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The MarshallAdvantageI

Welcome to the Ph.D. program at USC’sMarshall School of Business. Our programoffers doctorates in the areas of accounting,finance and business economics, management andorganization, marketing, operations managementand statistics. Our flexible program, rigorous coursesof study and top-rated faculty prepare our studentsto become professors at the best business schoolsin the world, where we expect them to serve asleading thinkers in their fields. We invite highlymotivated and intellectually curious students withbackgrounds in business, economics, psychology,sociology, mathematics/statistics, computer scienceand engineering to apply.II

A Message From the DeanAt USC Marshall, we believe that ambitious doctoral students are attracted to elite schools wherefaculty members are committed to changing the world around them.Marshall’s Thought Leadership Initiative is bringing together a world-class faculty that developsgroundbreaking projects, influences global opinion and involves graduate students in all aspectsof the research endeavor. The results in the first five years are impressive: Marshall is in its mostsuccessful faculty-recruiting period in history and at its highest-ever ranking in the prestigiousUniversity of Texas-Dallas Top 100 Business School Research Rankings, while we continue to place ourPh.D. graduates at many of the world’s top business schools.As a doctoral candidate at Marshall, you will reap the rewards of these accomplishments, workingclosely with some of the world’s thought leaders who encourage and support an academiccommunity that is an idea incubator. With our location in Southern California, Marshall offers myriadopportunities with industries at the forefront of innovation: biotechnology, life sciences, media,entertainment, communications and health care. In addition, the city of Los Angeles, as a gateway toAsia and Latin America, provides a unique laboratory for business study.One of Marshall’s hallmarks is the close working relationship between our doctoral students andour world-renowned faculty members. On any given day, you will collaborate with professors onresearch projects (many of which lead to publications in prestigious journals) and be part of engagingdiscussions about the changing nature of business in a complex world. Doctoral students also find aclose-knit group of peers who are supportive and enthusiastic about each other’s work.As you explore doctoral programs, we want to be part of your journey. If you need additionalinformation about the Marshall experience, please feel free to contact us or visit our website. We lookforward to future conversations.Fight On!James G. EllisDean, USC Marshall School of BusinessRobert R. Dockson Dean’s Chair in Business Administration11

The Marshall AdvantageOutstanding placements. Worldrenowned faculty. Student-focusedculture. Marshall gives you allthree. Marshall also puts you at theheart of one of the most dynamicand diverse cities in the world andoffers a flexible curriculum for youto pursue your research interests,giving you an experience that isunparalleled among the world’sleading Ph.D. programs.Job PlacementIn recent years, Marshall Ph.D. graduates have been offered tenuretrack faculty positions at some of the world’s most distinguishedbusiness schools, including: NYU Cornell London BusinessSchool Duke Michigan Texas–Austin Emory MIT UCLA Columbia StanfordFor more information on recent Marshall Ph.D. graduate placements,visit a Marshall Ph.D. student, you will interact daily with our worldrenowned faculty — more than 120 prolific researchers, influentialthinkers and leading policymakers — who publish in the top academicand practitioner journals in business, serve as editors of these journals,and hold leadership positions in academia and in the business world.Among our faculty’s recent distinctions: Marshall is ranked 13th in the world in business researchproductivity for the years 2007-12 by the University of Texas-DallasTop 100 Business School Research Rankings 2012 Long Term Impact Award of the Society for Marketing Science 2012-13 Vice President, Academy of Management 2010-15 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER AwardVisit to learn more about our faculty.2

According to the Association toAdvance Collegiate Schools of Business(AACSB), the demand for new businessfaculty around the world continuesto exceed the supply of available,qualified doctorates graduated eachyear. With this increase in competitionamong business schools, salaries forfaculty at top business schools rangefrom 150,000 to 250,000.CultureOur student-focused program is based on flexibility, a collegialenvironment and hands-on partnerships with faculty. A MarshallPh.D. also exposes you to powerful networks outside USC.Based in Los Angeles, Marshall students gain unique business andinternational perspectives.Within L.A. you will find: Our Ph.D. program maintains a high faculty-to-studentratio, allowing students to develop research and teachingskills under the apprenticeship of an active faculty member.This level of access is unmatched by any other majorresearch institution. Headquarters of more than 15 Fortune 500 companies We employ a “learner-centered” approach, fosteringintellectual partnerships between faculty and students asstudents hone their skills in locating, assessing, applying andpresenting information. Unique access to and perspectives on the economies andcultures of Asia and Latin America (business leaders from thePacific Rim frequently visit Marshall for conferences, lecturesand other events) We practice our core values of free inquiry, informed risktaking and experimentation, mutual respect and tolerance,fairness, and honesty. You will have ample co-authorship opportunities withfaculty; most of our graduates produce multiple papers withfaculty before graduation, many of which are published inleading journals. You will have unmatched exposure to global cultures asUSC is home to more international students than any otheruniversity in the United States. Marshall won the 2010 Mellon Culture of MentoringAward, USC’s highest honor for mentoring, given to the oneprogram that has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness increating a sustainable culture of mentoring. Graduates join two powerful networks with unsurpassedreach: the Trojan Family, with more than 335,000 USCalumni worldwide, and the Marshall Trojan Family, with80,000 graduates in 123 countries.3Location Industries defining the new millennium, includingbiotechnology, life sciences, media, entertainment,communications and health care More than 200 languages spokenCurriculumThe Marshall Ph.D. program offers you the opportunity to exploreyour research interests and take advantage of the courses, centersand programs offered both within and outside of Marshall. Our curriculum includes numerous electives that can be takenwithin Marshall, at USC schools outside of Marshall and atother universities. USC offers more than 400 highly regarded graduate andprofessional programs that prepare students for leadershippositions in research, education and professional practice. Our interdisciplinary approach to research includes productivecollaborations with other USC professional schools and accessto USC’s 100-plus research centers and institutes.Competitive Graduate AssistantshipAccepted students receive a competitive graduate assistantshippackage. The package includes a full tuition waiver, a generousstipend, health and dental insurance, and coverage of mandatorystudent health center fees. The assistantship is guaranteed for fouryears for those who maintain satisfactory degree progress. Fundingis also available during the fifth year for students who meet certainperformance criteria.

The Marshall Ph.D. BasicsOur Ph.D. program is a full-time program that must becompleted in residency at USC. You must complete a minimumof 60 units (approximately 20 classes), including 4-8 units ofdissertation preparation. (Applicants who enroll in our programwith a graduate degree at an accredited institution may beadmitted with advanced standing, reducing the minimumnumber of required units.) Completion of the program generallytakes five years, with exceptions handled on an individual basis.AdmissionsAmong the requirements for all Marshall Ph.D. students:The admissions committee values well-qualified applicants whoare excellent communicators, have a strong work ethic and areaware of why Marshall is a good fit for them. One course in microeconomics or behavioral science One course in statistics One course in research design Eight semesters of research with faculty Screening exam at the end of the first year to assessstudent progress Qualifying exam at the end of the second year orbeginning of the third year to assess knowledge ofspecialty area Teaching-development programs Dissertation proposal and defense seminarVisit for more information on theMarshall Ph.D. program.4Applicants should have: Strong academic records Superb letters of recommendation from academiciansspeaking to the student’s research capacity A statement of purpose that conveys the applicant’sresearch interestsApplicationsApplications are accepted in the fall for entrance to thefollowing fall’s incoming class. Applications are only acceptedfor the fall term.For application details, including requirements, deadlines andclass profiles, visit

Years 1-2Year 3 Take 3-4 classes perterm Begin work on adissertation proposal Work on researchunder the guidance of afaculty mentor Serve as a teachingassistant under theguidance of a facultymentor Complete a screeningexam Complete a qualifyingexam Continue your researchwith a faculty mentorYear 4 Hone your teachingskills as an assistantlecturer for one class Defend your dissertationproposalYear 5 Begin your search fora faculty position! Defend yourdissertation andgraduate! Continue your researchwith a faculty mentorUNDERGRADUATEMAJORSBusiness Administration,Computer Science andTechnology, Control Science,Economics, Engineering,Finance, History, IndustrialEngineering, InternationalRelations, Management Science,Mathematics, Political Science,Psychology55

Alumni AchievementsMarshall Ph.D. graduates aremaking an impact in academiaand the business world, earningresearch awards, promotion totenure and other accolades.Among them are:Rajesh Chandy, Ph.D. ’96Current Position: Professor of Marketing, Tony andMaureen Wheeler Chair in Entrepreneurship, CoDirector of the Deloitte Institute of Entrepreneurship andInnovation, London Business SchoolChandy helped raise a 10 million gift for the DeloitteInstitute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.Shuping Chen, Ph.D. ’03Current Position: Associate Professor, Accounting,University of Texas-AustinPlacement: Foster School of Business, University ofWashington, SeattleChen was recently promoted to associate professor withtenure.Ran Duchin, Ph.D. ’08Current Position: Associate Professor of Finance, FosterSchool of Business, University of Washington, SeattlePlacement: Stephen M. Ross School of Business,University of MichiganDuchin won Michigan’s school-wide annual researchaward with a one-year chair: Sanford R. RobertsonAssistant Professor of Business Administration. He hassince been promoted to associate professor with tenurein his move to the University of Washington.6

Graduates of Marshall’s Ph.D. programhave joined the faculties of the mostprestigious colleges and universitiesaround the world. Faculty adviserswork closely with each student tosecure a post at a university that is agood fit for the individual’s academicinterests and professional goals. Formore information on recent MarshallPh.D. graduate placements, Golder, Ph.D. ’94Maria Ogneva, Ph.D. ’08Current Position: Professor of Marketing, TuckSchool of Business, Dartmouth CollegeCurrent Position: Assistant Professor of Accounting,Leventhal School of Accounting, University ofSouthern CaliforniaPlacement: University of California, Los AngelesGolder’s paper co-authored with USC MarshallProfessor Gerry Tellis received the 2012 Long TermImpact Award of the Society for Marketing Science,for the most impactful article published over thelast 10 years. The article was titled “Growing,Growing, Gone: Cascades, Diffusion, and TurningPoints in the Product Life Cycle.”Mahesh Nagarajan, Ph.D. ’03Current Position: Associate Professor in theOperations and Logistics Division at the SauderSchool of Business at the University of BritishColumbiaNagarajan earned tenure in 2010. He was namedAlumni Chair of Financial Modeling and StochasticOptimization, and he won the 2008 INFORMSOptimization Society Young Researcher Prize withtwo colleagues.Om Narasimhan, Ph.D. ’01Current Position: Professor and Board ofOverseers Professor of Marketing, Carlson Schoolof Management, University of MinnesotaNarasimhan recently became a full professor witha chair. He has also successfully placed many ofhis own doctoral students as professors at leadingbusiness schools.7Placement: Stanford UniversityOgneva was named one of the world’s top 40business professors under the age of 40 byPoets & (an honor also recognizedon and Prabhu, Ph.D. ’95Current Position: Jawaharlal Nehru Professor ofIndian Business & Enterprise, Director of the Centrefor India & Global Business (CIGB) and Fellow of ClareCollege, Cambridge University, UKPrabhu just coauthored a book: “Jugaad Innovation:Think Frugal, Be Flexible, and Generate BreakthroughGrowth,” described by The Economist as “the mostcomprehensive book yet” on the subject of frugalinnovation.Yan (Anthea) Zhang, Ph.D. ’01Current Position: Professor of StrategicManagement, Rice UniversityZhang was recently named to a three-year term asassociate editor of the Academy of ManagementJournal. She was the recipient of the 2010 StrategicManagement Society (SMS) Emerging Scholar Award.

AccountingWhat Is Accounting Research?Accounting research examines how financial information is gathered,organized and used by individuals, organizations and markets.Our Accounting faculty is ranked 8th in the world by theUniversity of Texas-Dallas Top 100 Business School ResearchRankings for research productivity over the past decade.Areas of Research ContributionRecognized Research AuthoritiesFinancial AccountingThe Accounting faculty have served as editors, associate editorsand editorial review board members of premier journals inaccounting, including: Accounting standard setting Financial regulation International accounting Company valuation and financial statement analysis Earnings management Stock markets and market efficiency Earnings forecasting and financial analyst behaviorManagerial Accounting Performance evaluation and compensation Budgeting and other control issues in organizations Balanced scorecard Strategic management accountingAuditing and Corporate Governance Audit markets Auditor independence Auditor behavior and decision making Corporate governance issuesTax Accounting Tax planning Tax clientele Tax policy and its effects on businessesConsistent ProductivityOur faculty have published extensively in leading accounting journalssuch as: 8The Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting ResearchJournal of Accounting and EconomicsReview of Accounting StudiesContemporary Accounting ResearchAccounting, Organizations and Society The Accounting ReviewJournal of Accounting ResearchJournal of Accounting and EconomicsContemporary Accounting ResearchAccounting, Organizations and SocietyAuditing: A Journal of Practice and TheoryJournal of Management Accounting ResearchFaculty Honors Wildman Award Outstanding Service Award, American AccountingAssociation Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Notable Contributions to Auditing and ManagerialAccounting Literatures Outstanding Educator Award in AuditingPh.D. Student Honors Deloitte Touche Fellowship KPMG Doctoral Fellowship AICPA Doctoral FellowshipFaculty Professional Leadership Roles Deputy Chief Accountant of the U.S. Securities andExchange Commission President of the American Accounting Association President of the Auditing and Managerial AccountingSections of the American Accounting AssociationFor further details about the Marshall Accounting Ph.D.program, including curriculum and graduate placement,

facultyMark DeFond“A hallmark of our program is that the facultyconsciously attempt to include our Ph.D.students in joint-research projects prior to their graduation. Historically, theseprojects often result in a jointly authored publication in a top journal. Thisprovides our students with valuable experience doing real research. In addition,few schools are quite as diverse as ours with respect to the research interestsof their faculty. All of our students also have a chance to teach one class, underclose faculty supervision, before they graduate. This experience is a great wayto get their feet wet in a safe environment, and provides the students withconfidence in their teaching abilities upon graduation.”AlumniSuresh NallareddyMarshall Ph.D. Graduate 2012Assistant Professor of Accounting, Columbia Business School“USC has exceptional faculty who not only are world-class scholars butalso are exceptional mentors to Ph.D. students. They genuinely care forPh.D. students’ success. They co-author papers with them and also helpthem transform their dissertation into outstanding research papers. Coauthored papers often result in a publication that provides students theopportunity to learn subtle issues in the publication process and alsohelps them in the job market.”Accomplishments at Marshall: Co-authored three publications with Marshall faculty Won USC Ph.D. Achievement Award Received the Mary Pickford Foundation Doctoral TeachingAwardMark DeFond is a world-renowned expert in auditing, corporate governanceand international accounting, and is recognized as one of the top researchers and educators in accounting. He has published more than 25 researchpapers with works appearing in top accounting journals such as the Journal ofAccounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research and The Accounting Review. His studies have also been featured in the Wall Street Journal,Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and many more of the world’s top mediaoutlets. Professor DeFond’s research has earned him several awards and honors,including the Journal of Accounting and Economics’ Best Paper Prize (2007)and the Notable Contribution to Auditing Literature Award (2006). ProfessorDeFond is also a distinguished mentor and educator, recognized nine times forhis mentoring and teaching at Marshall and recipient of the Dean’s Educator ofthe Year Award in 2005.Professor DeFond’s thought leadership spans beyond the classroom as well. Hecurrently serves as associate editor or editorial board member of The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of AccountingResearch, Contemporary Accounting Research, as well as five other journals,and has presented papers and conducted workshops at conferences around theglobe.Expertise: Financial reportingProfessor DeFond holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington and a B.A. Asset pricingfrom San Francisco State University. For more information on Dr. DeFond,Article published in:including research and contact information, Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming)Accounting Ph.D. Placements Stanford University Columbia University (2)student University of California, Los AngelesKari Olsen Emory University“The uniqueness of Marshall’s Ph.D. program is Washington University, St. Louisthe diversity of faculty research areas coupled University of Washington, Seattlewith a willingness to involve students. Whatever your area of interest, there Pennsylvania State Universityis likely a well-respected, top-notch faculty member for you to work with. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2) University of Maryland University of Arizona (4) University of Toronto Hong Kong Institute of Science & Technology9This variety of perspectives fosters creativity, exploration and multidisciplinarycollaboration. Early in the program, students are invited to work with faculty,and this provides a mentoring opportunity that accelerates student growth.Marshall Ph.D. students are well-prepared to make meaningful contributionsto academia.”9

Finance andBusiness EconomicsWhat Is FBE Research?FBE research seeks to understand how stocks, bonds and otherassets are valued in the marketplace and how these valuationsrelate to the behavior of companies, investors, governments andthe economy.Areas of Research ContributionAsset Pricing Analyzing expected returnsTime variation in asset returnsAsset prices and the macroeconomyEvaluating managed portfoliosCorporate Finance and Governance Mergers and acquisitions Executive compensation Corporate financing decisionsFinancial Economics Market microstructureInternational financial marketsPricing and performance of IPOsFinance, product and labor marketsPolitical economyStrong National and International VisibilityOur faculty are published in and serve on the editorial boards ofthe field’s top journals, including: Journal of FinanceJournal of Financial EconomicsReview of Financial StudiesJournal of Political EconomyAmerican Economic ReviewEconometricaThe Social Science Research Network ranks Marshall 18th in theworld for the number of FBE papers downloaded by the academiccommunity in the past 12 months.10Interdisciplinary, Interactive ResearchOpportunitiesOur department actively engages Ph.D. students in learning tobecome productive researchers through in-depth training andinterdisciplinary collaboration, including: Frequent collaboration between faculty mentor and studenton research projects Weekly seminars in which students interact with some of thebest finance minds in the country Alliances with faculty and research in other Marshalldepartments, other schools within USC and other researchinstitutes, including Marshall’s Center for Investment Studiesand Lusk Center for Real EstatePh.D. Student Honors SAC Capital Ph.D. Candidate Award for OutstandingResearch, Western Finance Association Student Travel Award, American Finance Association Student Paper Competition winner, Individual Finance andInsurance DecisionsFaculty Professional Leadership Roles Former Chief Economist, U.S. Securities and ExchangeCommission President, Chinese Economists Society Past President, Western Finance Association Past President, Society for Financial Studies Founding Secretary-Treasurer, Society for Financial StudiesFor further details about the Marshall FBE Ph.D. program,including curriculum and graduate placement, please

AlumniRan DuchinMarshall Ph.D. Graduate 2008Associate Professor of Finance, FosterSchool of Business, University of Washington, Seattle“Marshall has an excellent blend of junior and senior faculty. The juniorfaculty were always very helpful and attentive, their door was always open,and they were always willing to talk about new ideas and provide greatfeedback. At the same time, the established, well-known senior facultybrought to the table their experience and a deep, comprehensive view offinance and economics. Marshall always emphasized the importance of astrong theoretical background to motivate any research. I found this to beextremely useful in approaching research questions and projects.”Accomplishments at Marshall:facultyWayne Ferson“Marshall offers doctoral students many greatadvantages: a world-class faculty who are deeply committed to doctoraleducation and to their students, a strong suite of Ph.D. courses and theflexibility to adapt the curriculum to your goals, a high-quality group ofstudent colleagues to work with, and the excitement of being part of Co-authored working paper with fellow Marshall Ph.D. studentan evolving, up-and-coming doctoral program at a world-class university Co-authored two publications with Marshall facultylocated in one of the greatest cities in America. Marshall tailors its program Landed more than 30 job interviews, including 20 flyoutsto maximize the professional benefits to its doctoral students. RA and TA First faculty position at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business,University of MichiganExpertise:assignments are designed, first and foremost, to offer our students the besttraining and research experience available.”Wayne Ferson is one of the leading scholars in the world in asset pricing, Corporate financespecializing in empirical methods, investment-performance evaluation and Corporate governancemutual funds. He has published extensively in the leading academic journalsArticles published in:for the past three decades, with nearly 40 published articles and 20 published Journal of Financebooks and monographs to his credit, and has served as a referee for more Journal of Financial Economicsthan 60 academic publishers and journals, including the leading journals infinance, economics and econometrics. Professor Ferson has presented at orchaired over 150 conferences around the world and has conducted moreFBE Ph.D. Placementsthan 230 research workshops at leading universities. His work has received University of Michigannumerous accolades, including the Journal of Financial Economics’ “All Star Cornell UniversityPaper” for citations through 2001 (two papers), the Bernstein Fabozzi/Jacobs Emory University Washington University, St. Louis University of Melbourne (2) BI Norwegian School of Management (2) National University of SingaporeLevy Award of Excellence for a 1999 Journal of Portfolio Management article(2005), the New York Stock Exchange award for the best paper on equitytrading (1993) and Best Discussant Award, Financial Research Association(2005).Professor Ferson has had academic appointments at various universities inthe United States, Canada and Europe. He is sought after as a mentor andadviser, having supervised the dissertations of more than 45 Ph.D. studentsand conducted external faculty reviews for more than 65 institutions. HisstudentSamuel Hartzmarkresearch appointments include three separate stints with the Federal ReserveBank. He has served in leadership positions such as president of the Societyfor Financial Studies and the Western Finance Association and director ofthe American Finance Association and the Western Finance Association. In“At Marshall I have been made to feel moreaddition, Professor Ferson has served as the editor of the Review of Financiallike a colleague than merely a graduateStudies and Journal of Empirical Finance. Recently, he started a new journalstudent. This has given me an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas andon asset pricing, the Review of Asset Pricing Studies, for which he is thefurther my own research while working closely with faculty. I am constantlyfounding executive editor.being pushed in every facet of the program to pursue research at the highestlevel. Whether it is taking classes, presenting in workshops, having coffeewith faculty or discussing cutting-edge research with fellow students, I amconstantly challenged to grow as a scholar.”11Professor Ferson earned his Ph.D. and M.A. from Stanford and his MBA andB.S. from Southern Methodist University. For more information on Dr. Ferson,including research and contact information,

Management andOrganizationWhat Is MOR Research?MOR research includes the study of human behavior in organizationalsettings, the design of organizational structures and the relationship oforganizations to their environments. MOR research draws on the basicdisciplines of psychology, sociology and economics to investigate researchquestions in three general areas: organizational behavior, organizationaltheory and strategic management.Areas of Research ContributionOrganizational Behavior How individuals make judgments, negotiate with others and leadorganizationsOrganizational Theory How groups (including corporate boards and top managementteams) affect and are affected by the organization How organizations evolve and changeStrategic Management How strategic choices influence organizational performance How environmental demands affect organization structure and theboundaries of the firmBreadth With DepthOur faculty and curriculum embody breadth with depth.Breadth: Combinations of areas of emphasis and underlying disciplines leadto an array of educational and research possibilities Hone your teaching skills through faculty instruction and as ateaching assistant (possibly teaching your own course) Be actively involved in our distinguished speaker series, brownbag sessions and special-topic groupsRecognized Research AuthoritiesOur faculty members and doctoral students publish in the most selective and prestigious top-tier journals, including: Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management ReviewStrategic Management JournalManagement ScienceOrganizational Behavior and Human Decision ProcessesOrganization ScienceIn addition, Marshall’s Center for Effective Organizations, headed byProfessor Ed Lawler, is one of the world’s leading institutes for appliedmanagement research.Faculty Professional and Leadership Roles Leadership Excellence magazine top thought leader rankings: No. 2: Warren Bennis No. 35: Morgan McCall No. 59: Ed Lawler Irwin Award for Scholarly Contributions to Management Organizational Behavior New Concept Award McKinsey Best Paper Award (Strategic Management Society) Complementary methods courses Academy of Management Decade Review Ample elective opportunitie

reach: the Trojan Family, with more than 335,000 USC alumni worldwide, and the Marshall Trojan Family, with 80,000 graduates in 123 countries. Location Based in Los Angeles, Marshall students gain unique business and international perspectives. Within L.A. you will find: Headquarters of more than 15 Fortune 500 companies

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