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The definitiveblueprintto leadmanagementUUUHow to Manage& Nurture YourLeads to DriveMore SalesA publication of

2The definitive blueprint to lead managementThe definitive blueprint to lead management3IS THIS BOOK RIGHT FOR ME?Not quite sure if this ebook is right for you? See the below description to determine ifyour level matches the content you are about to read.INTRODUCTORYthe definitive blueprintto lead managementThis ebook!Introductory content is for marketers who are new to the subject.This content typically includes step-by-step instructions on howto get started with this aspect of inbound marketing and learn itsfundamentals. After reading it, you will be able to execute basicmarketing tactics related to the topic.INTERMEDIATEBy Meghan Keaney AndersonAs marketing manager for inbound marketingcompany HubSpot, Meghan is specializingin product definition and promotion. Shecame to HubSpot through the company’s2011 acquisition of Performable, a marketingautomation and analytics start-up.Intermediate content is for marketers who are familiar with theAt Performable, Meghan championed thesubject but have only basic experience in executing strategies andmarketing efforts, working to build thetactics on the topic. This content typically covers the fundamentalsPerformable brand and online presence.and moves on to reveal more complex functions and examples.After reading it, you will feel comfortable leading projects with thisaspect of inbound marketing.ADVANCEDFollow me on twitter@MeghKeaneyMeghan also teaches writing for masscommunication as an adjunct professor atBoston University’s College of Communication.Advanced content is for marketers who are, or want to be, expertson the subject. In it, we walk you through advanced features ofthis aspect of inbound marketing and help you develop completeShare This Ebook!mastery of the subject. After reading it, you will feel ready not onlyto execute strategies and tactics, but also to teach others how toShare This Ebook!be

4The definitive blueprint to lead managementHubSpot’s All-in-OneMarketing Software. brings your whole marketing world together in one, powerful, integrated system.Get Found: Help prospects find you onlineConvert: Nurture your leads and drive conversionsAnalyze: Measure and improve your marketingPlus more apps and integrationsRequest A DemoVideo OverviewU qLeadGenerationwww.Hubspot.comcontents5 Components of a lead management programM sEmail &AutomationSearchoptimizationg Y/8prospect tracking /11lead intelligenceLeadmanagementShare This Ebook!blogging &social media5The definitive blueprint to lead management/12lead scoring /18customer relationship managementlead nurturing/22/255 steps to setting up a lead nurturing campaign /36Finding a lead management system/45MarketinganalyticsShare This Ebook!

6The definitive blueprint to lead management7The definitive blueprint to lead managementIt makes your sales team more efficientand effective.What makes leadmanagementnecessary?Time is money, the saying goes. Walk into any active sales room and it’seasy to tell how time intensive most sales operations are. To make thosehours spent worthwhile, it’s important to ensure that your sales team is onlytalking to the most qualified leads. Lead management helps you filter out theunqualified leads and better understand the buying cycle of your good leads.It makes your marketing smarter andmore cost-efficientAt least50%of your leadsInbound marketers put out a lot of content on a regular basis. But how do youunderstand which content helped move the needle for your sales team? Leadmanagement enables you to identify which content and channels brought inyour best, most qualified leads so you can focus your marketing activities andaren’t sales-ready at their1stconversion.time on those.It creates a better experience forprospects and leads.In a lead management system, content delivered to leads is targeted andtailored to their interests. In addition, because lead management documentsPurchase decisions take time. In fact, research from Gleanster suggests that even when it comesleads’ full history of interactions with your company, leads don’t have toto qualified leads, more than 50% of leads aren’t ready to buy on the day they first convert on yourspend as much time educating your sales team about their interests. Salessite. You’ve put a lot of work into attracting leads, how you manage them after the conversion willand marketing are already aligned. The result is a much less fragmenteddetermine if that time was well spent.Share This Ebook!experience for your leads.www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

8The definitive blueprint to lead managementChapter 15 Componentsof a leadmanagementprogram9The definitive blueprint to lead management“Lead management spans theentire customer lifecycle, fromfirst interaction to most recentpurchase, and beyond.”Lead management is a strategy and set ofcorresponding tools that help you in guidingyour leads from their first interaction withyour company to the point of purchase, andbeyond. Most purchase decisions are madeover time and after a great deal of research.Your leads typically conduct product researchindependently of your company and acrossmany channels. Lead management, however,enables you to play a supporting role inthat research and know when a lead hasapproached a decision point.When done well, lead management makesyour marketing team more effective and yoursales team far more precise. In this chapter,we will cover the different components ofShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comsuccessful lead management.Share This Ebook!

10The definitive blueprint to lead management1stoftneonpmocntemenagameadl11The definitive blueprint to lead managementThe screenshot below is of HubSpot’s prospect tracking tool. As we already mentioned,through such a tool, you can see how many people from a given company have visited yoursite and what pages they collectively viewed. Tracking this data can help you determinewhich pieces of content to prioritize and what companies are likely to convert.Prospect IntelligenceLead management for B2B companies shouldactually begin before a lead ever fills out a form.Individual website visitors, who are still in thebrowsing stage, can actually tell you a great dealabout what content is attracting them to yourcompany. By using prospect tracking software, whichreports on the IP address of site visitors, you can alsoassociate anonymous visitors with the companiesthat host their computers.Such intelligence can help you learn when prospectsfrom ideal target companies are visiting your siteand give you a sense of the content that drew themin. This information can inform and guide both yourmarketing and sales approaches.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

12The definitive blueprint to lead management2ndoftneonpmocntemenagameadllead intelligence“Develop a profile for your leadwith the information providedand create a place to store allfuture interactions.A prospect converts into a lead by providing your companywith basic contact information and requesting informationof some sort. Once this happens, a lead managementstrategy really kicks into gear.helps you better understand thequality of your leads so that yourmakes your leads tick. What challenges are they facing?sales team can invest their timeWhat features or products are they interested in? Itwith only the most qualified buyers.begins by developing a profile for your lead with theStill not sure about all the benefitsinformation provided and creating a place to store all futureemerging from lead intelligence?interactions and data on that lead.Then keep reading to find out whatis what enables you to send more relevant, tailored”Information stored in this file alsoLead intelligence comes down to understanding whatThe information that gets stored as part of this profile13The definitive blueprint to lead managementvaluable information you can extractfrom your website visitors.communications that reflect your lead’s interests, ratherthan bombarding them with generic messages.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

14The definitive blueprint to lead managementEmails readWhat you can learnfrom lead intelligenceForms completedA completed form is the hand-raise of online interactions. It’s a moment whenyour lead has reached a decision point: He wants to learn more. She needs15The definitive blueprint to lead managementToday’s inboxes are flooded.SocialmediainteractionsThe topic of the email that yourNot every lead managementlead chose to read, amid all hissystem will be able to trackother messages and in the facesocial media interactions,of his bubbling-over inbox, tellsbut in an increasingly multi-you a lot about his interestschannel world, it’s important toand how important the subjectunderstand which leads of yoursmatter is to him.are active on social media.more information. He’d like to talk to someone about pricing. Pay close attentionto the topics that have led to that decision point. If it’s a download, make noteof the subject that has pulled their attention. If it’s a sales inquiry, how maturewas the decision? Had the lead seen the pricing page yet? Had they requestedinformation?Pages viewedWhile less definitive than the completion of a form, your leads’ page-view historycan tell you a lot about their interests and their readiness to buy.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

16The definitive blueprint to lead management3rdleadoftneonpmocntemegmanalead scoringThe definitive blueprint to lead management17Each of these scores go into a profile of your lead that helps you to determine when they areready to talk with a sales person. The longer a quality lead spends with your content and themore informed he or she gets, the more likely they’d be interested in hearing from you. Leadscoring takes thought and knowledge of your business operations to set up, but once its set, itshouldn’t take much day-to-day management.The good news about inbound marketing is that itcan attract high volumes of leads. The challenge thenbecomes, how do you separate the good, quality leads fromthe people who are just looking around?That’s where lead scoring comes in. With lead scoring youcan attach values to each of your leads based on theirprofessional information and the behavior they’ve displayedon your website.For example, you would likely rank a Vice President levellead who has spent time on both your product and pricingpage higher than an intern or coordinator level lead withthe same behavior. You might also rank one VP overanother if the first VP has demonstrated a higher level ofengagement on your site.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

18The definitive blueprint to lead managementThe definitive blueprint to lead management19step oneIDENTIFY YOUR IDEAL LEADQualifications from an inquiry form:steps forsuccessfullead scoringJob titleCompany sizeCompany typeActivity level:Number of pages viewed.Number of forms completed(content downloaded or inquiries made)Type of interest:Requested a demo or specific information.Viewed certain type of productTop of the funnel interest (e.g. content) vs. middle of thefunnel interest (e.g. pricing and packaging)Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

20The definitive blueprint to lead managementstep twoset point valuesYou can set any point value you’d like, but typically you want to stick to a 0 to21The definitive blueprint to lead managementstep threedETERMINE WHAT SCORE MAKESSOMEONE “SALES READY”Remember, the point of lead scoring is two-fold :100 scale and weigh the points in relation to how telling they are about a lead’sreadiness to talk to sales and prevent harassing leads before they’re ready to buyLets say, for example, your ideal lead is a decision maker at ato maximize the efficiency of your sales team.medium-to-large company (500 to 1500 employees). You havefound in the past that before buying, leads have typically seenat least five pages of your website, viewed the pricing page,and downloaded some content. In other words, they’ve doneenough research to talk through a decision. You would weighOnce you set scores for each of the lead qualification categories listed above, decideat which point a total score would validate sending them to your sales team for aconversation. It helps to look at past lead activity when determining this figure, so youknow what has historically led to sales conversions.each of these qualifications or activities more heavily thanothers.A company with 800 employees might get ten points, where as a company with20 would get one, and a lead that lists “student” might get negative points.Same goes for someone who has downloaded multiple ebooks vs none.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

22The definitive blueprint to lead management4thfnt oenocomp entemganamdae23The definitive blueprint to lead managementkey definitionslcrm integrationAnother key component of successful lead management is the integrationof your marketing software and your customer relationship managementCRM is a customer relationshipmanagement sofware. It manages acompany’s interactions with customers,clients and sales prospects(CRM) software. Why does this matter so much? Integrating the twosystems will enable you to bridge the gap between marketing and salesstrategy and achieve what many marketers refer to as closed-loopreporting.Closed loop reporting is a view of your entire marketing funnel, from theAn API (aka Application ProgramingInterface) is a documented interfacethat allows one software application tointeract with another application.campaigns and channels that first brought prospects to your company totheir most recent point of sale.Achieving a closed loop view is important for marketers because it tellsthem which of their efforts resulted in customer acquisition, a criticalmetric to making future marketing investments. For sales it enables themto see a lead’s full history of interactions and interests before talking toClosed loop reporting is a view of your entiremarketing funnel, from the campaigns andchannels that first brought prospects to yourcompany to their most recent point of sale.them. This, in turn, significantly warms up the sales call.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

24The definitive blueprint to lead managementAnatomy of a lead profileThe screenshot below is of HubSpot’s lead intelligence tool and should giveyou a more concrete idea of what the information in a lead profile can looklike. As mentioned earlier, lead intelligence includes data about a lead’sThe definitive blueprint to lead management255tht ofnenopmoctnemgeanaead mllead nurturingpage views, downloads, emails and other interactions on your website.As a lead management tactic, lead nurturing is allabout understanding the nuances of your leads’ timingand needs. By getting these details right, you setLEAD DATA: NAMETITLESOCIAL MEDIA INFOCRM FILESTATUSyourself up for success.Take a look at your lead intelligence, If it typicallytakes your leads a month to make a purchasingdecision, then make sure you’re spreading out yourcommunications to keep them engaged throughoutthe month. By taking this approach, you also save yoursales organization time by sending them only the mostqualified, well-informed leads.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comhistory ofinteractions,including: pages readdOWNLOADSeMAILSoTHER INTERACTIONSShare This Ebook!

26The definitive blueprint to lead managementLead nurturingis more effective27The definitive blueprint to lead managementBasic Lead Nurturing CampaignBasic lead nurturing involves a tightly connected series of emails with a coherentpurpose and an abundance of useful, relevant contentRelevance matters in a world of inboxoverload. That’s why targeted lead nurturingmedian Click through(CTR) ratesAt a minimum, you should know why you have their email address. Did theyconvert on an ebook A or webinar B? Did they put their business card in youremails tend to be more effective than typicalfish bowl at conference C? Make sure your nurturing campaign is related toemail campaign.The average click throughthis initial topic that drew them to you.rate of a lead nurturing campaign email is8%, compared with 3% for a standard email.We’ve even seen click through rates as2high as 24% for some HubSpot customers.The best way to target your lead nurturingwebinar Ontopic Xemails is to base the series closely on theinitial download or inquiry that the leadmade. If someone downloaded an eBookor other content offer, your lead nurturingseries should provide additional informationabout that topic and not rush into pushingyour product or service. The point of leadnurturing is to gradually educate the leadand address unanswered questions they may13Whitepaper Ontopic Xdemo tailored totopic Xhave before talking to your sales team.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comstandard email 3%Lead Nurturing 8%Share This Ebook!

28The definitive blueprint to lead managementYou might have made educated guesses about which types of content yoursubscribers will be interested in, but you can also check if your approach waseffective. Monitor clicks and see what content pieces resonate better with yourrecipients. This will allow you to improve your lead nurturing campaigns.Update your emails as things change. Your industry isn’t static, your offers aren’tstatic, and your lead nurturing shouldn’t be static either. Make sure you updateyour lead nurturing campaigns on a regular basis to keep them relevant andinteresting.29The definitive blueprint to lead managementtipStart witheducational contentOne of the best ways to warm a lead up is to help them learn more about yourcompany through content designed to educate rather than sell. On the next pageyou will find the first email in HubSpot’s SEO-related lead nurturing campaign.This message gets sent to any lead that converts on an offer associated withsearch engine optimization. The email seeks to be useful and engaging withoutbeing sales-oriented. We consider it a successful example of a lead nurturingemail because it has resulted in a 18.61% CTR.We have incorporated industry best practices in designing this email. Forinstance, we have:A clear branding elementSocial media sharing and following linksone strong call-to-actiona personal signatureShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

30The definitive blueprint to lead management31The definitive blueprint to lead managementnurturing campaign. Can you spot all the industry best practices weBehavior-Based Lead Nurturingmentioned on the previous page?Often called marketing automation, behavior-based lead nurturing enables aHere is a screenshot of the first email in HubSpot’s SEO-related leadcompany to automatically trigger an email, alert or other communication based onreal-time customer behavior. This behavior extends beyond the form-completiontriggers of basic lead nurturing to encompass page views and other onlineinteractions with your company both on and off your website.“It extends beyond the formcompletion triggers of basic leadnurturing to encompass page viewsand other online interactions.”The goal of behavior-based lead nurturing is to respond to leads and customers astheir needs arise and change. The characteristics of a behavior-based lead nurturingsystem include:Customer-determined timingIn a basic lead nurturing program, your marketing teamdetermines the cadence and schedule of your email drips.In a behavior-based program, email sends are dependenton the lead and his or her completion of certain actions.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

32The definitive blueprint to lead management33The definitive blueprint to lead managementSegmentation based on behaviorTriggers on positive and negative interactionsRather than segmenting your audience by title or company size, behavior-Finally, unlike basic lead nurturing, behavior-based lead nurturing orbased automation groups recipients by their interests, as determined bymarketing automation can also trigger emails based on actions that a leadthe content they view and the actions they take. You can create segmentsdidn’t take. For example, if a lead downloaded your ebook and viewed yourof highly engaged leads, leads interested in topic X, leads with high socialpricing page but has NOT yet requested a activity, and so on.MultichannelThe other big difference between basic and behavior-driven lead nurturingprograms is that some behavior-driven tools, like HubSpot, can bring inrelated lead activity from social media. So not only can you email someonewhen they download an ebook, if you’d like you can thank them formentioning it on Twitter, or alert your sales team when they do.MobileShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comandmoreEmailTwitterShare This Ebook!

34“The definitive blueprint to lead managementWhether you’re starting a basic ora behavior-based lead nurturingcampaign you need to figure outwhich tools you’re going to use.”The definitive blueprint to lead managementWhen you’re choosing lead nurturing software that’sright for you, make sure you ask these questions:Whether you’re starting a basic or a behavior-basedIs the tool easy to setup and manage? (Can I run itlead nurturing campaign, you need to figure out whichmyself, or do I need to hire a consultant?)tools you’re going to use. That means choosing thesoftware that will run your campaign, the software thatwill define the contacts you want to send to, the emailsyou want to send, and the events that you want totrigger those emails.At HubSpot, we use our own HubSpot lead nurturingsoftware. HubSpot lead nurturing software is a corepart of all of our inbound marketing software packages,35Does the software help you grow your contact list? Oris it just resending emails to the same increasinglystale list?Does the software integrate easily into the rest ofyour inbound marketing software? Your website?Your blogging software? Your landing pages? Yoursocial media? Your SEO tools?making it an easy and powerful option.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

36The definitive blueprint to lead managementChapter 25 steps tosettingup a leadnurturingcampaign37The definitive blueprint to lead management“There are certain steps you needto follow in order to ensure theefficiency of your emails.”You probably already have some ideas aboutlead nurturing campaigns that you can launch toshorten the sales cycle of your leads and boostconversions. So how do you get started?Setting up a lead nurturing campaign is not ascience. However, there are certain steps youneed to follow in order to ensure the efficiencyof your emails. For instance, you shouldn’t bepummeling recipients with sales pitches. Instead,you should start out by sending useful, lowcommitment information with content-based callsto-action. Gradually, you will introduce a middleof-the-funnel call-to-action that is tightly related toyour initial point of contact.In this section, we will review the step-by-step process of setting upShare This Ebook!www.Hubspot.coma lead nurturing campaign and highlight some best practices alongthe way.Share This Ebook!

38The definitive blueprint to lead management39The definitive blueprint to lead managementDetermine Your Goalselect a personaThe first step is to determine your goal, which will direct your entire campaign:The second step is to decide who you are trying to reach.audience, content, and success metrics.What problem are you helpingthem solve?Are you trying to reawaken cold leads?Increase lead quality? Generate new leads?This is key for helping you create the content for your leadBefore you set the goal of your lead nurturing campaign, you should decide whatnurturing campaign. Your persona should be a pretty vividactions make a lead sales-ready. For example, if someone downloads a whitepaper,picture of who you’re ideally trying to reach. Go as far as givingthey could just be doing research and may not be ready to speak with a sales rep.them a name, a job, responsibilities, and hobbies. If you haven’tTherefore, you should add them to a lead nurturing campaign that further qualifiescreated your buyer persona yet, follow the steps outlined in thisthem. If that person comes back and requests a demo, that’s a much betterblog post.indication that they are ready to buy. Now you can send them to a sales rep.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.com12Share This Ebook!

40The definitive blueprint to lead management41The definitive blueprint to lead managementre-purpose existing contentset up a timelineNow that you’ve decided what makes a person sales-ready, you can choose whichYour business has a typical sales cycle, and so should your leadcontent you should send to your fresh leads. As you might have figured by now, contentnurturing campaigns. Typically, it’s a good idea to send two to threeis a key piece of lead nurturing. Just because someone converts on your website,emails to your prospects in a lead nurturing campaign.doesn’t mean you should jump straight into sending them an email about requesting a75% of leads buy within 18-24 months.quote or a demo. You need to nurture them through the sales funnel first to make themreadier to buy.This means you might want to space out your emails monthly. WithInstead of pitching your product as thegreatest thing ever, you should first offervalue.lead nurturing, patience is a virtue. It’s important to remember not toExamples of valuable offers include videos, webinars, ebooks, blog posts, andwhitepapers. You don’t have to create new content for your lead nurturing emails. If youhave a backlog of content, utilize those assets. If they’ve been successful at convertingleads in the past, there’s a high chance the leads you’re nurturing now will find value inthem, too.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.com3rush into the sale. Instead, let it take its natural course.Don’t be afraid to experiment with different times and see whatresonates with your audience best. For example, if your typical cycleruns 30 days, you may want to set up a campaign for emails to be sentout on the 1st, 10th, and 20th days after a conversion.SOURCE: MarketingSherpa4Share This Ebook!

42The definitive blueprint to lead managementmeasure & improveThe last step in setting up a lead nurturing campaign is to ensure theaccurate tracking of your emails. You need to make sure you know what’s43The definitive blueprint to lead managementsuccess story:lead nurturing helps a staffingagency get ‘Ready-to-Buy’ Leadsworking and what’s not so you can continue to improve.Have metrics in place that tie to yourgoals set in step one.Looking to drive branding and awareness? Measure branded search ordirect traffic to your website. Looking to increase lead quality? Measurequality conversions or lead ratings over time. Interested in generating newleads or email opt-ins? Measure how you’re growing your database fromyour lead nurturing efforts.“If we didn’t have lead nurturingI think we’d miss out on a lot ofgreat opportunities. People needa lot of information before they’reready to commit.As your campaigns run, make sure to experiment with the offers you send,the subject lines, and the calls-to-action found within the email. There’salways room to improve your campaign.Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comRebecca McNeil,Marketing Director, Aclipse”Share This Ebook!

44The definitive blueprint to lead managementThe definitive blueprint to lead management45Aclipse is a staffing agency that connects enthusiastic college graduateswith the best teaching jobs in Asia. Before starting lead nurturing Aclipse hadChapter 3trouble attracting talent that was ‘ready to buy.’ Aclipse solved this problemFinding a leadmanagementsystemwith a comprehensive inbound marketing campaign, including lead nurturing(they used HubSpot lead nurturing tools).Rebecca McNeil, Aclipse’s marketing director, explainsthe results: “Landing pages and lead nurturingcampaigns enable us to reach out to people who areclearly interested in teaching English overseas eventhough they haven’t actually completed the applicationyet. If we didn’t have lead nurturing I think we’d missout on a lot of great opportunities. People need a lot ofinformation before they’re ready to commit.”Share This Ebook!www.Hubspot.comShare This Ebook!

46“The definitive blueprint to lead managementDoing lead management rightrequires the right mix of skill andtechnology.”47The definitive blueprint to lead managementEnsure that lead importis a possibilityLead management should be the common thread that runs through your marketingNot all leads come from online inquiries. Trade shows, tweet-ups andand sales program. Done correctly, lead management not only speeds up your salesother in-person events still play a role in connecting leads to your salesprocess by helping move leads through your marketing funnel, but it also makesteams. Even though most lead management systems are based aroundtheir experience less fragmented and more reflective of their interests and interactions, you should be able to import leads into your leadTo that end, look for a lead management system that is fully integrated into all ofmanagement system from off-line events andyour other marketing tools, from your top-of-the-funnel lead generation activities toother sources.your marketing analytics and CRM systems.In fact, leads that come in through in-personRemember, technology is only part of the picture. Even with the best leadevents may have different needs and contactmanagement software systems, gettin

12 THe DefINITIVe bLueprINT To LeAD MANAgeMeNT THe DefINITIVe bLueprINT To LeAD MANAgeMeNT 13 www.HubSpoT.coM www.HubSpoT.coM Share This ebook Share This ebook LeAD INTeLLIgeNce A prospect converts into a lead by providing your company with basic contact information and requesting information of some sort. once this happens, a lead management

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