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2018 B2B DigitalMarketing PlansB2B Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for the Year AheadResearch Conducted in Partnership with Ascend2

Table of Contents3. 2018 B2B Digital Marketing Plans4. Most Important Strategic Objectives5. Success Achieving Objectives6. Critical Challenges to Success7. Budget Trend for the Year Ahead8. How Objectives and Challenges Compare9. Most Effective Tactics10. How Tactical Effectiveness is Changing11. Most Difficult Tactics to Execute12. Resources Used to Execute Tactics13. How Effectiveness and Difficulty Compare14. About the Research Partners2

2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansMethodologyAscend2 benchmarks theperformance of populardigital marketing practicesusing a standardized onlinequestionnaire and proprietary3-Minute Survey format, thenexperienced analysts reporton the findings objectively.This survey was fielded to apanel of research subscribersand marketing influencers,and this report represents thefollowing:Employees in the CompanyMore than 50050 to 500Fewer than 5038%29%33%Role in the CompanyOwner / Partner / CXOVP / Director / ManagerNon-Management52%41%7%For an effective digital marketing plan to flourish, it must involvea series of tactics to achieve your most important marketingobjectives.Sounds simple, but what will an effective digital marketingplan look like for business-to-business marketers in 2018?To find out, Synthio, in partnership with Ascend2, fielded the2018 Digital Marketing Plans Survey.This report, titled the ‘2018 B2B Digital Marketing Plans’,exclusively represents the opinions of 107 companies dedicatedto business-to-business marketing and sales channels. Wewant to thank these busy B2B professionals for sharing theirvaluable insight with us.This research has been produced for your use. Put it to work inyour own marketing strategy. Clip the charts and write aboutthem in your blog or post them on social media. Please sharethis research credited as published.3

Most Important Strategic ObjectivesAn increase in both leadgeneration and salesrevenue are importantdigital marketing objectivesfor 61% and 50% of B2Bmarketers respectively. Inorder to meet these twoobjectives, marketers mustfocus heavily on increasingthe size of their databaseand developing a contactacquisition that is enrichedwith the right data points.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20184

Critical Challenges to Success40% of B2B marketers face acritical challenge ofmaintaining data quality. It’simportant to remember,data quality and leadgeneration areharmoniously connected. Itwas reported that leadgeneration is a criticalchallenge for 42% of the B2Bmarketers surveyed. Havingclean, and accurate, andenriched data, willaccelerate your leadgeneration capabilities.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20185

How Objectives and Challenges CompareObjectives and challengesdon’t always align well. 40%of surveyors reported, dataquality to be the 2nd highestcritical challenges, with leadgeneration coming in at thetop for the most importantobjective in a digitalmarketing plan. For digital,lead generating activities tobe successful, they must becoupled with good data.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20186

Success Achieving ObjectivesNearly two-thirds (63%) ofB2B marketers consider adigital marketing plan verysuccessful at achievingimportant objectives,describing it as best-in-class.Another 36% consider itsomewhat successful. Only1% pessimistically describetheir digital marketing planas somewhat unsuccessfulat achieving objectives.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20187

Most Effective TacticsContent marketing and themarketing technology thatdrives many of the tacticsshown are consideredamong the most effectivefor 53% and 51% of B2Bmarketers respectively.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20188

Most Difficult Tactics to ExecuteTechnical tactics – such asmarketing technology anddata management – rankhigh on the difficulty scaleprimarily because the skillsand capabilities to executethem are often not availablein-house. Marketers aretransitioning to 3rd partyvendors to help managetheir data, so it’s alwaysclean, accurate andcompliant.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 20189

How Effectiveness and Difficulty CompareTactics that are rated moreeffective than difficult toexecute – such as contentmarketing and social mediamarketing – are much morelikely to be part of a digitalmarketing plan than a tacticthat is considered lesseffective than it is difficult toexecute – such as datamanagement. This is anexample of how perceiveddifficulty can impact theperception of a tactic’seffectiveness.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 201810

Resources Used to Execute Tactics94% of B2B marketers intotal say they outsource allor part of the execution ofdigital marketing tactics tospecialists. A 53% majorityconsider a collaborationbetween outsourced and inhouse resources the mosteffective way to executedigital marketing tactics.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 201811

How Tactical Effectiveness is ChangingTactical effectiveness ischanging in a very promisingway for a total of 95% ofB2B marketers, with nearlytwo-thirds of those (59%)describing the increase intactical effectiveness assignificant.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 201812

Budget Trend for the Year AheadThe trend for digitalmarketing budgetscontinues to increase for atotal of 98% of B2Bmarketers, with a 52%majority describing theincrease as significant. Thistrend may reflect a positiveoutlook for continuedbusiness growth in the yearahead.2018 B2B Digital Marketing PlansSynthio and Ascend2 – Published January 201813

About the Research PartnersYou may adapt, copy,distribute and transmit thiswork. However, you mustattribute the work asproduced by Synthio andAscend2 but not in anyway that suggests thatthey endorse you or youruse of the work.Synthio is a new kind of always-on customer data platform withcontinuously updated contact information. It’s how B2B sales andmarketing teams get to the right people faster.Learn more at Synthio.comMarketing technology companies and digital marketingagencies partner with Ascend2 to supplement marketingcontent and generate demand through the middle of thefunnel. Our Research Partner Programs are transparent –spotlighting your brand and the interests of your market.Learn more at www.Ascend2.com14

Sounds simple, but what will an effective digital marketing plan look like for business-to-business marketers in 2018? To find out, Synthio, in partnership with Ascend2, fielded the 2018 Digital Marketing Plans Survey. This report, titled the '2018 B2B Digital Marketing Plans', exclusively represents the opinions of 107 companies dedicated

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An effective strategy for B2B digital marketing. A digital marketing strategy is essential to achieving or sustaining growth today. Yet, lack of an effective strategy is the greatest obstacle to digital marketing success for 51% of B2B professionals. How will B2B organizations reach the next level of digital marketing success in the year ahead?

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B2B social media is significant to B2B marketing literature today as knowing the importance of B2B businesses embedding the tool of social media into their marketing strategy and how these marketing efforts are perceived by the B2B resellers can further create profitability for the business in the near future.

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