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ConnectLinkedIn Recruiterwith Oracle TaleoEnterpriseLink your accounts in a few simple steps

Introducing RecruiterSystem ConnectLinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)integrates LinkedIn Recruiter with your OracleTaleo Enterprise account to make your hiringprocess even simpler. By turning on RSC, you’reauthorizing the sharing of some candidate, job,and application data across Recruiter and OracleTaleo Enterprise. It enables you to get up-to-datecandidate information, boost collaboration, andaccess more applicant data in Recruiter. See howto easily connect your two accounts on the nextfew pages.Please note: Recruiter System Connect is onlycompatible with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate orLinkedIn Professional Services.Save time now thatyou’re connectedConnect at noadditional costRSC is secure andGDPR compliantEasy setupfor administrators

Step 1Map your locationlevels.Your location hierarchy must have the concepts ofCountry, State/Province, and City represented. Thosethree location concepts must be consistently on thesame level throughout the location hierarchy. LinkedInrequires that requisition location data is sent forCountry, State/Province, and City.aba Go to “Configuration” “SmartOrg Administration” “Product Settings.”b Search for these settings: Location Level City Location Level State Location Level CountrycFor each setting, click “edit”to define the level of yourSmartOrg location structurebased on which the countries,states or provinces, and citiesare configured.d Click “Save.”dc

Step 2Enable emailuniqueness.aConfigure this setting to prevent multiple candidatesfrom using the same email address.a Go to “Configuration” “Recruiting” “Settings.”b Locate the Email Uniquenesssetting.cSet the setting to “Yes.”This may already be configuredwith a value of “Yes” so nofurther action is required.d Click “Save.”bc

Step 3Connect your zoneto LinkedIn.abIf you’re operating the Apply with LinkedIn service forcandidate job applications, then your zone is alreadyconnected to LinkedIn. Otherwise, you need to create aconnection with LinkedIn.aGo to “Configuration” “RecruitingAdministration” “Integration” “Recruiting Services.” If Oracle Supporthas processed your service request, youwill see the LinkedIn Recruiter SystemConnect service.bClick “LinkedIn Recruiter SystemConnect” to open the service.cIf the Client ID, Secret, and Zones fieldsare populated, you already have aconnection to LinkedIn. If the fields areempty, click “Edit”, enter your zone URLin the Zones field using the format (you don’t need to add “https://”),and then click “Connect to LinkedIn.”dClient ID, Client Secret, Application ID,Zones, and Application Name will becomepopulated in the Settings

Step 4Set the ApplicationName.abAfter connecting your zone to LinkedIn, the LinkedInRSC service will display an option to manage theApplication Name. This is the name of your organization,which appears in the pop-up hosted by LinkedIn that isdisplayed when recruiters connect their accounts.a Go to “Configuration” “Recruiting Administration” “Integration” “RecruitingServices.”b Click “LinkedIn RecruiterSystem Connect” to view theservice in edit mode.cEnter a value in the ApplicationName field.d Click “Update.”cd

Step 5Define the dataset you want tosynchronize.abYou can either synchronize a universal data set (thedefault and recommended option), or you can excludecertain data sets for regulatory, privacy, or other purposes.a Go to “Configuration” “Recruiting Administration” “Integration” “RecruitingServices.”b Click “LinkedIn RecruiterSystem Connect” to view theservice in edit mode.cGo to the Data Synchronizationsection.d Select “Synchronize a universaldata set” or “Synchronize alimited data set.”cd

Step 6Request the RSCIntegration fromLinkedIn.a Next to the RSC, click “Request”to send the activation request.*b Once the request is completed,you will see a dialog box thatconfirms the integration hasbeen successfully requested.The pending steps will need tobe completed on the LinkedInRecruiter Admin account(see Step 7).*To activate additional integration functionality,such as “RSC recommended matches” and“RSC unified search,” talk with your ATS rep tolet them know you’re interested.a

adcUpdated activation stepSet-up integrationin Oracle Taleo Enterprise.*Starting late September 2021, we will roll outa more user-friendly activation experience forLinkedIn Recruiter customers.*a Admins can request to activate integrations all atonce — across all packages — inside theonboarding widget.**Please note: Default access level is contract level for sourcing packagesversus company level for reporting and applicant management packages.b (Optional) Connection not moving fast enough?Nudge partners with a notification.cHit “Save Changes” to confirm integrationactivation. Your integrations will be turned onat this point.d You will be directed to recruiter settings to updateaccess level and feature choices by clicking on thelink below.*Check with your ATS to ensure all features are enabled for you.**If an integration package or feature is grayed out, it’s either because yourATS is not offering it at this time or you don’t have the permission to adjust thispackage. Check with your ATS to ensure all features are enabled for you or torequest an integration.b

Step 7Connect LinkedIn Recruiterto Oracle Taleo Enterprise.a Open your LinkedIn Recruiter Adminaccount in a new tab.b Scroll down to your Oracle TaleoEnterprise section.abProjectsCompany SettingsUsage overviewConnect “Company Level Access”,“Contract Level Access”, or both byclicking “On” for the desired access.d Activate 1-click export to quickly transfersimple candidate information to your ATS.ReportsStart a new search hereOracle Taleo EnterprisePreferencesApplication ID: 01234567Recruiting SettingsTagsCustom fields?Ethan BurtonSenior TechnicalRecruiter at FreshingATS IntegrationJob postingMessage templatescJobsAdmin settingsContract Level AccessOnOffOnOffGo to LinkedIn.comEnable all seats in this contract to have access to company level features, plus Notes, InMails, and HistoryCompany Level AccessSign outEnable all seats across all contracts to export LinkedIn profiles to your ATS and view ATS candidate info in RecruiterLearn more about RSCCustom pipelineAdvancedATS integrationDynamicsOracleTaleo365Enterprisefor Talent: AttractEditApplication ID: 01234567Contract Level AccessEnable all seats in this contract to have access to company level features, plus Notes, InMails, and HistoryCompany Level AccessEnable all seats across all contracts to export LinkedIn profiles to your ATS and view ATS candidate info in RecruiterOnOffOnOffOnOffOnOffLearn more about RSCRSC advanced settings1 click exporte Activate the InMail Stub Profile API tocreate or update profiles in your ATSwhen a candidate consents to share theircontact information with your companyvia InMail.EditSwitch contractsEnable the member export feature across all contracts of your company, within RecruiterInmail stub profile APIEnable all seats at your company/contract to export LinkedIn member profile information to the ATS, and create newcandidate records when memebers consent to share profile and contract informationced

Step 8Activate RSC in OracleTaleo Enterprise.a Go to the LinkedIn RecruiterSystem Connect page in OracleTaleo Click “Activate.”cRead the legal agreement andclick “I Agree.” A history is keptof the user who agrees to theterms, the time and date of theagreement, and the IP addressfrom which the agreement wasmade.RSC is now active and data synchronization ofrequisitions, candidates, and job applications willbegin. After initial setup synchronization is complete,a history event will be added confirming that thesynchronization is completed.Note: If the legacy Cross System Awareness servicewas enabled, this activation will automaticallydisable it.c

Step 9Position theLinkedIn MemberProfile column incandidate list.aThe link to the Profile Widget will appear automaticallyon the expanded view of the Job Submission and theGeneral Profile. For the candidate list formats, however, itmust be added manually in the configuration.a Go to “Configuration” “Recruiting Administration” “List Formats” Select alist format.b Add the “LinkedIn MemberProfile” column to eachlist format.b

aStep 10Grant permissions touse LinkedIn RSCThe activation in Step 9 will start the data exchange betweenOracle Taleo Enterprise and LinkedIn Recruiter. It doesn’t yetrelease the service to your users.aGo to “Configuration” “SmartOrg” “Administration” “User Types” Select a UserType “Recruiting” “Other.”bClick “Edit” to enter edit mode.cGrant the “Connect LinkedIn account to user”permission.dGrant the “Access the LinkedIn Profile Widget”bpermission.Please note: In order to enable the LinkedIn Profile Importfeature, you must navigate to Recruiter Settings and selectCompany Level Access.cAbout these permissions:Connect LinkedIn account to userGranting this permission will show the capability for arecruiter to tether their LinkedIn Recruiter seat to their TaleoEnterprise user account in Fluid Recruiting. This permissionshould only be granted to those users who have LinkedInRecruiter seat licenses granted to them.Access the LinkedIn Profile WidgetGranting this permission will show the LinkedIn ProfileWidget to end users in Taleo Enterprise. Depending on yourarrangements with LinkedIn, access to the LinkedIn ProfileWidget may be available to any user, or only those who havea LinkedIn Recruiter Seat.d

With LinkedIn Recruiter and Oracle TaleoEnterprise working together, you can:Products and insightstalent.linkedin.comGet the same candidate data in both Recruiter and Oracle Taleo Enterprise,saving you time and keeping you up to date wherever you’re workingConnect with us on LinkedInlinkedin.comView a candidate’s LinkedIn profile with Oracle Taleo Enterprise and easily seewhich candidates are already in your Oracle Taleo Enterprise accountGet startedapp.jazz.coSee all Recruiter notes and InMail messages in Oracle Taleo Enterprise for acomplete view of your candidate interactionsAutomatically create a profile within Oracle Taleo Enterprise when a candidateresponds to an InMail messageProducts and insightstalent.linkedin.comConnect with uslinkedin.comGet moresuccess.jazzhr.comhelp.linkedin.comLearn

Automatically create a profile within Oracle Taleo Enterprise when a candidate responds to an InMail message Products and insights Connect with us on LinkedIn Get started Learn more Products and insights With LinkedIn Recruiter and Oracle Taleo

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reflected in LinkedIn Recruiter until the 11/9 patch. For example, John Smith is a recruiter at Acme Co. who is constrained to the Sales division, and thus cannot see requisitions in the Engineering Division, nor application information from candidates who applied to requisitions in the Engineering division. John has access to LinkedIn Recruiter.

Connect your ATS with LinkedIn Recruiter to access candidate information, boost collaboration, and view more applicant data in both Recruiter and Lever without having to switch . Step 3 of 4 Link Lever seats. b c

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As a LinkedIn Recruiter administrator, you are responsible for managing user access to your Recruiter contract. This tip sheet will show you the basics of managing user access to Recruiter by using the Account Center. Role Types Role Capabilities Core Lic ense Permissions Dashboard .

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