000 (AML) 7.0 and 7.5Operating system Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit Standard and Enterprise Editions, VMware vSphere 4.0 platform with ESXi hypervisor, VMWare vSphere 4.1 platform with ESXi hypervisor Microsoft Hyper-VClientWindows XP Professional Service Pack 2 or later, Windows Vista Business and EnterpriseEditions SP1 (32bit), Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 Standard andEnterprise EditionsServer HardwareCustomer supplied. Refer to the Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 Planning & Engineeringguide for further uments/100141712Supported AgentDesktop and Phones Avaya Aura Agent Desktop Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.0.1 and Avaya Aura Solution for MidsizeEnterprise 6.1 platform phones:H.323 phones: Avaya 1600 Series IP deskphones, Avaya 4600 Series IP deskphones,Avaya 9600 Series IP deskphones, Avaya 96x1 Series IP deskphones, Avaya one-X Communicator Release 5.2 or later, Avaya Aura Agent Desktop embedded softphone.Digital phones: Avaya 24xx Series deskphones, Avaya 64xx Series deskphones.SIP phones: Avaya 96x0 Series IP deskphones Avaya Communication Server 1000 phones:Digital phones: Avaya 39xx Digital Deskphone, Avaya 3904 Digital Deskphone, Avaya3905 Digital Deskphone.IP phones and Softphones: Avaya 1120E IP Deskphone, Avaya 1140E IP Deskphone,Avaya 1150E IP Deskphone, Avaya 1200 Series IP Deskphone, Avaya 2002 IPDeskphone, Avaya 2004 IP Deskphone, Avaya 2050 IP Softphoneavaya.com 7

About AvayaAvaya is a globalprovider of businesscollaboration andcommunicationssolutions, providingunified communications,contact centers,networking and relatedservices to companiesof all sizes aroundthe world. For moreinformation please visitwww.avaya.com.8 avaya.com 2012 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved.All trademarks identified by , , or SM are registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc.05/12 GCC4745-01

Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.2 is a context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and multichannel customer contact solution that allows enterprises to anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions. Avaya Aura Contact Center intelligently routes up to six simultaneous multichannel contacts to the most

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