Welcome To The Vocational Rehabilitation And Employment Program Orientation

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Welcome toThe Vocational Rehabilitation andEmployment Program OrientationIndividualized Path toEmployment

VR&E Program Orientation“.let us strive to finish thework we are in, to bind upthe nation’s wounds, tocare for him who shall haveborne the battle and for hiswidow, and his orphan.”- President Abraham Lincoln2

VR&E Program Intent Provide services to assist Veterans and Servicemembers withservice-connected disabilities to succeed: In transition through services to support transition back tocivilian life At work through services resulting in suitable employment On campus through services to support them duringeducation and training At home and in their communities through services tomaximize independence in daily living3

VR&E Eligibility CriteriaVeterans: Honorable or other than dishonorable discharge A VA service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or more; ormemorandum rating of 20 percent Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefitsActive Duty Servicemembers: Expect to receive a honorable discharge Obtain a VA memorandum rating of 20 percent or more Obtain a Proposed Disability Evaluation Service (DES) rating Servicemembers awaiting discharge due to a medical condition resultingfrom a serious injury or illness that occurred in the line of duty may beautomatically entitled to VR&E benefits under the National DefenseAuthorization Act (NDAA) of 2008. Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits4

VR&E Basic Benefit Information A maximum of 48 months of entitlement May be utilized within 12 years from the date of initial VAdisability rating notification. The 12-year period begins on thelatter of these dates: Date of separation from active military duty, or Date when the Veteran was first notified of a serviceconnected disability rating Exception for Veterans with a Serious Employment Handicap5

VR&E ProcessApplicationEntitlement Decision Application received(VONAPP or 28-1900) Veteran’s eligibilityestablished Schedule Veteran forinitial counselingappointment if eligibleEvaluation and PlanningTracks Work with Veteran to identify track Establish vocational or independentliving goal Define services needed Develop written plan of services218Employment ServicesRehabilitated On-going case management (max of 18months) Provide employment services Veterans’ Employment Center(VEC) Interview skills Job placement assistance Referral to DOLRe-Employment VRC meets with Veteran Conduct VR&E orientation to includeFive Tracks Video (Individualized Path toEmployment)Rapid AccessTo EmploymentSelf Employment(monitor 1 yr. min) Conduct vocational evaluation to assessskills, abilities & interestsEmploymentThru Long-TermServices Determine employment handicap (VR&Eentitlement criteria) and seriousemployment handicapIndependent Living(24 mo. max with 6 mo.Ext by VR&EO) Held suitableemployment orimprovedability to liveindependently Determine feasibility for employment6

5 Tracks to Employment Re-employmentRapid Access to EmploymentEmployment through Long-Term ServicesIndependent Living ServicesSelf-Employment7

Re-Employment TrackDesigned for individuals separating from active duty, NationalGuard, or Reserves and are returning to their previousemploymentServices may include: Consultation with your employer Job accommodations and modifications Coordination of services with VA health care Reemployment rights advice Case management8

Rapid Access to Employment TrackDesigned for individuals expressing interest in seekingemployment soon after separation or have the necessaryskills to be competitively employed in an appropriateoccupationServices may include: Job readiness preparation Resume development Job Search Assistance Post-employment follow-up9

Employment Through Long-TermServices TrackDesigned for individuals requiring specialized training and/oreducation to obtain suitable employmentServices may include: Apprenticeships and Internships On-the-Job Training (OJT) Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE) Training College, Vocational, or Technical Training Required tuition/fees/books/supplies Subsistence Allowance Personalized case management support10

Self-Employment TrackDesigned for individuals who have the desire and skills torun a business and need a flexible or accommodating workenvironment because of their disabilitiesServices may include: Help developing a business plan Analysis of your business concept Training in small business operations, marketing, andfinances Guidance in obtaining adequate resources toimplement the business plan11

Self-Employment TrackThree Self-Employment Categories VR&E has three self-employment categories. Theprovision of self-employment services is dependent on theself-employment category designation.1. Category I2. Category II3. Existing Business Category12

Self-Employment TrackCategory IIndividuals who have been determined to have: A Serious Employment HandicapThe most-severe service-connected disabilitiesEmployability limitations so severe that self-employment is the only option toachieve the rehabilitation goal All other reasonable employment goals are unsuitable due to the severity ofthe Veteran’s service connected disability(ies).Veterans assigned to Category I may receive: Training in the vocational goal and in the operation of a small business;minimum stocks of materials; expendable items required for day-to-dayoperations, and items which are consumed on the premises.Essential equipmentIncidental services (e.g., business license fees)13

Self-Employment TrackCategory IIIndividuals who have been determined to have: Employment Handicap, orSerious Employment Handicap, but the service-connecteddisability(ies) is not considered the most severe.Veterans assigned to Category II may receive: Comprehensive training in the vocational goal.Incidental training in the management of a small business.License, or other fees, required for employment.Personal tools and supplies that are required of all individuals to beginemployment in the approved occupational field.14

Self-Employment TrackExisting Business Category Applicable to Veterans who have existing businesses In this case, VR&E may not expand or grow thebusiness, but may be able to assist with reasonableaccommodation.15

Independent Living TrackDesigned for individuals who may not be currently readyfor employment or currently able to pursue a vocationalgoalServices may include: Acquiring Assistive technology Independent living skills training Community-based support services Gaining increased access within the home andcommunity Help in acquiring a volunteer position16

VR&E Benefits and GI Bill Is the VR&E Program the same as the GI Bill? No. GI Bill is an educational program. The purpose of the VR&E Program is to helpVeterans with service-connected disabilities andbarriers to employment to become suitablyemployed. Four of the Five VR&E Tracks of Services aregeared specifically toward employment The “E” in VR&E stands for the program’s missionto assist Veterans and Servicemembers withobtaining suitable Employment.17

VR&E Employment FocusThe VR&E Program provides employment services in four of the fiverehabilitation tracks. Personalized employment services may include: Work-readiness preparationResume development and job-seeking skillsEmployment resources developmentJob accommodationsJob placement assistancePost-Employment Follow-upEvaluation of your abilities, aptitudes, and interestsCareer counseling and rehabilitation planningSpecial Employer Incentives (SEI) Training CostsVA‐provided suppliesWorkplace AccommodationsMinimal paperwork to participate18

VR&E Employment FocusOther Employment Services may include: Referrals to other employment resources Veterans Employment Center (VEC) Online tool that connects Veterans and employers Access through https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Assistance Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialist(DVOP) Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER)19

Chapter 18 and 35 BenefitsHow VR&E assists Eligible DependentsChapter 18 Benefits VR&E provides services to eligible dependents born withspina bifida and other congenital disabilities. With the goal of suitable employment, VR&E providestraining and other rehabilitative services.Chapter 35 Benefits Dependents’ Educational Assistance Educational benefit provided to eligible dependents ofVeterans who have either died, been involuntarilydetained, or determined to have a permanent and totalservice-connected disability.20

Other Programs and Services Chapter 36, Educational and Career/VocationalCounseling services VR&E assisting Servicemembers, Veterans, andeligible dependents VetSuccess on Campus VR&E assisting Servicemembers, studentVeterans, and eligible dependents Integrated Disability Evaluation System(IDES) VR&E assisting Servicemembers that arewounded, ill, or injured21

Chapter 36 ServicesHow VR&E assists Servicemembers, Veterans,and eligible DependentsEducational and Career/Vocational Counseling services is a greatopportunity for Veterans and Servicemembers to get personalizedcounseling and support to help guide their career paths, ensuremost effective use of their VA benefits, and achieve their goals.Who May Apply Transitioning Servicemembers who are within six months prior todischarge from active duty Veteran within one year following discharge from active duty Any Servicemember/Veteran currently eligible for a VA educationbenefit All current VA education beneficiaries22

VetSuccess on CampusHow VR&E assists Student Veterans VR&E has VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) Counselors on over 90college campuses to assist Servicemembers, Veterans, andeligible dependents. These VSOC Counselors provide a multitudeof services to ease the transition to student life. The VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) program's mission is toprovide student Veterans seamless access to VA services; supporttheir successful integration into college and university campuses;support their individualized educational goals, so they may persist,graduate, and improve their life circumstances; and successfullylive and thrive in the career field and community of their choice23

VetSuccess on CampusVeteran Students may receive the followingsupport and services: Adjustment counseling to resolve problems interfering withcompletion of education programs and entrance into employment Vocational testing Career and academic counseling Expedited Chapter 31 services Support and assistance to all student Veterans with VA benefitsregardless of entitlement, benefit usage and enrollment status Peer-to-peer counseling Assistance with navigating the academic environment and process Referral services as needed24

Applying for Services On-line https://www.ebenefits.va.gov/ Create an ebenefits account or login using anexisting account Mail or deliver application to the nearest local VA RegionalOffice 56 Regional Offices around the US25

For More InformationFind your local VR&E office by callingVeterans Benefits Administration Toll Free Number:1-800-827-1000 Online its.va.gov/W. Anthony RoebackVocational Rehabilitation & Employment Officer (VREO)woodrow.roeback@va.gov702-224-680726

Thank you for participatingin this briefingQUESTIONS?27

(24 mo. max with 6 mo. Ext by VR&EO) Employment . Thru Long-Term . Services . Self Employment (monitor 1 yr. min) Rapid Access . To Employment . Re-Employment . VR&E Process 6 . 5 Tracks to Employment 7 Re-employment Rapid Access to Employment Employment through Long-Term Services

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