CONGRATULATIONS Our UMSL Triton Family Includes Over 16,000 Students .

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CONGRATULATIONSWELCOME!On behalf of the Graduate School, welcome to the University of MissouriSt. Louis community! We hope that this information booklet provides youwith a lot of answers to your questions and contributes to your excitementabout attending graduate school at UMSL. We understand that there is a lotof material to take in but hope that you take some time to read through theinformation, share it with your family, and take advantage of all of the tipsand hints that you find here!Our UMSL Triton family includes over 16,000 students, 100,000 alumni,1,200 caring faculty and staff, and now you! We are alldedicated to providing you with unique educational experiences that willenrich your lives for years to come and we can’t wait towelcome you personally to our campus!The Graduate School Team:Teresa Thiel, Dean of the Graduate SchoolAmy Banken,Senior Student Service CoordinatorClara Jackson,Graduate Admissions AdvisorCornell Lewis,Manager, Student Support ServicesNykea Watts,Graduate Admissions AdvisorGraduate AssistantsYour first step in preparing to become an UMSL student is to take part314.516.5900 121 Woods Hallin our Graduate Orientation Program. We have designed an Orientationthat will focus on what you need to know to be successful as a graduateUMSLGradSchool@UMSL GradSchoolstudent. During Orientation you will have an opportunities to connect withthe Dean and the staff of the Graduate School and with other students,have your questions answered, have conversations and develop lastingUMSL GradSchoolfriendships with other students. Our Orientation team wants to make surethat you are aware of all of the resources, programs and opportunities thatwill be available to you at UMSL so that your transition to being a part of ourcommunity is smooth and positive. Be ready to engage with the Orientationteam to get the most out of your first UMSL experience!1The Graduate School team is committed to ensuring that you not only havean outstanding Orientation experience, but that you feel prepared for yourstart as an UMSL graduate student. This booklet will provide you with a stepby step guide that will have you feeling ready to go when you hit the campusfor your first semester at UMSL!

CHECKLISTHere are the steps you need to complete before becoming a TRITON.Learn more about each step and how to complete it throughout the rest of this guide.Step 1:Setup Triton Technology – SSO, Password, and EmailStep 2:Make Academic Advising Appointment with Advisor – Required to enroll in courseworkStep 3:Fulfill and Return the Immunization RequirementsStep 4:Submit Your Housing ApplicationStep 5:Complete Awareness TrainingStep 6:Send in a Photo for Your Triton ID CardStep 7:Connect with the Disability Access ServicesStep 8:Connect with Student Academic Support Services (SASS)Step 9:Submit Required Documents to Financial AidStep 10:Seek Student Employment and Financial Aid OpportunitiesStep 11:Purchase Course MaterialsStep 12:Review Financial ChargesStep 13:Prepare for Graduate Welcome (Schedule Overview, Parking)Step 14:Save the Dates for Welcome Programs2

STEP 1: SETUP TRITON TECHNOLOGY – SSO, PASSWORD, AND EMAILIn your admission letter, you received information about activatingyour SSO (single sign-on) and your password. You will use your SSOto access your student accounts for logging into MyView, Canvas, andother UMSL systems.WRITE IT DOWN AND KEEP SECURE!MyView is a self-service system which enables students to accesscampus finances, academic records, personal information, enrollment,grades and class schedule.Remember, University passwords are case-sensitive. If you are havingany problems looking up your SSO or resetting your password contactthe Technology Support Center at: (314) 516-6034.Canvas is the system used to access all your coursework. From thereyou will participate in class discussion boards, view your class syllabus,submit assignments, and access the Writing Lab and NetTutors.TRITON EMAIL ACCOUNT SETUPMyGateway will allow you to access various resources and services oncampus, including:As part of your admission to UMSL, you are given an email account foryour use. All official University communication is directed through theUMSL email account. It is very important that you check this accountregularly for important information regarding registration, Universityevents and emergency notification.You can access your account through the MyGateway portal or directlyat the UMSL website at However, before you canaccess your account for the first time, you will need to change yourpassword.3MYVIEW AND CANVASIf you have not set up your email account, please contact the Help Deskat: or call 314-516-6034. Check your email Link to your UMSL Google MyDrive Link to MyConnect (for advising)

STEP 2: MAKE ACADEMIC ADVISING APPOINTMENT WITH ADVISORAll students new to UMSL are required to meet with an academic advisor to register for courses and discuss their academic plan. All newlyadmitted students have an advising hold on their account which must be lifted before you can enroll.Please take a look at the Graduate Study information in the Bulletin ( as well the Schedule of Classeson MyView ( Your advisors look forward to working with you to create your academic plan at UMSL!Memorize your student number – this is helpful when communicating with staff on campus!ACADEMIC ADVISINGCollege of Arts and Sciences303 Lucas ons/artscience/College of Business Administration104 Anheuser-Busch of EducationSchool of Social socialwk/116 South Campus Classroom Building314-516-5937coeadmin@umsl.edu218 Bellerive Hall314-516-7665socialwork@umsl.eduCollege of Nursing1st Floor, Nursing Administration ngHow to Add Coursework in MyView: -change.html4

STEP 3: FULFILL AND RETURN THE IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTSREQUIRED VACCINATIONS AND HEALTH INFORMATIONIn order to adequately protect the health, safety, and welfare of UMSL students, there are a number ofrequirements with regards to vaccinations and screenings.Tuberculosis risk assessment screening for all new students:Missouri legislation requires that all newly enrolled students must complete a TB risk assessment. Thisonline form ( needs to be completed early in the first semester of enrollment.MMR and meningitis vaccination requirements for all students living in campus housing:All students living in campus housing to be immunized against measles, mumps, and rubella, with twodoses of the MMR vaccine. For students who have been vaccinated, the first dose must have been givenat age 12 months or later. The second dose must have been given at least one month after the first one.Students also have the option of providing documentation showing titer (blood test) results provingimmunity to measles, mumps and rubella. A waiver is possible on the basis of medical or religiousreasons.Missouri legislation requires students living in campus housing to either show documentation ofconjugate meningococcal vaccine received at age 16 or after or apply for a waiver to this requirement onthe basis of a medical or religious reason.All required health documentation and waivers must be submitted to Student Health Services and can becompleted on the UMSL Health and Counseling Services patient portal ( and instructions are available at: more details:University HealthServices131 Millennium Student Center1 University BlvdSt. Louis, MO

STEP 4: SUBMIT YOURHOUSING APPLICATIONSTEP 5: COMPLETE AWARENESSTRAINING BEFORE ORIENTATIONThe Residential Life and Housing Department is committedto providing a well-rounded and positive living and learningenvironment for students in the residential facilities.NOT ANYMORE PROGRAMSubmit your housing applications more details:Residential Life and HousingPhone: 314-516-6877Fax: t Anymore is an online, interpersonal violence preventionprogram that provides critical information about: consent, bystanderintervention, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, andmuch more. To succssfully complete the program, you will need to earnat least 80% on the post-test, which you may retake until you achievethis score. The training will take about one hour. All UMSL students arerequired to complete this program before the first day of classes.Take the Training: Log-on to Not Anymore through the UMSL portal You also will receive follow-up contacts from Student Success highlighting key program information. If at any time you havegeneral questions and/or concerns regarding the programrequirements or UMSL’s violence prevention efforts, please contactthe Office of Student Affairs at 314-516-5211 or umslstudenta@umsl.eduTrigger Warning: This is sensitive information which may be upsetting for some. Ifyou find this porgram too emotionally difficult, please contact our victim advocate,Mindy Stratmann-Sebol, at for information regardingalternative options to fulfill your requirement.6

STEP 6: SEND IN A PHOTO FORYOUR TRITON ID CARDSTEP 7: CONNECT WITHDISABILITY ACCESS SERVICESTritonCard photographs can be taken at the Grad Welcome, or you cansubmit your own photo to use on your TritonCard prior to Orientationby visiting and click on Photo Upload. Payclose attention to the photo requirements! During your Orientationsession, you must bring a government-issued photo ID to receive yourTritionCard (i.e. a driver’s license, state I.D., passport, etc.). You mustbe enrolled in classes to obtain your TritonCard.To establish eligibility for accommodations self-identify to theDisability Access Services office as having a disability and completethe following:THE TRITONCARD IS USED FOR: UMSL Student IdentificationAccess to dining meal plansChecking out books from the libraryAccess to the Recreation & Wellness CenterAttending UMSL athletic events FREECharging purchases at the TritonStore to your student accountAccess to residential facilitiesCheck-in for appointments with advisorsFor more details:Triton Card Office190 Millennium Student toncard/1. Disability Access Services Program Application and RegistrationForm2. Arrange for current documentation of disability to be providedto Disability Access Services3. Schedule an appointment with Disability Access Services’ staff todiscuss reasonable accommodations, student rights, policies, andprocedures.For more details:Disability Access Services131Millennium Student s/disability

STEP 8: CONNECT WITH STUDENTACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES (SASS)Having an academic support system is critical for academic success and engagement. Make sure you visit Student Academic Support Serviceslocated at 225 Millennium Student Center to learn about the various comprehensive support services available for students. The Graduate Schoolrequires a 3.0 GPA, if you find your GPA below 3.0 – these offices, in addition to discussions with your academic advisor, may be able to providesome assistance to help raise your GPA.Student Academic Support Service Departments include:Office of Multicultural Student Services (MSS) 225 MSCMSS provides comprehensive academic support services for all UMSL students who have a 2.4 cumulative GPA or above. Services providedinclude, but are not limited to the following: one-on-one academic coaching; academic, career, and professional workshops (Commit to Successworkshops); peer mentoring, gender specific mentoring, and faculty/staff mentoring; cultural enrichment activities/heritage months; andscholarship opportunities.University Tutoring Center (UTC) 225 MSCUTC is committed to providing quality individual and group tutorial services to equip students with effective study skills, strategies, and resourcesin partnership with faculty and staff in a centralized campus location. Tutorial services are designed to promote retention and degree attainment,in a safe, caring, and welcoming environment. Services include but are not limited to the following: one-on-one individual and group pairedtutoring; walk-in tutoring; student organizational tutoring; study hall and academic preparedness workshops.Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement (SEA formerly Student Retention Services) 107 Lucas HallThe Office of Student Enrichment and Achievement provides academic support services intentionally designed for supporting UMSL studentswith a cumulative GPA of 2.39 or below. Services include but are not limited to the following: early alert management; success coaching; mentoring;workshops; Gateway course support and Don’t Cancel Class support for faculty.For more details: Student Academic Support Services (314)516-68078

STEP 9: SUBMIT REQUIREDDOCUMENTS TO FINANCIAL AIDSTEP 10: SEEK STUDENT EMPLOYMENT& FINANCIAL AID OPPORTUNITIESCheck your Admitted Student Portal (under the Self Service tab, MyFinancial Aid Status) to ensure that you have completed all necessarydocumentation for financial aid processing. Read all of the availabletabs and return frequently as information is updated on an ongoingbasis.Considering working on-campus? Visit to see all of the exciting opportunities! Various departmentscould include:For more details:Student Financial Aid Office327 Millennium Student Center1 University BlvdSt. Louis, MO vices/finaid/ Academic DepartmentsDisability Access ServicesInformation Technology ServicesMulticultural Student ServicesNew Student ProgramsRecreation & Wellness CenterSodexoStudent InvolvementUniversity Child Development CenterUniversity TutoringFederal work-study opportunities are available only to qualifyingstudents who receive a Financial Aid award.UMSL also has great connections with lots of employers who recruitdirectly from UMSL. When it’s time to look for an internshipor a job, don’t forget to visit Career Services to learn more aboutTritonCareers and resources.Career Services278 Millennium Student

IALSThe UMSL Triton Store is located on the second floor of the MillenniumStudent Center and serves as the campus headquarters for course materials,technology, supplies, and officially licensed UMSL and Triton spirit wear!They offer the largest selection of discounted used, new, and rental books.They also have an early bird reservation program. You can choose to haveyour books in the store for pick-up or have them shipped.Visit to order your books online, view store hours, orsee the latest UMSL gear arrivals. Phone: 314-516-5763For more details:UMSL Triton Store209 Millennium Student onstore.comSTEP 12: REVIEWFINANCIAL CHARGESMuch of the information you will need to set up your accountwith the Cashier’s Office can be found, general payment information for your tuition and fees, the process for payment, granting authorizedaccess and viewing the summary of charges are all availablethrough the Cashier’s Office.The charges will represent the cost of the hours in which youhave enrolled, room and board, and additional services (e.g.,financial aid, scholarships, and any additional fees).SUMMARY OF CHARGESA condensed summary of charges is given below. The totalmay vary according to the individual academic program,which may include lab fees or other charges. We encourageyou to visit our UMSL Fee Estimator page to provide you withan estimate on the total cost of attendance, located online l10

STEP 13: PREPARE FOR GRADUATE STUDENT WELCOME(SCHEDULE OVERVIEW, PARKING)GRADUATE STUDENT WELCOMEThe Graduate Student Welcome is geared towardgraduate students, it includes a short speech bythe Dean, along with several sessions, covering thecampus layout, financial aid, UMSL technology andthe opportunity to pick up your TritonCard andparking pass. Your academic program may host aseperate orientation.Detailed information here: STUDENTORIENTATION (ISO)ISO is a three-day program for newly admitted internationalstudents. Visa-holding international students are required toattend ISO for the spring semester in January or for the fallsemester in August. On the first day of Orientation, bring yourpassport, I-20 or DS-2019, St. Louis address, and emergencycontact information for yourself and any dependents.ISO will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed tosucceed at UMSL as an international student. You will meetother new international students and current students who willhelp you transition smoothly to life in St. Louis.Sample Day Activities for International Student Orientation Your Immigration Status Health, Wellness, & Safety English Placement Exam Scavenger Hunt - explore the UMSL campus “You Choose Breakout Sessions” about on-campus jobs,driving, and banking in the U.S.11

CMAALRK ENY DOAURR SGRADUATE EVENTS TO KNOWSURVIVE & THRIVE GRADUATE SCHOOL SERIESInformation on Workshops are to bedetermined at this momentVisit for more information.3MT - THREE MINUTE THESIS COMPETITION (FALL SEMESTER)The 3MT competition cultivates students’ academic, presentation, and research communication skills. Presentingin a 3MT competition increases their capacity to effectively explain their research in three minutes, in a languageappropriate to a non-specialist audience. Visit STUDENT RESEARCH FAIR (SPRING SEMESTER)The Graduate School sponsors a Graduate Research Fair annually in the Spring semester. This event allows graduatestudents from all degree programs to display the research that they have been working on throughout their time asan UMSL student. We want our students to have a change to show off all their hard work and get feed back from theirfellow peers and various faculty members. Visit for more information.12

STEP 14: SAVE THE DATES FOR OTHER WELCOME PROGRAMSTRITON LAUNCHWe welcome our returning students and all incoming new and transferstudents to campus to kick-off the spring semester. Come enjoy someSt. Louis adventures, meet other students, and UMSL fun!Visit for more information.TRITON TAKE-OFF WEEKENDTriton Take-Off Weekend includes a series of events designed to act asan extension of the new student orientation process, and to welcomeall incoming new and transfer students the days leading up to theirfirst week of classes. The events will allow incoming new and transferstudents to meet fellow peers and learn even more about life at UMSLand how to have a successful transition. Be on the lookout for updatesand announcements throughout the summer on our Facebook, Twitter& Instagram. Visit OF WELCOME (WOW)Weeks of Welcome is another way to connect incoming students withthe University throughout the first six weeks. Our office partners withother offices and organizations on campus to provide out-of-classroomprograms and developmental opportunities to meet the transitionalneeds of first year students, transfer, and commuter students. Morethan 100 events are held just for students in the fall and springsemesters including movies, picnics, departmental programs, lots offree food and traditions.13GETTING INVOLVEDThere are many ways to get involved on campus, including over 120student organizations, fraternity & sorority life, and leadership & serviceopportunities. It all starts with the Office of Student Involvement. Preview 120 student organizationsTrack your involvementBuild your e-portfolioCollaborate with othersAccess and submit formsOffice of Student Involvement366 Millennium Student edu/studentinvolvement/

IMPORTANT CONTACT INFORMATIONGraduate Admissions.314-516-5458Triton Store (bookstore).314-516-5763Cashier’s Office.314-516-5151Campus Recreation.314-516-2348Financial Aid.314-516-5526Food Service and Meal Plans.314-516-7301Health, Counseling, and Disability Access Services.314-516-5671International Student & Scholar Services.314-516-5229IT Helpdesk.314-516-6034(Login and Password Information)New Student Programs.314-516-5291(WOW questions)Parking and 45Residential Life & Housing.314-516-6877Testing Center.314-516-6396Office of Student Involvement.314-516-5291UMSL Homepage.www.umsl.eduMyView Website.Myview.umsl.edu14

NEW STUDENT TIMELINE AND IMPORTANT DATESCompleteFinancialAid ProcessRead theAdmitted Graduate StudentPreview BookletThis booklet includes all theinformation you need to know tonavigate Graduate School. Pleaseread all the information carefully.New Student ChecklistBefore you attendOrientation, please review theChecklist to confirm all theitems have been reviewedand are in process orcompleted. This will assist ina smoother transition process.15We encourage all students to apply for financial aidby submitting the Free Application for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA). Students can submit theFAFSA online at and the prioritydeadline is February 1. We also recommend checkingand accepting/declining your award packages throughyour web portal. Click on SelfService Financial Aid. Contact Financial Aid withquestions about scholarships, loans or grants at314-516-5526 or Student Welcome/OrientationOrientation is a program that allows youto meet with other new students, learnabout University resources and muchmore. Get ready to make some newfriends, and learn how to navigate theUniversity of Missouri-St. Louis.

Admitted Student Receptions / EventsAre you admitted to UMSL andlooking to learn more about life atUMSL? From on-campus activities toadmitted-student receptions andpreview days. These events will getyou even more excited about being aTriton before beginning yourcoursework.Apply for HousingThe Office of Residential Life andHousing is committed to maintaining alearning environment for UMSLstudents while living on campus.Apply and view the live on campusoptions on their website We recommend toapply by May 1. For more informationcontact their office at 314-516-6877 on CampusMake sure to download ourUMSL Mobile App forwelcome events, maps,shuttles schedules and more.You can also view all campusevents at Take-Off WeekendWatch for your email in early August forinformation on your Triton Take-OffWeekend team number. Current studentleaders will be your guide through the3-day weekend schedule of 15 activities that occur prior to the first dayof classes. Vist forschedule and additional information.First Dayof Classes16


Save the Dates for Welcome Programs CHECKLIST Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: Step 8: Step 9: Step 10: Step 11: Step 12: Step 13: . School of Social Work 218 Bellerive Hall 314-516-7665 socialwk/

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