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Your dreams are closer than you think at Reynolds.the opportunity college2011-2012J. SARGEANT REYNOLDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CATALOG804.371.3000reynolds.eduAA/EEOCollege Catalog 2011-2012

College Catalog 2011-2012J. Sargeant Reynolds Community CollegePost Office Box 85622Richmond, Virginia 23285-5622J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution providing accessto educational and employment opportunities without regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender, religion,sexual orientation, veteran’s status, political affiliation or disability.The procedures, programs, courses, regulations, rules and policies listed in this catalog are subject to changeby the college, the College Board, the Virginia Community College System, or the State Board for CommunityColleges. For the most up to date catalog information visit the college website at www.reynolds.edu.1

TABLE OF CONTENTSA MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTGENERAL INFORMATIONCollege HistoryCollege Mission and VisionGuiding Principles and ValuesAcademic CalendarAccreditation StatementCollege Directory(visit www.reynolds.edu for most recent telephone numbers)Campus Locations35-105667-89911-13EXPENSES AND FINANCIAL AID13-20Domicile Determination for In-state Tuition EligibilityFinancial AidEligibilityApplication ProcessDeadlinesLoan ApplicationsFinancial Aid Programs ChartDisbursementStudents Attending Two Colleges at the Same TimeImpact of Drops/ Withdrawals from CoursesSatisfactory Academic ProgressScholarshipsVeterans BenefitsState Educational Assistance ProgramsACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICESAcademic AdvisingCollege Advising DaysTransfer AdvisingSTUDENT AFFAIRSCareer, Employment and Transfer CentersCollege Success Skills (SDV 100)CounselingFirst Year InitiativesProgram for Adults in Vocational Education (P.A.V.E.)Services for Students with DisabilitiesStudent Development WorkshopsStudent LifeStudent Success CentersSPECIALTY CENTERS AND RESOURCESAcademic Support CentersBookstoresCenter for the DeafCenter for Distance LearningCenter for Teacher EducationCommunity College Workforce AllianceLibrariesComputer Labs for StudentsENROLLMENT POLICIES AND PROCEDURESClassification of StudentsRegistration InformationAcademic Course LoadPrerequisite and Course 61717171718-20181827-35STUDENT-RELATED POLICIES AND PROCEDURES36-38PROGRAM INFORMATION38-44Academic HonestyStudent AdvocacyStudent AssessmentStudent ConductStudent GrievanceStudent Rights and ResponsibilityStudent Sexual MisconductSubstance AbuseVCCS Computer Ethics GuidelinesCollege Transfer ProgramsUniversity Parallel StudyState Policy on Transfer from Community Colleges toSenior InstitutionsTransfer Articulation AgreementsOccupational and Technical ProgramsCareer Studies ProgramsPlans of Study and Program Directory2020202020-22CURRICULAR PLANNING AND DESIGN202121212121-22222222General Information Pertaining to Curricular OfferingsGeneral Education Goals and Objectives/OutcomesGeneral Education ElectivesCollege Transfer Degree and Certificate RequirementsCareer Studies Certificate 4849-5859-114115-173COLLEGE ORGANIZATION174-196INDEX197-200Virginia Community College SystemState BoardCollege President and BoardCollege AdministrationFacultyPresident EmeritusProfessor EmeritusSenior Adjunct FacultyClassified StaffAdvisory 535COURSE INFORMATIONExplanatory NotesCourse Descriptions A-ZCourse Listings22-2526272727CLASSROOM AND INSTRUCTIONAL POLICIES ANDPROCEDURESGrading—Developmental StudiesGrade Point AverageRepeated GradeFinal GradeAcademic RenewalAcademic StandingTransfer Credit from Other CollegesCredit by ExaminationCredit for Occupational ServiceCredit for Military ServiceCredit by Advanced PlacementGraduation and Program RequirementsCommencementProgram RequirementsStudent RecordsFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act10ADMISSION AND ENROLLMENTAdmission RequirementsPlacement Testing/Test WaiverAbility-to-Benefit AssessmentHigh School Student EnrollmentDual EnrollmentConcurrent EnrollmentTransient StudentsInternational Student AdmissionsStudent IdentificationRepeating a CourseAuditing a CourseMilitary Students During National EmergencyNon-Native Speakers of English (English 1181181-185185-190190-196

A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENTWelcome to J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College—where your dreams are closerthan you think! Each year thousands of students enroll at Reynolds for a wide variety ofreasons. In some cases, many are successfully employed but seek a promotion or careerchange. Some decide not to go away to college right after high school and Reynolds is aconvenient option for them. Still, others take advantage of a second chance to go backto college after a number of years away from campus to complete a certificate or degreeprogram. Whatever the reason, Reynolds offers an opportunity to develop real skills andknowledge for the new economy.Our mission is to offer you a quality education that is comprehensive, innovative, accessible, affordable, and responsiveto the changing workforce needs of the community. Our promise is that we will provide exciting opportunities for qualitylearning and personal development that unlock doors to your success.This catalog contains useful and important information about our academic programs, support services, and workforcedevelopment initiatives that will help you make informed decisions about your education and your future.I believe you will find that your time spent with us will have laid the foundation for a future with unlimited possibilities.Long after you leave us, you will often reflect upon the faculty and staff members who cared about you as a person andwho ultimately made a real difference in your life.We welcome you to the J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College family and we wish you much success as you worktoward your educational and career goals.Sincerely,Gary L. Rhodes, Ed.D.College President3

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College openedin the Syndor and Hundley building in 1972.4

GENERAL INFORMATIONthe talents and resources of both institutions’ current workforcedevelopment centers in an effort to provide Richmond, Tri-citiesand surrounding counties with a world-class regional workforcedevelopment organization.College HistoryResponding to the recommendation of a legislative study committeethat “every citizen of the Commonwealth be given an opportunity toattend an institution of higher learning offering academic, occupational/technical, and community service programs at a nominal cost,” in 1966the General Assembly of Virginia established a state-wide system ofcommunity colleges. A newly established State Board for CommunityColleges, prepared a master plan for a system of 23 institutions.The college currently offers 20 two-year occupational/technical degreeprograms, 9 occupational/technical certificate programs, 5 two-yearcollege transfer programs, 1 transfer certificate program, and 42 careerstudies certificate programs requiring less than one-year of full-timestudy. Having enrolled more than 300,671 persons in credit coursessince its opening, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College continuesto strive to meet the aspirations of its namesake to provide “a practicaland economic answer to the future educational needs of thousands ofVirginians.”The Lieutenant Governor, J. Sargeant Reynolds, heralded the creationof the community college system by the General Assembly as “one ofits finest acts and finest hours in this century.”J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, the last of these colleges,is named in honor of the late Lieutenant Governor of the State, whochampioned legislation creating the state-supported communitycolleges. Opened in 1972 in temporary headquarters, the college isnow a three-campus institution and the third largest in the VirginiaCommunity College System.The community college master plan called for J. Sargeant ReynoldsCommunity College to consist of three permanent instructional centers,serving a geographic district comprising the Virginia counties ofGoochland, Hanover, Henrico, and Powhatan, and the city of Richmond(north of the James River). Louisa County was subsequently addedto the college’s service region on a shared basis with PiedmontCommunity College. With the opening of the Western Campus inGoochland County in the spring of 1978, the college completed itsplan for three campuses, located at urban, suburban, and rural sites.Additionally, in the spring of 1996, the State Board for CommunityColleges added Richmond south of the James to its service region.The Downtown Campus is now housed in a modern, high-rise structureat Seventh and Jackson Streets, having moved in the fall of 1981 fromleased facilities in the 100 block of East Grace Street. In the fall of1995 a major addition to this facility was completed, adding 84,000square feet to the existing structure. In September 1974, the ParhamRoad Campus opened in a newly constructed, contemporary buildinglocated on a 105-acre site in northern Henrico County. A secondinstructional building was completed on this suburban campus in timefor the opening of classes in the fall of 1980. With the instructionalfacility at the Western Campus opening in the fall of 1981 and itssubsequent addition, which opened in 2001, the college now operateswith modern facilities at all its instructional sites. A three-storystructure adjacent to the Parham Road Campus houses executive andcentral administrative offices.J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (JSRCC) and John TylerCommunity College (JTCC) joined forces in 2003 to create a newworkforce development entity that provides business, industryand government in the region with a single source for workforcedevelopment. The organization is named the Community CollegeWorkforce Alliance (CCWA). The alliance is a cooperative partnershipdedicated to supporting economic development and providing worldclass workforce training and services to both the public and privatesectors. The vision behind the new organization is to maximize5

COLLEGE MISSION, VISION AND VALUESMissionInclusiveness and CollaborationJ. Sargeant Reynolds Community College provides access toeducation that develops individuals for employment and careeradvancement, prepares students for successful transfer to collegesand universities, builds a skilled workforce that contributes to regionaleconomic development, and promotes personal enrichment andlifelong learning.We embrace individual diversity and contributions of all people. Wework together with respect, trust, and honesty within the college andwith the communities we serve.VisionExcellenceWe uphold high academic and professional standards and consistentlywork to improve quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College will create a dynamiclearning environment that will expand students’ opportunities andenrich our community.EthicsValuesEnvironmentJ. Sargeant Reynolds Community College will be guided by thefollowing values in all actions and decisions:Student SuccessWe make decisions that are in the best interest of our students andtheir success.Our CommunityWe act ethically in all aspects of our work and abide by our Code ofEthics.We act as responsible stewards of our environment by creating andsustaining safe, healthy, and attractive places for learning, teaching,and working.Our PeopleWe value our students, faculty, and staff and are committed to theirprofessional and personal growth.We serve our community through involvement, partnerships, andvolunteerism.Teaching and LearningWe provide diverse learning experiences for our students, employees,and the community in support of learning, scholarship, and personalgrowth.6

Academic Calendar 2011-20122011 Fall Semester2012 Spring SemesterImportant DatesImportant DatesAdvisingJuly 11-22, 2011AdvisingNovember 7-18, 2011Early-Bird RegistrationJuly 11-24, 2011Early-Bird RegistrationNovember 7-27, 2011Registration (on-site)July 25-August 19, 2011Adjunct Faculty ConvocationLabor Day (college closed)College-wide Convocation Day (no classes/no services)Faculty Research Day (no classes)Fall Break (college closed)Grades Due by NoonRegistration (on-site)August 18, 2011November 28 – December 16, 2011; Jan. 3-6, 2012Adjunct Faculty ConvocationSeptember 5, 2011MLK Day (college closed)January 16, 2012October 4, 2011Spring Break (no classes)March 12-18, 2012November 23, 2011Professional Development Day (no services)November 24-27, 2011Grades Due by NoonDecember 19, 2011Professional Development DayGraduationRegular Session (Sixteen-weeks)Classes BeginLate Registration and Add/DropLast Day to Add ClassLast Day to Drop with a RefundLast Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WClasses EndExamination PeriodLate Registration and Add/DropMarch 12, 2012May 8, 2012May 9, 2012Saturday, May 12, 2012Regular Session (Sixteen-weeks)August 22, 2011Classes BeginAugust 22-26, 2011Late Registration and Add/DropAugust 26, 2011September 7, 2011October 28, 2011December 10, 2011December 12-17, 2011January 9, 2012January 9-13, 2012Last Day to Add ClassJanuary 13, 2012Last Day to Drop with a RefundJanuary 25, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WFirst Eight-Week SessionClasses BeginJanuary 5, 2012March 22, 2012Classes EndApril 30, 2012Examination PeriodMay 1-7, 2012First Eight-Week SessionAugust 22, 2011Classes BeginAugust 22-24, 2011Late Registration and Add/DropJanuary 9, 2012January 9-11, 2012Last Day to Add ClassAugust 24, 2011Last Day to Add ClassJanuary 11, 2012Last Day to Drop with a RefundAugust 29, 2011Last Day to Drop with a RefundJanuary 17, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WFebruary 10, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WClasses EndSeptember 23, 2011Classes EndOctober 18, 2011Second Eight-Week SessionClasses BeginLate Registration and Add/DropLast Day to Add ClassLast Day to Drop with a RefundMarch 5, 2012Second Eight-Week SessionOctober 19, 2011Classes BeginOctober 19-21, 2011Late Registration and Add/DropOctober 21, 2011Last Day to Add ClassOctober 26, 2011Last Day to Drop with a RefundLast Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WNovember 21, 2011Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WClasses EndDecember 17, 2011Classes End7March 6, 2012March 6-8, 2012March 8, 2012March 20, 2012April 13, 2012May 7, 2012

Academic Calendar 2011-2012 Continued.2012 Summer TermImportant DatesAdvisingEarly-Bird RegistrationRegistration (on-site)Memorial Day (college closed)Independence Day (college closed)Grades Due by NoonApril 9-20, 2012April 9-22, 2012April 23-May 18, 2012May 28, 2012July 4, 2012August 2, 2012Ten-Week SessionClasses BeginLate Registration and Add/DropMay 21, 2012May 21-24, 2012Last Day to Add ClassMay 24, 2012Last Day to Drop with a RefundMay 31, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WJuly 2, 2012Classes EndJuly 30, 2012Make-up Day for July 4July 31, 2012First Five-Week SessionClasses BeginLate Registration and Add/DropLast Day to Add ClassMay 21, 2012May 21-22, 2012May 22, 2012Last Day to Drop with a RefundMay 24, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WJune 11, 2012Classes EndJune 25, 2012Second Five-Week SessionClasses BeginLate Registration and Add/DropJune 26, 2012June 26-27, 2012Last Day to Add ClassJune 27, 2012Last Day to Drop with a RefundJune 29, 2012Last Day to Withdraw from Class with a Grade of WJuly 17, 2012Classes EndJuly 30, 2012Make-up Day for July 4July 31, 20128

Accreditation StatementJ. Sargeant Reynolds Community College was established by the State Board for Community Colleges of Virginia and has been granted theauthority by this board to award associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied arts, and associate of applied science degrees andcertificates. The College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools–1866 Southern Lane,Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097; Telephone: (404) 679-4501–to award the associate degree.Note: The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is to be contacted only if there is evidence that appears tosupport significant non-compliance with a requirement or standard.College Directory (Visit www.reynolds.edu for most recent telephone nu mbers.)Area Code 804 for all phone numbers371-3000Reynolds Information CenterGinter Park Center523-5643Downtown ParhamAcademic 5432523-5375523-5374523-5225Academic Support Center 80371-3266Business Office523-5285523-5212523-5404Career, Employment, and Transfer Center523-5970523-5061523-5061Community College Workforce Alliance (Non-credit Courses)523-2292Computer Labs523-5158523-5377523-5419Distance Learning523-5612or 1-800-711-1628 *Toll free for VA onlyDomicile Officer (in-state tuition appeals)523-5029Dual Enrollment523-5789English as a Second Language (ESL) Program523-5020International 20523-5419PAVE Program523-5572523-5572Placement Testing/Testing Centers523-5470523-5411523-5421CentralHumanities and Social SciencesBusiness and EngineeringNursing and Allied HealthMath and SciencePolice & Security ServicesEmergenciesNon-EmergenciesREYNETServices for Students with DisabilitiesStudent AffairsStudent ActivitiesStudent Success Centers (Admissions, Financial Aid, Advising)Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD)Veteran 86

College Administration Building1701 East Parham Road, Richmond, VA 2322864PARHAMROADPTEHIWPOPKWYROADPARHAMBROADIP PPKWYTEHI64AMWROUTEI95295PKWYET700 East Jackson Street, Richmond,95VA 23219RESTPOHIWPORound tKTPTHIANMIDLODowntown CampusThe JSRCC Ginter Park Center consists of three buildings on thegrounds of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond’s Ginter Parkneighborhood. The College leased the buildings to use as swing spacewhile Downtown Campus renovations are completed. A variety ofhumanities and business classes will be offered at the Center andshuttle service will run from the Downtown Campus.301E 1AMROUTROAD95ENHGinter Park CenterRIP PTParham RoadTheCamcobetweenSTCHEEERMThe Parham Road CaCounty, offers collegengineering, scienceoccupational/ technicand public service.DPARHOAmanufacturing.ES RIVYTEPShKW1651 East Parham R95BRJ AMEPKWYParham RoadCampusEAM295DM ROAPARHAES RIVNH643406 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227AMThe Downtown Campus, located at 700 East Jackson Street near theNRichmond Coliseum,provides one- and two-year occupational/technical295programs in a number of allied health, business, and community serviceareas, as well as college transfer programs in liberal arts, business,science, and teacher preparation.The College Administration Building is located just west ofRoutes6 andRoad632Campus.in the communityCourthouseborderParhamThe offices ofof Goochlandthe Vice Presidentofthe WesternCampus.This campusofferscurriculumsin horticulture,Finance andAdministration,CentralAdmissionsand Records,and otherautomotiveand dieselmechanics,equine management, welding, andadministrativestaff arein this location.LLHUThe Downtown Campus, located at 700 East Jackson Street near theRichmondRoadColiseum,provides one- and two-year occupational/technicalParhamCampusprogramsin a numberof allied health, business, and community serviceParham RoadCampusareas,as wellas collegeprogramsin liberal arts, business,1651 EastParhamRoad,transferRichmond,VA 23228science, and teacher preparation.The ParhamRoad Campus, located one mile west of I-95 in HenricoWesternCampusCounty,offers collegetransfer programsin liberal arts, education,1851DickinsonRoad, Goochland,VA 23063engineering, science, and computer science, as well as a broad range ofoccupational/technicalin theareasof business,engineering,TheWestern Campusis programsbordered byRoutes6 and632 in thecommunityandpublic service.ofGoochlandCourthouse. This campus offers curriculums inShTDTC –8thdePRCThe–Atcotbetweenhorticulture, automotive and diesel mechanics, equine management,welding and auto body.LABURNUM AVENUEWALTON AVE700 East Jackson Street,GINTERRichmond,VA 23219PARKShuttle ServiceFor the most up to date listing visit: Reynolds.eduPalmyra AvenueThe Downtown Campus, located at 700 East Jackson Street near theRichmond Coliseum, provides one- and two-year occupational/technicalprograms in a number of allied health, business, and community serviceareas, as well as college transfer programs in liberal arts, business,science, and teacher preparation.Ginter Park CenterJ AMCH700 East Jackson Street, Richmond, VA 23219Rt. 6 (Goochland Courthouse)Downtown CampusM64AMThe ParhamRoadPARHCaCounty, offers collegeengineering, science,occupational/ technicand public service.Downtown CampusDowntownCampusWesternCampus1701 EastParham Road, Richmond, VA 23228Y1651 East Parham RoThe College Administration Building is located just west ofParham Road Campus. The offices of the Vice President ofFinance and Administration, Central Admissions and Records, and otheradministrative staff are in this location.The Parham Road Campus, located one mile west of I-95 in HenricoCounty, offers college-transfer programs in liberal arts, education,engineering, science, and computer science, as well as a broadCofaoccupational/technicalm p u s L o c a tprogramsi o n s in the areas of business,rangeengineering, and public service.College Administration BuildingKW2951701 East Parham Road, Richmond, VA 232281651 East Parham RoadREParham Road CamCollege Administration BuildingParham Road CampusDThe Downtown Campus, located at 700 East Jackson Street nearthe Richmond Coliseum, provides one- and two-year occupational/technical programs in a number of allied health, business, andcommunity service areas, as well as college transfer programs inliberal arts, business, science, and computerscience.IP PES RIV ENHCampus Locations700 East Jackson StreetJ AMCHCollege Administration Building The College Administration Building islocated just west of Parham Road Campus. The offices of the CentralAdmissions and Records, Central Financial Aid, Educational Foundation,Scholarship Office, Central Business Office and other administrativestaff are in this location.Downtown CampusOACAMPUS LOCATIONSPBRThe College Administration Building is located just west ofParham Road Campus. The offices of the Vice President ofFinance and Administration, Central Admissions and Records, and otheradministrative staff are in this location.MRPARHARound tTThe college will provide shuttle servicebetween the Downtown and Parham Roadcampuses this Summer.Western CampusWesternCampus1851 Dickinson Road, Goochland, VA 23063See the schedule below:10The Western Campus is borderedby Routes 6 and 632 in the communityMonday – Fridayof Goochland Courthouse. This campus offers curriculums ina.m.– 2 p.m. equine management,horticulture, automotive C and PRCwelding and auto body.Departs DTC on 1/2 hourDeparts PRC on the hourDTC –8thdPRC –At t

ADMISSION AND ENROLLMENTVirginia residents not having access to a given program at their localcommunity college, provided such students apply for admission tothe program prior to registration or by a deadline established by thecollege. In addition, residents of localities with which the college has aclinical-site or other agreements may receive equal consideration foradmission.Admission RequirementsIt is the policy of the VCCS and JSRCC to prohibit educational andemployment discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, nationalorigin, religion, age, political affiliation, or against otherwise qualifiedpersons with disabilities. Inquiries concerning the affirmative actionpolicy should be addressed to the college’s Affirmative Action Officer.Applications may be submitted through the college website(www.reynolds.edu), in person, by mail, or by fax. Send or mail to:Office of Admissions and RecordsJ. Sargeant Reynolds Community CollegeP. O. Box 85622Richmond, Virginia 23285-5622Telephone: (804) 523-5029FAX: (804) 371-3650Consistent with its mission of providing educational access anddevelopment in its region, the college admits as either a non-curricularor curricular student, anyone with a recognized high school diploma, aGED, or certificate of completion of home schooling, or who is 18 yearsof age and has passed the ability-to-benefit (ATB) test.Non-curricular applicants are persons who plan to enroll in creditcourses without earning a degree or certificate at the college.Placement Testing/Test WaiverCurricular applicants are persons who plan to enroll in credit courses inorder to earn a degree or certificate. Admission into selected programs,as specified in the Program Information section of this catalog, mayrequire applicants to satisfy additional program–level entrancerequirements.New students, students returning from an absence of at least threeyears, or students that submitted an application and did not attendwithin one year must complete a JSRCC Application for Admission.Official high school transcripts that include graduation date or officialGED exam results are required of applicants who are in the process ofcompleting secondary studies. Applicants to the Nursing or PracticalNursing programs must submit official high school transcripts thatdocument graduation or a GED. For reinstatement from suspensionor dismissal refer to the Classroom and Instructional Policies andProcedures section in this catalog.Newly admitted curricular students should complete the College’splacement tests and meet with an advising specialist either through thenew student orientation program (Refer to the Student Affairs First YearInitiatives Section of this catalog), group advising session or individuallyduring walk-in advising prior to registering. The specialist will evaluatethe student’s career and educational objectives, level of preparation,and developmental needs, and may recommend adjustment of thestudent’s intended curriculum (program plan). Students whose primarylanguage is not English must also complete the college’s EnglishLanguage Proficiency test battery before taking the Compass or otherplacement tests. For additional placement testing information, refer tothe Student Affairs section of this catalog.At J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, the goal of the PlacementTesting program is to enroll students in courses that maximize theiropportunity for success. Before registering, all students entering ascurricular students must take placement tests in reading, writing, andmathematics as well as the SmarterMeasure assessment. A 6 (cashonly) testing fee is required. Testing times can be found on the TestingCenter website at www.reynolds.edu/testing or by contacting anycampus Testing Center (Downtown Campus, 523-5470; Parham RoadCampus, 523-5411; Western Campus, 523-5421). In general, studentsmay not take a placement test in the same subject area more thanone time in a four month period. Placement test scores are valid for aperiod of one year.Non-curricular students registering for English, mathematics, biology,chemistry, and other courses requiring tests as listed in the collegecatalog and/or class schedule, must take the appropriate placementtests. Non-curricular students who have accumulated nine or moresemester credits in college courses and are experiencing academicdifficulty in one or more areas will also be required to take placementtests. (Academic difficulty is defined as having a cumulative GPA ofless than 2.0 or receiving an “F” or “U” in a course.)A placement test may be waived on the basis of one or more of criterialisted below. Students must provide official documentation of collegeAP scores, SAT, PSAT or other scores used to waive the placement testsor provide documentation of college courses taken that would qualifythe student for the waiver. Scores must be within one year of the datethe student is requesting the waiver.The Central Admissions and Records Office will evaluate requestedadvanced standing and transfer credit for curricular students,preferably prior to the student’s first registration at the college (seeAdmissions and Enrollment Advanced Standing section of Classroomand Instructional Policies and Procedures in this catalog).The college reserves the right to evaluate special cases and, whenconsidered in the best interest of the college, refuse admission toapplicants. Furthermore, when enrollments must be limited for anycurriculum, priority shall be given to all qualified applicants who areresidents of the political subdivisions supporting the college and to11Reading Hold a degree from an accredited college Successfully completed an appropriate developmental readingcourse at another Virginia community college AP score of 3 or higher on the English Language test Received a reading placement recommendation above thedevelopmental level from another college (Compass or AssetPlacement Tests only) Transient students who submit an appropriately completedTransient Student Form GPA of 2.5 for 9 or more general education credits at thiscollege Have completed at least 9 credits of college-level work with a

grade of C or better Present a PSAT critical reading score of 52 Present an SAT verbal or reading score of 500 Present an ACT reading score of 20 Students who wish to take a math course higher than those courseslisted above must take the mathematics portion of the placement test.Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) AssessmentThe SAT/PSAT or ACT tests must have been taken within one year priorto the requested test waiver.Writing Hold a degree from an accredited college Su

2011-2012 J. SARGEANT REYNOLDS COMMUNITY COLLEGE CATALOG AA/EEO . 1 College Catalog 2011-2012 J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College . The procedures, programs, courses, regulations, rules and policies listed in this catalog are subject to change by the college, the College Board, the Virginia Community College System, or the State Board for .

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For questions about or assistance with completing the online application, please contact the Reynolds Admissions Office at 804-523-5029 or admissions@reynolds.edu. New students to the college should meet with an academic advisor to assist with developing a course schedule. Contact Advising Services at advising@reynolds.edu or 804-523-5359.

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