Volume 1, Issue 3 Newsletter Of The Judiciary Of The State Of Louisiana .

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VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3NEWSLETTER OF THE JUDICIARY OF THE STATE OF LOUISIANA1ST CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEAL JUDGE JOHN MICHAEL GUIDRYENCOURAGED STUDENTS AT CEDARCREST-SOUTHMOOR SCHOOL1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge John Michael could be and to makeGuidry was the guest speaker of Ms. Laura M. a positive contributionDisedare’s class at Cedarcrest-Southmoor Elementary t o s o c i e t y. J u d g eG u i d r y e n c ou rage dthe 5th grade class tostay in school and toldthem the importanceof education. Heinformed them oft h e m a ny d i ffe re n tcareer paths availableto them and shared1st Circuit Court of Appeal Judge John Michael Guidryhis personal storypictured with students at Cedarcrest-Southmoor.of becoming a judgeSchool. Judge Guidry taught the students about the a g a i n s t t h e o d d s .Judicial System, the perils of making bad choices andhow bad choices could entangle them in the criminaljustice system. He challenged them to be all they1st Circuit Court of Appeal JudgeJohn Michael Guidry presents tostudents at Cedarcrest-Southmoor.1st Circuit Court of AppealJudge John Michael Guidryand Principal Yoland BurnetteLankford.1ST JDC JUDGES KATHERINE DORROH & KARELIA STEWARTENGAGED STUDENTS IN A LESSON ON THE BILL OF RIGHTS1(l-r) 1st JDC Judge Katherine Dorroh; Mr.Jimmy Benton, teacher; 1st JDC JudgeKarelia Stewart; and Mr. Bryant, AssistantPrincipal of Rusheon Middle School.st Judicial District CourtJudges Katherine C. Dorrohand Karelia R. Stewart teamedup for a visit to Rusheon MiddleSchool. They instructed on theUnited States Constitution withan emphasis on the Bill of Rights.The visit was coordinated withMr. Jimmy Benton, a teacherat Rusheon Middle, and waspresented to two 7th gradeclasses.Rusheon Middle School students with Mr.Jimmy Benton, teacher (seated front) and 1stJDC Judges Karelia Stewart and KatherineDorroh (seated rear).

LOUISIANA SUPREME COURT JUSTICES HOSTEDHOMER A. PLESSY COMMUNITY SCHOOL STUDENTSLouisiana Supreme Court Justices host Homer PlessyCommunity School students: (l-r) Justice William J. Crain,Justice Piper D. Griffin, Chief Justice John L. Weimer,Justice Jay B. McCallum, and Justice James T. Genovese.Students from Homer Plessy CommunitySchool were invited to the Chief Justice PascalF. Calogero, Jr. Courthouse for a book reading byLouisiana Supreme Court Justices. This is thesecond year the school has attended in honorof Black History Month. Present to hostthe 70 2nd grade students and 7 adultswereLouisiana Supreme Court ChiefJustice John L. Weimer, Justice James T.Genovese, Justice William J. Crain, JusticeJay B. McCallum, and Justice Piper D. Griffin.Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice JohnL. Weimer interacts with Homer PlessyCommunity School students.Louisiana Supreme Court Justice James T.Genovese talks to Homer Plessy CommunitySchool students.2The school,namedforNew Orleanscivilrightsa c t i v i s tHomerA.Plessy,islocatedintheFrenchQuarter nearthe SupremeCourt. ChiefJ u s t i c eW e i m e rwelcomed thestudents byintroducingthe Justiceswhowerepresentandidentifyingthe districthe or sheserves.Heinformedthem of therole of theLouisianaSupremeCourtandthe judiciary.After readinga book about(l-r) Louisiana Supreme Court JusticeT h u r g o o d William J. Crain, Chief Justice John L.Marshall the Weimer(seated), and Law Library ofJustices each Louisiana Director Miriam Childs.participatedin a Q&A session with the inquisitive-youngstudents. The Justices were informative andentertaining. They answered questions rangingfrom the historical significance of “fasces” in thecourtroom to the lighter subject of “what are theirages?” whichendedinastanzaof ently(l-r) Louisiana Supreme Court Justice JaycelebratedB. McCallum and Law Library of Louisianaher birthday.Director Miriam Childs.The studentstook picturesin front of the historic courthouse and with theJusticesinside thecour troomb e f o r etaking thepleasantstroll backtotheirschool, justblocks away.Due to the (l-r) Louisiana Supreme Court Justicepartnership William J. Crain(seated), Justice PiperGriffin and Law Library of Louisianawiththe D.Director Miriam Childs.BoardofElementary and Secondary Education and theLouisiana Department of Education, a digitalrecording of the reading will be shared withelementary schools statewide.

LOUISIANA SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SCOTT J. CRICHTON & 2NDJUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE WALTER MAYSPOKE AT HOMER HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTSLLouisiana Supreme CourtJustice Scott J. Crichton and2nd JDC Judge Walter Mayvisit Homer High School.Photo by: Jacquelyn Tripp of TheGuardian-Journal.ouisiana Supreme CourtJustice Scott J. Crichtonand 2nd Judicial DistrictCourt Judge Walter Mayrecently spoke to HomerHighSchoolstudents.Using Justice Crichton’s“Crime,Consequencesand the Power of Choice”program they appliedcivic instruction to reallife experiences.JudgeMay, a former classmateofLouisianaSupremeCourt Chief Justice JohnL. Weimer, touted theChief Justice’s passion forpromoting the nitiativeand that more judgeswere visiting schools totalk to students.In his introduction,Judge May summarized2nd JDC Judge Walter MayJustice Crichton’s careerinteracts with students.Photo by:Jacquelyn Tripp of The Guardian-Journal. serving 24 years at the1st JDC and 7 years onthe Supreme Court bench. He explained JusticeCrichton’s determination to teach studentsthroughout the state about the power of rightchoices and that the two were present becausethey care about the students.Justice Crichton shared his life experiences asa son of a Minden hardware store owner whoplanned his matriculation through school to thelegal profession, choices young Scott Crichtonand his brother did not question. After attending2public school for 8 years,he moved to a boardingschool in Tennessee. Heattended Webb School, andLouisiana State University(LSU) before attendingLSU Law School; this wasplanned by his dad, Mr.Tom Crichton. JusticeCrichton commented thatif he could do it, so couldthey, with education andrightchoices.Justice Louisiana Supreme CourtScott J. CrichtonCrichton’s talk began with Justicespeaks at Homer Highhis recollection of a minor School. Photo by: Jacquelyn Trippbeing tried as an adult, who of The Guardian-Journal.stood in his courtroomyears ago; he had madea wrong choice to breakthe law. This experienceinspired Justice Crichtonto seek to deter youngpeople from makingbad decisions throughthis program. He talkedabout how laws are madePolice Chief Van McDaniel,and enforced, principals HomerLouisiana Supreme Court Justiceand accessories in law, Scott J. Crichton, 2nd JDC Judgeand how minors could Walter May and Claiborne ParishJuror Tommy Sanders.be tried as adults in a PolicePhoto by: Jacquelyn Tripp of Thecourt of law.Guardian-Journal.Judge May discussed the branches of governmentand introduced Homer Police Chief Van McDaniel.Justice Crichton spoke about voting, participatingin criminal activity, illegal drugs, DWIs, sex crimes,electronic crimes, possession, road rage, andguns. Justice Crichton and Judge May reiteratedthat each individual has the power to decide hisfuture by making the right choices.CRAWFORD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL RECEIVED A VISITFROM 2ND JUDICIAL DISTRICT JUDGE WALTER MAYnd Judicial District Court Judge WalterMay visited Crawford Elementary School tospeak to two 5th grade classes.Judge May chose the topic of citizenship toeducate the students on positive behavior andbullying, an issue encountered by many students.The visit was coordinated with Mr. EdwinMason, a 5th grade teacher. Approximately 26students were in attendance.2nd JDC Judge WalterMay teaches CrawfordElementary School students.2nd JDC Judge Walter Mayand Crawford ElementarySchool teacher, Mr. Mason.3

LOUISIANA SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN L. WEIMERINSTRUCTS E.D. WHITE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTSLouisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice JohnL. Weimer visited Mr. Blaine Hymel’s classat E.D. White Catholic High School and sharedanecdotes of his career path to the LouisianaSupreme Court.Justice Weimer encouraged students to embracecivic education. He discussed the Federal andState Judicial Branches with an emphasis on theroles of Justices and Judges. The presentationwas taped and shown to additional classes.Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice John L. Weimer instructsE.D. White Catholic High School students.3RD JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT CHIEF JUDGE BRUCE HAMPTONTEACHES STUDENTS ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION3RD Judicial District Court Chief JudgeBruce E. Hampton visited Cedar CreekSchool to speak to 12th grade students.Addressing students poised for matriculationfrom student to adulthood, Judge Hamptonspoke about the history of the U. S.Constitution and the rights it affords everyU.S. citizen. He discussed the role Federalistsand Anti-Federalists played in developingthe Amendments to the Constitution. JudgeHampton collaborated with Mr. TimothySmith, the students’ teacher, to schedule thevisit. 26 students were in attendance.43rd JDC Chief Judge Bruce E. Hampton discussedthe U. S. Constitution with Cedar Creek Schoolstudents.3rd JDC Chief Judge Bruce E. Hampton and a portion ofhis presentation.3rd JDC Court Chief Judge Bruce E. Hamptonpresents to students at Cedar Creek School.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS JOINED 4TH JUDICIAL DISTRICTCOURT JUDGE SHARON MARCHMAN TO TEACH A CIVICS SESSION4th Judicial District Court Judge SharonI. Marchman teamed up with governmentofficials to teach a civics lesson to studentsat Joseph S. Clark Magnet School. JudgeMarchman expounded on the Judicial Branchand helped the students present a mock trial,complete with jury deliberations. Present withthe judge were State Representative District 17Patricia “Pat” Moore and Monroe City AttorneyAngie Sturdivant. Representative Moorediscussed the Legislative Branch and guidedthe students through the process of passinga bill. Ms. Sturdivant brought additionalcity employees who represented differentdepartments in city government, such as thepolice, fire, parks and recreation, and garbagecollection departments. Judge Marchmanobserved how prepared students were, thanksto the efforts of their teacher, Ms. AshtonSpillers, who had recently concluded a lessonon Separation of Powers.4th JDC Judge SharonMarchman presentsat J.S. Clark Magnet School.J.S. Clark Magnet Schoolstudent dresses as a judgefor a mock trial.Dist. 17 Rep. Patricia Moorespeaks to J.S. Clark Magnet Schoolstudents.J.S. Clark Magnet School studentsas members of city government(rear) look on.14TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE KENDRICK GUIDRYVISITED FIVE SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSES14th JDC Judge Kendrick J. Guidryvisited F.K. White Middle School andwas invited to return for a second visit. Onhis initial visit he conducted three separatepresentations to Ms. Victoria Kelley’s 6th GradeAdvanced World History Classes. By invitation,he returned to meet with Ms. Melissa Miller’s7th grade Social Studies classes. The visityielded a total of five separate presentationsfor classes. Judge Guidry discussed a briefhistory of law, government structure, the 4th,5th, and 6th Amendments, judicial duties andhow the judiciary functions.14th JDC Judge Kendrick Guidry visits F.K.White Middle School, and Ms. VictoriaKelley’s 6th grade classroom.14th JDC Judge Kendrick Guidry and F.K. White MiddleSchool students.14th JDC Judge Kendrick Guidry visits F.K.White Middle School’s Ms. Melissa Miller’s7th grade classroom.14th JDC Judge Kendrick Guidrypresents to F.K. White Middle Schoolstudents.5

6TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE LAURIE BRISTERHOSTS STUDENTS IN THE COURT AND VISITS THEIR SCHOOL6th Judicial District Court Chief JudgeLaurie R. Brister partnered with PrincipalLisa Walters at Briarfield Academy to presentto elementary, junior high, and high schoolstudents. She invited the students to visit her atthe 6th JDC; she later held sessions with studentsat their school.Judge Brister’s courtroom visit includedparticipation from members of the Indigentseparate sessions in an effort to include all of thestudents in the school. Her lectures took placeon Polar Express Day at the school where theyounger students were allowed to wear pajamas,adding to the excitement of the day. Judge Bristerexpressed, “It was such an enjoyable time,” andmade plans with Principal Walters to return to theschool in the spring of 2022 to teach 9th through12th grade students about trials and the judicialprocess.Defender Board, District Attorney’s Office, and EastCarroll Parish Sheriff’s Department. Judge Bristerlater visited Briarfield Academy and hosted 4Douglas Busari, IDB Lawyer; Jami Crews, IDBLawyer; Anita Mack, ADA; John Hogue ChiefPublic Defender (behind the bar), IDB; 6th JDCJudge Laurie Brister, Deputy Greg Campbell,East Carroll Parish Sheriff ’s Department andDeputy Tystin White, (behind Deputy Campbell)East Carroll Parish Sheriff ’s Department.6th JDC Judge Laurie Brister visits Briarfield Academy to present acivics education lesson to all students.15TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE VALERIE GOTCHGARRETT VISITS OVEY COMEAUX HIGH SCHOOL15th Judicial District Court Judge ValerieGotch Garrett received accolades fromOvey Comeaux High School’s Social StudiesDepartment Chair Darlene Scott following hervisit to the school. Ms. Scott said, “She (JudgeGarrett) was fantastic! Please have her backevery year!” Judge Garrett visited on December3 and December 7, 2021, and discussed stategovernment with 62 9th and 10th grade students.615th JDC Judge Valerie Gotch Garrett speaks to studentsat Ovey Comeaux High School.

9TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGES PATRICIA KOCH &GREG BEARD VISITED ALEXANDRIA AREA SCHOOLS9th Judicial District Court Judge Patricia E.Koch coordinated visits to Alexandria areaschools. Judge Koch and 9th JDC Judge GregBeard along withhelp from membersof Judge Koch’s staffhostedmultiplepresentationsatHoly Savior MenardSchool,BuckeyeJunior High School,9th JDC Judge Patricia Kochand Buckeye Seniorpresents at Holy Savior MenardHigh School. JudgeSchool.Koch’s staff memberswho assisted in thepresentationswere9th JDC CriminalStaff Attorney AllieNowlin, 9th JDC CourtAdministrator HopeLaFleur,HearingOffice Penny Tullos,and Law Clerk ColinMunn.9th JDC Judge Greg Beardpresents at Holy Savior MenardSchool.Judge Koch prepared aPowerPoint presentationon the United States Constitution, which includedexplanations of the Preamble, Bill of Rights, andthe delineation of the Powers of Government,culminating in details on the judiciary, the courts,and an invitation to visit the 9th JDC. Judge Beardbrought civil and criminal handbooks to showthe students how much information is containedinthosebooks.In an additionalpresentation, JudgeKochdiscussedhow laws are madeand used a studentinvolvedexercisedevelopedfrom(l-r) 9th JDC Law Clerk ColintheFloridaMunn, 9th JDC Criminal StaffJudicialSystemAttorney, Allie Nowlin, and9th JDC Judge Patricia Koch atentitled “No AnimalsBuckeye Junior High School.onCampus”toillustrate how lawsare made and theimportanceoffollowing rules andlaws in society.Followingthesevisits, Judge Kochmade an additional9th JDC Judge Patricia Kochand 9th JDC Law Clerk Colinvisit to MontessoriEducational Center.She gave an oralpresentation to students on the local court systemand how it operates.ORLEANS PARISH CRIMINAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGERHONDA GOODE-DOUGLAS VISITED SHERWOOD FOREST SCHOOLOrleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Rhonda Goode-Douglas addressed students atSherwood Forest School. Judge Goode-Douglas spoke on the three branches of government. Sheexplained how government works on the local and federal level, and how laws affect the lives of allcitizens of the United States.Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Rhonda Goode-Douglas interacts with SherwoodForest School students.7

40TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGES HOSTEDTHE COURT’S FIRST VIRTUAL LAW DAYStudents of St. John the Baptist Parish Schoolswere the invited guests of the 40th JudicialDistrict Court’s first-ever virtual Law Day. 40thJDC Chief Judge J. Sterling Snowdy, Judge VercellF. Fiffie, and Judge Nghana Lewis hosted the eventvia Zoom. Chief Judge Snowdy explained thetheme “How to Deal with Haters, CyberbullyingNO MORE!”, and joined Judge Vercell F. Fiffiefor a discussion with the students on how thelaw applies to all aspects of our lives and howimportant it is to adhere to the law. Judge NghanaLewis discussed laws that address anti-bullyingand the consequences that occur when one doesnot follow them. She explained the role socialmedia and text messaging play in bullying andencouraged students to be mindful of online/virtual images and how what is posted canimpact one’s future goals. Judge Lewis shared herpersonal childhood experience with bullying andused the acronym, G.R.A.C.E.: Goals, Respect,Accountability, Choice, and Energy to encourageresponsible behavior.A longer version of this article previously appeared in theLouisiana Bar Journal, August/September 2021 issue, apublication of the Louisiana State Bar Association.(l-r) 40th JDC Judges J. Sterling Snowdy, NghanaLewis, and Vercell F. Fiffie.40th JDC Judges J. Sterling Snowdy, Nghana Lewis, andVercell F. Fiffie host the court’s first virtual Law Day2021.ORLEANS PARISH CIVIL DISTRICT COURT JUDGEJENNIFER MEDLEY SPOKE ON CIVIL RIGHTS & SOCIAL JUSTICEOrleans Parish Civil District Court JudgeJennifer Medley spoke to students at RobertRussa Moten Charter School. After coordinatngwith Mr. Austin Sonnier, a teacher at the school,Judge Medley spoke to an audience of 200 5th-Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Jennifer Medleyaddresss student at Robert Russa Moten Charter School.88th grade students on civil rights, the branchesof government and issues pertaining to socialjustice. Judge Medley expressed what a delight itwas to get out into the community and interactwith the students.Robert Russa Moten Charter School students listenintently as Orleans Parish Civil District Court JudgeJennifer Medley speaks.

BATON ROUGE CITY COURT JUDGE JOHNELL MATTHEWSVISITED ROSENWALD ELEMENTARY SCHOOLBaton Rouge City Court Judge Johnell M.Matthews visited Rosenwald ElementarySchool to present a civic education programto students. Judge Matthews shared aspectsof Louisiana law. At the teachers’ request, sheStudents listen intently as Baton Rouge CityCourt Judge Johnell Matthews discusses the law.discussed returning to assist them in establishinga mediation program. Judge Matthewssays the program can be useful in trainingstudents to appropriately handle conflict.Baton Rouge City Court Judge Johnell Matthewsspeaks to Rosenwald Elementary Schoolstudents.MINDEN CITY COURT SENIOR JUDGE SHERB SENTELL, IIISUPPORTS CIVIC LEARNING AT GLENBROOK SCHOOLMinden City Court Senior Judge SherbSentell, III visited Glenbrook School tointeract with both the junior and senior classes.He utilized Louisiana Supreme Court Justice ScottJ. Crichton’s “Crime, Consequences and the Powerof Choice” program as a foundation to teachinformation on 1st Amendment Rights, SocialMedia, Sexting and Cyberbullying.Minden City Court Judge Sherb Sentell, IIIspeaks to Glenbrook School students.Dr. Naomi Coyle, Assistant Headmaster inCharge of Instruction for Glenbrook Schoolcommented “Judge Sentell’s presentation wassensational. The students not only enjoyed hispresentation but also learned a lot.” Judge Sentellsaid he looks forward to visiting the studentsagain. Judge Sentell expressed, “It is a pleasure toget the opportunity to help support civic learningin schools, especially during the pandemic.”Minden City Court Senior Judge Sherb Sentell,III interacts with Glenbrook School students.9

IN MEMORIAMT COURT JUDGE CHRISTOPHERCIRTSIDASSAJUDICIAL DU1984 - 202219TH19TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE CHRISTOPHER DASSAUVISITED PARK RIDGE ACADEMIC MAGNET SCHOOL19th Judicial District Court Judge Christopher R. Dassau visited Park Ridge Academic MagnetSchool in September 2021. Judge Dassau passed away in January of 2022 and is remembered forhis committment to serve his community. Judge Dassau is pictured below with students from his schoolvisit.19th JDC Judge Christopher Dassau interacting with students at Park Ridge Academic Magnet School.WINNFIELD CITY COURT SENIOR JUDGE KEITH GATESVISITED WINNFIELD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLWinnfield City Court Senior Judge Keith Gatespresented to 65 9th and 10th grade studentsat Winnfield Senior High School. He coordinatedthe visit with Principal Jane Griffin and Mr. RonaldParks who is a teacher at the school. Judge Gates’topic of discussion was Federalism.Winnfield City Court Judge Keith Gates speaks to studentsat Winnfield Senior High School.10

34TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT JUDGE JEANNE JUNEAUHOSTED JOSEPH DAVIES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS34th Judicial District Court Judge JeanneNunez Juneau invited 67 4th gradestudents from Joseph Davies ElementarySchool to the 34th JDC. Accompanied by theirteachers, Ms. Brandy Tucker, Ms. Kelli Tinney,Ms. Jamie Schiro and Ms. Tara Sibal, the studentswere engaged and asked intelligent questionspertaining to the Court process. Judge Juneauwas able to reinforce their current lesson planregarding the branches of government and the34th JDC Judge Jeanne Nunez Juneauinstructs Joseph Davies ElementarySchool students.Constitution. In her role as Vice Chair of theCivics & Law Related Education Committee ofthe Louisiana District Judges Association andin participation in the Judges in the Classroom/Students in the Courtroom initiative, JudgeJuneau says she is “is enjoying the opportunityto provide the children with an inside view ofthe legal process while reinforcing the lessonsthey are learning in school.” She has scheduledadditional dates with other classes.34th JDC Judge Jeanne Nunez Juneau with Joseph Davies Elementary Schoolstudents.LAW DAY IS MAY 1, 2022 - TIME TO PLAN ACTIVITIESLaw Day was first established by President Dwight D.Eisenhower in 1958 as a day to honor the governance of law.In 1961 Congress designated May 1 as Law Day, a nationalday set aside to celebrate the rule of law and the role it playsin society. Today in Louisiana and throughout the nation,Law Day provides the opportunity to celebrate the rule of lawand understand how law and the legal process protects ourliberty, strives to achieve justice and contributes to freedomsthat all Americans share.1As the day approaches, the Judges in the Classroom/Students in the Courtr oom initiativewill turn toward celebrating and honoring Law Day. Judges are encouraged to use the Law Daytheme as a basis to share with students how the Constitution has been the foundation for theperseverance toward a more perfect union using the rule of law in the United States. That factremains and is more apparent during the present challenging, changing landscape. We encouragejudges to explore this subject matter during their visits with students on and around May 1.Visit the American Bar Association (ABA) website for resources. The ABA will hold a Law DayVirtual Launch Program on March 8, which will also be recorded and accessible online for futureviewing, offering inspiration and ideas on ways to observe Law Day.1American Bar Association, “History of Law Day” https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public education/law-day/history-of-law-day/11

Click on the Louisiana Center for Law and Civic EducationResources below for more information. JUDGES IN THE CLASSROOM/STUDENTS IN THE COURTROOMMANUAL JUDGES IN THE CLASSROOM/STUDENTS IN THE COURTROOMINFORMATIONAL VIDEO JUDGES IN CLASSROOM/STUDENTS IN THE COURTROOM ADULTEDUCATION RESOURCES EDUCATOR LESSON PLANS ADULT CIVICS EDUCATION (ACE)Questions?Contact Louisiana Supreme Court Staff Attorney Jennifer Eaganat jeagan@lasc.org or Louisiana Supreme Court Deputy JudicialAdministrator Robert Gunn at rgunn@lasc.org.12

Community School students: (l-r) Justice William J. Crain, Justice Piper D. Griffin, Chief Justice John L. Weimer, Justice Jay B. McCallum, and Justice James T. Genovese. (l-r) Louisiana Supreme Court Justice William J. Crain, Chief Justice John L. Weimer(seated), and Law Library of . Louisiana Director Miriam Childs.

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