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Fall 2019Springfield CollegeCounseling Psychology PsyD ProgramSpecial Thanks to OurContributors: Dates to Remember Dr. Scarlett ChoiDecember 5 2019Internship InterviewSeminar Anthony CarnevaleDecember 9, 2019PsyD Fall Social Chen Liang Mary Iellamo Matthew Monaco Nikola PrpaTable of ContentsMessage from the Director2New Faculty Spotlight3Meet the 1st Year Students4American Psychological Association Convention6AASP Northeast Regional Conference7The Conference Experience8Practicum Spotlight10Division 1711Upcoming Events12Upcoming Conferences13

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Message from the Director of the Counseling Psychology PsyD Program, Dr. Scarlett Choi, PhDDear PsyD Community:As my first semester at Springfield Collegebegins to wind down, I want to thank you forall the dedication and support that you haveshown to one another, to me, and to our community. I have had the opportunity to meetwith almost every student currently enrolled inour program on campus and communicate viaemails or phones with multiple interns and alums who are away. I continue to be impressedwith your motivation and hard work towardyour learning and growth, and your care andvalue for our program.Upon arriving to Springfield College, I quickly learned that our program has gone throughchanges and transitions in the past years,which is still ongoing. I understand that whilechanges and transitions are exciting, they often come with ambiguity and tension. Ambiguity and tension, however, are other names forgrowth, development, and innovation.Throughout the last few months, I certainlywitnessed the positive energy and great potential in our program to make a new leap forward. That is, the first seven years of the program were the era to create the ground of theprogram; now we are in this exciting time ofmoving into the next seven years which will bethe new era to consolidate the foundation upon which we will build up new ideas and systems.base for all practicum sites has been updated; we hosted a luncheon for practicum supervisors and another for current and futurepracticum students; and we searched for anew faculty member to join in the fall 2020!This list is not exhaustive. Multiple studentssuccessfully defended their dissertations anddissertation proposals. With great effort forIn fact, during this past semester, we have recruitment, we have a good number of applications with good qualities for the next year’smade amazing accomplishments together.See how many items on this list you have al- cohort. These are just part of all the amazingready noticed: We have updated two bulletin progress we made in this single semester. Beboards in the hallway; our Facebook page has lieve in our potential, and celebrate our acbeen updated; fifteen students applied for in- complishments.ternship this year, the largest number ever inBefore closing, I want to take a chance tothe program’s history; a large database of all express my gratitude to those who helped mestudents and alums has been created; a data- so much during my first semester: SpecialPage 2 of 14Continued on next page

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Message from the Director of the Counseling Psychology PsyD Program, Dr. Scarlett Choi, PhDContinued from previous pagethanks to the fantastic team of my fellows,Mary Iellamo, Chen Liang, Niko Prpa, AnthonyCarnevale, and Matt Monaco; many thanks tocohort representatives, Rachel Bristol, Melissa Devencenzi, Natalie Leger, and GreggMancari; also many thanks to my faculty colleagues, our Administrative Associate, Ms.Patty King, and our practicum coordinator fellow, Trevor Jaskiw; finally, many many thanksto all of you who joined and supported our faculty search process, who stopped by my officeto share your warm heart, who sent me kindemails with welcome messages, who cooperatively replied to my fellows’ and my email requests, and everyone whoworked hard for your andour program’s success.Kudos to everyone.Cheers,ScarlettNew Faculty SpotlightQ&A with Dr. Choi What led to the decision to join us at Springfield College?APA accredited doctoral programs are only aselect few. I wanted to teach counseling psychology because it fits with my values. It’s rewarding to work with doctoral students. I always wanted to come to the Northeast because my family is from the area.What has been the most exciting aspectabout directing the program so far?Establishing a young program has room tohave visions. I’m a dreamer. I like planning,and thinking about what we can do next year.I really enjoy working with my fellows as ateam. Since this is an APA-accredited program, I feel connected to the nationwide organization and enjoy getting national support.Page 3 of 14What aspects of practicing counseling psychology resonate with you the most?Counseling psychology matches well with myvalues of human development. I see the clientas a holistic person, not just as a patient. Inthe medical approach, the problem exists inthe individual with an effort to cure the person, but I have a sociocultural perspective. Isee the person as a part of the environment,as part of society.Fun facts?My undergraduate degree was nothing to dowith psychology, but French! I also lived inFrance when I was doing my undergrad. Injunior high, I heard an interesting languagethat sounded rhythmical and wanted to learnthe language! I went to a high school that focused on language and majored in French, soI did it in undergraduate too. My first professional job after my bachelor’s degree was inadvertisement. I was a copy writer, writing thelines and story of commercial film.

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019New Student SpotlightMARLEY BALASCOI have spent most of my professional life providingindividual and community mental health services toyouth in crisis. I earned my MA in Counseling forMental Health and Wellness at New York Universityand developed a broad interest in how youthnegotiate systems of oppression. My specific area ofinterest involves using wilderness expedition as anintervention to prevent gender-based mental healthdisparities that lead to legal-system involvement.PAT LYNCHI have been working in residentialtreatment centers for 13 years, the first 7as a direct care provider and the past 6 asa clinician. My hopes in pursuing a PsyDare to continue to improve and enhancethe quality of care and treatment thatindividuals in these programs receive.Page 4 of 14ANTHONY CARNEVALEI graduated from the Athletic Counselingprogram at Springfield College this pastspring and am excited to be part of thePsyD program here. My career interestsare working with university students andstudent athletes.GREGG MANCARII received an MA from Antioch University—LosAngeles. My professional background is inhospital-based healthcare, working primarily inthe patient experience and human-centereddesign field. My clinical interests are within theuniversity population, as well as sexuality,identity, and spirituality. My research interestsrelate to the societal, relational, and individualtoll of toxic masculinity.

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019New Student SpotlightJONATHAN PERLOWMATT MONACOI have spent the past two years here atSpringfield College getting my MS in AthleticCounseling and am excited to continue myeducation in the PsyD program. My goal is tobecome a counseling and sports psychologist.My clinical interests include working in college,hospital, and sports medicine settings. I amalso interested in sports injuries andrehabilitation clinical work.I attended The City College of New York (CCNY) for myBA/MA in Psychology. I have experience as a ResearchAssistant on various projects in an EEG lab at CCNY thatwas focused on attentional control. My own researchstudy looks at different forms of meditation training andoutcomes related to the development/enhancement ofempathy (plasticity of social emotions). For researchwork at Springfield College, I plan to investigate the corecomponents of contemplative practice as the basis forincreasing group belonging.Welcome 1st Year Students!Left to right: Anthony Carnevale, Marley Balasco, Gregg Mancari, Matt Monaco, Pat Lynch, and Jonathan PerlowPage 5 of 14

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Springfield College at the APA Conference2019 American Psychological Association ConventionAugust 8-11, 2019 Chicago, ILPhil ImholteI'm happy I went to APA. My intention forgoing was to reacquaint myself with theoriginal feelings (e.g., curiosity, a sense ofpossibility) that led me to the field of psychology. It's safe to say I found those feelings in going to sessions I was interestedin, presenting my in-progress dissertationwith a few peers (with the help of Dr. Hage),and exploring Chicago. I also took home anew sense of psychology as a field -- it'sbig, and also, it's not that big. I'm guessingone of the most memorable parts will bethe debriefs Shawn Saylors and I hadthroughout the conference, which includedhelping each other prep for our presentation and our predictions for our future inthe field. Financially speaking, I spent asmall fortune to fund the trip -- one which Itechnically could not "afford." However,when I decided to go (I took the train to cutdown costs), I figured that if I had followedthe "can-I-afford-this?" logic a few yearsearlier, I wouldn't have come to study psychology in the first place. It's possible I'mdue for a corrective experience. Here's tohoping I'm not.Left to right: Marcus Dumas, Phil Imholte, Dr. Sally Hage, Julie Freedman,and Shawn SaylorsShawn SaylorsThe American Psychological Association is an annual conference bringing professionals and students in the field ofpsychology together to discuss best practices, techniques, and the future of the field. It is a chance to see expertstalk about their craft, network with other students and professionals, and catch up with previous professors andfriends. This year the conference was held in Chicago, IL, and I had the opportunity to present with fellow Springfield colleagues on the area of college mental health, which is a domain I am passionate about. In particular, Ispoke about incorporating an integrative health-care model to colleges and universities and how to implementmore preventative measures to aid in mental health services. Additionally, I was able to present a poster on my dissertation that focused on identity and transition to the division on military psychology. It was a great experience topresent something I am passionate about as well as a fantastic networking opportunity to speak with professionalsin the field who are also interested in similar work. I would recommend to everyone to present at a conference because not only does allow you to grow personally and professionally, it allows others to see the fruits of our laborand further strengthen the Springfield College name.Page 6 of 14

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019AASP Regional ConferenceAssociation for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)Northeast Regional Conference 2019The 5th Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Northeast Regional Conference washosted on the campus of Springfield College March1-2, 2019. The conference was hosted through acollaboration of graduate students through the Athletic Counseling, Sport Psychology, and CounselingPsychology programs. Psy.D. student Emily Tyler cochaired the conference this year with the supportand mentorship of Dr. Judy Van Raalte of the Psychology Department, and director of the AthleticCounseling graduate program.The conference program included three keynotepresentations: Dr. Karen Cogan – At the Olympics, Even theSport Psychologist Must be OnPsy.D. student Meghan Krasnow presented her paper “Fromthe role of a sport psychology consultant: The importance ofaddressing nutrition in mental health with student-athletes.”Page 7 of 14 Dr. Becky Clark – The Power of Sport and Inclusion: Reflections of a Deaf Consultant and Diplomat Dr. Kensa Gunter – The A.I.R. We Breathe: Ethicsand Cultural Competence in Sport Psychology

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019The Conference Experience80th Annual National Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) —Scott AndersonThis year the CPA National Conference was held in Halifax Nova Scotiaat the end of May. My goal in attending the conference was to networkwith Canadian psychologists andlearn more about my upcoming internship application. Having been toseveral conferences in the UnitedStates, I was surprised by how thisCPA conference was much more research orientated. My conferenceitinerary included a full day workshoptitled “The Emerging and ChangingPractice of Police Psychology in aCanadian Context,” which helped meaccomplish my goal of networkingwith police psychologists as I see mycareer focusing on first responders.Conversations with police psychologists provided me unique insightsinto what my career may include andfurther reinforced my passion andinterest in working with first responders. I also attended presentations that included discussions regarding selfcare, neurofeedback, and trauma. Within the internship workshops I learned valuable information regarding how totailor my experiences to best match the internship sites As a result I made adjustments to my practicum experience to specialize my assessment case load on adults instead of children to ensure that I had adequate experience interpreting and scoring psychological assessments for adults. In conclusion, I would recommend the CPANational Conference to anyone who has an interest in research and would like an opportunity to expand their understanding of the Canadian psychological community and create relationships within that community. In the future I would like to see more direct translation of theory into practice and more workshops geared towards thepractice of psychology, not just the study of psychology. Overall a fantastic and insightful experience!Save the Date: 6th Annual Association for Applied SportPsychology (AASP) Northeast Regional ConferencePage 8 of 14The AASP Northeast Regional Conferencewill be hosted at Springfield College fromMarch 6-7, 2020. For information on presenting, attending, planning, and organizing, contact Emily Tyler atetyler3@springfieldcollege.edu. Emily willbe co-chairing the conference for the second year in a row. Congratulations, Emily!

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019The Conference ExperienceCharisse DelVecchio presents herresearch “American Individualism,Ethnic Group Attachment, and Mental Health” at the MassachusettsPsychological Association 2019Conference.Emily Tyler presents her research“#OneTeam: International Student-Athletes’ Perceptions of Belonging and Inclusion DuringTheir First year at a NCAA Division I Institution” at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology(AASP) 2019 Annual Conference.Page 9 of 14

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Practicum SpotlightPracticum Spotlight: Trinity College Counseling CenterHartford, CTThe Trinity College Counseling Center has a focus on training in psychodynamicand mindfulness practices. Practicum students attend three hours of individual supervision (2 with licensed psychologists and 1 with a postdoctoral fellow)and 2 hours of group supervision with the entire clinical staff each week. Thestaff consists of three licensed psychologists, three licensed clinical socialworkers, a post doctoral fellow, and two predoctoral trainees. There is a onehour “reading group” with the staff held weekly; every other week consists ofpsychodynamic or mindfulness readings. Other "special topics" readings are included throughout the year. Trainees are required on site every Monday for areading group, staff meeting, and group supervision.For more information, contact Dr. Kristine Kennen, Psy.D. atKristine.Kennen@trincoll.edu.Page 10 of 14

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Division 17APA Division 17: Society of Counseling PsychologyFounded in 1946, The Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP) unites psychologistsand students through the shared missionof promoting development in vocational,academic, and public contexts. Division17 strives to advance advocacy effortsand awareness of issues pertaining to diversity and social justice.Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS)Graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity tojoin SCP’s Student Affiliates of Seventeen (SAS). Members areencouraged to network with professionals in order to learnabout leadership and mentoring in the field of counseling psychology.Four pillars of SAS:1. Scholarship, Engagement, and Collaboration2. Multiculturalism3. Social Justice and Advocacy4. Prevention and Promotion in Mental HealthDivision 17 Special Interest Groups: Adoption Research and Practice Child and Adolescent Military Older Adults and Aging Organizational Counseling Psychology PsyD Programs Religious and Spiritual Issues in Counseling Psychology Rural Practice and ScholarshipPage 11 of 14Emily Tyler is the Springfield CollegeSAS representative. Contact Emilyat etyler3@springfieldcollege.edufor more information on Division 17.

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramUpcoming EventsUpcoming Program EventsInternship Interviewing WorkshopMonday, December 2, 20195:30 pm to 8:00 pmLocklin Hall 329Internship Interviewing WorkshopFriday, December 13, 2019East CampusUpcoming Community EventsThe Art and Science of Cognitive Behavioral TherapyDecember 6, 2019The Hospital of Central ConnecticutNew Britain, CTPost-Traumatic Stress and Related Disorders 2020 ConferenceMarch 25-28, 2020Hosted by McLean HospitalBoston, MAAddictions 2020 ConferenceMay 1-2, 2020Hosted by McLean HospitalCambridge, MAPage 12 of 14Fall 2019

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramUpcoming ConferencesMassachusetts Psychological Association Annual ConferenceNovember 2, 2019Norwood, MANew England Psychological Association and Northeast Conference forTeachers of Psychology Annual MeetingsNovember 8-9, 2019Southern New Hampshire University, Hooksett, NY2020 Counseling Psychology ConferenceApril 2-5, 2020New Orleans, LA32nd Association for Psychological Science Annual ConventionMay 21-24, 2020Chicago, IL128th Annual American PsychologicalAssociation ConventionAugust 6-91, 2020Washington, DCAssociation for Applied Sport Psychology Annual ConferenceOctober 21-24, 2020Orlando, FLPage 13 of 14Fall 2019

Counseling Psychology PsyD ProgramFall 2019Save the Date!PsyD Fall SocialDecember 13th, 2019 @East CampusAssociation for AppliedSport Psychology Northeast Regional ConferenceMarch 6-7. 2019 @Springfield CollegeStudent Representatives for Each Cohort1st Year: Gregg Mancari2nd Year: Natalie Leger3rd Year: Melissa Devencenzi4th Year: Rachel BristolAmerican Psychological Association Campus AmbassadorsMary Iellamo miellamo@springfieldcollege.eduCheng Liang cliang@springfieldcollege.eduPage 14 of 14

PsyD program here. My career interests are working with university students and student athletes. I have been working in residential treatment centers for 13 years, the first 7 as a direct care provider and the past 6 as a clinician. My hopes in pursuing a PsyD are to continue to improve and enhance the quality of care and treatment that

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Counseling Psychology Values & Philosophy: hatham University's PsyD in ounseling Psychology program has adopted the unifying philosophical themes of counseling psychology as developed by Gelso and Fretz (2001) and the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs. Program objectives, curriculum, and competencies are derived from the .

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Antioch University New England PsyD Student Handbook (revised August, 2021) Note: This Handbook addresses most PsyD Program policies, except for Practicum, Internship, and Dissertation, for which we have developed separate, specific Handbooks. All four of these PsyD Handbooks are posted to the program website.

o Springfield College to Learning in Later Life, Springfield College, 263 Alden Street, Springfield, MA 01109t . 2.y email: B lifelonglearning@springfield.edu 3.ttend the kickoff breakfast Monday, Sept. 13 at 10 a.m. A Location: Loomis Lakeside at Reeds Landing, 807 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01109.

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