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Carlos R. RodriguezU.S. Customs and Border ProtectionACE Business OfficeACE Program Status,Portal and ReportsPresentationProfessional Associationof Exporters and ImportersWebinarFebruary 18, 2016


ACE Progress3

Key Dates for ACE TransitionMarch 31, 2016May 20, 2015January 2015Electronic importmanifest for air andexport manifest forair/ocean/railFunctionality for Nov. 1 delivered toCERT environment for trade testingAugust 2015Begin rollout ofPGA pilot2015Must be filed in ACE: Electronic entrysummaries (Types 01,03, 11, 23, 51, and 52)without PGA data Electronic entries/entrysummaries with APHISLacey Act and NHTSAdataSummer 2016Deployment and mandatory ACE filing: Electronic entry (Types 02, 07, 12,21, 22) without PGA data Electronic entry summary (Types02, 07, 11, 12, 21, 22, 31, 32, 34,38) without PGA dataFunctionality for filing electronic PGAdata in ACE2016May 1, 2015November 1, 2015February 28, 2016May 28, 2016October 1, 2016ACE mandatory forall electronicmanifest filingsTransition period begins:ACE filing of electronicentry and associated entrysummary types 01, 03, 06,11, 23, 51, 52 with orwithout PGA data isencouragedCBP will start divesting thelegacy AutomatedCommercial System (ACS)Must be filed in ACE: Electronic entries(Types 01, 03, 11, 23,51, and 52) Type 06 electronic entryand entry summarieswithout PGA data,except APHIS Lacey Actand NHTSAACE mandatory forall remainingelectronic portionsof the CBP cargoprocessStay up to

ACE 2016 Outlook Complete mandatory transition to ACE: Mandatory filing of entry and entrysummaries (March 31 through Summer 2016)Mandatory use of ACE for all remaining portions ofcargo processing Export activities: Complete migration of AESDirect to ACE AESPcLink and AESWeblink will be complete by end of AprilManifest pilots for air, rail and ocean will begin Up to 9 participants each (combination of carriers and freightforwarders)Truck pilot under ace-development-and-deployment-schedule5

Status of PGA PilotsAgency orProgramAvailable As OfCommodities Available ForFilingEPASeptember 2015Vehicles and Engines, Pesticides, OzoneDepleting Materials*DCMANHTSAAPHIS – Lacey ActFDAFSISATFTTBCBPAPHIS CoreSeptember 2015September 2015October 2015October 2015October 2015October 2015October 2015September 2015November 2015All CommoditiesNMFSDDTCE&CCDCAMSFWSDEAAll CommoditiesAll CommoditiesAll CommoditiesAll CommoditiesAll CommoditiesType of PilotPGA MessageSetDIS Broccoli, equines, and pet food November 2015All Commodities, except those subjectto Quota regulations November 2015November 2015November 2015December 2015PlannedPlannedAll CommoditiesRussian UraniumAll CommoditiesAll CommoditiesTo Be Announced by AgencyTo Be Announced by AgencyAll CommoditiesAll Commodities 6

ACE at a Glance100%Week Ending ACE Submission RatesVolumeCargo Release (CR) / Entry Summary (ES)90%80%75%73%74%74%78%76%70%ACE % ofTotal ESVolume60%50%# of Filers40%30%20%ACE % ofTotal CRVolume13%16%19%23%24%28%ACE % ofTotal #of ESFilers10%0%1/21/9ACE % ofTotal #of CRFilers1/161/231/302/6For week ending February 6, 50% of all CR filers filed in ACE, accounting for 28% of total CR volume.For week ending February 6, 75% of all ES filers filed in ACE, accounting for 78% of total ES volume.7

Getting Ready for ACE As the mandatory dates draw near, make sureyou have taken all the necessary steps.Software Vendors andSelf Filers Software configured toCATAIR guidelines Software configured tosupplemental PGACATAIR guidelines All capabilities tested inCERT Clients informed ofsoftware updates andaware of ACE transitionBrokersImporters Software package fromvendor is updated forACE transition Entries have been filedin ACE Cargo Releasesuccessfully Entry Summaries havebeen filed in ACEsuccessfully Confirm softwarevendor hassuccessfully tested allcapabilities in CERT Clients informed ofsoftware updates andaware of ACE transition Broker has updatedsoftware Broker can confirm thatentries and entrysummaries have beenfiled in ACEsuccessfully(including new dataelements for ACEentries/cargo release)8

ACE: EDI v PortalFiling data with ACE: Submit import and export data inaccordance with ACE technicalstandards through ElectronicData Interchange (EDI)Once data is submitted toCBP, use the ACE Portal to: Evaluate compliance and monitordaily operations Access to more than 400reports Submit truck import manifests Monitor data on file with CBP9

Benefits of Filing with ACEManifest SubmissionsQuicker Receipt of Data File electronic truck manifests (include ACE Portal filing) Designate authorized partners who can use carrier custodial bonds Receive enhanced visibility of cargo status Reduce wait time at Ports of EntryEntry Submissions (Cargo Release) Streamline submission of data elements Remove requirement to file paper CBP Form 3461Manifest SubmissionsEntry Summary SubmissionsReduced Time andPaper Costs Increase traceability for audit and expedite release via eBond Replace paper processes with electronic post summary corrections Reduce invoice transmissions through Census OverridesExports Generate reports of up to 5 years of export data Incorporate of Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) license control updates Incorporate Census regulatory changesPeriodic Monthly StatementAutomated Agency Interaction Pay duties & fees on monthly basis Consolidate entry summaries for a month on one statement Track activity with customized account views10

ACE PortalDemonstration11

ACE Secure Data PortalApplicationwww. ts/ace portal app 2013114.pdf12

ACE Secure Data PortalWebsitewww.

Home Tab14

Entry Summary CBP Forms Management of CBP Forms 28, 29, 4647 “Documents required” status messages receivedvia ABI: UC1 – Electronic invoiceUC2 – Entry summary packageUC3 – Other specific document15

Uploading DocumentsStep 1: Click on Upload DocumentsStep 2: Enter the Action # from the ABIUC2 or UC3 MessageStep 3: Browse the File, Attach the Fileand Click on Save16


Blanket Declarations for ACEEntry Summary Filing Provide Nationwide CBP visibility to: Affidavits of ManufacturerImporter Certifying StatementsNon-Reimbursement Blanket Statements(Antidumping/Countervailing Duty)North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)Certificates of Origin18

Mode of CommunicationSettings19

ISF Module20

MID Search21

AD/CVD Case Search Results22

AD/CVD Message SearchResults23

User Access24

Changing Passwords25

Exporter AccountCreation26

Scenario 1: Applying for a NewACE Exporter Account27

1. Go to and under the Trade Tab, and under ACE and Automated Systems,select the option to Apply for an Account.28

2. On this page, select the option to Fill out an Online Application for an ExporterAccount.29

3. User needs to follow instructions to complete and submit the required information forcreating an Exporter Account.30

3b. Upon a successful submission of the data, the User should see this message.31



Scenario 2: Creating a ExporterAccount from an Existing ACEAccount34


2. Then, the User can verify the Top Account information and select continue.36

3. The User will be prompted to provide information for the Exporter account.37

4. The User will press continue and move on to complete Steps 2, 3 and 4.38

5. After completing the steps, the User is given a chance to review the information.39

6. Upon saving the data, the Exporter account has been created.40

ACE ReportsDemonstration41

ACE Reports Home Tab42

Documents Tab43

Folders Panel44

Key ACE ReportsMulti-Modal Manifest FolderAccount Management Reports Folder (DR)Account Revenue FolderAM 001 Entry Summary Linesby HTS#AM 003 Entry Summary Linesby Filer CodeAM 008 Entry Summary LineDetail ReportAM 068 Entry Summary ReportAM 100 Courtesy Notice ofLiquidation ReportESM 7001 Entry Summary CensusWarning and Override ReportESM 7008 Entry Summary Line DetailReportESM 7068 Entry Summary ReportESM 7024 ACE Reject ReportESM 7025 CBP Form 28, 29, 4647Status ReportAR 007 Periodic MonthlyStatement Quickviews (Brokerand Importer)AR 007 Periodic StatementDetail45

Running a Standard ESM –7068 Entry Summary Report46

ESM – 7068 Entry SummaryReport Prompts Screen47

Standard ESM – 7068 EntrySummary Report48

Saving, Printing and Exporting aStandard ESM – 7068 Entry SummaryReport49

ESM – 7068 Entry SummaryReport50

Modifying a Standard ESM – 7068Entry Summary Report51

Modifying the ESM – 7068 EntrySummary Report52

Switching to “Design” Mode andAdding Data Objects to the Query Panel53

Modified ESM – 7068 EntrySummary Report Prompts Screen54

Adding Data Objects to the Table of theModified ESM – 7068 Entry SummaryReport55

Saving, Printing and Exporting aModified Report56

Adding MPF and HMF Objects to theQuery Panel of ESM – 7068 EntrySummary Report57

Removing Entry Summary Source Codefrom ESM – 7025 CBP Form 28,29, and4647 Report58

Using Wildcards and Query FilterConditions in the AM – 068 EntrySummary Report59

Exporter Reports60

Reports – Document TabAES Trade Export Reports61

Trade Export Tab - Summary62

AES – 201 Filer Transactions ReportPrompts63

AES – 202 USPPI Transactions ReportPrompts64

AES – 203- USPPI Agent-Filed RoutedTransactions ReportsPrompts65

References andResources66

ACE on CBP.gov124331.Left hand navigation: Getting started Technical Docs likeCATAIR, IGs, etc. ACE Features – linksto more detail on ACE2.Middle column – updatedwith latest news/headlines3.Gray box at bottom: Always on the mainpage Links to ACEopedia,Schedule, EventsCalendar4.Right hand navigation: ACE portal link CSMS Training67

Stay up to date on ACE News Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS) Receive alerts on: Subscription-based message system for users of CBP automatedcommercial trade systemsAll commercial systems, including truck e-Manifest, air manifest,rail manifest, ocean manifest, and Automated Broker Interface(ABI)CSMS offers subscribers two ways to get information: Messages e-mailed directly to subscribersMessages also stored on a searchable database, accessible Subscribe for CSMS messages P/subscriber/new?pop t&qsp 938 Visit the CSMS home page to search for messages: page 168

ACE Reports TrainingResources The following ACEReports trainingresources are availableat CBP.govUpdated ACE ReportsUser Guide ce report user.pdfUpdated ACE DataExtracts QuickReference Guide ce qrg.pdf69

ACE Outreach on New page that lists CBPpublic outreach sessionson ACE Regularly as events arescheduledIncludes info on location,registration (if required) andhow to attend each event After events we will post: Webinar recordingsPresentations, materials usedWWW.CBP.GOV/ACEOUTREACH70

ACE ResourcesTechnical SupportGeneral SupportNews & TrainingFor technical support withthe ACE system, functionsor data, pleasecontact:For non-technical inquiriesplease submit questionsto:For non-technical inquiriesplease submit page 171


ACE Program Status, Portal and Reports Presentation Professional Association of Exporters and Importers Webinar February 18, 2016. 2. ACE Progress 3. . without PGA data is encouraged October 1, 2016 ACE mandatory for all remaining electronic portions of the CBP cargo process May 28, 2016 Must be filed in ACE:

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ACE Secure Data Portal Application . ACE Secure Data Portal Website www. https://ACE.CBP.DHS.GOV 21. Home Tab 22. Entry Summary CBP Forms Management of CBP Forms 28, 29, 4647 "Documents required" status messages received via ABI: UC1 -Electronic invoice

the importer's ACE Portal Account and the broker's ACE Portal account. Refer to the . Receiving and Responding to CBP Forms Managing the Mode of Communication. Quick Reference Guide (QRG) for instructions on setting up mode of communication in the ACE Portal. For assistance with access and login to the Modernized ACE Portal , refer to the

Subject: ACE Exporter Account application rejected (EIN: **-****nnn) The Account Owner name and date of birth, as specified on your ACE Exporter Account application, is already in use by an existing ACE Secure Data Portal user. The combination of name and date of birth must be unique for each Portal user. Please contact the ACE Account Service

ACE KIT 1 Pre-filter and hardware (one-piece) ACE KIT 2 Filter assembly (one-piece) ACE KIT 3 Blower, manifold and hardware (one-piece) ACE KIT 7 3/ 8” glass window ACE KIT 8 5/ 8” glass window ACE KIT 9 Shroud replacement kit Note: 600 suffix option can only be used for ACE-DG1 units with nominal HP of 5 or less. Drive fan replacement kits .

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User Manual - Refunds 2.0 - ACE Reports - Step-by-Step Instructions 2.1 - ACE Portal and ACE Reports Access for Trade Users Complete the following steps to access the Trade Refunds Report: 1. Before gaining access to ACE Reports, you need to apply for an ACE Portal account by filling out the PDF

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