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The UTSA Fact BookOffice of Institutional Research

History and GeneralInformationThe UTSA Fact BookOffice of Institutional Research

UTSA History and General InformationCurrent UTSA Mission, Vision and Core ValuesMission StatementThe University of Texas at San Antonio is dedicated to the advancement of knowledgethrough research and discovery, teaching and learning, community engagement andpublic service. As an institution of access and excellence, UTSA embraces multiculturaltraditions, serving as a center for intellectual and creative resources as well as a catalystfor socioeconomic development for Texas, the nation and the world.Vision StatementTo be a premier public research university, providing access to educational excellenceand preparing citizen leaders for the global environmentCore ValuesWe encourage an environment of dialogue and discovery, where integrity, excellence,inclusiveness, respect, collaboration, and innovation are fostered.UTSA's core values reflect how we have pursued our plan as well as how we will fulfillour mission and realize our vision. Each value reflects rich, shared meaning: Integrity: adhering to a standard of core values at UTSA and ensuring that oneacts in a fair and ethical fashion.Excellence: commitment to delivering consistently high-quality service, teaching,and research through superior performance.Inclusiveness: fostering diversity and providing access to educational andsocioeconomic opportunities for allâ ”regardless of individual backgrounds andphilosophies.Respect: treating others with civility and openness, recognizing the dignityinherent in each individual.Collaboration: working with others toward common goals while valuingteamwork, participation, and commitment to public service.Innovation: encouraging ingenuity, creativity, and discovery.Please see the UTSA Strategic Plan at for more detailson UTSA’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Current University of Texas System RegentsOfficers: James R. Huffines, Chairman Colleen McHugh, Vice Chairman Paul Foster, Vice ChairmanFrancie A. Frederick, General Counsel to the Board of RegentsMember(s) with term set to expire February 1, 2011 R. Steven "Steve" Hicks Janiece Longoria Colleen McHughMember(s) with term set to expire February 1, 2013 James D. Dannenbaum Paul Foster Printice L. GaryMember(s) with term set to expire February 1, 2015 James R. Huffines Wm. Eugene "Gene" Powell Robert L. StillwellStudent Regent with term to expire May 31, 2010 Karim A. MeijerSee for the most up to date information.

Current UTSA AdministrationPresident: Ricardo Romo, Ph.D.Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: John Frederick, Ph.D.Executive Vice Provost: Julius GribouVice President for Student Affairs: Gage E. Paine, Ph.D.Vice President for Business Affairs: Kerry L. KennedyVice President for University Advancement: Marjie FrenchVice President for Research: Robert W. Gracy, Ph.D.Vice President for Community Services: Jude Valdez, Ph.D.See s.cfm for the most up to dateinformation.

UTSA History and Other Sites of Interest:Chronology of UTSA ( – Follow the developmentof UTSA from 1969 to present.UTSA Presidents and Dates of idents.html) – A history of UTSA’spresidents and their accomplishments at UTSA.About UTSA ( – This site provides a great overview ofUTSA including Academics, Research, Community Impact and other information aboutUTSA.

Interesting UTSA Today HeadlinesEventsUTSA Diploma Dash Celebrates 25th sh25.cfmVicente Fox to Speak at fmTexas Folklife Festival – New music, dance and SA Hosts Gov. Rick Perry for Ceremonial ings.cfmFor the Love of Science, PREP students find mbrilla.cfmExxon-Mobil Bernard Harris Science Summer cfmSaturday Night Live Comic Seth Meyers Opens Roadrunner fmInstitute of Texan Cultures Expands to Seven Day .html

AcademicsUTSA Adopts Culture of “Quantitative cfmBoard Approves UTSA 47th Master’s Program in Advanced ters47.cfmCollege of Business to Offer Noon MBA at Downtown mUTSA Provost Creates Core Values lues.cfmUTSA Cyber Security Programs Earns Elite cfmUTSA Leads in Graduating Hispanic .cfmAmerican Humanics Ranks Among Top 5 Nationally for erhumanics.cfmUTSA M.B.A. named in Top 25 Programs by National .cfmUTSA new Master’s in School Psychology approved by Board of ers.htmlCollege of Business Graduate Programs No. 1 in Nation by Hispanic Business ng.html

GivingUTSA Receives 1.2 million Gift from the Kleberg g.cfmGreat Conversation! Raises 234,000 for Honors 2.cfmErnst & Young Establishes Scholarship ships.cfmEast Asia Institute Receives 2 million TSA Contributed 1.2 Billion to San Antonio-area Economy in alero Energy Invests 2 Million to Support UTSA Graduate ro.htmlPresident’s Scholarship and Awards Dinner Celebrates 40 htmlAT&T Donates International Art Collection to UTSA Alum and CEO of BJ’s Restaurant Establishes olarship.html

On CampusUT System Regents Approve UTSA .cfmUTSA Police Awarded International apdaccred.cfmUTSA Begins Bill Miller Plaza Improvement za.cfmUTSA Adopts Two New Campus ing.cfmUTSA introduces Larry Coker as First Football SA Campus Recreation Receives National mUTSA Reveals Final Draft of New Campus Master cfmMore than 5,000 Guests are Expected this Summer at Visitor’s ter.cfmInstitute of Texan Cultures has Weather Tracking Station on tml

Students, Faculty and StaffInstitute of Texan Cultures Names Executive mUTSA’s New Library Dean to Advance y.cfmPresident Bush appoints Romo to White House ouse.cfmDana Menke names SLC Student Athlete of the mGeneral Commends UTSA Air Force ROTC Names College of Architecture fmUTSA Alumna speaks on Foreign Service ice.cfmUTSA Names Vice Provost for Information .cfmNine Undergraduates receive Stipends to Conduct mUTSA HR and Staff Council announce Employee Discount nt.htmlUTSA Students Travel to Spain for Business Immersion rsion.htmlUTSA Student Debate Team Ranked 10th in the .htmlLes Shephard Hired to Lead re.html

Research and Sponsored ProgramsUTSA receives 1.8 million to continue chlamydia a.cfmUTSA and SwRI Partner in National Research SA Business Development Center awarded 1.5 fmUTSA, UTHSC, Merck partner on Chlamydia Vaccine .cfmUTSA Archeologist finds 3700 B.C. facts.cfmUTSA announces new faculty research ng.cfmBiologists Win 940,000 in Stimulus Funds to Advance funding.cfmUTSA, SwRI and CPS Form Energy Research liance.cfmUTSA Receives 5 million in Stimulus Funds for Interdisciplinary er.htmlUTSA Awarded 13 million to Improve Literacy of African ks.htmlUTSA Engineers win 350K in Stimulus r.html

StudentEnrollmentThe UTSA Fact BookOffice of Institutional Research

Student EnrollmentThe student enrollment information comes from the Coordinating Board Enrollment Report (CBM001) and thestudents’ major comes from the Banner system. The college information is for the current college structure, meaningthat the organization of the Colleges is based on the departments which were in each college in Fall 2009. For moreinformation please contact the Office of Institutional Research at (210) 458-4706.Number of Students Enrolled by ClassificationFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 28,533100.0%28,413100.0%28,955100.0%TotalSemester Credit Hours of Students Enrolled by ClassificationFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 00.0%323,758100.0%329,795100.0%Total

Number of Students Enrolled by GenderFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall .0%28,533100.0%28,413100.0%28,955100.0%Semester Credit Hours of Students Enrolled by GenderFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 0.0%Number of Students Enrolled by Course LoadFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009Full ,32373.6%Part 3100.0%28,955100.0%Semester Credit Hours Students by Course LoadFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009Full 0%280,45285.0%Part .0%323,758100.0%329,795100.0%

Number of Students Enrolled by Level and Course LoadUndergraduatePost-BacMastersDoctoralFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009Full ,77379.1%Part 8100.0%25,006100.0%Full Time13327.9%9427.6%7924.0%8329.6%7326.9%Part 76100.0%340100.0%329100.0%280100.0%271100.0%Full rt .0%3,130100.0%Full Time25469.4%26863.2%27761.6%29764.0%35164.1%Part 0.0%TotalEnrollment by Course Load24K20K16KFull TimePart 50K

Number of Students Enrolled by EthnicityFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009White 039.0%10,92437.7%Black ,11642.6%12,43242.9%Asian or Pacific .4%American Indian orAlaskan onal7862.9%7952.8%9513.3%9483.3%1,0363.6%Unknown or %Fall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009White 7,39539.3%125,97838.2%Black 141.8%134,31641.5%136,78841.5%Asian or 17.0%23,3537.1%American Indian orAlaskan 3%11,5363.5%Unknown or ,795100.0%TotalSemester Credit Hours by EthnicityTotal

Enrollment by Ethnicity14K12K10K8K6K4K2K0KFall 2005American Indian orAlaskan NativeUnknown or NotReportedFall 2006Fall 2007Asian or Pac. IslanderBlack Non-HispanicFall 2008HispanicFall 2009InternationalWhite Non-HispanicEnrollment by Level and EthnicityUndergraduateFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009White 7%Black Asian or American Indian orAlaskan 131%5312%5062%5442%Unknown or 705100%24,648100%25,006100%White Non-Hispanic25353%17350%15346%13347%12546%Black 9%12939%10437%11140%TotalPost-Bac

Post-BacMastersFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009Asian or PacificIslander183%92%103%62%93%American Indian orAlaskan %Unknown or 0%280100%271100%White 0%Black 37%1,12636%1,13137%1,18537%Asian or PacificIslander1314%1324%1274%1294%1123%American Indian orAlaskan 79%30410%32710%Unknown or 00%3,049100%3,021100%3,130100%White Non-Hispanic14238%16839%17739%17738%20637%Black %10824%10923%12021%Asian or PacificIslander92%122%173%245%305%American Indian orAlaskan 6%12426%16129%Unknown or %28,955100%HispanicDoctoralTotalTotal

Enrollment by Level and GenderUndergraduatePost-BacMastersDoctoralFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall otalEnrollment by Student Level32K28K24K20K4 Doctoral3 Masters2 Post-Bac1 006FaFall20050K

Number of Students by Age CategoryFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 4.0%50 379100.0%28,533100.0%28,413100.0%28,955100.0%Under 18TotalSemester Credit Hours by Age CategoryFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall ,6103.1%8,7652.8%8,2052.5%8,8252.7%50 ,795100.0%Under 18Total

Number of Students by Level and Age CategoryFall 2005UndergraduatePost-BacMastersFall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall -507803.3%7253.0%6452.6%6052.5%6032.4%50 7.7%40-508618.1%6920.3%7422.5%4716.8%6323.2%50 9%38412.3%50 7100.0%3,049100.0%3,021100.0%3,130100.0%Under 18Total

Fall 2005DoctoralFall 2007Fall 2008Fall 1020.1%50 8,533100.0%28,413100.0%28,955100.0%TotalTotalFall 2006

Semester Credit Hours of Students by Level and Age CategoryUndergraduatePost-BacMastersFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall .1%5,6551.9%5,2921.8%5,4591.8%50 319.3%33317.7%24614.2%37622.4%50 5%2,28610.9%50 7373.8%8344.0%8494.3%8084.1%7943.8%Under 18

Fall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall .5%50 00.0%TotalTotalAverage Age by LevelFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 24.1923.9323.8423.89

Number of Students Enrolled Based on the Fall 2008 College StructureFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 4720.2%5,51019.0%Education .7%2,3368.1%Honors00.0%00.0%00.0%10.0%10.0%Liberal andFine 2.9%No 4%Public ,413100.0%28,955100.0%Enrollment by n & HumanDevelopmentEngineering4,000Liberal and Fine Arts3,000No CollegePublic Policy2,000SciencesHonors1,0000Fall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009

Enrollment by Residence CategoryFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall .1%13,90748.0%Other 46.6%13,47846.5%Other States5041.8%6032.1%6672.3%6392.2%6682.3%Out of 0%TotalEnrollment by Residence32K28K24K20K16K12K8K4K0KFall 2005Fall 20064 Out of Country1 BexarFall 20073 Other StatesFall 2008Fall 20092 Other Texas County

Students Enrolled by Texas Economic RegionFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009Central Gulf 4.8%High 930.3%860.3%840.3%820.3%Not in South %1620.6%Upper EastTexas610.2%660.2%680.2%560.2%550.2%Upper RioGrande3171.2%3521.2%3561.2%3271.2%3101.1%West Texas2060.8%2180.8%2110.7%2070.7%1870.6%Enrollment by Economic Region24K20KCentral TexasGulf CoastHigh PlainsMetroplexNorthwest TexasNot in TexasSouth TexasSoutheast TexasUpper East TexasUpper Rio GrandeWest l20050K

Students Enrolled by Campus LocationFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 20091604 ,53177.8%Downtown owntown and 3100.0%28,955100.0%Enrollment by Campus Location24K20K16K1604DTDT 12K8K4Kl2009Fall2008Fall2007Fall2006FalFall20050K

Students Enrolled by Level and Campus all 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 20091604 ,98469.0%Downtown owntown and .7%25,00686.4%1604 Only3111.1%2400.8%2290.8%1860.7%1840.6%Downtown Only750.3%450.2%630.2%580.2%400.1%Downtown and .2%3291.2%2801.0%2710.9%1604 owntown Only8863.2%9143.2%8062.8%8162.9%8372.9%Downtown and 1.2%3,21711.3%3,04910.7%3,02110.6%3,13010.8%1604 Only3311.2%3691.3%4041.4%4241.5%4591.6%Downtown Only110.0%300.1%250.1%190.1%490.2%Downtown and ,533100.0%28,413100.0%28,955100.0%

Fall 2009 College Structure Enrollment by GenderArchitectureBusinessEducation &HumanDevelopmentEngineeringHonorsLiberal andFine ArtsNo CollegePublic PolicyFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2,4298.4%Female5522.0%6292.2%6182.2%6462.3%6672.3%

Public PolicySciencesTotalFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 55100.0%

Fall 2009 College Structure Enrollment by EthnicityArchitectureBusinessEducation &HumanDevelopmentFall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 2009White 8%Black 48252.1%54954.5%56852.5%61054.6%64457.3%Asian or can Indian orAlaskan 343.4%514.7%464.1%464.1%Unknown or 1,008100.0%1,082100.0%1,117100.0%1,124100.0%White 1%2,23740.6%Black 38.1%Asian or American Indian orAlaskan 534.2%2574.2%2955.0%2744.8%2875.2%Unknown or hite 4%1,74337.1%Black 49.3%Asian or merican Indian orAlaskan 20.7%370.8%380.9%390.9%481.0%

Fall 2005Fall 2006Fall 2007Fall 2008Fall 200940.1%190.4%160.4%300.7%190.4%Education &HumanDevelopmentUnknown or ,447100.0%4,702100.0%EngineeringWhite 9%Black anic72639.7%74338.2%77837.6%81437.4%86236.9%Asian or American Indian orAlaskan %1738.9%22110.7%25111.5%29912.8%Unknown or 43100.0%2,070100.0%2,175100.0%2,336100.0%White %00.0%00.0%1100.0%1100.0%White 5%2,79742.2%Black 42.5%Asian or American Indian orAlaskan 61.2%561.0%871.4%851.3%771.2%Unknown or ite Non-Hisp

Current UTSA Administration President: Ricardo Romo, Ph.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: John Frederick, Ph.D. Executive Vice Provost: Julius Gribou Vice President for Student Affairs: Gage E. Paine, Ph.D. Vice President for Business Affairs: Kerry L. Kennedy Vice President for University Advancement: Marjie French Vice President for Research: Robert W. Gracy, Ph.D.

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About UTSA With more than 34,000 students, UTSA is a public urban-serving university in the San Antonio metropolitan area. UTSA advances knowledge through research and discovery, teaching and learning, community engagement and public service. UTSA embraces multicultural traditions and serves as

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UTSA ARMY ROTC UTSA Commissioned it’s first class of 25 Lieutenants in May of 1982. The UTSA “ROADRUNNER Battalion” has expanded and is now responsible for the ROTC Programs at: Wayland Baptist University, Texas A&M –San Antonio, and the Alamo Colleges. (Currently

Antonio (UTSA) for the Fiscal Year Ended August 31, 2016. The results of the engagement are detailed in the attached report. We appreciate the assistance provided by management and staff from UTSA's Depaitment of Intercollegiate Athletics and other UTSA departments. Sincerely, J. Mi

UTSA is pursuing an aggressive strategy to transform into a world-class institution. 2. UTSA COLLEGE OF BUSINESS . ANNUAL REPORT 2017. DEAN’S MESSAGE. Just last month UTSA received 70 million from the UT System Board . of Regents for the construction of a National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) and a School of Data Science in downtown .