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UIW & SRH Hochschule UniversityDoubleDegree inBusinessPresented by:UIW HEB School of Business and International Affairs

UIW & SRH Hochschule University Since 2015, UIW and SRH HochschuleUniversity have been sister schoolpartners In 2021, the double degree inbusiness was established allowingUIW undergraduate business studentsto earn a business degree from UIWand SRH Hochschule

Double DegreeUIW undergraduate business majors withconcentrations in Management, GeneralBusiness, and International Business areeligible to participate in this program andearn a UIW Bachelor of Business and BAInternational Bachelor of Business fromSRH Hochschule University.Students are required to take specificbusiness courses during 2 semesters atSRH Hochschule, Heidelberg, Germany.Upon returning and successfullycompleting their UIW undergraduatebusiness degree in San Antonio, SRHHochschule will award the BAInternational Bachelor of Business.

Eligibility, you must have: Valid passport and eligible totravel internationally for a year Full time undergraduatebusiness student in goodstanding Business concentration inManagement, General Business,or International Business Successfully completed requiredUIW courses (see next slide) Willing to make new friends,explore new cultures, and investin your future success

RequiredUIWcoursesbefore yougo to SRHCourse titleUIW course codeComposition I & IIENG 1311 & 1312Principles of MarketingBMKT 3331Principles of Accounting IACCT 2311 & 2312Business LawBLAW 3317Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 2301Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 2302Principles of Financial ManagementBFIN 3321Business StatisticsBMGT 3370Introduction to Information SystemsMIS 2325 for MISPrinciples of Accounting I and IIACCT 2311 & 2312

Requiredcoursesto take atSRHHochschuleSRH Course TitleBusiness Simulation and EntrepreneurshipStrategic ManagementInternational AccountingHuman Resource and Intercultural skillsSales and Presentation skillsCost & Performance Accounting and Applied BusinessMathsOperations Management and Applied Business MathsInternational Taxation and Applied Business Maths

Student VISA Students who are U.S. citizens require astudent visa to participate in this yearlongprogram. The nearest German Consulate General isin Houston, Texas. Student visas may take several weeks to beissued and require several documents,including your acceptance letter. Student visas are usually issued for athree-month period. After you havearrived in Heidelberg and enrolled at SRHUniversity, you will have to apply for along-term residence permit at theRegistration Office for Foreigners in yourplace of residence (Heidelberg, Mannheim,Eppelheim, Schriesheim, etc.).

Getting toHeidelberg, Germanyis easy!12 – 13 hours from San Antonio (SAT) toFrankfurt Int’l Airport (FRA).About 1 hour by bus or train fromFrankfurt to Heidelberg.Have you thought about what you do in a periodof 15 hours lately?Is 15 hours going to keep you from creating alifetime of memories (and 2 degrees)?

A home away from home SRH Hochschule offers oncampus housing Cafeteria and eating areasare located throughoutcampus Cafés are just abouteverywhere in the city

Convenient AmenitiesSRH offers close to 600 affordable accommodationsto students.Wieblingen is a Heidelberg suburb in the west of thecity on the banks of the Neckar. The apartments hereare centrally located in a quiet neighborhood.There is a wide range of sports activities and healthservices directly on the SRH campus, as well asshops and bus / tram stops within walking distance.The river Neckar is only a few minutes‘ walk away,and the romantic city center of historic Heidelberg isa mere ten minutes away by bike.

Cost You pay the same tuition toUIW! Financial aid, scholarships,and grants apply!Estimated cost, per semester: Room & Board: 5,000 Living Expenses: 1,000 Health Insurance: 250 Books:250 Air Ticket: one time cost 1,200Sub Total:7,500

Next Steps Contact your academic advisor in theHEB School of Business to discussyour degree plan and courses you willneed to take at UIW and SRH. Schedule a time to visit with a StudyAbroad Representative or the Directorof International Affairs. Apply for a Passport or ensure it isvalid for an additional year from thedates you intend to participate.

TimelineImmediately get your passport or ensure yourpassport is valid after one year of your intendedparticipationNumber of months before your intended start date: 12-8: Visit with your academic advisor to discussyour courses and what you will need to take 9-7: Visit with the Study Abroad & ExchangeCoordinator or the Director of International Affairsand start your study abroad application online 7-6: Study abroad office officially nominates you 6-5: Complete your study abroad application onlineand request to study abroad form, and apply to SRHHochschule

Timeline, cont.Number of months before your intended start date: 5-4: Receive your acceptance letter and start yourstudent visa application process 4-3: Submit your student visa application to theGerman Consulate General. Also, during this timeapply for student housing at SRH Hochschule 3-2: Upon receiving your visa, purchase your airfare 2-1: Visit with the Study Abroad & ExchangeCoordinator or Director of International Affairs toconfirm any final details 1 month to the last weeks before departure shouldbe dedicated to any personal errands becauseyou’re ALL SET TO GO!

CONTACTHaley AresAdvising 930-8014Office: GB 206 Gorman Businessand EducationCenterGloria RamosAdvising 805-5828Office: GB 204 Gorman Businessand EducationCenterDr. Javier LozanoDirector, Int’l 805-3015ICC, Room F107Dr. Jeannie ScottDean, 283-5002Office: GB 142 Gorman Businessand EducationCenter

UIW BBADegreeChecklist

Double Degree UIW undergraduate business majors with concentrations in Management, General Business, and International Business are eligible to participate in this program and earn a UIW Bachelor of Business and BA International Bachelor of Business from SRH Hochschule University.

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