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BASKKTBAM. HKASONO P E N S n j EAD A YRed Arrows!NOVEMBERAT SPARTAEitablished June, 1893LOWELL. MICH., THURSDAY NOV. 15. 1956Lowell Building & Loan Assn. HitsMillion Dollar Mark This MonthOn N o v e m b e r 6 the Lowell Build- 227 loans were in force, t h e r e a r eing and Loan Association report 294 loday. The capital in 1951 wast h e i r capital reached an all-time 434,715.49.This group organized in 1888.hifih of one million dollars. Thismillion-dollar m a r k is composed David F. Coons, present s e c r e t a r ynrnstly of cash and loans m a d e to of the Lowell nuilding a n d Loan,a r e a resident's to finance the huild- checked hack in the files for theIng. remodeliiig and purchasing of original application for c h a r i e rf r o m the State of Michigan, datedt h e i r homes.The association has tripled their M a r c h 20. 1888. which bore thew o r t h in the past fifteen y e a r s a-1 following signatures:lone. In 1950 assets of 332 thousand ! Eugene A. Sunderlln, Francisw e r e on the books. F i v e y e a r s ago King. Charles Quick. N o r m a n B.Either Fohmi, LowellTwp. Clertt, StrickenTuesdoy EveningNumber 30Parent-Teen Panel Direusses Dating Driving ProhlemsE s t h e r F a h m l , I owell TownshipC i f r k and Village t r e a s u r e r , wastaken to Butterworth hospital byRoth a m b u l a n c e T u e s d a y eveninga f t e r suffering a h e a r t attack.She w a s resting in an oxygen'.ont Wednesday m o r n i n g and isreported by hospital authorities tobe In f a i r condition.Garden Club Making DecorationsLowell Merchants Plan Gala WelcomeFor Santa Claus on December 8thLowell Merchants a r e busily j j c r a d R o , h p r w i l i v n { o l t h cplanning the biggest welcoming Lowell Board of Trade, has apcelebration that this town has seen polnted Marion Avery and Charlesin many a y e a r , to honor a visit Doyle a s co-chairmen of the bigby a very important gentlemanday. with Phillip Schneider. LeoSanta Claus.nard Jackson, and Cary Stiff alsoThe Jolly gentleman has a r r a n g - working on the committee.ed to visit I.owell Saturday afterDecorate Main Streetnoon. December 8th, and will beM e m b e r s of Lowell's youngestmet at the gate and escorted intotown down Main st. in a v e r y regal , l : ; , r c n c ' u ' ) ' , ' 1 '' Twlnoaki GardenmannerClub, a r e busily designing and making l a r g e wreaths to he placedon the liu'ht posts of all downtownMain Street c o m e r s , and hope tohave them in place well in advance of Santa's visit.Charpr 49 ForSpeeding in Oct.Blain, Arthur C. Stone. John Q.Forty-nine speeders paid fines inLook. John .Giles. Augustus W.Weeks and J. Harrison Rickert. Justice Howard J . Rittenger's courtT h e signatures were witnessed by during the month of October.William N. WhiteIt was a busy month for JusticeDavid states he is not s u r e w h a t ! Wttenger. Who h e a r d 88 matters,B a r b a r a Vos. president of theoffice the men held in the organiza- 25 of which were State law violagarden club, which was federatedjust a y e a r ago. states all of thetion at that time, but a s s u m e d they tions, and 54 involved village lawAThe Red Arrow basketball t e a mtwenty m e m b e r s a r eworkingw e r e all directors inasmuch as the m a t t e r s : 9 w a r r a n t s w e r e also prowill open Its 1956-57 season atA deserted Main filreet Is a re- n u m b e r of signatures a g r e e s with cessed.„.equally a s h a r d on the project.Sparta Tuesday evening Novem- m i , t r n a s f o r w h i c h a r p m i n d e r that Lowell nimrods a r e the number of officers a n d directA lofty total of 1,141.20 was colWr 20 The Sparta-Lowell contest y f u r n i s h c ( t , h m U K h , h f . c f w p c r a .leaving town In droves In quest ors in the association at this time. lected in fines and c o f s on thesehas always l)een exciting, and us- tion of thc Lowell Board of T r a d e .of their deer. Of course we knowA parent-teen panel, moderated b y FIdward D'nkema, discussed " d r i v i n g " and 'dating" at theThe association m e e t s once a 88 m a t t e r s ; 333.30 w e r e the Stateually has been determined late ina lot of h u n t e r s a r e successful y e a r , and at the last election the matters, and the b a l a n c e of 807.90November P a r e n t - T e a c h e r AswclaUon m e e t i n g bold Monday evening at thc High school projection room.Only SS More Daysthe fourth q u a r t e r . The gym ' h e r eright in the a r e a , but m a n y a r e following officers w e r e n a m e d : was collected f r o m village law vioStanding left to right a r e the adult panel members; Mrs. Wilbur Wlttenbach, Charles E. Houseman,There a r e only thirty-three m o r eissmallsofansareadvisedtoaron the road headed north.Mrs. Robert D. Rurkhead, Richard Court, and Mr. Denkema. The student m e m b e r s of the panel areP e t e r Speewtra, president; L. W. lations. This money goes to therive well in advance of the 6:30 shopping days until C h r i s t m a s , inAll local license dealera report Rutherford, vice-president; a n d village general fund.R u r b a r a Court Kerry Shoemaker, Mlml Kusterer. and Larry Wlttrnbach.opening whistle If they want to cidentally. so it isn't too soon toa heavier than uMial u l e « an of David F. Coons, s e c r e t a r y ; theAmong the violations a r e 7 cases, M r s . Edward Denkema. pro- tliat another panel be a r r a n g e d enjoy a good seat for the contest. be thinking about these things.Wednesday noon, with a total of directors a r e Frank F . Coon, E. C. Involving defective equipment; 8RosemaryE.SmithIg'" 8 ' Chairman, introduced her (for a future meeting of P . T. A.Coach N o r m a n Gotschall has470 n t t m a t e d HOW. And the sea- F o r e m a n , W. A. Roth. L. L. Wat- persons were fined for having noA I V/n*c t Jhusband, who is better known as to cover other aspects of teensome players returning f r o m the Nome John AlderinkHon didn't open until this morn- terson. Dr. F . E. White and D. A. operator s license; 3 failed to yield UlNy J /2, Ules aaruracyR a d i o Station WGRD's Cousin Ed. j r d u l t relations.varsity t e a m of 1955-56, which tied President of F.F.A.Ing (Thurwday).,wilheWingeier.the right of way and 3 failed toLittle Rosemary E. S m l t h J " * 1 interettlng dls- 1T n i s t - ( i o o d Faithfor third in G r a n d Valley competi * F o r m a n y y e a r s this association stop at a stop light; also 3 were d a u g h t e r of Mr. a n d Mrs. Edwin cussioo, which centered mainly on,g p c a r T 1 c to the decision tion. These boys a r e LeonardThe F u t u r e F a r m e r s of America"Whltey* 'Schroder c a m e homehas been profitable to its invest- fined for reckless driving.Smith of Saranac. passed away I t w o topics, driving thc family c a r . i ( h a t"problem"revolves F a s e , Jim C a r r . Orison A M . Ber- of Lowell High school chose Johnt h cf r o m the hospital last Saturday,ors. paying 7 per cent Interest. AllThe balance of the cases Involved Saturday m o m i n g at Blodgett Me-' " i d d«Ung! around trust on the p a r t of the r i e Collins. Charlie R y d e r , Don Alderink a s their president for thea f t e r being seriously injured Seploans are written for 11 years, and failure to stop at a stop sign; mortal Hospital; T h e r e was a gooo a t t e n d a n c e . : p a r e n s a n d coming school year.faithonthet e m b e r 19 when his Bell TelephoneDawson. John Norton, Wayne Milt h e borrowers receive stock in the disregarding a t r a f f i c officer; imF u n e r a l services were held at -'wd active participation by the I p a r t 0 j t l e t e e n svv a s alsoAssisting him in the y e a r ' s workt r u c k went o v e r the steep embankassociation a s they pay on the prin- proper t u r n ; evading a U-turn sign; the Calvary Brethren Church n e a r ' a u d i e n c e , which kept the a r e a o f . - o u g h t up that the p a r e n t should ler and Keith F a s e .will be T r u m a n Stahl. vice-presim e n t on M-91 just north of L o w d l .Gotschall alsfj has promotedcipal of their loan.and W a r r a n t s for resisting arrest, d a r k s v l l l e Monday afternoon; In-'disctLstioiidowTi to these two s u b - i , a c x a m p i c b y observingd e n t ; Tom K a u f f m a n . t r e a s u r e r ;After two months In the hosfighting on public street, operating terment in the Mennonite C e m e - ( j e c t a . Many expressed the wish r r 0 p C rExpenses are Low(joying habits.Dating George Henderson and T o n y L a r r y Hoffman, s e c r e t a r y ; Brucepital home looks awful good tom ( o r v e h i c , c inStormzandfromthelast-year'sreThe headquarters of t h e assocla*reckless m a n n e r t c r y Place, reporter; Bruce Baird. sent Whltey.".should he confined to weekends. serve squad.1Rev. Elton Mills of Alton Bible.i l l** *tion are maintained In the Coons operating motor vehicle on revokedinel; Richard King, p a r l i a m e n t a r with sufficient t i m e a l w a y s icstreet,Church assisted in the funeral r l e i C l i e rl l e a U Sx-Mrs. F r a n c s Griffin. Highway Men's store on Main st., and thelowed for studies, school a n d fam- who show promise, s a y s Got- ian; and L a r r y Stahl. chaplain.along wwithu n ivcv.Rev. Williamtrimmn i * rTi St., reports t h a t l a v e n d a r a n d expenses a r e very small c o m p a r e d intoxicated on public street, and services aionnThe Lowell F. F. A. voted toily activities.malicious destruction of public Johnson of the Calvary B r e t h e m ! I j O W e l l 1 O W n S l l i pschall: Robert Minnie and J i mwhite hycinths a r e in bloom in t o the group's worth. Last y e a rtake an active part in the C. R.Again Wins F i r s tproperty.Lawrence.Thelatter,afreshman,it cost 3,672.03 to maintain theh e r yard.O. P. by collecting the donatedMrs. White's third g r a d e class stands 6-ft. 2-in. and w a s a playR o s e m a r y Is survived b y a !association. This c o m p a r e s quite* materials in Lowell township brother, Terry, a g e 2 j . ALso. by, Kenneth Fletcher was selected toWith the Red Arrow football sea- favorably with their 1956 capital Nomed to Jury Dutying the specified drive period nowparent-attendancecontest,andyear.her m a t e r n a l g r a n d p a r e n t s . Mr h c a d a icumc.,U w e n .son ending so successfully this report of 928,404.21.being planned by the newly-formed1Bu! me8cameA Faster TeamThe officers are to b e congrat-j Mrs. Joy F o n g e r of Lowell has K d Mrs. P e t e r Baker. Sr. u f i s h jCROP at a ' " "! '!y e a r , a g r e a t deal of Interest hastownship committee. The F. F. A.1Coach Gotschall states he be- is hoping for the usually fine colapped over to the c o m i n g basket- ulated for their contribution to the I been named to j u r y duty for the G r a n d Rapids; and her paternal m e e t l n f , h o r ( , n W c e k a R 0 l o d n y in second. This is the s a m e aslast month's results. In thc Sep- lieves his t " a m " f a s t e r than last operation of the Lowell townshipball g a m e s ; so m u c h interest, in growth of the community in t h e i r j December t e r m of the Kent Coun- g r a n d p a r e n t s . Mr. and Mrs. F r a n - ( T h u r s d a y . November 8».t e m b e r meeting, the s a m e two y e a r " , am. hopes to develop a people in this campaign for t h ecis Smith of Lowell.f a c t , that t h e r e were people waiting efforts to provide the Lowell a r e a ty Circuit Court.Although CROP he Christianclasses were in thc top two, only fine squad before the end of the n e o d y overseas people.Others In this general area alsoa t the door of Avery J e w e l e r s F r i - citizens with a place to obtainR u r a l Over»ea, P r o g r a n revenri. U f .; Utelr p o d U o n . w e r ed a y moming—to buy t h e i r season funds for building, remodeling or listed a r e : John Sytsma of Ada ConqreqoHonoifSts toseason. j e xt meeting of this group willw a y s been a vers" Important pro- o t th(, o t h e r ctownship;WaMermanThomas,purchasinghomes.The " F e r r y m e n . Bob F e r r y ' s be Monday night. November 19,tickets!HeorDr.Skidmorejeel aidmc 58 " . u n i n « " ing up some stiff competition to r t s e r v e s , boast several six-footers,Without the assistance of this Bowne township; Alte JohnsonThe tickets went on sale Frito initiate the following m e m b e r sworld, now-vvhllc the HunEarian „winncr,.whom Coach F e r r y will be pre- to the Green Hand D e g r e e : J a m e sday a. m . a t 9 o'clock, and 17 association little or no building Cascade; F r e d Pullen of GrandDr. Harold Skidmore of Lansing, u p n s m g is still at its height aparing for varsity action in the B a m h a r t , Norman Byrne, Carrollw e r e sold that morning. T h e r e would have been done h e r e since Rapids' township: and Mrs. Maude State Supt. o f Congregational- new Interest h a s arisen all overHessler, G r a t t a n .j future. They promise lots of fast Eckman, Gill Lipscomb. Elden Mila r e still season tickets available. the war.Christian Churches will be guest the countrv-. Former Lowell Manaction playing.jler, L a r r y Wingeier and F r e d Wissp r e a c h e r Sunday. November 18. atT h i s . derest spread to Lowell. Thomos A. Murphy,Over 30 f r e s h m e n c a m e out f o r ' m a n .the m o m i n g services of the LowThe Newell *M a *n a l a*c t u r i a g cortp- Two Arrows Make All-Cenlerence Teamresulting ,n the m « t i n s ikst T h u r v Honored at Fort Waynebasketball this year.Reporter. B r u c e P l a c eell Church.k n y is justly proud of Its emoloyd a y eveningt at the home of Mr.»A carry-In dinner will be servede e s - o n l y 4 out of 107 failed t o ' v o t eand Mrs. Fletcher, Riverside dr.Thomas A. Murphy. 84. a formerin the dining-room at one o'clockin the recent presidential f c c t i o nRussell M. Hartzler. Slate CROP Lowell man—village clerk here forto which all a r e cordially invited.T h a t shows they a p p r e c i a t e one ofDirector, was in attendance.m a n y years, and c a s h i e r of thet h e greatest privileges w e in A m e r O t h e r s at the meeting, r e p r e s e n t - j Lowell City B a n k - w a s highly honica have - t h e privilege and P :ing village and f a r m organizations, ored by the Fort Wayne OptimistLast F r i d a y the Lowell Red Ar- F a s e sent speedy Orison Abelof the individual t o express hisw e r e Steven Nisbet, Mrs. Gerald Club Monday evening. Novembervoice in choosing the l e a d e r s of o u r rows put the finishing touches on around left end for 67 yards andMullen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles 12.another Arn w touchdown G a r ytheirmostsuccessfulseasonsincecountry.The Annual Harvest Festival Houseman and Marcel Kropf., Mr. Murphy, a retired insuranceAre t h e r e any better r e t a r d s 1949 by whipping Greenville in con- Eickhoff s e e m s to have a habit ofstill Organizing man. was n a m e d "Optimist of thcIn LowellT If so. w e would l i k e vincing fashion by a score of 46 plunging for the point and he did services of the local Methodlstjanit again.Church will be held Sunday a t jhnninninc» .if Y e a rd a n elaborate "This isto hear f r o m you! to 6.Y UrU,eThefinerecordof6wins.2loss-j.,.0 1 play aa f tvel r receivingr On t h ev first***9 and 11 a m. Persons comingand Mr P l S S f t a t I" W " *" "a" ,hci s j n t h e o r g a n !JMr. and Mrs. Leon Ingersol have ers. and one t i e w a s attained the ball Yellow J a c k e t back Blum- to e i t h e r s e r v i c e m a y bring tnlit, t h i l l through real team spirit and t e a m - berg lofted a high pass only to o r vegetables, canned o r f r e s h ; orlniV«,HotelVanOrman.tMoved Into the M a n r o w home a tw a swork.have Len E a s e m a k e a picturesque any other produce which can be .tn obtain workers for t h i s ' . H e n r y o fthe *13 N. Washington st. They f o r m used at Clark Home. Contributions f m n n r t a n tthem" v o ' c e , 0 c o n J r o m Mr. Murinterception.TheverynextplayTHERFXX)RDH u .erly lived in G r a n d Rapids w h e r e P . / l t M r . Ingersol is employed in the Ionia -Lowell19* he s c a m p e r e d 28 y a r d s to paydlrt. m a y e f t . the church S a t u M a . ; , , , 13-12 Due to a penalty tailback Rydergeneral offices of the A & P Tea I i i w e l l - W y o m i n g31-0 had t o go 7 y a r d s to rack up theEast—LowellCompany.o ro f S g r i f Bipr e""s12-0 point.The f a m i l y , which consists of Lowell—GrandvilleSchool. All of the departments ex-' l m ; m ' n - s o u ? ( ' 1 6 m n 1 , Grand Rapids. Mr. F u l l e r is aLateinthesecondquarterChuck(tie* 13-133 children: Patty S. Scott t , and Lowell -Godwina1Ryder, not to be outdone by F a s e . l c e p t the P r i m a r y will visit the « v a ' l a b , e f o r « n , u P*} brother of Mrs. Murphy.i34-6Tony 8 months—have been offlcl- Lowell—Beldingalso intercepted a Jacket pass on I S a n c t u a r y and leave their gifts o n . d e s c r i b e s the work of C R O P in 58;p i c t u r e w e r e s hown on404rJly w r V o m e d by Village Host- Lowell—Leehis own twenty, which set up G a r y display tables within the chancel. I c o u n l c s .t h e world. This may .depicting phases ofscreen46-12LowellRockfordess (Had Bergtn.Eickhoff's 80 yard s c a m p e r through The Sanctuary display is under the 1 , 0 obtained b y contacting 1 r -1 Murphy's life, and a m o n g them16-6Mrs. Bergin also visited Mr. and Lowell -Greenville were views of the f o r m e r Murphya huge hole in the Greenville line the supervision of the Junior De-1 E t c h e r . T V f i l mbt l l c 10031Mrs. Gerben DeKok this week, atF.F.A. club, and \ a. h o m e h e r e c o r n e r o f Washington( ood Teamworki jo score. Brother J i m Eickhoff p n r t m c n t of which Mrs. Claire M c - 1ibeir n e w home 215 Brooks s t .Call is vupenntetidentI " . »l the annual m e m b e n h i p a n d 1 i B h a r M a h oThe Greenville g a m e emphasized j failed in the point t r y .They have moved here f r o mT h e P r i m a r y Department has i n d v e t e r a n s da dinner of the a t y H a n nndBIockthe teamwork of the squad. l.ed b y MountsB root en, Minnesota, and Mrs. De- the "trailblazers" Keith Ease and I p r e p a r e d a booth of Its own re- A m e r i c a n Legion in l / w e l last Many high tributes w e r e paid toin t h eK a m cKok is a sister of Mrs. Henry S m i t J . J . Haggai. speedy Arrow b a c k ssembling that of the Jewish Booth S a t u r d a y evening.Mr. Murphy by his fellow insurto a ,oad t0 (nee J e a n Teveldc.).continually broke loose on l o n g ' c r e a s e it. the Arrows paved the Festival where their produce will' Originally a f a r m orcanization. a n c e workers. N u m e r o u s giftsThe DeKoks have two chil- scoring jaunts.be displayed.t C R O P has been recently aioed by were also given to Mr. and Mrs.way for sophomore back Ryder todren. J o h n and J o a n , who atThe donations will be delivered*"*11 communities. " " J M r j MurphyGreenville took the opening kicktend the 8th and 6th g r a d e s re- off and penetrated t o the Arrow dash 80 y a r d s a f t e r receiving the by the Senior Youth Fellowship of P i t c h e r feels that T h a n l ' s g m n g ij t i m e is indeed a good t i m e to put!spectivelyofAdaChristian 43 only to have Lowell's Keith F a s e second half kickoff to score. All- tlx? church.Conference g u a r d J i m Eickhoff Lowell Township in this importantschooLpounce on a Yellow J a c k e t fumble. scored his first point of the seasonWill Call for Doaaiiuns1relief work.***After long gains by Orison Abel a s he added the e x t r a point.The I n t e r m e d i a t e Youth FellowThe r e s e r v e champion l a m b at and Chuck Ryder. G a r y EickhoffShortly, a f t e r R y d e r recovered ship of the Methodist church will; T Q A P P E A R SUNDAYthe Ionia F a t Stock Show held last dived o v e r from the tw J. He also a J a c k e t f u m b l e . F a s e went 32 meet Friday evening at 7:00 at w m i ALBION ORCHESTRADan Hlmebaugh and J o a n Bishop, (Paul Harden, a n d hisThis week tuberculosis ChristmasWednesday ( N o v e m b e r 71 w a s added the point a f t e r touchdown.fiance Sylvia I »ni:) look a s thoueh they a r e enjoying their iwrts,.u i Seals have been mailed to 93 000yards to score. Rink's kick was the church and spUt up into smallEarly in the second period Green- wide.bought by H e r m SchoHen of SaniIn a practice session for the Junior Play, to l»e p r e n t e d tonight,»nd b u i, i n e t l places,,, ,In thisgroups visiting Methodist families 1 I U , Albion eollem? will a n n e a r with 11 "t a r y M a r k e t . The l a m b w a s raised ville again lost the ball, this t i m eand t o m o r r o w evening (Thursday and Friday) In the new "allL a t e r a f t e r a n o t h e r Jacket fum- ii) and around Lowell gathering ,0,0 c h a m b e r O r c h e s t r a 1 c o u n , y b y , h c K t ' n , C c x l n , Tuberby George Buckham of Kalamazoo. on downs. Three p l a y s later All- ble recovery by Lee VanderWarf.p u r p o s e " room of the elementary building. Their m a t i n e e perL ,and vegetable* for Hermp u r c h a s e d J e r r y T r u m Conference q u a r t e r b a c k Leonard Len F a s e scored his Ihiid touchl o r m a n c e for the little fry WednoKlnv afternoon was a s u r e ess,ls*1 the Harvest Festival "Wvices LMason Sunday evening, Nov-. c h a i r m a n forble's BlacW Angus beef.and the " b u t t e r f l i e s " a r e settling just a little. Tlcketn a r e on saledown of the night by dashing 54Persons who wish to m a k e s u r e i e m b o r 1 8 a e i g h t ' o ' c l o c k m t h e r.Both the' beef and the i a m bat Christiansen Drug store, and by junior class m e m b e r s . Eightyardstoscore.Hisdrop-kickforthat the young folks stop a r e ask-1Albion CSianelLsavedwill be sold a t H a r m ' s m a r k e t MBS. COONS FALL8o'clock Is curtain time. See you t h e r e !extra point w a s wide.ed to call Mrs. Robert B a m e s . j Richard plays the cl.irinet; he Jd ,?f f , u b e r c " , o s i s h a v e thenext week. In Um» for t h e WEDNESDAY AT HOME7.74», . V c u b p r o b e m of making theDale Barnes t r a v e l e d 4 yards for TWAs " c u r t a i n l i m e " c o m e s n e a r e r en. They have other jobs loo, likei w 7-(4 ). l s also president of the C h a m b e r i i i r % \. .r .Thanksgivlnc table.Mrs. F r a n k Coons fell down the the J a c k e t s only s c u r e .and n e a r e r , thc cast in this y e a r ' s prompting the cast during .andMrsTloHI"**#stairs at her home Wednesday Lowell720190 46 iied all of the homes on their re-1 Marion DeVinney are his p a r e n t s . ' ? " . J ,disease. The IMiu; Junior Class presentation, " T h r e e sal: taking over p l a y practiceca scsThis is a little f a r off Lowell's m o m i n g about 9:30 a n d w a s t a k e n Greenville0060 - 6 spective lists they will r e t u m to1a r e stiU carry.ng live Fingers in the Door", i r e busy when Mrs. Mullen is unable to beT B germs in their bodies and. un- developing a bad case of " b u t t e r - ; p r e s e n t and coaching players inMain st., but one ol odr local fel- to Blodgett hospital by Roth a m F u m b l e s A r e Costlythe church for a party.I.KOION ACXILIARY less they a r e supervised and edu- flies."lows. R. B. Weaver, has been c o m - bulance.j dividually with their lines.It is interesting to note that thePLANS PARTY TONIGHTjcatcfl. m a y again b e c o m e activemissioned by our neighbor. BeldX-rays revealed a cracked feThey sIvHildn't have to worry 1 Don't be one of those personsJ a c k e t s fumbled t h r e e times and MRS. DK KERSON HOSTSThe American Legion Auxiliary * a n ( } dangerous, thus becoming a ng, t o design and paint five signs m u r . just below the pelvic joint.about its being a success though. ' e 0 1 , 1 of 'hose little groups thateach resulted in an Arrow score. HOME DEMONSTRATION G R O I ' P j to Clark-Ellis post a r e going to i n n o c e n t . u r c e of infection."highway entrances, welcoming It is expected she will be in thewithall the time and effort they'vetogether and tell w h a t theyTwo sets of brothers paced theThe Lowell Home Demonstration h a v e a potluck supper p a r t y to-- - L a s t y e a r your C h r i s t m a s Sealmotorists to their town.Nhospital about two weeks, accord- t e a m : The Eickhoffs. Jim a n dput into the production.1 thought of the play. You won't giondollarshelpedusgivetuberculinThey a r e done in palrlotia col- ing to her son. David Coons.G a r y ; and the F a s e brothers. Keith Dickerson N o v e m b e r 8What happened to pretty y,«ni!Rolng « year, t h e r e a r ej l o o m s . Coffee and rolls will be "tests to 42.718 people, and chestor* ol r e d . white and bine. » n dand Leonard.T h e lesson on the O i r i s t m a s f u r n i s h c d . Dinner time is 6:30.[x-rays for 24.431 in our Mobile Sylvia Long? (Joan Bl.hr.pl w h o , ! " ' hackiess b l e a c h e r , to lit ondraw Ifie attention of all pafe- HAZEL TOWER'S MOTHERBright P r o s peel* In *57workshop w a s presented by M r s . !j X-ray bus. Among apparently well in that t e m b l e old mans,on h a t j J1*,a" * « emby. \\PASSES AT PORTLANDSo closes the '56 gridiron season. * * * Alexander and Mrs. DickerNOTICEp p l e we found 22 active c a s e , three r i n g e r . « . one h a n d : WhyMrs. Race, m o t h e r of Mrs. but. although m a n y key men will j 5 0 , 1 P l a n s and p a t t e r n s for giftsMcQueen Motor Company Ser--of TB: 37 suspicious of lung can- do " t h e y " want Jolly ol' Aunt TesW e l l e Out Eoriy!ti zcl Tower, a f o r m e r employe be lost due t o graduation, pros- h * 1 * m a d e " " J d i *cussed.room. J u s t being in the auditoriumvice Department will be closed l e e r ; 253 r e f e r r e d to their doctors sie Tingle. Janice W a s h b u r n ' outAof the Lowell Ledger, passed a w a y pects an? bright indeed for nextP 0 , , u c k luncheon w a s en- November 15 through 22nd. c-29-30 for heart conditions; 1.844 v.ith of the w a y ? What is poor Clara casts an air of excitement overBecause Thanksgiving falls onyou.nt the Portland Rest Home Tues- y e a r ' s t e a m . Tailback Ryder and joyed at noon. T h e group joined inour publication d a y n e x t weeksuspiciouc and healed tuberculosis IluepelfKatherineKyser)soReserved seat tickets a r e onfullback Eickhoff will form the nu- working on t h e i r 'Rwnksgiving pro' N o v e m b e r 22) t h e Ledger will fx? day evening.CORRECTIONwho will require supervision and afraid of? Why does 'Anna' (MarFuneral a r r a n g e m e n t s have not cleus of the '57 backfield. with Don ject for shut-ins in the afternoon.mailed a d a y e a r l y so a s t o - r e a c hTlie price of turkeys 18 lbs 438 other miscellaneous findings, garet B a c k s i r o m i have thc atti- sale at Christiansen's D r u g Storea s yet been m a d e .Dawson. J i m Shepard. T r u m a nour r e a d e r s before the hoUday.a n d up in t h e Kroger Company All of this is contributing to the tude she does towards the Hue- at 75c. General admission KerryShoeTherefore, all w r i t e r s and adj advertisement on page 9 of this g e n e r a l good health record of this pels? Does she know something m a y be obtained f r o m any J u n i o rC.ASCADE TWP. NOTICE3 i n s t c a d o f communityr t 50c.shouldroadm a k e r and m a n y others r e t u m i n g Suburbanites. Save yourself a lot vertisers a r e notified that copyshe isn't suppose to?The play will be given on ThursNotice to the t a x p a y e r s of Cas- to bolster the line. Many fine boys of winter trouble. Jackson Motor 39cmust r e a c h us Monday. No c o r r e s c30It looks like the whole play isday and F r i d a y evening, Novempondence will be accepted a f t e r c a d e Township. If your a d d r e s s will c o m e f r o m t h e reserve squad Sales, 930 W. Main st. Lowvll. c30ALIMONYjust one big "Question M a r k . "ber 15 and 16 a t 8:00. A specialMonday, and all a d s must r e a c h has been changed since you r e also.Through t h e Reserve Forcesis a must to some people.AMERICA'S NUMBER ONETwo Directorsm a t i n e e will be given on WedSenior q u a r t e r b a c k Len F a s e andus Monday m o m i n g to be included celved your 1955 t a x bill, pleaseAct of 1955. the Army is engaged better pay by Bonified Money GrAwarded top rating by well- in an intensive c a m p a i g n to in- ders and have a double r e c e i p t The two directors. Ann Mullen n e s d a y a f t e m o e n for the elemennotify Mrs. Edna O s m e r , C a s c a d e senior g u a r d J i m Eickhoff m a d ein the Thanksgiving edition.Township T r e a s u r e r . 5062 Burton. the All-Conference t e a m . Congratu- known c o n s u m e r ' s magazine, the c r e a s e its P e f d y R e s e r v e f r o m yours and ours. No waiting. Postage end F e t e McFberfion, have worked t a r y school students. See you atStyle-Mart toocoat. Anly 40 to 585.000 to 1.692.000 m e n as soon and envelopes available. Rittenger very h a r d , learning everyone's the play.F o r results, use Suburban Life S. E. Grand R a p i d s 6. o r call lations boys.CH5-2241.c-30-31Bob Thaler SS0, tax included a t Coons.want a d s .i a s possible.I Insurance Service.c30 part in c a s e a substitute is needBy M a r j o r i e RinardKaskelhall SeasonOpens TuesdayAl Sparta GymCROP CommilleeJ.Lowell Closes Best Football SeasonSince 1949; Flatten Greenville 46 6Junior Play Tonight and FridayBring in 'Harvesl"For Clark HomeT.B. SealsIn The MailsB

Two Centennial Farms Named Here; Hatch, PotterConservation Meeting AuHiortxes Number of Land TransoctionsT h e Conservation Commissionauthorized a n u m b e r of land transactions at its recent October m e e t ing at Higgins Lake training school.A total of 297 a c r e s of huntinglands in Pigeon River s t a t e forest,926 a c r e s of g a m e lands in ninesouthern Michigan g a m e a r e a s and164 acres in the newly

Eitablished June, 1893 LOWELL. MICH., THURSDAY NOV. 15. 1956 Number 30 Lowell Building & Loan Assn. Hits Million Dollar Mark This Month On November 6 the Lowell Build-ing and Loan Association report their capital reached an craall-time hifih of one million dollars. This million-dollar mark is composed nrnstly of cash and loans made to

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meetings held during the year 1950. Building and Loan Associations t 1949 Feb. 28—Linn County Building & Loan Co., Marion. Mar. 21—Marshalltown Savings & Loan Assn., Marshalltown. May 31—Mississippi Valley Savings & Loan Assn., Burlington. Nov. 14—Spencer Building & Loan Assn., Spencer. 1950

PSI AP Physics 1 Name_ Multiple Choice 1. Two&sound&sources&S 1∧&S p;Hz&and250&Hz.&Whenwe& esult&is:& (A) great&&&&&(C)&The&same&&&&&

Blueberry Cove Condo Assn. - Yarmouth Boulevard East Owners Assn. - Portland . Ca pe Colonial Village #4 Owners Assn. - Cape Elizabeth Carlisle Place Condo Assn. - South Portland . Old Marsh Condo Assn. - Wells Olde Salt Village Con

Wannalancit Mills Complex 600 Suffolk St. Lowell, MA 01854-3629 Fax: (978) 934-3111 E-mail: Alumni_Office@uml.edu SPRING 2005 VOLUME 8 NUMBER 2 Spring 2005 Volume 8, Number 2 The UMass Lowell Alumni Magazine is published by: Publications Office University of Massachusetts Lowell One University Avenue Lowell, MA 01854 Tel.(978) 934-3223

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6. Loan geography 8. 7. Contractual cash flows for each loan or pool of loans Risk System Data: 1. Loan classes and grades 2. Modification history by loan class 3. Loan renewal and funding history by loan class 4. Loan prepayments history by loan class 5. Loan cash flows not collected 6. Loan grade LGD and PD rates 7. Loan grade charge-off history

The program, which was designed to push sales of Goodyear Aquatred tires, was targeted at sales associates and managers at 900 company-owned stores and service centers, which were divided into two equal groups of nearly identical performance. For every 12 tires they sold, one group received cash rewards and the other received

Menyelenggarakan pendidikan akuntansi yang berkualitas dan berkelanjutan yang mudah diakses dan terjangkau oleh masyarakat luas sehingga mampu berperan aktif dalam mencerdaskan bangsa. 3. Melakukan kegiatan penelitian dan pengembangan ilmu ekonomi khususnya dalam bidang akuntansi dan bisnis yang efisien dan efektif sehingga menghasilkan lulusan bidang akuntansi yang kreatif, inovatif dan mampu .