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WELCOME FROM THE PRESIDENTDear Friends:This is an occasion of profoundly mixed emotions for all of us. On one hand, there is the pride, excitement, andimmeasurable hope that come with the culmination of years of effort and success at the University of Connecticut.But on the other hand, there is the recognition that this year is different. For the first time since 1914, the University ofConnecticut is conferring its graduate and undergraduate degrees without our traditional ceremonies.It is my sincere hope that you see this moment as an opportunity rather than a misfortune. As the Greek Stoicphilosopher Epictetus observed, “Difficulties show us who we are.” This year our University, our state, our nation, andindeed our world have faced unprecedented difficulties. And now, as you go onward to the next stage of your journey,you have the opportunity to show what you have become in your time at UConn.Remember that the purpose of higher education is not confined to academic achievement; it is also intended to drawfrom within those essential qualities that make each of us an engaged, fully-formed individual – and a good citizen.There is no higher title that can be conferred in this world, and I know each of you will exemplify it, every day.This is truly a special class that will go on to achieve great things. Among your classmates are the University’s firstRhodes Scholar, the largest number of Goldwater scholars in our history, and outstanding student leaders on issuesfrom climate action to racial justice to mental health. I fully expect to read about you being just as transformational inyour post-collegiate endeavors, and maybe if I’m lucky enough to stay in touch, to hear about those achievements inperson.I am truly sorry to not have the opportunity to celebrate with you in person in your final year and my first year atUConn, but the fact that you are moving on and I am not is, I trust, a sign of success for us both. Today is not anending: it is a beginning. And as you begin to apply your knowledge and passion to the world’s challenges, I hope youwill always carry with you the fondest memories of your days here at the University of Connecticut. Remember: youare students today, but Huskies forever.Congratulations and very best wishes,Thomas KatsouleasPresidentUniversity of Connecticut

UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUTBOARD OF TRUSTEESThe Honorable Ned LamontGovernor of the State of Connecticut, President, Ex OfficioDaniel D. ToscanoChairmanSanford Cloud, Jr.Chair, UConn Health Board of Directors, Member, Ex OfficioBryan P. HurlburtCommissioner of Agriculture, Member, Ex OfficioDavid LehmanCommissioner of Economic and Community Development, Member, Ex OfficioMiguel A. CardonaCommissioner of Education, Member, Ex OfficioJustin FangMarilda L. GandaraJeanine A. GouinRebecca LoboKevin J. O’ConnorAndy F. BessetteMark L. BoxerCharles F. BunnellShari G. CantorAndrea Dennis-LaVigneBryan K. PollardThomas D. RitterPhilip E. RubinRenukanandan TumuOFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITYThomas KatsouleasPresidentJohn A. ElliottInterim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic AffairsAndrew Agwunobi, M.D.Executive Vice President for Health AffairsTysen KendigVice President for CommunicationsNathan FuerstVice President for Enrollment Planning and ManagementRadenka MaricVice President for Research, Innovation andEntrepreneurshipMichael A. GilbertVice President for Student AffairsDaniel WeinerVice President for Global AffairsScott A. JordanExecutive Vice President for Administration andChief Financial Officer2

COMMENCEMENT NOTESwith increased enrollment. Today, the University has anenrollment of over 32,333 students. At Storrs, there are over23,900 undergraduates and more than 8,433 graduatestudents, representing some 103 nations.ommencement Day at the University of Connecticut is atime of ceremony and pageantry, embracing traditionsdating back to medieval times.CThe University of Connecticut was founded as the StorrsAgricultural School in 1881 when the General Assemblyaccepted a gift of money and land from Charles and AugustusStorrs, natives of Mansfield. In 1893 when it became a landgrant college and officially opened to women, the name waschanged to Storrs Agricultural College. As the mission of theinstitution grew, its name was changed in 1899 to ConnecticutAgricultural College, and in 1933 to the Connecticut StateCollege. At first a small but vigorous college with limitedundergraduate offerings in agriculture, home economics andmechanical arts, with the development of a university programit became The University of Connecticut in 1939. The Graduateprogram began in 1935, and in 1949 the University awarded itsfirst doctoral degrees. The regional campuses were establishedin 1946 to accommodate the influx of veteran students. Today,the University is made up of fourteen different schools andcolleges. Through its administrative Divisions, Institutes, andCenters, the University is a Land Grant and Sea Grant Collegeand a Space Grant Consortium Institution, privileged to servethe citizens of the State of Connecticut, and beyond.This May, the University will award over 8,912 degrees. Ofthese, approximately 6,335 will be Bachelor’s degrees, 1,877Master’s degrees, 2 Doctor of Juridical Science, 146 Juris Doctordegrees, 83 Master of Laws degrees, 75 Doctor of Pharmacydegrees, 52 Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees, 102 Doctor ofMedicine degrees, 4 Doctor of Musical Arts degrees, 11 Doctorof Audiology, 4 Doctor of Education degrees, 11 Doctor ofNursing Practice degrees, 32 Doctor of Physical Therapydegrees, and 468 Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Also to beawarded are 61 diplomas in Professional Education and 34Associate’s degrees in the two-year Ratcliffe Hicks School ofAgriculture.The Commencement Ceremony, because of the large number ofgraduates, is divided into separate exercises, by college orschool. The Schools of Dental Medicine and Medicine, locatedin Farmington, and the School of Law, located in Hartford, holdtheir own exercises. The Commencement procession in each ofthe exercises at Gampel Pavilion in Storrs is heralded by theceremonial trumpets, acquired especially for the University’scommencement.Enormous expansion has taken place over the years togetherTHE PROCESSIONAL BANNERShe Academic Procession is led by the Bearer of the Mace,followed by the faculty. The University Marshal, identifiedby her Baton, follows the President, together with the speaker,the Board of Trustees, vice-presidents, deans, and otherUniversity officials. The Mace is presented at the center of thestage while members of the platform party enter and take theirplaces. Once the Mace is placed on the stand, it signals thebeginning of the ceremony.TCollege and School of Agriculture. Brown and MaizeSchool of Business.Drab GreenCenter for Excellence in Teaching and LearningBachelor of General Studies. Brown and BlueSchool of Dental Medicine.Lilac and GoldNeag School of Education. Light BlueSchool of Engineering. OrangeSchool of Fine Arts.Brown and PinkThe Graduate SchoolMasters Candidates.Blue, White and GoldDoctor of Philosophy.GoldSchool of Law. PurpleCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Navy and YellowSchool of Medicine.Green and GoldSchool of Nursing.ApricotSchool of Pharmacy. GreenSchool of Social Work. Citron3

he Academic Gowns, Hoods and Regalia represent morethan elegance or colorful attire. Academic caps and gownscontinue a tradition which reaches far back into the early daysof the oldest universities of the Middle Ages. The earlyEuropean universities were founded by the church; thestudents, being clerics, were obliged to wear prescribed gownsand caps at all times. Caps and gowns were once commonforms of clothing and were retained by the clergy when the laityadopted more modern dress. Hoods are lined with the officialcolor of the college or university which conferred the degree.The velvet edging of the hood varies in length for bachelors,masters, and doctoral degrees. The color represents theappropriate degree. The tassel for the Bachelor’s and Master’sdegree may be of color distinctive to the degree, and the tasselfor the doctoral degree may be made of gold thread. The gownand hood of the University Marshal were made specifically forUniversity ceremonies in the official colors of national flag blueand white. The Processional Marshals wear blue velvet“beefeater” berets.Bearer as she leads the academic procession into and out of theplace of ceremony.TThe Silver Collar/Medallion, worn by Thomas Katsouleas,President, was first used in 1964, at the time of the University’sSilver Anniversary. Each link on the collar represents one of theUniversity’s Schools or Colleges and consists of a cloisonnécircle engraved with an appropriate design for the particularschool and enameled with its traditional school or collegecolors. Hanging from the chain is a large silver medallioncontaining the University’s early seal.The Awarding of Degrees at the University of Connecticut isaccomplished by a threefold process. First, the candidates fordegrees of each respective school or college are presented bythe University Marshal. The candidates proceed to the front,receive their diploma covers, are congratulated by theiradministrative officers, and return to their seats. Second, theSchool or College Marshal then officially presents thecandidates to the Dean who acknowledges the candidates anddeclares the appropriate degree. Third, when all candidateshave been duly presented, the President of the University (orthe highest ranking official of the University in attendance)formally confers the appropriate degree. This is accomplishedverbally at the time that he speaks the words:The Mace is presented at all academic ceremonies. In medievaltimes maces were weapons of warfare, but today a mace is “astaff borne by, or carried before, a magistrate or other dignitaryas an ensign of his authority.” It is the emblem and symbol ofthe President’s authority to administer the University. This macewas first used at the Inauguration of President Homer D.Babbidge, Jr. on October 20, 1962. It was designed by NathanKnobler, former head of the Department of Art. The University’searly seal, executed in beautiful wood carving, appears on bothfaces. A penny dated 1881 is affixed to it, to commemorate thedate of the University’s founding.“By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Trustees of TheUniversity of Connecticut, and in accordance with theprocedures and regulations of the University, I confer upon youthe Associate’s Degree, appropriate Bachelor’s Degree, Master’sDegree, Sixth Year Diploma, or degree of Doctor for which youhave been presented at this One Hundred and Forty FirstCommencement of The University.”The Baton, carried by the University Marshal, was specificallydesigned for ceremonial activities at The University ofConnecticut and was first used at the Commencement in 1968.The Office of Marshal can also be traced back to the medievalperiod, and the Baton is a symbol of the Marshal’s authority.This Baton has silver mountings and is surmounted by arepresentation of the University’s former seal in enamel, whichitself incorporates the coat of arms of the State of Connecticut.The University Marshal, carrying the Baton, follows the MaceThe Recessional of the officials and faculty is once again led bythe Mace Bearer and University Marshal. The graduates, alongwith the audience, are requested to remain seated until therecessional is concluded.4

ACADEMIC HONORSUniversity ScholarHonors ScholarThe University Scholar designation is the highest scholastichonor at the University. The individualized undergraduateprograms of these students, which in some cases include worktoward a graduate degree, are supervised by faculty committees.Up to thirty students are selected as University Scholars in thejunior year. Candidates for the University Scholar designationwear medals on gold and blue ribbons at the Commencementexercises.Honors Scholars are outstanding students who completeintensive two- or four-year programs, including Honors coursesof unusual breadth and depth. Honors requirements include asenior thesis in the major field. Candidates for the HonorsScholar designation wear medals on blue and white ribbons atthe Commencement exercises.Please Note: An asterisk (*) after a graduate’s name indicates that they are a candidate for dual degrees.LATIN HONORSIn order to meet Commencement program printing deadlines,the Undergraduate candidates listed in the Commencementprogram include candidates with expected graduation dates ofAugust 2019 through August 2020.LAU Cum LaudeMAG Magna Cum LaudeSUM Summa Cum LaudeNote: Because final semester grades are processed afterCommencement activities, identification of Latin Honors in theUniversity’s Commencement Program are tentative andunofficial, pending the submission and calculation of all finalgrades for the graduate’s final semester. There is no guaranteethat the listed students will actually receive the honors oncefinal grades are recorded.The University will base candidates’ Latin honors (cum laude,magna cum laude, and summa cum laude), as indicated in theCommencement program, on their cumulative grade pointaverages (GPA) as calculated at the time of printing. Candidates’diplomas and official transcripts will reflect the actual Latinhonor earned, if any, based on their complete academic record(through and including their final semester).5

RATCLIFFE HICKS SCHOOL OF AGRICULTUREASSOCIATE OF APPLIED SCIENCEKimberly Cassandra Alvarez [LAU]Antonia Rose Beaumont [LAU]Sarah Magdalena ChlodnickiHannah Marie Colonies-KelleyJaclynn Erin DarosKatelyn Cassidy Fegan [MAG]Kayleigh Jo Fogliano [LAU]Julie Rosali GarayPayton Ali GarciaMegan GrahamSydney Elizabeth HichakJosephine Rao HintzSkylar Paige Hofmann [SUM]Patrick KennedyMorgan E. KrajniakBenjamin LaroseSharon McCarthyPamela Marie McKissickHailey Marie MerrillHannah Elizabeth Moysey [LAU]Cassidy Karen Mucherino [SUM]Gerald Sebastien ParksLashawnda D. PhillipsCharlotte Hawley QuinnMadeline SompotanJustin SotoGrace Marie StearnsJada Alexis Wilson [LAU]Graduates, December 15, 2019Grace Ann CollinsJack Perry SantoroGraduates, August 24, 2019Jason Bruce BarnesNeasa Brandreth CanaleyBriana Jaenel Sebastiana Robertson6Dalina Tavarez

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, HEALTH AND NATURAL RESOURCESBACHELOR OF SCIENCEUniversity ScholarsLuke Sigurd AndersonChelsea GarciaAnalyse Hope GiordanoKara HeilemannKathleen E RennaDaniel YuHonors ScholarsDalia Naser Marmash, in Nutritional SciencesJosie C Mccormick, in Allied Health SciencesChristina Robin Middendorf, in Animal ScienceMichaela Rose Mitchell, in Animal ScienceKendra R Ogbarmey-Tetteh, in Allied Health SciencesEmily Rose O’Heir, in Diagnostic Genetic SciencesNikaash Reddy Pasnoori, in PathobiologySophia Hannah Pelehach, in Animal ScienceKimberly Nicole Rankin, in Animal ScienceKathleen E Renna, in Diagnostic Genetic SciencesBrazil S Rule, in Nutritional SciencesMegan Marie Seferian, in PathobiologyJessica Marie Serrao, in Allied Health SciencesLauren Soranno, in Animal ScienceCaitlyn Anne Splaine, in Animal ScienceKristen Amelia Splaine, in Allied Health SciencesLauryn Elizabeth Tetreault, in Allied Health SciencesJoseph R Valenti, in Allied Health SciencesHannah J Van Bergen, in Animal ScienceTyra Tujarra Patrina Vanriel, in Nutritional SciencesAlyssa M Williams, in Allied Health SciencesSaba Ali, in Nutritional SciencesEmma Catherine Belliveau, in Environmental StudiesSamantha Mary Benham, in Animal ScienceWilliam Francisco Brincheiro, in Allied Health SciencesAlexander Calvi, in Animal ScienceCarli Ann Ceckanowicz, in Exercise ScienceAmy Zizhu Chen, in Allied Health SciencesElyssa Denault, in Allied Health SciencesTaylor N Doolan, in Allied Health SciencesWanjiku N. Gatheru, in Environmental StudiesAnalyse Hope Giordano, in Allied Health SciencesIsabella Anna Gorski, in Nutritional SciencesKara Heilemann, in PathobiologySimone M Huot, in Athletic TrainingKayla Johnston, in Animal ScienceInna Kagan, in DieteticsJennifer Koo, in Allied Health SciencesAlexa Kugler, in PathobiologyRisa Anne Lewis, in Applied & Resource EconomicsEmily Long, in Allied Health SciencesAnna Catherine Mackay, in Diagnostic Genetic SciencesKathryn L Marble, in Allied Health SciencesJulia AbbasiTanya Dianne AdlerMahnoor AftabPriscilla AgyeiOmotayo T. AiyegbusiStephen D. AlfanoSaba Ali [SUM]Andrew S. AllardErica Diane Allen [LAU]Melissa N. Alvarado [MAG]Tarra A. AlvaroKatie Amara [LAU]Julia Maria AmatrulaPritisha Amatya [LAU]Joshua Kobina AmissahSarah AmmiratoJoseph Paul AndersonLuke Sigurd Anderson [MAG]Sarah Drew Anderson [LAU]Veronica Cicchiello AndersonAdriana M. AntonucciJustyna AntosAdam AntunesKatherine Rose AristiShanna L. ArnethNicolette Isabella ArrottiMaussi I. Arrunategui [MAG]Horeen AslamJulia A. AssardAlison Luoxing Austin [MAG]Josh A. BackKiara T. BaguioDestiny Unique BahrLauren S. Barber [LAU]Sydney Ross BarkerSarah M. BarneyLeanna M. BasqueD Christian Alexander BatteyEmma Michelle BayukRachel K. BeachZoe BeaverKenneth L. BellEmma Catherine Belliveau [LAU]Maria Catherine BellosSamantha Mary Benham [MAG]Anthony Joseph BerardoJocelyne A. BetunArti Prakash BhavsarMikayla Elizabeth BibbinsIsabela Jewel BlackwellMadison BlakeChristopher Robert BlancarteRyan M. BlatchleyErica S. BlockShauna K. BoltonJenna BoncalMitchell F. Bragoni [MAG]Abigail L. Bray7Nicholas BrenchakHaley Bevza Brennan [MAG]Lilian BriggsAllyson Mary BrighamWilliam Francisco Brincheiro [MAG]Cameron Joseph BrodeurJumar K. BrowneKyle A. BurroughsGavin Chase ButlerKristopher ButlerSean Michael-Peter ByrneJohn K. CacelaEmily CalimanAlexander CalviDiana Thien Y CaoJaclyn M. Carchedi [MAG]Laura CardinalAnnika CarlsonShelby CaronMarissa CarrasquilloMolly H. Carter [SUM]Allison Leigh CassellaShannon M. CassidyCaterina Rose CeciDiana Marissa Chan [MAG]Cassandra D. ChapadosMansi H. ChapatwalaSarah Nicole ChartierBrooke Chawner

Brian J. Chegwidden [LAU]Amy Zizhu Chen [LAU]Qi Chen [LAU]Pichtida Sarah ChheanAshley Kay-Shan ChinBenjamin ChoiKajonwud Shane Chongulia [MAG]Jordan ChrispinCaralyn N. CiancioloChristine Elizabeth ClarkeLaura Anne CodyMegan Elsa ColemanRobert John CollinsDana ConceicaoJessica L. Connor [LAU]Lauren Elizabeth ConstantDominick Joseph CorraoOlivia Rose Corvino [SUM]Grace A. CostagliolaNicholas Ryan CranmerCatherine Jenna Crawley [MAG]Sarah Allyson CriscuoloMichael R. CulbertsonNatalie M. CyrAlyssa CzerwinskiDylan Joseph D’Addio [LAU]Rachel D’AgostinoLeilanny M. DagracaChristopher Joseph D’AielloColbee Frances DaigneaultJay K. DalalThomas Jeffrey DalyDaniel Joseph D’AngeloKelly Joyce Danielson [MAG]Justin Koi DanvillePatricia DavidMeagan Grace de NicoloElyssa DenaultHarrison W. DentBath-Scheba DerogeneGregory E. DesautelsVictoria Rose DeTrolioSarah A. Dezelin [SUM]Emily Dawn DicksonZachary B. DillonJessica Lucy Dimatteo [MAG]Alexis Dinkel [LAU]Gabriella R. DoddMichael T. DombrowskiJacob DonohueTaylor N. Doolan [MAG]Brett DouglassMadeleine Casey Dumas [LAU]Jessica DumengSumiko A. DunwoodyTommy DuongKristen Ally DutertreBrooklyn B. DykinsAdrian EatonKimberly Lynn EdgerlyKyle Allen Eline [LAU]Karen Jillian EllisHebaq A. ElmiSamuel Eli EricksonJulia Rose Evangelista [SUM]Taylor N. EvangelistaCharlene Jennifer EvansSamantha Farhi [MAG]Brooke Elizabeth FayErin Colleen FeeneyOlivia FennNicholas FerreiraMegan Elizabeth Ferris [MAG]Nicholas Kenneth FerschJenna Ellen FeylerKelly T. Finn [LAU]Erin Morgan FlajnikRebecca Flodquist [MAG]Christina Lee FolsomJosue A. Franco-CarreraJoshua FrigoNicole C. FryerLaura Izabela Furtak [SUM]Alyssa M. GaciciaSavana GagneDesiree Renee Gagnon [LAU]Erin Catherine GallacherGwenyth Laura GallagherLauren E. Gallucci [LAU]Wenxu GaoFranches M. GarayChelsea Marie GarciaJennifer Lauren GebhardIan J. GeorgeHarry Steve GeorgesRahel D. Getachew [MAG]Marissa GibbsRyan Matthew GilmartinAnalyse Hope Giordano [MAG]Shoshana Phire Gittens RossTaylor Ashley Glaeser-CharterEmily M. Gniado [LAU]Ciara GonzalezJosue J. GonzalezKrysten K. Goossens [LAU]Treasure GordonMaxwell H. GorlickIsabella Anna GorskiDaniel GottliebAlexandra Lynn GreeneTyler John GreeneBethany GreenlawOskina GrizzleIsabelle Grace GuilmetteAlison E. Hammerly [LAU]Mirna HanaNikki Jean HarleyKatelynn Patricia HayesZishan HeKara Heilemann [MAG]Caroline HeimowskiAdam Robert HennequinKimberly HernandezMelanie HernandezSarah Patricia Hernandez [LAU]Moises Hernandez-RiveraTahj-Michel HerringJaelle Clemens Hersey [LAU]Brian G. HigginsMelissa Rae HillMegan E. HoislErika Kristen HojdaKrysten HollandRobert Lile HolubCallista Huang [MAG]Kayla HughesDrake Philip HullAndrea Jane HuntMorgan Louie HunteSimone M. Huot [MAG]8Chase A. Hurwitt [LAU]Khalil IbrahimLaura Belle IrwinTaylor Rose IzzoRachel Marie JenkinsCassie JiangElena Marie JillsonAshlie Megan JohnsonLucas JohnsonKayla Johnston [LAU]Danielle Renee Jordan [MAG]Garry JosephInna Kagan [MAG]Mallory Kantor [LAU]Maria T. KarasAlexander KatehisDavid O. Katz [LAU]Aylin Hulya KavgaciShannon Margaret Keenan [SUM]Caitlyn A. KeishCaitlin Rachael KeithGrayson George KeithKyle William KennedyChloe KernsAreej KhanAsma Soha KhanHijab A. Khan [LAU]Saima Kanwal KhanShadid KhanShafi KhanSydny P. KhimJulia L. Klinzmann [LAU]Grace M. KloumanOlivia Knight [LAU]Katerina KochMadeline A. Konz [MAG]Jennifer KooChristina Marie KoseckiBrock William KraemerDaniel KraemerAlexa Kugler [MAG]Nancy KuhnAkash Krishna KumarMiranda KutllovciNicole Emila KuykendallKathryn Louise KwochkaAlan Ky [LAU]Noelle LabozzoCloe M. LabrancheAnna Louise Lafreniere [MAG]Julia Morgan LagaceKolbe LaingAaron D. LambertElizabeth Xiagui LamontKayla E. LancorGrace A. LandryEdward George LanzoniJessica Marie LaRosaDaria Angelica Larson [SUM]Gabriella Lasorsa [SUM]Mariah Rose LastrinaGrady Thomas LawlorRorey Edward LawlorAthena Nicole LawrenceJoshua Francis LebaronMelanie Jeanne LeeMichaela R. LeishmanRisa Anne Lewis [SUM]Bohan LiMichael Li [MAG]

Vincent LiYao LiNazeeha Sadik Lilaporia [LAU]Gabriella Ana LindadeJulia M. LindblomSara LipinskiKatarzyna D. Lis [LAU]Willie LleraBronagh Mairead Lonergan [MAG]Emily LongAngelique Danielle LopezCecilia Corina LopezHeather Anne LopezJeremy J. LopezCaylee LuebeckYajaira Natsuko LunarejoAmanda C. LyonsOlivia Catherine Macomber [LAU]Anthony Avram MadoreCesar Noel Madrigal-LozaKyle Jeremiah Mahoney [LAU]Corinne Michelle MaignanStephanie L. MaioloKristen Amber MaksymiwOwen Daniel MaloneyKarina ManciniMario Mandarino Jr.Madison ManeriJohn Robert Manke [LAU]Ashley M. ManningTessa Marandola [LAU]Kathryn L. Marble [MAG]Lauren Marchetti [SUM]Dalia Naser Marmash [SUM]Christian MarquezAlexandra Ann MarshallJillian Michelle MartelUltra Violet MartensLydia C. Massaro [MAG]Rachel Sophie MazurKailah MccallJosie C. MccormickEvert McKee IIIEmma C. MckennaEmily Claire McManus [MAG]Madison Elaine McNeillyAlexa MeachenThomas Anthony Bernard MeauxCorpierlina MedorChristopher Dillon MelloMarisa Liliana Melluzzo [LAU]Lhaze MetokChristina Robin Middendorf [LAU]Angela T. Miller [LAU]Clara Helen MillerJessica L. MillerKaren Molina-SandovalAlister R. MontalvoAnnette Therese MontoyaJuanita MontoyaMelanie MorenoKaitlyn Mary MorrisRhiannon Ashleigh MortonChristina Jordan Mozeika [SUM]Anna Marie Napiorkowski [LAU]Erwin Jay NdwigaKatherine Emily NelliganTinh H. NguyenAvolyn Elicia NievesLillian Nimo-SefahJacob Joseph NotingerEmma Lee NunesIvan R. NyemeckColin James O’BrienJohn M. OgandoKendra R. Ogbarmey-TettehJewel Efeanyi OkwuosaJacqueline A. OldroydWilliam Elijah OlssonTaylor Nicole O’NeillOmaniel OrtizHend OudaFrederick PachecoJessie Meghan PantaniHolly R. ParkerClinton Brayan ParragaNikaash Reddy Pasnoori [LAU]Devin PatenaudeKevin Michael PatriaGiovanni PeauteauSophia Hannah PelehachAriana Jessica PepperAlyssa G. Perry [LAU]Gabriella M. Perry [LAU]Shawn A. PerryAdam Ivan PerssonFaith Mary PesciAmanda Lynn PetersJulie PhamHoan C. Phan [LAU]Pranulin PhrommavanhPaige Lynne PieraEunices E. PinedaJoshua David PodgorskiElyse Grace Politica [MAG]Kerriann M. PontbriandBrandon M. PorterRyan PoutreCassandra Nicole Prior [LAU]Robert Prosszer [LAU]Dana PurcellEvelyn PuzioChristian Lee O’Neal PylePingxu QinJenna Victoria RainvilleIshitha Prem RajanKimberly Nicole RankinSamantha RealeAbigail E. Reblin [LAU]Alexander Ian RedmondKathleen E. Renna [MAG]Mackay E. RevisKaitlin E. ReyesJake Edward ReynoldsChrishima Aaliyah RichardsAlyssa H. RiveraMarco RiveraRolando RiveraKeenan J. RiversNaomi E. RobertCharlotte Marie RobinsonNicole Catherine Robitaille [LAU]Chris Emily RochaCourtney Camille Rose [MAG]Jaclyn Marie RoseDomenic Stephen RossiMichael A. RostenbergAmanda Lydia Rousseau [LAU]Toriana N. RuganiBrazil S. Rule [MAG]9Morgan A. RyanJasmin SabanovicBrian Michael SachsSage L. SaffranJordan Lacy Salvatore [MAG]Rafael SamaniegoAubrey SanchoLauren B. SandsJessie T. SanzoAmanda SaoMegan Lyn SargisianTyler SchembriJason Arnold ScherffMegan Marie Seferian [LAU]Kiernan Clark SellarsJessica Marie Serrao [LAU]Gabrielle Kayla Sharbin [LAU]Barbara Shehata [MAG]Maya R. ShieberErika Shook [SUM]Rachel C. ShudaStephanie Louzada SilverioHannah Dorothea SimonsSavannah SkidmoreNoah Michael SkinnerChatrina SkytteAlison SmithBlake P. SmithVictoria R. SobeskiLauren Soranno [SUM]Maria R. Sorensen [MAG]Nicole Jean SpataforeMadison E. Spitale-HansenCaitlyn Anne Splaine [SUM]Kristen Amelia Splaine [MAG]Johanna Christina Spofford [MAG]Martyna SrebrnaOwen Tyler StanfieldMichael E. SullivanTristyn A. SvetekErin Katharine SweeneyHannah B. Szczesny [LAU]Pracheta TalatiAustin TelfordLauryn Elizabeth Tetreault [LAU]Michelle Teysseire [LAU]Shaela ThorneMaren Elizabeth TornayJuan Carlos TorviscoAlex Israel TrabaninoCarolina Hoang TranVictoria Rose TritchJasminara K. UddinAlexis Jean UnderwoodMakayla Rose UrquhartNile UzzellDiana ValenciaJoseph R. Valenti [MAG]Hannah J. Van Bergen [MAG]Molly A. Vanluling [SUM]Tyra Tujarra Patrina Vanriel [MAG]Alyssa Rita VarrassoPatrick Alexander VignatiKira S. VigueTiffany Ponetib Vilaysom [LAU]Kaitlyn P. VirgonaAaron R. VirklerHaley Kieramay VittiDante Gabriel VittorMargaret Claire Walrath [MAG]

Roy Donald WaltonTianhua WangOliver WatsonOlivia J. Watts [LAU]Elaine Grace Wehmhoff [SUM]Jill Diana WeisbergRyan WeissKimberly Jean WestEmma Kathryn WillardAlyssa M. WilliamsBryce Thomas WilliamsJada WilliamsLydia P. Wilson [MAG]Elizabeth A. WimpfheimerLauren WinfieldJennie E. WingardBetalhem D. WondmagegneJohn Mark WoodworthXiaoqi XuAndi YanBenjamin Joesph AckellAmber Louise AgnewSabrina Marie BaldRachael BartaBabina BasnetOlivia Ashley BassetteAleksandra Monika BednarczykAlexandra BicaColby Robert BrennanJaclyn Marie BurnsMatthew James CanapettiMax CastonguayCarli Ann Ceckanowicz [SUM]Joshua Evan CranfieldSylvia Charlene DarigisTaylor DengesLeigh Q. FedericiPaulina J. FrutosChase Jackson GardnerJustina P. GrayMorgan Alyssa GrayJianxiao GuoAnnalise HalleTonicaye Orraine HardyDayonn HarrisGabrielle James HeilmanJoshua Allen HuhnKim Binh HuynhXuan Kim HuynhSpencer JabloneckiRyan James JarnutowskiAmy Nicole JonesEmily Kay LaflammeSamantha Lynn Laflash [LAU]Kenton Nicholas LafleurSheng-Kai LinTaylor LongoAshley Christine MasonJeffrey McGovernJulianna Danielle McNealMelanie Gene MerryKristy Lee MillerMichaela Rose Mitchell [MAG]Chen MoLillian M. MorenzNatalie Mary MullerGeycel S. Muniz [LAU]Katherine Marie Nee [LAU]Mohammad M. AbuzaydehEekra AhsanDaisy Karoline Avila-SotoAaliyah Elisa BarnesHailey Marie BelsitoJamie L. BezziniKatherine Elizabeth Blake [MAG]Kevin Michael BottJason Christopher BradleyAshley Elizebeth CainTaylor Elizabeth CardinBrian Miguel CespedesNathan Joseph ChicoineMarisa CicioneErin Stetson CourtneyTekarah CowardKyle Steven CristErica T. D’erricoTaylor Alexandria DuhartLouisa Jeanne Edwards [LAU]Justin Scott GagnonSteffany Stone Balbino GomesAshanti M. HallMeghan Elizabeth Henderson [SUM]Jadin Lara James [LAU]Bethany Jane KeeneJulia KendzierskiJordan M. KennedyJannat KhanHarmony Star KnudsenErica Jannae LaCroixAshley Nicole LittleAngelica James LomaCameron Matthew LopesChristopher Michael LosAnna Catherine Mackay [SUM]MaryKate E. MalatVeronica Mallqui ReyesMartine MaschioKenzie Ann McFarlandJulian Armand MedinaAldred S. MendezNicholas Raymond MicolettiLee James MorrisonAllison Elizabeth MuroMonisha Jagernauth NadisanGalilea I. YanzaHannah Yoo [LAU]Justin YouDaniel Yu [LAU]Huayile Zhang [LAU]Yunyi ZhangYutin ZhaoMengtian ZhuDea ZisoGraduates, December 15, 2019Truc Thi NguyenJessica OlivarPurvi Kalindi PandyaShraya H. PatelMatthew Maxwell PeartKyle Phillip Rebelo [SUM]Shaylah Marie RenzulloMarco Anthony RobertoLauren Alexandra RoeMarc Aaron RossMilan K. SamlallHanna A. Sato [MAG]Alysa Marie Scottodiluzio [LAU]Ann SehlPeter Yoon-Su SheenShaina Kendall StampRoger William StohlbergDhimitri StojkoAmanda Marie SutphinJonathan Anthony TumoloKimone Anthea WhiteAlex WidomskiWen ZhangGraduates, August 24, 2019Robert Louis Narciso [MAG]Michelle NgTam Le NguyenEmily Rose O’Heir [SUM]Jillian Morgan PanciroliMatthew James PastorNicholas PichetteMelanie Taylor PietruntiEmily Victoria Podob [LAU]Michael PopescuZeeshan Javed PothiawalaChanelle Alyssa RaineyDavid Vincent Rascati Jr. [MAG]Rachel Flora RoyElla Rose RussellDaniel Aaron SoiferMegan Elizabeth StevensonCarolyn Ann SullivanWinnie Yu Tze TsaiHannah Elizabeth WaxlerJake M. Weber [LAU]Alexandria Louise WhitmoreAnthonia Leanne WrayBACHELOR OF ARTSAJ BarthelWan

This May, the University will award over 8,912 degrees. Of these, approximately 6,335 will be Bachelor's degrees, 1,877 Master's degrees, 2 Doctor of Juridical Science, 146 Juris Doctor degrees, 83 Master of Laws degrees, 75 Doctor of Pharmacy degrees, 52 Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees, 102 Doctor of

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a public service by the Connecticut Tree Protective Association. Contact information on Connecticut Licensed Arborists who are CTPA members may be found on the CTPA Website. Arborists Businesses registered with the State of Connecticut may be found on CTPA's Go To The Top web page. Connecticut Licensed Arborists

on-going initiatives include: UCONN 2000 & 21st Century UConn, Next Generation Connecticut, and Bioscience Connecticut. The main campus is located in Storrs, Connecticut and regional campuses are located in the following Connecticut towns: Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, Torrington, Waterbury, and West Hartford.

State of Connecticut . English Language Proficiency (CELP) Standards. with Correspondences to K–12 English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Connecticut C3 Social Studies, and Science Connecticut Core Practices, K–12 English Language Arts Connecticut Core Standards (CCS),

Connecticut Branford Francis Walsh Intermediate School Connecticut Brookfield Brookkfield High School Connecticut Brookfield Whisconier Middle School Connecticut Burlington Har-Bur Middle School Connecticut B

Waste-to-Energy in Connecticut Waste-to-energy has a significant impact on local jobs and the local economy. The six WTE facilities in Connecticut employ hundreds of people at high paying wages. WTE Jobs in Connecticut: 405 WTE Payroll in Connecticut: 45,000,000 annually Local Taxes/Payments: in excess of 10,000,000 annually

CONNECTICUT TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND CAREER SYSTEM The CONNECTICUT TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND CAREER SYSTEM is established and maintained by the State Board of Education and advised by a board. Such board consists of eleven members as follows: (1) Four executives of Connecticut-based employers who shall be nominated by the Connecticut Employment

Associate Professor of English, University of Connecticut. 2007. Dr. Betty Hanson . Professor, Political Science, University of Connecticut. . Undergraduate Studies, Psychology Department, University of Connecticut. 1995. Dr. Thomas M. Sutherland. Dean, American University, Beirut, Lebanon . An

6 STATE OF CONNECTICUT SUICIDE PREVENTION PLAN 2020 - 2025 Statement from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families and Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Hartford, Connecticut September 2020 Dear Friends: With a sense of excitement and urgency, we present the Connecticut Strategic Plan for Suicide Prevention