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TABLE OF CONTENTSClick on the page number or title to go directly to the page.03 About Aston University Online04 MBA Programme Overview05 The Aston Edge06 Topics & Modules07 Choose Your Pathway08 Curriculum Guide10 Admission Requirements2Online MBA

ABOUT ASTONUNIVERSITY ONLINEOUR STORYFounded in 1895, Aston University has a history of academicexcellence. Since becoming a university in 1966, our campuslocated in the heart of Birmingham, England has welcomedthousands of students from around the globe. For those who can’tattend classes in person, Aston offers fully online programmesthat give access to our world-class education in a relevant andspecialised format.Triple accredited byAACSB, EQUIS and AMBAUniversity of the Year 2020OUR REPUTATIONThe GuardianNamed University of the Year 2020 by The Guardian, Aston’sproven excellence in higher education provides a reputable,modern learning experience that is constantly evolving withtrends and technologies. Globally recognised by top accreditingbodies and independent rankings, our suite of distance learningprogrammes gives working professionals convenient access toquality coursework, esteemed academics and a global network.YOUR FUTUREWe are committed to providing quality industry-focused educationthat propels your career. Our graduates go on to work for worldrenowned institutions and companies such as Deloitte, Tesco,Lloyds TSB, Rolls-Royce, Unilever and more.THE Entrepreneurial University 2020Times Higher Education (THE)Business Schools Ranking 2020FT EuropeanTOP100in the World for Business andManagement StudiesQS Online MBA ranking 20203Online MBA

MBA PROGRAMME OVERVIEWBecome a leader with aleading business schoolIn a business world more diverse than ever, Aston University’s fullyonline MBA gives working professionals access to world-classeducation that is flexible, relevant and specialised. Gain the skillset and confidence you need to think like a leader, make informeddecisions and succeed in the real and evolving world of business.Propel your career forward as a highly proficient, engaged leaderwho stands out with the Aston Edge.4The online MBA providesa great chance to keepmy job while allowing meto study with the maximumdegree of flexibility.Lucas LeppinOnline MBA 100% onlinepart-time Graduatein 2 years 6 intakesper year Accelerated7-week modules Cost 18,700 180creditsOnline MBA

THE ASTON EDGETaken alongside the MBA curriculum, the Aston Edge is designed tohelp you build a leadership edge as you develop critical skills suchas negotiation, communication, influential leadership, resilience andmanaging conflict. The set of modules helps you create your personalbrand, expand your global network and grow vital business relationships.The Aston Edge is broken into three phases and helps you createa personal portfolio that will continue to serve your professionaldevelopment well after graduation. Each phase is intended to bridge thegap between an academic setting and a business setting to ensure yourtransition into the workplace is seamless.Aston EdgeFuturesThe first phase aims to prepare you to make the most of the MBAprogramme by building on critical skills. You will be asked to set goals,reflect on what motivates you, what your ideal career looks like and whatobstacles you must overcome to fulfill your long-term goals.Aston EdgeReflectionsand GrowthContinue to foster self-awareness during this phase of the Aston Edgeprogramme, building on your networking and relationship skills. Throughonline activities, webinars and networking, this portion teaches youaspects of behavioural science to effectively communicate with others.Aston EdgeProjectThis final stage is the completion of a hands-on research project toshowcase the skills and leadership capabilities developed throughout theMBA programme. You will select a specific organisational challenge andspend time curating the ideal managerial methods, business methods andtools necessary to reach a socially responsible solution. If you choose totake an MBA pathway, your Aston Edge Project must have the same topicfocus of Entrepreneurship, Finance or Global Business.Note: Full module descriptions are available in the Curriculum Guide at the end of this brochure.5Online MBA

TOPICS & MODULESYou will complete 180 credits outlined below. For more detailed descriptions of each module, please view the full Curriculum Guide towardsthe end of this brochure.Debbie RangousisOnline MBACORE MODULES 90 CreditsĉĉĉĉĉĉCrafting Organisational Strategy (15 credits)Creating and Delivering Customer Value (15 credits)Designing and Managing Operations, Systems andProcesses (15 credits)Leading Complex Organisations (15 credits)Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance(15 credits)The Global Economic Environment (15 credits)PATHWAY OR OPTIONAL MODULES 30 CreditsCustomise your MBA with four specialised pathways:Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Business and DigitalTransformation. For a more generalised approach,select from our optional modules. Detailed information isavailable on the next page.6Online MBA the staff on theprogramme go above andbeyond to help you, thework is current, relevantand hugely engaging. THE ASTON EDGE 60 CreditsGet an edge on your career with this programme that isdelivered in tandem with the core curriculum. The AstonEdge will develop your skills portfolio to help you becomea better performer, achieve your goals and equip youto deal with challenges that lie ahead in your future keeping you at the forefront of ston Edge Futures (15 credits)Aston Edge Reflections and Growth (15 credits)Aston Edge Project (30 credits)

CHOOSE YOUR PATHWAYYour education should be as specialised and connected as the businessworld around you. Aston gives working professionals access to world-classeducation that is flexible and relevant to your professional goals.Entrepreneurship Pathway 30 CreditsOptional Modules 30 CreditsGain innovative skills needed to start a successfulsmall business or to innovate within an organisation.Should you choose not to follow a pathway,you may select one module from eachOption 1 and Option 2. Available options aresubject to change and dependent on thetiming of your enrolment in the programme.Options may include the following:ĉĉEntrepreneurial Strategies (15 credits)Legal Challenges: Starting an InnovativeBusiness (15 credits)Finance Pathway 30 CreditsOPTION 1Focus on the financial principles and build the skillsrequired to analyse and solve financial challenges.ĉĉĉĉĉĉBusiness Finance (15 credits)Strategic Management Accounting (15 credits)Business Finance (15 credits)Entrepreneurial Strategies (15 credits)International Business (15 credits)Digital Transformation (15 credits)OPTION 2Global Business Pathway 30 CreditsFocus on the financial principles and build the skillsrequired to analyse and solve financial challenges.ĉĉInternational Business (15 credits)International Operations (15 credits)Digital Transformation 30 CreditsBuild in-demand leadership skills needed to thrive inthe fast pace of technological change and keep yourorganisation ready for future challenges.ĉĉ7Digital Transformation (15 credits)Risk Management in a Digital Economy (15credits)Online MBA ive Management Consultancy(15 credits)International Operations (15 credits)Legal Challenges: Starting anInnovative Business (15 credits)Strategic Management Accounting (15credits)Risk Management in a DigitalEconomy (15 credits)

CURRICULUM GUIDE Aston Edge Futures (15 credits)Critically reflect on current strengths and limitations as apotential leader of the future. Demonstrate a systematicunderstanding of the importance of personal motivationand ambition to succeed with others while demonstratingpersonal excellence. Design a comprehensive andevidence-based personal career management plan. Aston Edge Project (30 credits)Undertake a comprehensive research project in relationto a specified organisational issue/challenge. Selectand apply appropriate organisational and managerialmethods, theories, and frameworks in the completion ofthe research. Acquire and critically analyse appropriatedata required to address the identified issue. Draw andpresent appropriate conclusions and recommendationsin a form suitable to the context of the specificinvestigation. Aston Edge Reflections and Growth (15 credits)Critically reflect on progress as a means of raising selfawareness and stimulating action as part of a continuousdevelopment process. Communicate effectively to ageographically diverse audience using digital media.Identify problems, challenges, and/or opportunities inyour organisational or career context and design effectiveresearch-based approaches to investigate these andimplement appropriate responses. Business Finance (15 credits)The module aims to introduce the key principles andchallenges of financial management decisions, thecharacteristics of different forms of finance, and thelinkages between organisations, the financial marketsand financial strategy. Crafting Organisational Strategy (15 credits)The module aims to enable students to analyse strategicissues facing a variety of different organisations usingappropriate concepts, frameworks and models in orderto inform strategic decision making.8Online MBA Creating and Delivering Customer Value (15credits)The module aims to enable to develop the skillsand competencies necessary to critically analyseorganisational marketing options and to contribute tostrategic marketing decisions. Designing and Managing Operations, Systems andProcesses (15 credits)The module aims to provide an understanding of therole of operations management and how it contributes tobusiness competitiveness. Digital Transformation (15 credits)The module provides a practical introduction to theprocess of adapting business processes to newer digitalplatforms and methods. The main purpose of this isto ensure that you are prepared to manage and leadchange in an increasingly digitally driven economy. Effective Management Consultancy (15 credits)This module will help you to understand differentapproaches to consulting projects. You will explore whatis good and what is bad consulting practise. It will alsoprepare you to carry out successful consulting projectswithin organisations, either as an external consultant oras a line manager given a one-off problem-solving task. Entrepreneurial Strategies (15 credits)This module aims to equip you with the analytical andstrategic skills necessary to start a successful smallbusiness. It also aims to contribute to an 'entrepreneurialculture' amongst Aston postgraduates and encourageyou to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative to em International Business (15 credits)The aim of this module is to provide a systematicunderstanding of the fundamental aspects of the globalbusiness environment that influence business decisionsand

CURRICULUM GUIDE International Operations (15 credits)The module aims to provide awareness of the range ofissues that, within an international context, constitutea holistic approach to the design and management ofoperations systems taking into considerations their socialand environmental impacts. Leading Complex Organisations (15 credits)The module aims to introduce theoretical and real worldperspectives on leading modern complex organisations,including consideration of the complexity of behaviour,processes, systems and cultures. Legal Challenges: Starting an Innovative Business(15 credits)The overall aim of this module is to provide participants withthe knowledge and skills to be able to understand the legalchallenges of starting up an innovative business. Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance(15 credits)The module aims to enable students to understand andinterpret a range of financial statements and other financialinformation used by organisational stakeholders to aiddecision making in relation to the allocation of capital.9Online MBA Risk Management in a Digital Economy (15 Credits)The module provides a practical introduction to digitalrisk management and the implications of failing to doso effectively. It will help prepare you to apply relevantknowledge and skills in the future, when rapidly changingdigital environments will transform the workplace andmanagement. Strategic Management Accounting (15 credits)This module aims to elucidate the meaning and role ofStrategic Management Accounting (SMA) as part of themodern accountant's capabilities. It aims to give you agood grasp of the varied toolkit that is available under theSMA banner and to put that in a theoretical framework andpractical context. The Global Economic Environment (15 credits)This module introduces students to fundamental concepts ineconomics, in order to develop an economic perspective onbusiness decision making in a wide range of contexts andapplications.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSTo enter the MBA, you should possess a good UK honours degree (minimum lower second class) or an equivalentoverseas degree recognised by Aston University. In addition, three years of management experience is required. Anhonours degree is preferred. We will also consider applicants with 7 years of management or progressive leadershipexperience, clearly detailed in your CV. All applicants must submit the following:ĉĉOfficial academic transcript(s) of your grades toLanguage RequirementsdateInternational students must meet English languageTwo written recommendations, preferably at leastrequirements outlined below or an equivalent Englishone academic refereelanguage qualification recognised by Aston University.ĉCurrent CVĉInternational students: An official academicĉTOEFL: A minimum score of 93transcript, with an official English translationĉIELTS: An overall minimum score of 6.5, with aminimum of 6.0 for each individual IELTS skillIf you do not have management experience and arelooking to enhance your business skills, Aston offers asuite of online MSc Business Management andMSc Business Analytics programmes. Need More Assistance?Our advisors are happy to share more informationabout admissions, language requirements or toanswer any other questions you may have.Schedule an appointmentwith an Aston University Admissions Advisor at atime that is convenient for you.10Online MBA

CONTACT Schedule an appointment withan Aston University Admissions Advisor. 11Online MBA DATE: 11/08/2022

4 Online MBA MBA PROGRAMME OVERVIEW The online MBA provides a great chance to keep my job while allowing me to study with the maximum degree of flexibility. Lucas Leppin Online MBA 100% online part-time Accelerated 7-week modules 6 intakes per year 180 credits Graduate

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