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TheWhartonMBAI N A N E X E C U T I V E F O R M AT

Take your careerto new heightsACCELERATEWITH WHARTONIn just two years, you earn a globally recognized MBA.Tap into the knowledge of world-class facultywho are shaping the future of business.Build friendships and partnerships with exceptionallytalented and motivated classmates.Explore new pathways to professional and personaldevelopment and fulfillment.A Wharton Executive MBA pays off in more waysthan you can imagine, right from the beginningand throughout your career.Dr. Marie-Laure Romney, WG’18Assistant Medical Director, Department of Emergency MedicineKings County Hospital CenterBrooklyn, NY

Power your next moveAutumn Huiatt, WG’18Co-Founder, Imaginare StudiosController & VP of Accounting,Sound PhysiciansTacoma, WAKali Bhandari, WG’18Co-Founder, Imaginare StudiosMinneapolis, MNPreviously: Senior Manager,Ernst & YoungTake what you learn at Wharton and apply it immediately to your job.Turn big ideas into results that drive innovation. Use data analytics tomake better decisions and build better strategies. Grow as a leader andimpact your organization and the world. Wharton helps you achieveyour goals with real-time learning, executive coaching, entrepreneurialprograms, and global engagement.The Wharton MBA DifferenceDepth with BreadthWharton’s intensive core curriculum in general business education gives you thetools and vision to reinvent business. Customize your learning with elective coursesfrom 10 academic departments, independent study, and Global Modular Courses.Dynamic FacultyWharton's faculty create a collaborative environment — one that challenges youto tackle business problems with new lenses and strategies based on analyticalinsights and cutting-edge research.Community of LeadersYou’ll gain strategies and insights to lead, beginning with your first learning teamproject. Through career seminars, exclusive leadership coaching, and dedicatedentrepreneurial programs, you’ll be ready to meet challenges head on.Camila Noordeloos, WG’18“ If I was going to put myself throughan executive MBA program, I wantedsomething that would be the best-inclass education, and Wharton couldguarantee that for me.”— Camila Noordeloos, WG’18At WhartonAt WorkCo-Founder at Imaginare Studios; Chicago, ILPreviously: Portfolio Manager, GE Ventures; San Francisco, CATraveled to London for “Finance in Europe”Global Modular Course with Prof. Bülent Gültekin,Prof. Bilge Yılmaz, and Prof. João Gomes.Having grown up in Brazil, Camila Noordeloos wanted an MBA with a global view andworldwide recognition. She sought out a program that would further her financial careeras a portfolio manager. Additionally, she wanted one with a strong entrepreneurial focusto further her interest in venture capital and fuel her own aspirations as an entrepreneur.Co-founded Imaginare Studios with Whartonclassmates Autumn Huiatt and Kali Bhandari.Within six months of starting theWharton program, Camila waspromoted to Senior Manager, PortfolioManagement, at GE Ventures.In a year, named a GE Fellow at Zinc,GE Ventures’ portfolio company.Photo Credit: Sarah Swanson, SJ Life Photography

tested the waters“ Iwithdifferent schools’networks and foundWharton’s to be themost powerful.”— Luis Rietti, WG’18Experience the impactof the undilutedWharton MBA designedfor high-achievingworking professionalsWhether you choose our Philadelphia or San Francisco campus, you'llfind the same academic rigor and faculty as Wharton's full-time MBAprogram and immediately become part of Wharton's exceptional andvast global network.Network of Leaders Who Change the World230 East & WestClass Size CombinedLuis Rietti, WG’18Founder and President of dVELOPING; Austin, TXLuis chose Wharton because he wanted a top EMBA program with strong focus on alldisciplines (including entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, finance, and generalmanagement) and a diversified global culture. He’s found that his mindset has changed,along with the way he approaches business.98k Wharton Alumni350k Penn AlumniAt WhartonAt WorkChose to go to Spain for Global BusinessWeek to learn about the leisure industry —gastronomy, sports, and hospitality.A cleantech investment broker,Luis brokered several successfulinvestments in his first yearbecause of the Wharton network.Traveled to Argentina for a Global ModularCourse elective on Technology, Innovationand Entrepreneurship.

Abishek Sampath, WG’20Lead Software Engineer, VistaprintBoston, MACharles Croson, WG’20Partner & Chief Investment Officer,Croson Investment PartnersOrlando, FL“Whether in class, sharing ameal, in the gym or grabbinga drink, when you are in thisenvironment you can’t help butgrow at an exponential rate.”— Pete Bianco, WG’20Director of Strategic Planning,Mosites Construction CompanyPittsburgh, PASushma Taranal, WG’20Senior Program Leader (HR Technologyand Processes), Maersk OilCopenhagen, Denmark“With the ups and downs of life,both personal and professional,I know my team has got my back.”“— Yupeng Liu, WG’20Founder/CEO, Just QualityInternationalToronto, ONI knew my classmates were all extremely bright,but I didn’t expect them all to be so darned funny.Every single class we laugh. We laugh before class,we laugh after class, and even when we’re underwaterwith work and family and school, we laugh.”— Rachel Fisher, WG’20Vice President of Investment and Operations,Florida FundersTampa, FLA bicoastal communityof leaders and changemakers286Countries ContinentsPerspective matters. Our unique community grows out of sharedexperiences among top-caliber students and faculty in our residential,bicoastal program.Learning with experienced peers from a diverse range of industriesand backgrounds creates an extraordinary classroom environment.When you learn at Wharton, you can lead anywhere.2027IndustriesJob FunctionsClass of202011Years AverageWork Experience

Real-time learning and theconfidence to make changesThe Wharton Executive MBA’s residential format — Friday and Saturdayevery other week* — offers immersive, distraction-free learning, buildsstrong community, and allows you to balance your career and family.Class managers provide full support, from registering you for classesand making hotel reservations, to planning partner and family events.You benefit from the full Wharton academic and social bonding experiencein an extraordinary community environment.How Does It Compare?Wharton MBAProgram For ExecsWhartonMBA Program2419.0700 MonthsDurationTotalCUsClassHours2019.0700 Schedule That FitsThere are 730 days in a two-year period. Spend 118 of them at Wharton,transforming your life without pausing your career. In addition to everyother weekend, the program calendar includes the following:Year 1:Core ClassesYear 2:ElectivesTerm 16-Day East/West Orientation and classes in PhiladelphiaTerm 21 Career Development DayTerm 35-Day East/West Marketing Simulation Course in San FranciscoTerm 41 Career Development DayTerm 56-Day East/West Global Business WeekTerm 6Capstone/Graduation* Plus an occasional Thursday class session“EMBA students’capacity for workblows me away.These are peoplewho have full-timejobs and often havefamilies too, butthey come to classready to kill it everysingle class period.”— Prof. Patti WilliamsIra A. Lipman Associate Professorof Marketing

““Prof. Karl Ulrich’s class was comprised of West and East CoastEMBA students and full-time MBA students, so there were a lotof diverse perspectives.”— Janak Agarwal, WG’19Engineering and Product, OneDrive, MicrosoftSeattle, WA“The international trip helped mebetter understand different businessperspectives from leaders in SouthAfrica while enjoying time withclassmates from both coasts.”— Marieke Shukla, WG’17Senior Director, HCM Strategy, WorkdayDenver, CO“I don’t think I would have gotten thatjob without being at Wharton.”— Julia Edwards, WG’17Executive Director, AllerganBoston, MA“What a group of smart individualscan collectively bring to the table issomething one has to experienceto actually believe it.”— Sushma Taranal, WG’20Senior Program Leader(HR Technology and Processes),Maersk OilCopenhagen, Denmark“The program is bicoastal so you cancreate a strategy to make sure you takethe courses you want on both campuses.”— Andrew Rizi, WG’17Director of Product Strategy and Innovation,CareerBuilderChicago, ILBeyond CampusThe value can easily bemeasured. This program ispaying for itself.”— Jonathan F. Macias, WG’18Founder and CEOof Macias Realty Group, Inc.Los Angeles, CA“Everyone has commuted or flownin – even the faculty – and we’reall staying there for 36 hourstogether.”— Angel Saad Gómez, WG’18Venture Partner,Oak Investment PartnersMexico City, MexicoTwo coasts, one program:San Francisco and PhiladelphiaOur Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses may be 3,000 miles apart,but our Executive MBA students build strong bonds across the two coasts.Wharton’s MBA gives you a business perspective that bridges the entrepreneurialspirit of Silicon Valley, the financial prowess of Wall Street, global insight frominternational learning, and innovative knowledge in the Ivy League tradition.“Take learning beyond campus tointernational business destinationslike Buenos Aires, Cape Town, andShanghai, as part of your requiredGlobal Business Week. Broaden yourview with optional Global ModularCourses and Leadership Ventures.My classmates were not only asexcited as I was to start exchangingideas, but also brought a wide arrayof knowledge and experience.”— Christine Hwong, WG’20Principal, Apollo Global ManagementHouston, TXJoint Global Business Weekand optional GlobalModular CoursesCoast2Entrepreneurial programsin Philadelphiaand San FranciscoCoastFlexibility to take electivesor spend an entire termon either coastand beyondJoint sessionson both campuses

For a lifetimePenn WhartonYou will become part of the University of Pennsylvania’s powerful alumninetwork on day one. Wharton’s 98,000 graduates, including worldleaders in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations,will welcome you to the largest alumni network of any business school.Meet alumni on campus and connect with graduates in 153 countriesaround the world.“Without continual growth and progress,such words as improvement, achievement,and success have no meaning.”— Benjamin Franklin, Founder, University of Pennsylvaniawas Wharton or“ Itnothing.There are manylight bulb momentsthat would never haveoccurred had I not cometo Wharton.”— Dr. Edmund Pribitkin, WG’16Chief Medical Officer, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital,and President, Jefferson University and Community Physicians

Find out how Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives canhelp you achieve what’s next in business and your life.Schedule a chatwith an admissions arton.upenn.eduWharton San n.upenn.eduWharton .upenn.edu2 Harrison St., Sixth FloorSan Francisco, CA 94105255 South 38th St. Suite 108Steinberg Conference CenterPhiladelphia, PA 19104Cover photo by B. Krist for Visit Philadelphia

A Wharton Executive MBA pays off in more ways . than you can imagine, right from the beginning . Chicago, IL . Previously: Portfolio Manager, GE Ventures; San Francisco, CA . University of Pennsylvania. Wharton San Francisco 415.777.1000 . 2 Harrison St., Sixth Floor

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Wharton Chamber of Commerce members. For additional information, contact the Wharton Chamber of Commerce at 979-532-1862. Wharton Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture 225 N. Richmond Road Wharton, TX 77488 Phone: 979-532-1862 Fax: 979-532-0102 Email: Wharton Journal-Spectator 115 W. Burleson St. Wharton .

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