BART Legacy Fleet Decommissioning

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BART Legacy Fleet DecommissioningJanuary 10, 2019(#)0

ANTICIPATED TIMELINE80 new cars enable: 1 FOTF on each of 5 lines Two new weekday trains 40% FOTF Spare RatioFall20192018Nearing Storage Capacity190 new cars enable: 15 FOTF trains in service SVBX service (46 cars) Assume 30% FOTF spare ratioApr.201950 new FOTF Cars DeliveredLengthen trains by 7 cars50% FOTF Spare Ratio(#)2021Early2020120 new cars enable: 8 FOTF trains in service Lengthen all peak-periodTransbay trains to 10 cars Assume 40% FOTF spareratio191 new cars enable: Grow fleet to 925 cars Complete trainlengthening of all trains Begin steady statelegacy car retirement Target 20% FOTF spareratio (Dec.)1

ANTICIPATED TIMELINE SVSX Opening. Newhall Yard, forecasted toopen in 2026 as part of VTASanta Clara extension, willaccept about 200 – 250 cars CBTC Installed 12-min headways beginLegacy Fleet retirementcompletedLate2022Dec.2023Aug.2023 Procurement of 775 FOTFComplete Hayward Yard East opens (toaccept 200-250 additionalcars)(#)Early20282026/2027Nearing storage capacityconstraints until Newhall isavailable. 1,095 vehicles requiredto operate under initial CBTCinstallation.30 peak hour Transbaytrain service attained22

DECOMMISSIONING PROCESS OVERVIEWFleet Disposition Team (FDT)Will provideinput on FleetRetirementPlan,comprised ofRS&S,Planning,Operations,Transportation, etc.Parts/Components to be RetainedRetirement Car SelectionSelect parts tobe harvestedBad actorsfrom retiredfirst: failurevehiclesrate, bodycondition,hours/miles,etc.Expand FleetHold legacyfleet (goodactors) tomaximizeoperations, clude:1. Auction/sale2. Donate3. Keep4. Scrap(#)33

BART STAKEHOLDERSDepartmentRoleOverall project responsibilityFleetStockDispositionRolling& TeamShopsCoordination within departments and vendorsContract AdministrationEstablish processes and desired outcomesFleet RollingDispositionTeamStock & ShopsFinancialPlanningPlanningFinancialCar selectionPreparation, parts removalFinal equipment securement for over-the-roadtransport and handoff to the contractorEnsure FTA financial commitments have been metReceive sale or scrap value into General FundAssists with the disposition of cars (auction, donation,scrap)ProcurementProcurementAdvertises cars for saleNegotiate with external vendors ing(#)Ensure legal compliance, etc.Outreach to provide information and find publicdesires for vehicle retirementFleet retirement announcement and ceremony4

FEDERAL REQUIREMENTSPer FTA Circular 5010.1E, Grant ManagementRequirements:“After the useful life of federally assistedproperty is reached, or the property is nolonger needed for the original Award, rollingstock and equipment with a current marketvalue exceeding 5,000 per unit, or unusedsupplies with a total aggregate fair marketvalue of more than 5,000, may be retainedor sold. FTA is entitled to an amountcalculated by multiplying the current marketvalue, or net proceeds from sales, by FTA’spercentage of participation in the cost ofthe original purchase.”(#)5

FEDERAL REQUIREMENTSIn addition to the decommissioning process, cross-departmentalcoordination will need to occur to inform the FTA of this process throughthe following reports: Spare Ratio Justification A Rolling Stock Status Report (describing fleet selected to be disposedof, and remaining Federal interest in cars) The Contingency Fleet Plan. A contingency justification and a specificmaintenance plan to keep CF in a state of ready-reserve (in casefleet needs to re-enter service) The Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plan National Transit Database (NTD) reporting Transit Award Management System (TrAMS) reporting(#)6

LEGACY FLEET sFTA fundedrehab only70.47%380150FTAFTAFundParticipationFundingFTA fundedrehab only70.47%Rohr 1988MorrisonKnudsenYearsEligibleYearsfor 9982018200220222015FTA ated2018N/ANo FTAparticipation19952018 (No FTAParticipation)2021 (No FTAParticipation)*Per FTA minimum Federal useful life and/or agreed upon useful life.(#)7

RETIREMENT OPTIONSa. Auction - Sell vehicles to anothertransit operator who will use thevehicles in operationb. Disposal for recycling/scrap to thehighest bidderc. Create a BART car museum,sell/donate cars to existing railmuseums, etc.d. Donate car(s) to emergencyresponse forces, U.S. Army forexercises, drills, etc.e. Donate car(s) to local technicalschool to encourage tradestudents to learn rail cartechnology(#)8

RETIREMENT OPTIONS(#)f. Sell car(s) for re-use as housing, AirBNB, as a restaurant, etc.g. Donate or sell the car(s) for use ashomeless shelters or temporaryshelters (i.e. Redwood Valley FireRecovery has requested them)h. Donate or sell the car(s) for use as artprojects or another similarrepurposingi. Sell parts of the car(s) (pieces asmemorabilia)j. Retain/Mothball some of the fleet forspecial servicek. Bury a carbon steel subway fleet inthe ocean for use as part of anartificial reef (the aluminumcomposition of the BART fleetprevents this from being feasible)9

CAR SELECTION CRITERIAThe car selection criteria for decommissioning will take intoconsideration the following, at a minimum: Reliability – Mean Time Between Incident (MTBI) and MBTIrate/1,000 hours over a 12 and 24-month period. Decommission“Repeaters” or bad actors that impact service reliability. Availability – Long term holds due to accident damage. Exterior and interior condition Hours Time remaining on key components Status of component overhauls APSE type(#)10

(#)Jan 2016Jul 2016Jul 2018Aug 2018Sep 2018Aug 2018Sep 2018Jun 2018Jun 2018Jul 2018Apr 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018May 2018Jan 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Jan 2018Apr 2018Dec 2017Dec 2017May 2018Oct 2017Nov 2017Nov 2017Sep 2017Oct 2017Sep 2017Jul 2017Jun 2017May 2017Apr 2017Feb 2017Mar 2017Jan 2017Dec 2016Nov 2016Oct 2016Sep 2016Aug 2017C2 CarAug 20170.0Jul 20170.20.0Jun 20170.40.2Apr 2017C1 CarMay 20170.60.4Aug 2016A CarFeb 2017Mar 20170.80.6Jan 20171.00.8Dec 20161.21.0Nov 20161.41.2Oct 20161.4Sep 20161.6Aug 20161.6Jun 20160.0Jul 20160.20.0Jun 20160.40.2Apr 20160.60.4May 20160.80.6May 20161.00.8Mar 20161.21.0Apr 20161.41.2Mar 20161.4Feb 2016Jan 2016Sep 2018Aug 2018Jul 2018Jun 2018May 2018Apr 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Jan 2018Dec 2017Nov 2017Oct 2017Sep 2017Aug 2017Jul 2017Jun 2017May 2017Apr 2017Feb 2017Mar 2017Jan 2017Dec 2016Nov 2016Oct 2016Sep 2016Aug 2016Jul 2016Jun 2016May 2016Apr 2016Mar 20161.6Feb 2016Jan 2016Feb 20161.6Jan 2016Sep 2018Aug 2018Jul 2018Jun 2018May 2018Apr 2018Feb 2018Mar 2018Jan 2018Dec 2017Nov 2017Oct 2017Sep 2017Aug 2017Jul 2017Jun 2017May 2017Apr 2017Feb 2017Mar 2017Jan 2017Dec 2016Nov 2016Oct 2016Sep 2016Aug 2016Jul 2016Jun 2016May 2016Apr 2016Mar 2016Feb 2016REPEATER RATES BY CAR TYPEKPI REPORT - YEARLYSERVICE DELIVERYYearly Repeater Rates by Car TypeB Car11

AVERAGE MTBI BY FLEET TYPEC2 CarC1 CarB CarA Car050100150200250300350400Mean Time Between Incident (MTBI)(#)12

MTBI OF C2 CARS350Mean Time Between Incident (MTBI)30025020015010050Certain cars have very poor reliability0(#)Car #13

22Jul-22Aug-22Sep-22Oct-22Nov-22Dec-22# of Cars RetiredPRELIMINARY FLEET RETIREMENT SCHEDULE252015105-A2(#)B2C1C214

DECOMMISSIONING SCHEDULE OVERVIEW1,400NewhallYardNearing Storage Capacity1,200Total # ofSpacesRequiredHaywardYard East1,000# of Cars800Fleet of the Future New ProcurementLegacy Fleet (Retiring)600Legacy FleetAvailable(with CF)400Fleet of theFuture 7(#)Oct-17-15

GLOSSARY OF TERMS, ACRONYMS, ANDABBREVIATIONS Automatic Train Control (ATC) A train protection system that uses electrical signals to manage thelocation and control train speeds on specific fixed segments of track.Auxiliary Power Supply Equipment (APSE) Equipment that channels the 1,000-volt current that powersBART trains and takes it to safe levels to power the lighting, air conditioning, etc.Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) is a railway signaling system that makes use of thetelecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management andinfrastructure control. A CBTC system allows trains to operate safely at much closer headways.Consist A set of coupled revenue vehicles making up a revenue train.Fleet of the Future (FOTF) The revenue vehicles currently being delivered to replace and expandBART’s pre-existing fleet (legacy fleet) of ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ cars.Federal Transit Administration (FTA) The agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation whichadministers the federal program of financial assistance to public transit.Headway Time interval between vehicles moving in the same direction on a particular route.Mean Time Between Incidents (MTBI) The average time from when a system fails, until it next fails.Peak Period Service The level of service delivered during the three-hour periods encompassinggreatest passenger demand.Ready Reserve Train ready and crewed for placement in service in the event a scheduled trainbecomes inoperable, or to cover some other unplanned disruption of service.Repeater Rate The same or similar incident occurring within 100 hours of operation.Spare Ratio The numerical proportion of the number of cars held from service at any time to thenumber of cars deployed for peak- period service plus those in ready reserve status.Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension (SVBX) Extension of the BART system commencing at the SantaClara County line and terminating at Berryessa Station, designed, financed and constructed by VTA.Silicon Valley Santa Clara Extension (SVSX) Extension of the BART system through Santa Clara Countyfrom the Berryessa Station via downtown San Jose to Santa Clara. The approximately six-mileextension includes four new stations and a rail yard. The extension is being designed, financed andconstructed by VTA.16


50 new FOTF Cars Delivered Lengthen trains by 7 cars 50% FOTF Spare Ratio Apr. 2019 80 new cars enable: 1 FOTF on each of 5 lines Two new weekday trains . sell/donate cars to existing rail museums, etc. d. Donate car(s) to emergency response forces, U.S. Army for exercises, drills, etc. e. Donate car(s) to local technical

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