Paralegal/Legal Studies Articulation Agreement

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Paralegal/Legal StudiesArticulation AgreementbetweenATLANTATECH N ICALCOLLEGEand

Atlanta Technical College and Clayton State University are entering intothis Articulation Agreement on May 25, 2017, in order to articulate thecourse offerings in their Paralegal Studies and Legal Studies programs,respectively. So that: Atlanta Technical College students who complete certainrequirements as specified in this Articulation Agreement may gainadmittance to Clayton State University, and Atlanta Technical College students who are admitted to Clayton StateUniversity pursuant to this Agreement may be assured that thecourses specified in this Agreement will transfer to Clayton StateUniversity, and Atlanta Technical College students who are admitted to Clayton StateUniversity will be aware of what courses they must take in order toearn a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.In establishing this Articulation Agreement between Atlanta TechnicalCollege and Clayton State University, the two parties agree as follows:Agreement in Principle:Both parties agree to extend their best efforts to ensure that the transitionfor A.A.S. graduates of the Paralegal Studies program at SACSCOCaccredited TCSG technical college, Atlanta Technical College, to the ABA approved B.S. in Legal Studies program at Clayton State University will beas smooth as possible for the students choosing to do so.ThisParalegal/Legal Studies program articulation is designed to minimize lossof credit and course duplication. Both parties enter into this ArticulationAgreement as cooperating, equal partners with the responsibility tomaintain the integrity of their separate programs, to remain true to theirinstitutional missions, and to maintain the spirit of this ArticulationAgreement.Page 12

Agreement on Communication:Atlanta Technical College and Clayton State University agree to cooperatein communicating with each other and with their publics concerning thearticulation relationship between the two institutions. Communications mayinclude common publications and announcements concerning theiraffiliation and the specific joint programs. Announcements of thisarticulation, of changes in the relationship, and of new programs will have acoordinated release to the public from both institutions. The institutions willencourage the dissemination of information about programs in thisagreement with interested and qualified students, with both institutionsproviding advising and counseling to prospective students.Agreement on Accreditation:This Articulation Agreement is made contingent on both parties maintainingall applicable program and institution accreditations, including bothSACSCOC accreditation and ABA approval or AAfPE institutionalmembership. In the event of a loss of accreditation by either party, theother party may terminate this Articulation Agreement upon written notice.Agreement on Program Specifics:The Paralegal/Legal Studies program detail shall be attached to thisdocument and made a part hereof. Program detail will indicate each of thefollowing: The specific courses to be taken at Atlanta Technical College neededto complete the Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies; The Atlanta Technical College/Clayton State University equivalencebetween courses that transfer pursuant to this agreement; The specific courses to be taken at Clayton State University tocomplete the ABA-approved Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies;and Other student performance criteria (e.g., course grades, overallGPA).Page13

It is agreed by both parties that any Atlanta Technical College student whohas successfully completed all requirements indicated in the program detailwill, upon application, be accepted at Clayton State University and maytransfer the credits referenced in that program detail toward the relevantprogram degree at Clayton State University.Agreement on Maintenance and Review:At least one administrative or faculty member will be appointed from eachparticipating institution to act as primary point of contact and agent for thisArticulation Agreement, to speak for the institution and to communicatedetails and modifications to respective faculty, advisors and others withinterest at the individual institutions.In the event that either institution elects or is required to amend theProgram Detail, each party agrees to make every effort to accommodatethe needs of the other party such that the articulation may be preserved.In the event that either institution makes changes to courses or curriculum,the other party will be informed in writing and given the opportunity toreview the changes and amend the agreement in writing as needed inorder to make certain that equivalent learning outcomes are being met.Regular review of program sub-agreements, at intervals to be set by thetwo institutions, and in no case less frequently than every three years, willbe required. Termination of the agreement may be invoked by either partywith two years' written notice. Students who begin a program prior totermination will be given three additional years to complete the AtlantaTechnical College portion and to be admitted to Clayton State University.Both institutions agree to provide whatever data is needed by the otherinstitution to support accreditation requirements.The authorized representatives of each party signify their acceptance andapproval of the terms of this Articulation Agreement by signing whereindicated.Page [ 4

Signatures:Atlanta Technical CollegeClayton State UniversityDr. Victoria SealsPresident, Atlanta Technical CollegeDr. Tim HynesPresid nt, Clayton. L 1iiti/4ltU tv()Dr.rray W1 amsVice President for Academic Affairstate UniversityD. Kevin Dem iProvost & Vice President forAcademic AffairsPage 15

Atlanta Technical College and Clayton State UniversityArticulation AgreementIn red: Courses currently offered at Atlanta Technical College (ATC) which can be takentowards meeting requirements of this agreementC layton State U niversity (CSU) transfer equivalen ts are shown on right of each ATC course.* A ccepted coursework between USG and TCSGClayton State University RequirementAtlanta Technical College EquivalentArea A - Essential SkillsAl. Two Composition CoursesENGL II OI* Composition and RhetoricENGL 1102* Literature and CompositionA2. One Mathematics Course From AmongMATH I I 0 I* Mathematical ModelingMATH 1111 * College AlgebraMATH 1112 College TrigonometryMATH 1113* Pre-CalculusArea B Critical Thinking and CommunicationBl.B2. One or Two For·eign Language orCommunicationSPCH 1101* Public Speaki ngArea C- Humanities - 6 hoursCl. One Literature, Philosophy, or ForeignLanguageENGL 2130 * American LiteratureC2. One Fine Arts or Intermediate foreignCourse as BetweenHUMN 110 1* Intro to HumanitiesARTS 110 1* Art AppreciationArea D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics andTeclmolozyDl. Two Science Courses and One LabBIOL 1111/L* Biology I & LabD2. One Science, Math or Technology CourseMATH 1127* Introduction to StatisticsMATH 1112 College TrigonometryMATH 1113* Pre-CalculusCSU Equivalent for B.S. in Legal StudiesCr.Hrs.,.)33333Cr.Hrs.3Cr.Hrs.,.)33LOWER DIVISION COURSEREQUIREMENTS60Area A - Essential Skills - 9 hours requiredCr.Hrs.Al. Two Composition Courses.,.)ENGL 11 01 Composition IENGL 1102 Composition II3A2. One Mathematics Course From AmongMATH 1101 Mathematical Modeling3.,.)MATH 1111 College Algebra.,.)MATH 1112 Trigonometry.,.)MATH 1113 Pre-CalculusArea B Critical Thinking and Communication5-6 hours requiredBl. One Critical Thinking CourseB2. One or Two Foreign Language orCommunication Course(s)COMM 1110 Spoken CommunicationArea C -Humanities- 6 hours requiredCl. One Literature, Philosophy, or ForeignLanguage CourseENGL 2131 American Literature IC2. One Fine Arts or Intermediate foreignCourse from amongHUMN 1000B Intro to HumanitiesARTS 1000B Att Appreciati onCr.Area D- Natural Sciences, Mathematics andHrs. Teclmolozy -10-11 hours requiredDl. Two Science Courses and One Lab3/1BIOL 11 11 /L Introductory Biology I & LabD2. Science, Math or Technology3MATH 1231 Introductory Statistics.,.)MATH 1112 Trigonometry.,.)MATH 1113 Pre-Calcu lusCr.Hrs.3Cr.Hrs.,.)33Cr.Hrs.3/133.,.)

Area E- Social Sciences -12 hoursEl. One American Government CoursePOLS 110 1* American GovernmentCr.Hrs.,.)E2. One World History Course from AmongHIST 1111 * World History IHIST 1112* World History IIE3. One American History Course fromAmongHIST 2111 * US History IHIST 2112* US History IIArea E - Social Sciences 12 hours requiredEl. One American Government CoursePOLS 1101 American GovernmentCr.Hrs.,.)E2. One World History Course from3.,.).,.)3E4. One Behavioral Sciences Course fromAmongHIST 1111 Survey of Pre-Modern World HistoryHIST 1112 Survey ofModern World HistoryE3. One American History Course fromAmongHIST 21 11 Survey of US History to 1877HIST 2112 Survey ofUS History sinceReconstruction33.,.).,.)E4. One Behavioral Sciences Course fromAmongPSYC 1101 *Introductory PsychologySOCI 11 0 1* Introduction to Sociology33PSYC 1101 Introduction to PsychologySOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology33Area F - Major Specific ElectivesCr.Hrs.Cr.Hrs.Fl. PARA 1101 Introduction to Law and EthicsF2. PARA 1130 Civil LitigationF3. PARA 1 105 & PARA 1110 - Legal Research336Area F- Major Specific Electives -18 hoursrequiredFl. PARA 11 01 Introduction to Law & EthicsF2. PARA 2203 C ivil LitigationF3. PARA 2205 Legal Research & WritingF4. PARA 2209 Business Organizations3FS. PARA 2211 Computers in the LawF6. PARA 2235 Law Office Ski llsUPPER DIVISION COURSEREQUIREMENTSLower Division Major Electives -12 hoursrequired33PARA 2207 Criminal LitigationPARA 2213 Real Estate LawPARA 2221 Bankruptcy/Debtor-CreditorRelationsPARA 2223 Wills, Trusts and Probate Law333& Legal Writing I & IIF4. PARA 1150 Contracts, Commercial Law and.,.).,.).,.).,.)Business OrganizationsFS.F6. PARA 1145 Law Office Management.,.)Lower Division Major ElectivesFour Courses from AmongPARA 1125 Criminal Law & Criminal ProcedurePARA 1120 Real Estate LawPARA 1200 Bankruptcy/ Debtor-CreditorRelationsPARA 1135 Wills, Trusts, Probate andAdministrationPARA 1115 Fami ly LawPARA 12 10 Legal and Policy Issues in HealthcarePARA 12 15 Administrative LawTotal Possible Hours Transferable 64 hours.,.)33333.,.)603.,PARA 2225 Family LawPARA 2227 Health Care LawPARA 2231 Administrative Law.)33Upper Division Major Requirements- 21 hoursrequiredUpper Division Related Electives- 27 hoursrequiredTotal Hours for Degree 120 hoursMINIMUM 2.0 GPA IS REQUIRED TO EARN DEGREEPage 12

Notes: The total of 120 hours required for CSU's B.S., Legal Studies degree consists of 60 lowerdivision course hours and 60 upper division course hours (see attached CSU curriculumworksheet).Of the total64 possible hours transferable from ATC, 48 are currently a part of ATC'sA.A.S. curriculum (see attached ATC advisement sheet). CSU will award credit for theremainder of the courses if a student has completed them successfully at ATC.Of the courses listed on the attached ATC advisement sheet, the following classes willNOT be accepted for transfer credit for the B.S. at CSU:o ECON 1101-Principles ofEconomicso COMP 1000-Intro to Computerso PARA 1140-TortLawo PARA 1205-Constitutional Lawo PARA 2210-Parelegal Internship I, ando PARA 2215-Paralegal Internship II.For transfer credit, all paralegal studies courses require a C or better.At least ten credit hours or equivalent of legal specialty courses must be taken throughtraditional classroom instruction at ATC and CSU; and,Transfer students must comply with CSU residency requirements as contained in theCSU catalog.Page13

Paralegal/Legal Studies program articulation is designed to minimize loss of credit and course duplication. Both parties enter into this Articulation . Atlanta Technical College and Clayton State University Articulation Agreement . In red: Courses currently offered at Atlanta Technical College (ATC) which can be taken .

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