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Freedonia Focus ReportsGlobal CollectionWindows & Doors:FU ICKLL TOORE RDPO ERRTCanadaFU ICKLL TOORE RDPO ERRTBROCHURECLNovember

Table of Contents1. Highlights32. Market EnvironmentHistorical TrendsKey Economic IndicatorsCOVID-19 Impact on the Window & Door IndustryRegulations & StandardsNorth America Regional Outlook4467893. Segmentation & ForecastsProductsMetal WindowsWood WindowsVinyl WindowsFiberglass WindowsMetal DoorsWood DoorsVinyl DoorsFiberglass DoorsMarketsResidential BuildingsNonresidential BuildingsSupply & Demand11111213131415151616181919214. Industry StructureIndustry CharacteristicsMarket LeadersCornerstone Building BrandsJELD-WENMasonite International2222232424255. About This ReportScopeSourcesIndustry CodesFreedonia MethodologyResources262627282830Windows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.1

List of Tables & FiguresFigure 1 Canada: Key Trends in Window & Door Demand, 2020 – 2025Figure 2 Canada: Window & Door Demand Trends, 2010 – 2020Table 1 Canada: Key Indicators for Window & Door Demand, 2010 – 2025 (2019US bil)Figure 3 North America: Window & Door Demand by Country, 2020 (%)Figure 4 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Product, 2010 – 2025 (US bil)Table 2 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Product, 2010 – 2025 (US mil)Figure 5 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Product, 2010 – 2025 (%)Figure 6 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 – 2025 (US bil)Table 3 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 – 2025 (US mil)Figure 7 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 – 2025 (%)Table 4 Canada: Window & Door Supply & Demand, 2010 – 2025 (US mil)Table 5 Canada: Selected Suppliers to the Window & Door MarketTable 6 NAICS & SIC Codes Related to Windows & DoorsWindows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.34691111171818202123282

About This ReportScope5. About This ReportScopeThis report forecasts to 2025 window and door demand and production in nominal USdollars at the manufacturer level (i.e., excluding the value of features and services addedbetween the manufacturer and end user, including door hanging and finishing operationsnot offered by the door slab manufacturer) in Canada. Total demand is segmented byproduct in terms of: metal windows wood windows vinyl windows fiberglass windows metal doors wood doors vinyl doors fiberglass doorsTotal demand is also segmented by market as follows: residential buildings nonresidential buildingsTo illustrate historical trends, total demand is provided in annual series from 2010 to 2020;production and the various segments are reported at five-year intervals for 2010, 2015, and2020.For the purposes of this report, the value of installed glazing is included in the demandnumbers for all window products. Windows with multiple openings (e.g., bay and bowtypes) that are sold as one unit are considered to be one window.For doors, the value of installed glazing, sidelites, and/or transoms is included if thesefeatures are sold by the manufacturer as part of the framed system.To avoid double counting, parts and components sold to, or imported by, manufacturers forassembly into new windows and doors are excluded from the scope of this report.Also excluded are: windows and doors for automobiles or other transportation equipment windowed cabinets fencing gatesWindows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.26

About This ReportSources shower doors and bathroom stall doorselevator doorspet doorsmoulding and trimSeparately sold replacement hardware not typically sold as part of the window or door unit(e.g., door knobs, locks, door stops, and garage door openers) are outside the scope of thisreport. However, the value of these products is included when they are sold as part of anintegrated new window or door unit.For any given historical year, US dollar amounts are obtained from values expressed inapplicable local currency. These local currency values are converted to US dollars at theaverage annual exchange rate for that year. For forecast years, the US dollar amountsassume the same annual exchange rate as that prevailing in 2020.Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other varioustopics, including profiles of pertinent leading companies, are covered in this report. A fulloutline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.SourcesWindows & Doors: Canada (FA60041) is based on Global Windows & Doors, a comprehensiveindustry study published by The Freedonia Group. Reported findings represent thesynthesis and analysis of data from various primary, secondary, macroeconomic, anddemographic sources, such as: firms participating in the industry, and their suppliers and customers government/public agencies intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations trade associations and their publications the business and trade press indicator forecasts by The Freedonia Group the findings of other reports and studies by The Freedonia GroupSpecific sources and additional resources are listed in the Resources section of thispublication for reference and to facilitate further research.Windows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.27

About This ReportFreedonia MethodologyIndustry CodesTable 6 NAICS & SIC Codes Related to Windows & DoorsNAICS/SCIAN 2017SICNorth American Industry Classification SystemStandard Industrial Classification321911Wood window & door manufacturing2431Millwork326199All other plastics product manufacturing3089Plastic products, NEC332321Metal window & door manufacturing3442Metal doors, sash, frames, moulding, & trimmanufacturingSource: US Census BureauFreedonia MethodologyThe Freedonia Group, a subsidiary of, has been in business for morethan 30 years and in that time has developed a comprehensive approach to data analysisthat takes into account the variety of industries covered and the evolving needs of ourcustomers.Every industry presents different challenges in market sizing and forecasting, and thisrequires flexibility in methodology and approach. Freedonia methodology integrates avariety of quantitative and qualitative techniques to present the best overall picture of amarket’s current position as well as its future outlook: When published data are available,we make sure they are correct and representative of reality. We understand that publisheddata often have flaws either in scope or quality, and adjustments are made accordingly.Where no data are available, we use various methodologies to develop market sizing (bothtop-down and bottom-up) and then triangulate those results to come up with the mostaccurate data series possible. Regardless of approach, we also talk to industry participantsto verify both historical perspective and future growth opportunities.Methods used in the preparation of Freedonia market research include, but are not limitedto, the following activities: comprehensive data mining and evaluation, primary research,consensus forecasting and analysis, ratio analysis using key indicators, regression analysis,end use growth indices and intensity factors, purchase power parity adjustments for globaldata, consumer and end user surveys, market share and corporate sales analysis, productlifespan analysis, product or market life cycle analysis, graphical data modeling, long-termhistorical trend analysis, bottom-up and top-down demand modeling, and comparativemarket size ranking.Freedonia quantifies trends in various measures of growth and volatility. Growth (ordecline) expressed as an average annual growth rate (AAGR) is the least squares growthrate, which takes into account all available datapoints over a period. The volatility ofdatapoints around a least squares growth trend over time is expressed via the coefficient ofdetermination, or r². The most stable data series relative to the trend carries an r² value of1.0; the most volatile – 0.0. Growth calculated as a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)Windows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.28

About This ReportFreedonia Methodologyemploys, by definition, only the first and last datapoints over a period. The CAGR is used todescribe forecast growth, defined as the expected trend beginning in the base year andending in the forecast year. Readers are encouraged to consider historical volatility whenassessing particular annual values along the forecast trend, including in the forecast year.Copyright & LicensingThe full report is protected by copyright laws of the United States of America andinternational treaties. The entire contents of the publication are copyrighted by TheFreedonia Group.Windows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.29

About This ReportResourcesResourcesThe Freedonia GroupGlobal Windows & DoorsFreedonia Industry StudiesBricks, Blocks, & PaversBuilding Envelope in North AmericaCeilingsGlobal CeilingsGlobal Drywall & Building PlasterGlobal Flat GlassGlobal HousingGlobal InsulationGlobal Prefabricated HousingGlobal Siding (Cladding)Gutters & DownspoutsInsulationLumberMoulding & TrimPrefabricated HousingSidingWindow & Door ComponentsFreedonia Focus ReportsArchitectural Paint: CanadaCommercial Building Construction: United StatesConstruction: United StatesCountertops: CanadaFabricated Metal Products: United StatesFiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites: United StatesFlat Glass: CanadaGlobal MacroeconomyHousing: CanadaInsulation: CanadaWindow Coverings: United StatesWood Millwork: United StatesFreedonia Custom ResearchWindows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.30

About This ReportResourcesTrade PublicationsDoor and Window Market MagazineGlass MagazineThe Journal of Light ConstructionMetal ArchitectureMetal Construction NewsPlastics NewsProfessional RemodelerWindow & DoorAgencies & AssociationsAmerican Architectural Manufacturers AssociationAmerican National Standards InstituteCanada Green Building CouncilCanadian Construction AssociationCanadian Home Builders’ AssociationCSA GroupFenestration CanadaGreen Building InitiativeInternational Code CouncilInternational Organization for StandardizationNational Association of Home BuildersNational Fenestration Rating CouncilStatistics CanadaUnited Nations ComtradeWindow and Door Manufacturers AssociationWorld BankWindows & Doors: Canada 2021 The Freedonia Group. All rights reserved.31

Figure 6 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 - 2025 (US bil) 18 Table 3 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 - 2025 (US mil) 18 Figure 7 Canada: Window & Door Demand by Market, 2010 - 2025 (%) 20 Table 4 Canada: Window & Door Supply & Demand, 2010 - 2025 (US mil) 21

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