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BT Unified Communications VideoTransform global communication andcollaboration with telepresence

Market trendsThe cost of global businessEuropean executives take partin 559 meetings per yearDynamic Markets Limited, Efficiency ofBusiness Meetings, 2004The drive for efficiency and productivity“Improving the productivity of knowledge workersis seen as the major boardroom challenge of thenext fifteen years.”Economist Intelligence Unit, Foresight 2020, 2006Long haul business fares willrise 3% to 7% in 2007American Express, Global BusinessTravel Forecast, 2006Remote collaboration cangenerate average savings of 1,700 per month in travelSage Research, UnifiedCommunications Application:Uses and Benefits, 2006“Virtually every major Global 5000 company willadopt a technology allowing them to interact withpeople, no matter how far away, as if they were inthe same room.”Human Productivity Lab, TelePresence, Effective VisualCollaboration and the Future of Global Business at the Speed ofLight, 2006

What this means for organisations todayImproving global communication and collaborationWorking better with distributed customers, colleagues andpartnersProcesses depend on multiple people in multiple locationsEffective communication depends on face-to-face contact, notjust your voiceTraditional remote meeting tools are no substitute for beingthere in personExisting video conferencing systems can be difficult to use,needing hands-on IT supportUnreliable quality and performance create a poor meetingexperience55% of communication is visual.38% is tone of voice.Only 7% is verbal.Albert Mehrabian, Silent Messages, 1971Traditional videoconferencingsystems average approximately15 hours usage per monthHuman Productivity Lab, Effective VisualCollaboration and the Future of GlobalBusiness at the Speed of Light, 2006This has resulted in low use of videoconferencing investmentsAs a result, people rely on travel to attend important meetingsIt’s seen as necessary to maintain high quality relationshipsBut travel is costly, and impacts productivityIt also has an effect on your personal life and the environmentTravel statsSource, title, 2006

The BT solution: Unified Communications VideoUltra-high quality video conferencing: it’s like being thereCombines BT networking and conferencing capabilitieswith advanced technologies from Cisco and PolycomWe can design, install and manage the complete solutionPart of BT’s range of Unified Communications solutionsthat exploit convergence to improve operational efficiencyImmersive video meetingsfor 2 to 56 peopleSolutions range from officebased screens to dedicatedconferencing suitesTransform the way you workwith distributed customers,colleagues and suppliers

Transforming remote communication and collaborationImmersive video conferencingEvery participant is life sizedYou can make eye contact with the person you’re talking to, andspeak in your normal voiceRemote voices sound like they’re coming from the person who’sspeakingThere is no perceivable latencyA natural, transparent meeting environmentTechnology is invisible to the user – it’s a natural meetingenvironmentSetting up a video session is as easy as making a phone callIn-person communication and collaborationUse the network to provide an immediate personal presence on aglobal basisYou get the benefits of face-to-face communication without havingto travelStrategy and decision makingJob interviews, employeesupportProject management, teammeetings and collaborationCustomer support,troubleshootingSales presentations anddemonstrationsAccess to experts frombranchesNegotiationsFace-to-face consulting adviceCollaborative productdevelopment

The benefits of BT Unified Communications VideoPersonal and business benefitsSpend less time out of the officeIncrease the number of interactions you can have withco-workers, partners, and customersGet more value out of each interaction through richer andmore valuable communicationMaintain key business relationships between in-personvisitsEase of use: make video communication part of everydaybusinessIntegrates with groupware (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) – youcan schedule a video meeting just like sending a calendarinviteThe meeting information is pushed to an IP phone in themeeting room, which you use to control the sessionCameras are pre-positioned for optimal coverage: youdon’t need to adjust them during the meetingServices in the network ensure high quality, security, andreliability for every meeting

The benefits of BT Unified Communications VideoReduce business travelMinimise travel time and costs, increasingproductivity and reducing the impact on your personallifeLess travel also means less fuel consumption andreduced environmental impactAn end-to-end solutionBT managed services enable smooth deploymentand ongoing supportWe can manage all LAN, WAN, IT andcommunication components with one SLAThe power of unified communicationsWith a unified communications-ready infrastructureyou have a platform for the transformation of manycommunication and collaboration processesWith BT you can make best use of existinginfrastructure and create the right roadmap towardsunified communications

The journey to Unified Communications with BTTraditional DataInfrastructure Private Ccts Frame Relay ATM Any-to-Any Class ofService Gigabit/s Security Wireless LAN Mobility Home-worker Roaming ReducedBuilding EstateConvergedFlexibleWorkerBT MPLS DataInfrastructureConvergedVoice & Data(Network) PABX’s Voice VPN’s Keysystems IntegratedApplications GreaterEfficiencyCollaboration& ConferencingConvergedFixed & Mobile(Network)IntelligentConvergence(Desktop)IP EnabledVoice EstateUnifiedCommunicationsTraditional VoiceEstate IPe PBXs(IP Toll-bypass) VoIP IPT IP Hansets Call Centres IPT Apps Presence i-Bridge LiveMeeting Meet Me Conferencing

BT Unified Communications VideoA complete solutionTelepresenceendpointsGroup and ExecutiveHigh DefinitionVideo SwitchFor the CarrierFor the EnterpriseTelepresence enabledSoftwareSchedulingAutomated Call LaunchManagementVideo ConciergeNetworkFirewall/NAT traversalCertified Telepresence NetworkServicesReadiness assessmentPlanning and design servicesOperate services

Customer and market commentsComments from enterprise executives attending Cisco focus groups“I knew it was good when I tried to shake the hand of the person across the room, who was in another room.”“I need to see expressions. Cisco TelePresence would make my meetings more productive – a must if we cutback on travel.”“With Cisco TelePresence you’re able to focus on the conversation, not the technology.”“I like the idea of a one-button launch.”"A Cisco certified TelePresence network connection would give me greater confidence as to the reliability andquality of the service.““The resolution and sound are years ahead of what has been available.”Immersive video systems average 120 to 275 hours usage per month, with greaterreported end-user satisfaction.Human Productivity Lab, Telepresence, Effective Visual Collaboration and the Future of Global Business at the Speed of Light, 2006The benefits of telepresence“The obvious gains of reductions in travel time andtravel costs [from telepresence] may, in fact, be faroutweighed by potential gains in increased productivity,efficiency, time to market and other factors”Gartner, Comparing Videoconferencing TelepresenceSystems, 2006ROI calculation: reducing travelIf a company’s employees make three domesticbusiness trips monthly, each meeting has an averageof four participants, and employees are paid 80,000annually, the company can save approximately 110,000 the first year if 10 employees conduct 40percent of their meetings with telepresence.The Business Case for Videoconferencing Wainhouse Research, 2005

Why choose BT?Next-generation video communication and collaborationTransform the way you work with distributed customers, colleagues and partnersBT has extensive conferencing expertise (BT Conferencing)BT provides an end-to-end solutionFull range of LAN and WAN technologies, together with supporting capabilityManaged service approach requires minimal initial investmentBT MPLSAn intelligent network is essential for effective remote collaborationWe have industry-leading expertise and capabilities in converged IP networkingLeverage existing infrastructureBT offers an evolutionary approach encompassing traditional and IP technologiesBT can deliver long-term business benefits with the Roadmap to UnifiedCommunicationsUnified Communications Video is just one of several Unified Communications andOperational Efficiency propositions

BT Unified Communications Video – Solution Detail

BT Unified Communications Video: Cisco optionsCisco TelePresence System 30003 x High Definition IP-based codecs workingin a Master-slaves model3 x High Definition IP-based camerasclustered together3 x 65” High Definition plasma screens4 x Power/Network Connector Boxesembedded in the table legs1 x Cisco 7970 IP Phone3 x high fidelity speakers3 x high fidelity microphonesA façade with free standing mount supportand light coveA back-wall with special treatment fabric(acoustic and light reflectivity)A purpose-built table that will accommodate6 participants

BT Unified Communications Video: Cisco optionsCisco TelePresence System 10001 x High Definition IP-based codec1 x High Definition IP-based camera1 x 65” High Definition plasma screen1 x Cisco 7970 IP Phone1 x high fidelity speaker1 x high fidelity microphoneA wall mount structure and light coveA regular or purpose-built table that willaccommodate 4 participants

BT Unified Communications Video: Cisco technical featuresUses the latest standards and technologies to offer the best audio and visual results:Session Initiation ProtocolH.264 video codecs for the highest quality and lowest bit rateNative 720p and 1080p high-definition cameras and encoding/decodingLow-latency architecture and low bandwidth utilizationWideband advanced audio coding with low delay (AAC LD)Multi-channel spatial audio with echo cancellation and filters to eliminate feedback from mobiledevicesOptimised environmental conditioning to provide the best audio and video and overall userexperienceNetworkThese systems use the standard IP technology deployed in corporations today, and should run onan integrated voice/video/data networkSuch systems support high-quality, real-time voice and video communications with branch officesusing broadband connectionsThey also offer capabilities for ensuring quality of service (QoS), security, reliability, and highavailability for high-bandwidth applications such as video particularly high definition video, which can require 1Mbps to 5Mbps, depending upon theresolution

BT Unified Communications Video: Cisco solution architectureMCU/Video Switch: MultipointConferencing and/orTranscoding (Future)ACall ProcessingAgents Call Manager 5.1Server or ClusterSession BorderController: Secure Interenterprise ConnectivityTelePresence End PointsTelePresence End PointsCisco-poweredQoS-enabledMPLS VPN NetworkCTS-1000 or 3000 Unit Purpose Built Room Up to 3 audio Speakers Up to 3 Microphones Up to 3 Video Cameras TelePresence FurnitureTelePresence ServicesENUMMicrosoftExchangeMicrosoft ActiveDirectoryCisco TelePresenceManager

BT MPLS: a Cisco-certified TelePresence connectionBranch OfficeCampusCisco CertifiedTelePresenceNetworkConnectionQuality of ServiceHigh AvailabilityIntra-Enterprise VPN ConnectivityEnd-to-End QoSHA Target: 99.999% HA hardware platforms HA protocols HA designs HA operations HA networkTelePresence-specific SLAQoS Targets: Latency, Jitter, Loss Classification Tools Policing Tools Queuing Tools Selective Dropping Tools

Value-added services with Cisco TelePresenceHosted TelePresence ServiceHosting and managing the entire suite ofTelePresence services at a public locationManaged TelePresence Endpoint andSchedulingA managed endpoint and reporting service,with scheduling proxy/dial plan managementto enable easy meeting schedule planningTelePresence Virtual ConciergeVirtual concierge services based on IPCC,including moderated meetings, bridgingnon-TelePresence meeting participants,and additional meeting resourcesMultipoint TelePresence ConnectionsA service that facilitates secure MCU callsbetween multiple locations

Polycom RPX system optionsPolycom RealPresence Experience (RPX): Tailoredmeeting room solutions to cater for 8 to 56 participants, withrooms fully fitted with furniture, collaboration LCD screens,power connections at every seat, and a wireless keyboardand mouse:RPX 204 – 2 large screens with 4 possible participants at oneendpointRPX 210M – 2 large screens with 10 possible participants atone endpoint, with the ability to use the room as a meetingroom when a call isn’t being madeRPX 210M – 2 large screens with 18 possible participants atone endpoint (8 without desk space), with the ability to use theroom as a meeting room when a call isn’t being madeRPX 218M – 2 large screens with 18 possible participants atone endpoint, with the ability to use the room as a meetingroom when a call isn’t being madeRPX 408M – 4 large screens with 8 possible participants at oneendpoint, with the ability to use the room as a meeting roomwhen a call isn’t being madeRPX 428M – 4 large screens with 28 possible participants atone endpoint, with the ability to use the room as a meetingroom when a call isn’t being made

Next stepsContact BT Convergence at for moreinformation.

The BT solution: Unified Communications Video Ultra-high quality video conferencing: it's like being there Combines BT networking and conferencing capabilities with advanced technologies from Cisco and Polycom We can design, install and manage the complete solution Part of BT's range of Unified Communications solutions

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