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2019 Program ReportMaking the path to medical schoola reality for Texans.

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Table of ContentsIntroduction: What is JAMP?Council MembersCouncil Chair ProfileProgram Coordinator ProfileEnrollment ReportStudent ProfilesAlumni ProfilesJAMP Physicians - Where Are They Now?Outreach ReportFaculty Director ProfilesMedical School Coordinator ProfileMedical Schools ReportUse of JAMP Funds567891418202526282932Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 3

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IntroductionWhat is JAMP?The Joint Admission MedicalProgram (JAMP) is a specialpipeline program establishedby the Texas Legislature in2001 to assist highlymotivated, economicallydisadvantaged students inpreparing for and succeedingin medical school. Funded bythe Texas Legislature througha trusteed programadministered at the TexasHigher EducationCoordinating Board, JAMPconstitutes a unique partnership between nine Texas medical schools and sixty-eight public andprivate four-year undergraduate institutions.The program provides scholarships, summer medical enrichment internships and stipends, andMCAT preparation programming for undergraduate students in the participating institutionsaround the State of Texas. Additionally, JAMP funds provide training and resources toundergraduate faculty advisors to help reinforce undergraduate institution pre-medical schoolcurriculum development and tutoring/mentoring programs. JAMP serves to benefit both JAMPstudents and the larger overall pre-medical population as well.JAMP students who meet all continuing eligibility criteria are guaranteed admission to one of themedical schools in Texas. Once admitted, JAMP continues to support the medical education ofthe student through scholarships and mentorship with other medical students and medicalfaculty.The program is administered through the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service(TMDSAS), housed at The University of Texas System Administration offices in Austin. Pursuantto Chapter 51 of the Texas Education Code, JAMP is governed by a council of facultyrepresentatives from each of the medical schools in Texas. The Council sets all student admissionand continuation standards, as well as policies and procedures pertaining to participatingundergraduate institutions and medical schools.Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 5

JAMP CouncilJudianne Kellaway, M.D., ChairBenjamin Nguyen, M.D.,Vice ChairWei-Jung Chen, M.D.Wallace Gleason, M.D.Richard Carroll, Ph.D.Felix Morales, M.D.Alan Podawiltz, D.O.Cynthia Perry, Ph.D.William Thomson, Ph.D.Page 6 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Council ChairProfileJudianne Kellaway, M.D., M.Ed., FACSAssociate Dean for Admissions and OutreachLong School of Medicine, UT Health San AntonioDr. Judianne Kellaway is the Associate Dean for Admissions at theLong School of Medicine, University of Texas Health San Antonio, andAssociate Professor of Ophthalmology. Previously, she served as ateaching professor and mentor at the University of Texas HealthScience Center at Houston - McGovern Medical School. Having beena part of the Joint Admission Medical Program for a number of years,Dr. Kellaway was elected JAMP Council Chair in 2017.Dr. Kellaway’s background in education, having taught kindergarten fora decade and earning a master’s degree in education prior to hermedical career, gives her a keen perspective on the importance of teaching and learning. She loveseducating and believes it to be one of the most important things she does. At the Long School ofMedicine, she joined a superb team of experts whose job it is to inform, guide, mentor and inspirepeople headed for a life in medicine. “We get to work with young people who have dreams, andhelp them on the journey to fulfilling those dreams – what could be better?”She is particularly delighted with her role as JAMP Council Chair and with her ability to impactstudents from across Texas. Says Dr. Kellaway, “JAMP represents an important step for Texas ineducating future physicians who represent the needs of all the state’s population. It’s an honor towork with these fine young minds and enable them to pursue their dreams of a career in medicine.”Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 7

Program CoordinatorProfileJoel H. Robles, Ed.D., M.B.A.Program CoordinatorJoint Admission Medical ProgramDr. Joel Robles is the Program Coordinator for the Joint AdmissionMedical Program having joined in 2016. Prior to his time at JAMP, heserved in various on-campus leadership roles in student affairs, academicadvisement and campus operations support.In addition to his administrative experience, Dr. Robles has instructedboth undergraduate and graduate courses in subjects ranging frombusiness to critical thinking. He loves educating and reaching out tostudents in need. He is particularly passionate about the role oftechnology in guiding students across the state. “Technology helps build the bridges between thedifferent institutions and the students who are part of JAMP.”Dr. Robles continues to work to further the mission of JAMP and is passionate about the program’spositive influence on aiding students from across Texas. Says Dr. Robles, “JAMP provides anopportunity to those outstanding students who need a guide towards becoming a physician. I workeveryday to make sure I can help them be successful.”Page 8 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Enrollment ReportJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 9

Students Admitted to ProgramAcademicYear2002 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 20142003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 th5th6th 7th 8th9th 10th 11th 12thYear Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year d8169*69*69*96961521509696100100Characteristics1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15thYear Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year Year %64%# 16%Caucasian28%29%All Others4%6% 4th5th6thYear Year Year7thYear8thYear9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15thYear Year Year Year Year Year %6%6%9%1%4%1%2%2%The number of students admitted in 2004 through 2007 (2nd, 3rd & 4th) was reduced to 69 due tothe reduction of funds appropriated to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for JAMP.2002 through 2005 students where admitted in the spring of their freshman year.2006 through 2016 students where admitted in the spring of their sophomore year.Page 10 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Student EnrollmentEnrollment by Undergraduate Institution as of Fall 2018Public InstitutionsAngelo State University2Texas Tech University6Lamar University4Texas Woman’s University2Midwestern State University1The University of Texas at Arlington6Prairie View A&M University1The University of Texas at Austin22Sam Houston State University6The University of Texas at Dallas11Stephen F. Austin State University2The University of Texas at El Paso6Tarleton State University1The University of Texas at San Antonio7Texas A&M International University4The University of Texas at Tyler1Texas A&M University9The University of Texas of the Permian Basin3Texas A&M University – Commerce3The University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley10Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi1University of Houston8Texas A&M University – Kingsville2University of Houston –Downtown1Texas Southern University2University of North Texas5Texas State University7West Texas A&M University1Abilene Christian University2Saint Edward’s University3Austin College5Saint Mary’s University6Baylor University7Schreiner University2Hardin - Simmons University4Southern Methodist University4Howard Payne University1Southwestern University1Houston Baptist University8Texas Christian University1LeTourneau University2Trinity University4Lubbock Christian University1University of Incarnate Word1Our Lady of the Lake University1University of Mary Hardin Baylor2Rice University5University of Saint Thomas6Private InstitutionsTotal of Current Undergraduate Participating Students 200Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 11

Student EnrollmentEnrollment by Medical School as of Fall 2018Baylor College of Medicine19Texas A&M Health Science Center31Texas Tech Health Sciences Center - Lubbock29Texas Tech Health Science Center - Paul L. Foster16University of North Texas Health Science Center/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine38The University of Texas McGovern Medical School, Houston42The University of Texas Health San Antonio, Long School of Medicine35The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center School of Medicine39The University of Texas Medical Branch40Total of Current Medical School Participating Students 289JAMP Students Admitted toMedical SchoolAll aucasian22%Hispanic29%Regular Medical PacificIslander30%Page 12 / Joint Admission Medical ProgramAll Others9%Caucasian40%

Medical School GraduatesAs of Fall 2018Medical SchoolsGraduatedBaylor College of Medicine42Texas A&M University Health Science Center43Texas Tech Health Sciences Center - Lubbock47Texas Tech Health Science Center - Paul L. Foster10University of North Texas Health Science Center/Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine49The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center68The University of Texas Medical Branch68The University of Texas McGovern Medical School, Houston66The University of Texas Health San Antonio, Long School of Medicine68Residency TrainingGraduates with a Residency in Texas: 66%Graduates with a Primary Care Residency: 64%Residency ProgramsAnatomical/ Clinical Child Neurology3Pediatrics Neurology1Emergency Medicine27Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation3Dermatology5Preliminary Medicine1Family Medicine93Psychiatry27Internal Diagnostic7Obstetrics & Gynecology28Surgery (Preliminary, General, Plastic,Orthopedic, eferred/Unmatched15Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 13

Student ProfilesAlexander WetzigFourth Year Medical Student“JAMP is incredible for the support system it creates among its studentsthat extends beyond the years. Anytime that the journey grows weary,I’m reminded that so many JAMPers have made it before me and that Ican make the journey too. Anytime that there is doubt in your ownabilities, JAMP is there to provide that little extra push.Most beneficial to me were the Summer Internship programs and thepreceptorships within them. I did my first summer program at BaylorCollege of Medicine in Houston and my second at UT Southwestern inDallas. Being from such a small rural town, both were a tremendous culture shock. For me, Iviewed it as a precious opportunity to experience the highest acuity and most complexmedical and surgical care. It was a brand-new world to me. It was like a novice painter seeingthe Sistine chapel for the first time.When I returned to college the following semester, I was so motivated to do well and to beable to join the world of medicine. Through JAMP, a preceptorship in orthopedic trauma wasmy first real exposure into orthopedic surgery and the field has captured my passion eversince.”Hometown: Monahans, TexasUndergraduate University: The University of Texas of the Permian BasinMedical School: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston—McGovernMedical SchoolPage 14 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Marian FagbemiThird Year Medical Student“JAMP provided me with all of the resources I needed to be anoptimal medical student. JAMP provided a great MCAT course thathelped me succeed on the examination and they provided me withthe unique opportunity to spend 5 weeks of two of my summers atpaid internships at different medical schools across the state. I alsohad access to an awesome network of JAMP students, many of whichwere ahead of me in the process and were able to provide greatadvice and mentorship. “Hometown: Arlington, TexasUndergraduate University: Texas A&M UniversityMedical School: Long School of Medicine, UT Health San AntonioDaniel Castro-AlvaradoThird Year Medical Student“JAMP is a wonderful opportunity and there are not a whole lot ofprograms like it out there if any.The summer programs not only provide classes to expand yourmedical knowledge, they also pair you with a physician that youcan follow in clinic for the whole month. With this JAMP helpedme solidify the notion that this is what I want to do. Going into thehospitals and clinics and seeing patient encounters was awonderful experience. I want to go out into my community andtreat those that need it the most. ”Hometown: El Paso, TexasUndergraduate University: The University of Texas at El PasoMedical School: The University of Texas Health Science Centerat Houston—McGovern Medical SchoolJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 15

Trung NguyenSecond Year Medical Student“During my summer internships, my JAMP mentors provided greatinsight into how to tackle certain problems like time managements,MCAT studying, medical school interviews and how to cope withstress. During the summer preceptorships, I got to experience andunderstand the responsibilities of a doctor and the stress that comeswith it. I came out of those preceptorships more motivated and theexperiences reaffirmed my drive to become a doctor. “Hometown: Arlington, TexasUndergraduate University: University of Texas at ArlingtonMedical School: The University of Texas Southwestern MedicalCenter at DallasDaeija LewisFirst Year Medical Student“JAMP has surrounded me with like-minded students. They do anexcellent job of selecting students from diverse backgrounds whowant to see their peers succeed. Being a good doctor means havinga great team around you, and the people I have met and networkedwith because of JAMP, has shown and given me this. ”Hometown: Bay City, TexasUndergraduate University: Texas State UniversityMedical School: The University of North Texas Health ScienceCenter—Texas College of Osteopathic MedicinePage 16 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Hanna JusticeSenior“JAMP has provided invaluable resources and support for me. JAMPsets the bar high for its students and truly wants to see you becomethe best physician that you can be. I think the accountability thatJAMP gives its students has helped me in being successful on thisjourney. At any point it is easy to become overwhelmed and pursuingmedical school is an overwhelming process with many moving parts.JAMP helped streamline that process and supported me throughoutit. JAMP has also been a second family to me. I have been able tolaugh, cry, and labor alongside some fantastic people. It has made thisjourney to medical school even more memorable! “Hometown: Brownwood, TexasUndergraduate University: Howard Payne UniversityMatched Medical School: Texas Tech University Health SciencesCenter—School of MedicineKeonnie ParrillaSenior“The guidance this program offers cannot be overstated. As a firstgeneration college student, I had no idea about the applicationprocess, how to study for the MCAT, or even what courses Ishould be taking. JAMP faculty do an incredible job of assisting inthis process, but they're also very supportive. The advisors,coordinators, and directors all really care about our success andwork tirelessly to ensure we achieve our goals. Overall, thisprogram has changed my life. ”Hometown: Houston, TexasUndergraduate University: The University of Texas at AustinMatched Medical School: The University of Texas SouthwesternMedical Center at DallasJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 17

Alumni ProfilesElizabeth Newman, D.O.Family Medicine“JAMP has helped me achieve my goal of becoming a doctor not only byproviding financial assistance for various expenses such as books, interviews,etc. but also by providing incredible opportunities to be mentored by andlearn with incredible physicians and medical school faculty who helped guideme along my path.”Hometown: Gainesville, TexasUndergraduate University: Baylor UniversityMedical School: The University of North Texas Health Science Center—Texas College of Osteopathic MedicineBrian Mbah, M.D.Emergency Medicine“The program singlehandedly helped provide all of the ideas and experiencesbehind the personal statement that I used to apply to medical school.JAMP has helped me develop a network of extremely intelligent colleaguesand mentors, most of which I still have strong relationships with today. It hassupported me financially during more occasions than I can even recall. Lastly,the program provided me with more than enough resources needed to excelon the dreaded MCAT on the first pass.”Hometown: Euless, TexasUndergraduate University: The University of Texas at AustinMedical School: The University of Texas Medical Branch at GalvestonPage 18 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Tommy Tran, M. D.Surgery“I have come to deeply appreciate the opportunities allowed to methrough JAMP. Even as an ambitious college student, my involvementin pre-med activities were limited to helping at the information deskor changing bed sheets due to HIPPA. JAMP allowed me theopportunities to step inside the examination room as physicianscounseled patients, the opportunities to scrub and participate in avariety of surgeries, and the opportunities to reaffirm my desire topursue medicine. This is an opportunity offered to few, and I amgrateful for this catalyst towards my goal of becoming a physician. “Hometown: Houston, TexasUndergraduate University: The University of Texas at AustinMedical School: Baylor College of MedicineOlivia Russell, M.D.Pediatrics“Through JAMP, I matched to UT Southwestern Medical School inDallas and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit for me for amedical school. Although it was long hours, some late nights, and alot of hard work, I really enjoyed my time in medical school.Both the scholarships and the mentoring I received through JAMPwere pivotal to my success in achieving my goal of becoming adoctor. The wisdom of the many faculty and peer mentors Iencountered throughout the JAMP program has been invaluable.”Hometown: Houston, TexasUndergraduate University: Texas A&M UniversityMedical School: The University of Texas Southwestern MedicalCenter at DallasJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 19

JAMP PhysiciansWhere are they now?JAMP is proud of our medical school graduates who are now serving the public in the practice of medicine!With the help Dr. Matt Turner at the Texas Department of State Health Services Center for Health Statistics, we are happy to report the following list of many of the JAMP students who are now licensed physicians and have established or joined a practice.Because of residency and fellowship requirements, it takes on average 5 years for a graduate to entermedical practice. JAMP will continue to track our students to better understand the benefits of the program to the citizens of Texas and beyond.Congratulations to these fine physicians for their commitment to the health of Texas!NameShaheen HajibashiNathaniel LooMallorie Hiser-ClineMiakka SmithFernando AlquiciraKevin ChapCatherine VuAn VanRudy GarzaOmid NoormohammadiChidi AchilefuJad DayVinh NguyenTiffany Hanson- HerdSharon KimUyen ngoc MuiThach HuynhJustin CormackCarlos VencesJuan RendonDaron DavisHannah (nee hanh) TranIan SmithTyler McspaddenJoshua DivineyPractice nPasadenaSan AntonioSan tonAbileneBaytownDallasFort WorthHoustonHoustonKilleenTemplePage 20 / Joint Admission Medical ProgramPractice County Primary rrisDermatologyHarrisDiagnostic RadiologyTaylorEmergency MedicineHarrisEmergency MedicineDallasEmergency MedicineTarrantEmergency MedicineHarrisEmergency MedicineHarrisEmergency MedicineBellEmergency MedicineBellEmergency Medicine

NameCaleb CadisJenny NguyenYesica ChapaJulian GarciaSelena NgDan NguyenSuhani BhaktaJulia Krause-CastanedaEmily Culver-DosierAnika Walker-RamosJonathan SotoJennifer MitchellBennie BerkvensKiet TruongSandy (Nguy)Sonika MominKim TranBunrith KoyVanna Stotts-GoldJarrett RossRolando RodriguezDimple Patel-DesaiMartin OrtegaJames TarinLeah HernandezLorenzo PerezYvette Valerio-AlvarezMonica Mitcham-SalasRenee DelatorreBich hien DinhMerin SabuSan HuynhSharon Gilkey-InceAmber Higgs-CookLorena SantoroEliezer CastanedaAustralia ClarkKrislynn MueckMohammad FarukhiKimberly TranCo-may Pasdar-shiraziAnh NguyenThomas TiellemanDiego De La MoraDanial SolejaPractice BryanCantonCedar HillColleyvilleConroeCorpus ChristiDallasDallasFort enOdessaPecosPflugervillePlanoRockportSan AntonioSan AntonioSan eryHoustonSan AntonioHoustonSugar LandDallasDallasEl PasoFort WorthPractice County Primary SpecialtyBellEmergency MedicinePotterFamily MedicineTravisFamily MedicineTravisFamily MedicineTravisFamily MedicineTravisFamily MedicineJeffersonFamily MedicineBrazosFamily MedicineVan ZandtFamily MedicineDallasFamily MedicineTarrantFamily MedicineMontgomeryFamily MedicineNuecesFamily MedicineDallasFamily MedicineDallasFamily MedicineTarrantFamily MedicineGalvestonFamily MedicineHarrisFamily MedicineLampasasFamily MedicineLubbockFamily MedicineLubbockFamily MedicineHidalgoFamily MedicineEctorFamily MedicineReevesFamily MedicineTravisFamily MedicineCollinFamily MedicineAransasFamily MedicineBexarFamily MedicineBexarFamily MedicineBexarFamily MedicineWilliamsonFamily MedicineBellFamily MedicineBellFamily MedicineSmithFamily MedicineSmithFamily MedicineVictoriaFamily MedicineMontgomeryFamily PracticeHarrisGeneral SurgeryBexarGeneral SurgeryHarrisHospitalistFort BendInternal Med - PedsDallasInternal MedicineDallasInternal MedicineEl PasoInternal MedicineTarrantInternal MedicineJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 21

NameJocelyn Campos-JuarezCarlos GarzaTariq DayahJesus PimentelTho LuongGregory ConstantineAleem KanjiCameron McbrideJune KampangkaewQuratulain Jivani-HolleyChristina DoanShafeeq NoorudeenGemma BerlangaRuth JacksonMazyar MalakoutiMatthew JepsonEduardo LunaKade CarthelAnh NguyenSaviour AchilikeJonathan LugoToy LeeVien LamAshli LawsonLuis MonsivaisChasey OmereSidra QasimJenna SassiePeace NwegboDominique WashingtonKaessee NicholsJacob GarciaKaty Britten-WesleySasha StrainJames BergLaura NorrisFarberCarson FairbanksAli AshrafBrian LangfordBlake NicholsElaine OdiaseAn PhamAshley WolodzkoJun ZhaoPractice HoustonHoustonHoustonHumbleKylePlanoSan AntonioSan AntonioSan League HoustonKatySan AntonioSan AntonioWacoTylerNacogdochesWacoFort WorthLubbockSan AntonioDallasDallasDallasAustinAustinPage 22 / Joint Admission Medical ProgramPractice County Primary SpecialtyCameronInternal MedicineCameronInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHarrisInternal MedicineHaysInternal MedicineCollinInternal MedicineBexarInternal MedicineBexarInternal MedicineBexarInternal MedicineBellInternal MedicineHidalgoInternal MedicinePotterInterventional tetrics & Gynecological SurgeryGalvestonObstetrics & Gynecological SurgeryBrazoriaObstetrics And GynecologyDallasObstetrics And GynecologyGalvestonObstetrics And GynecologyGalvestonObstetrics And GynecologyHarrisObstetrics And GynecologyHarrisObstetrics And GynecologyHarrisObstetrics And GynecologyHarrisObstetrics And GynecologyBexarObstetrics And GynecologyBexarObstetrics And GynecologyMcLennanObstetrics And ennanOphthalmologyTarrantOrthopedic SurgeryLubbockOrthopedic SurgeryBexarOtolaryngologyDallasPediatric Critical Care MedicineDallasPediatric GastroenterologyDallasPediatric s

NameKristen WilbanksPickeringTruc TranAn NguyenLynda TangEunice OdiaseChristine EllisCourtney CarmichealNelda Aguilar-IztepAlya AbuhanteshTina ManshadiDarvy MannSummer Shaw - DaviesCaleb CookMarisa Byars-RosalesStephanie VillarrealJessica LanerieAmy CrissmanAna SalazarBenjamin Shahabi-azadJacquelyn LaGroneVictoria NettlesRustin CarterAshley ToutounchiJose OchoaNgoc PhamCletus FuhrmannJorge RamirezJudy GarciaVeral AminCindy HaPractice CityPractice County Primary SpecialtyCedar ort bbockMcKinneyMidlandMissouri CityMissouri CityNew onHoustonDallasLaredoLive andFort BendFort sPhysical Med. & atryPulmonary Critical Care MedicineRadiation OncologyRadiologyUrologyUrologyVascular And Interventional RadiologyVascular SurgeryAli YousifLoren BrownKristy AcostaScharles KonaduAsmani PatelAudrey SatoLiliana NanezOklahoma CityMuskogeeNantucketDurhamWarwickFort CarsonRaleighOklahomaCardiologyEmergency MedicineFamily MedicineGastroenterologyInternal MedicinePathologyVascular SurgeryDurhamMilitary BaseWakeJoint Admission Medical Program / Page 23

Each summer, JAMP studentsparticipate in internshipprograms at one of Texas’medical schools. These summerprograms are an importantmotivating factor for students byenriching theirexperiences withmedicine and each other.Page 24 / Joint Admission Medical Program

Outreach ReportJAMP has successfully expanded medical education outreach to economicallydisadvantaged high school and undergraduate students.Summer Programs for high school students:Continued support for pre-medical summer programs at Stephen F. Austin State University,Texas Tech HSC Lubbock and Saint Mary’s University and established new pre-medicalsummer programs at Sam Houston State University, Hardin-Simmons University andUniversity of Texas at El Paso. These programs support and encourage high school juniorsand seniors interested in pursuing a medical education. The programs enable students tounderstand the level of academic competence and the level of maturity expected to be asuccessful JAMP applicant.Pre-JAMP Symposia:Many of the medical schools hosted a Pre-JAMP symposium, hosting students fromregionally assigned colleges and universities that have indicated an interest in medicine.While the Pre-JAMP symposium is designed to target economically disadvantaged students,any high school student and/or college freshman that has expressed an interest in medicinewas encouraged to attend. The symposia are designed to promote medical education,introduce how JAMP can help students reach their career goal, and how to apply to theprogram. In addition, students are presented information to better understand what it willtake to get accepted into medical school. Everyone has the opportunity to attend a JAMPStudent Panel comprised of current JAMP medical school students. The presentations andquestions and answers give the attendees the opportunity to better understand thebenefits of JAMP from their peers who have made it to medical school. Medical schools thatdid not host a symposium hosted other types of programs to support the enrichment andunderstanding of medicine education.Enrichment:Workshops ranging from SAT/ ACT preparation, CPR and First Aid certification, dress forsuccess, leadership skills, academic and professional development to professional etiquettewere provided to support students preparing for college and become competitiveapplicants for medical school.Joint Admission Medical Program / Page 25

Faculty DirectorProfilesAnne Blum, Ph.D.Texas A&M UniversityDr. Blum began working in the health professions field in 1994. She is a3-degree Aggie, first coming to A&M as an undergraduate inKinesiology, then a Master’s Degree in Exercise Technology, and then aPh.D. in 1994 in Higher Education Administration. She is the Directorfor the office that handles the health professions and law schooladvising at Texas A&M University. Approximately 750 students applyto medical and dental schools each year as well as the innumerablenumber of students applying to other health professions and to law. Inaddition to her duties as Director, she also handles veterinary schooladvising.Dr. Blum has served as JAMP Faculty Director since the inception of this guaranteed medicaladmissions program in Texas. She is currently serving as an officer for the 14 Southern states prehealth association (SAAHP) and has served the Texas equivalent (TAAHP) as Chair and as a BoardMember.

Prairie View A&M University 1 The University of Texas at Austin 22 Sam Houston State University 6 The University of Texas at Dallas 11 Stephen F. Austin State University 2 The University of Texas at El Paso 6 Tarleton State University 1 The University of Texas at San Antonio 7 Texas A&M International University 4 The University of Texas at Tyler 1

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