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2022STUDENT HANDBOOKColorado Technical University 2022StudentVersion8.2 – Effective 5.25.22Version8.2HandbookEffective5.25.221

Table of ContentsIMPORTANCE OF HANDBOOK . 8The Student Handbook Vs. The University Catalog. 9ABOUT CTU . 10CTU's History . 11CTU’s Mission . 12University Integrity Statement . 12Diversity, Equity and Inclusion . 12Academic Governance . 13CTU’s Accreditation. 13CTU’s Programmatic Accreditations, Affiliations, and Licensure. 13Legal Information . 13ACADEMIC CALENDAR/ ADMISSION/ ENROLLMENT . 15Academic calendar . 16Undergraduate Admissions . 16Proof of High School Graduation . 17New Student Orientation Program . 17Graduate Admissions . 18Specialized Admission and Graduation Requirements: . 18College of Criminal Justice . 18Master of Science in Information Technology . 19Master of Science in Systems Engineering . 19Master of Science in Computer Engineering . 20Master of Business Administration MBA Foundation Requirement . 21Nursing . 22Undergraduate Educational Requirement for Graduate Admissions . 23Doctoral Admissions Requirements - DM, DCS, and DNP . 23Doctoral Symposium . 24Additional Requirements for Doctor of Nursing Practice . 25Masters/Doctoral Advantage . 26Graduation Requirements . 27Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.222

Graduation Fee . 27Standard Fees . 28Graduating Under Earlier Catalogs . 28Change in Degree/Concentration . 28Request to Change Schedule . 29Request to Change Instructor or Course Section . 29English Proficiency Assessment (for Non-Native Speakers) . 30Prior Learning Assessment. 31Enrollment Status. 31Enrollment Verifications from CTU . 32Transcript Requests . 32International Transcripts . 33Credit Hour Calculation . 34STUDENT EXPECTATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES . 35Student Conduct . 36Student Conduct Committee . 39Sanctions . 39Dismissal . 40Appeals . 40Reinstatement . 41CTU’s Late Submission of Assignments Policy . 41Course Expectations & Student Responsibilities . 42Expectations . 42Technology Specific Responsibilities . 45University Zoom Etiquette Guide . 46CTU’s Honor Code . 47FINANCIAL AID & STUDENT ACCOUNTS . 49The Financial Aid Office vs. the Student Accounts Office . 50The FAFSA . 50Tuition & Fees . 50Add/Drop. 51Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.223

Questions Regarding Tuition & Fees. 51Tuition Payments . 51More Information about Financial Aid . 52ACADEMIC PROGRESS/ GRADING. 53Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) . 54Calculated Grade Point Average (CGPA) Requirements . 54Maximum Time in Which to Complete . 55Maximum Timeframe for Doctoral Programs . 55How Transfer Credits/Change of Program Affect SAP . 55Warning and Probationary Periods . 56Appeal. 57Reinstatement . 57Grading System . 58Grade Point Average (GPA) calculation. 58Intellipath Grading . 58Student Leave of Absence (LOA) Options . 58Leave of Absence Conditions . 59Military Leave of Absence . 60Extenuating Leave of Absence and Academic Exceptions . 61University Withdrawal . 61Physical Campus University Withdrawal. 61Online University Withdrawal . 62Online Course Withdrawal . 62Administrative Withdrawals (Physical Campus) . 63Administrative Withdrawals (Online) . 63Re-Entry to the University . 64Grade Appeal. 65Incomplete (I) and Incomplete (INC) grades . 65Natural Disaster Relief Response . 66Repeating a course . 66Degree audit/completion/graduation requirements . 66Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.224

Commencement Ceremony Information: . 67Alumni Community . 67LEARNING MODALITIES AND RESOURCES . 69Instructional Delivery Methods and Learning at CTU . 70Adaptive Learning: Intellipath . 71New Student Orientation Program . 72Course Materials and Resources . 72CTU Mobile Application for iOS and Android devices . 74End of Course Survey . 75Hardware/Software Requirements and Student Software Agreement . 75STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES . 77Student Success Department . 78Schedule Changes . 79Campus. 79Virtual Campus . 79Career Services . 80Contacting Career Services: . 80Virtual Campus . 80MyCampus Portal or Virtual Campus Technical Assistance . 80Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities . 81How to Request a Reasonable Accommodation . 82Processing of Reasonable Accommodation Request . 82Approval of R easonable Accommodations . 82International Students . 82Co-Curricular Opportunities and Organizations. 84Honors list . 84Joining a CTU student organization . 84The Student Community GetSet . 84META . 84Safety . 85The Student Right-to-Know Act . 85Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.225

Criminal Conviction . 85Policies regarding safety and security at campuses . 85Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Information . 86Support Services Referrals . 89Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.226

A Message for StudentsDear CTU Student,Welcome to Colorado Technical University (CTU)! We so are pleased that you have chosenCTU, where, as reflected in our mission, we enable the pursuit of personal and professionalgoals. Whether you are a new or returning student, we have created this Student Handbookto assist you throughout your educational journey.Pursuing a degree involves a deep level of commitment, and there are many resourcesavailable to you as a student of CTU. The purpose of this Student Handbook is to providebasic information about CTU, including helpful information on CTU processes andprocedures, as well as services available to you as a CTU student. In addition, it containsinformation on what CTU expects from you as a student. Likewise, the Student Handbookprovides information on what you can expect as a student at CTU.At CTU, we are committed to your success, and the information in the Student Handbook is ahelpful starting point for a successful experience. Please keep in mind that this StudentHandbook does not replace the information in our University Catalog. Rather, it serves as anaccompaniment that offers additional information and resources.We are proud that you have taken this important step in pursuit of your goals, and it is ourhope that the CTU Student Handbook is one helpful tool you will utilize on your road tosuccess.Terri HinesVice President, Student AffairsColorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.227

2022 STUDENT HANDBOOKIMPORTANCEOF HANDBOOKColorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.228

Importance of the HandbookThe Colorado Technical University Student Handbook provides guidance and direction forstudents. It is a companion to the CTU University Catalog, which contains the University Policiesand Degree Programs information. Students’ success and satisfaction is dependent on thestudent’s individual efforts. This document is intended to be a guide to help frame and supportstudent engagement with the University. Understand that the Student Handbook is a generalguide and cannot anticipate every circumstance or question about policy. It will direct studentsto relevant resources that contain additional detail and help them connect with the UniversitySupport Staff who can address any specific questions that arise. It is best for students to reviewthe Student Handbook at the start of their program, and to refer back to it as neededthroughout their experience leading up to graduation.The Student Handbook Vs. The University CatalogThe University Catalog is divided into two parts: Policies and Degree Programs. Togetherthey outline a student’s program of study and the policies that govern how the Universityoperates. The Student Handbook provides guidance and direction. It is a companion to theUniversity Catalog, but does not replace it.Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.229

2022 Student HandbookABOUT CTUColorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2210

About CTUCTU's HistoryColorado Technical University is a private, for-profit, accredited institution of higher learning,granting associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. The University was initiallyfounded in Colorado Springs in 1965 where the main campus continues to reside today.Over the past 50 plus years, the University has evolved from a technical training school to auniversity with graduate-level programs. The introduction in 1995 of doctorate programs; theestablishment of branch campus in Denver, Colorado; and the introduction of the onlinedivision have established CTU as a mature institution in higher education.In 2003, Career Education Corporation (CEC) assumed ownership of the University. CareerEducation Corporation is an educational services company committed to providing quality,career-focused learning and led by passionate professionals who inspire individual worth andlifelong achievement. The universities of the Career Education family provide degree programsthrough the doctoral level as well as associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels to a diversestudent population pursuing various career-oriented disciplines. CEC serves students on groundcampuses and online with career-focused degree programs that meet the education demandsof today’s busy adults. On January 1, 2020, Career Education Corporation changed the name ofthe company to Perdoceo Education Corporation.Colorado Technical University Campus LocationsColorado Technical University Colorado Springs1575 Garden of the Gods RoadColorado Springs, CO 80907Colorado Technical University Aurora (Denver)3151 S. Vaughn WayAurora, CO 80014Online Student Support Center (Note: This Center supports the delivery of the online programsoffered through the Colorado Springs campus.)231 N. Martingale RoadSchaumburg, IL 60173Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2211

CTU’s MissionColorado Technical University’s Mission is to provide industry-relevant higher education toa diverse student population through innovative technology and experienced faculty,enabling the pursuit of personal and professional goals.University Integrity StatementWe at Colorado Technical University (CTU) are committed to acting with integrity in everythingwe do. Integrity at CTU is both an individual and collaborative accountability shared by ourglobal community of students, faculty, and staff. Integrity at Colorado Technical University isnot simply a word. It is our foundation for success as a professional and global community oflifelong learners.We demonstrate integrity with Fairness - Ensuring similar situations yield similar results. We also understand that beingfair does not always mean treating everyone equally. Honesty - Truthful communication and actions. Respect - Inherent dignity and value of all members of the CTU community and theirdiverse perspectives. We treat everyone with courtesy and consideration for not onlyeach other, but also each other’s ideas. Accountability - Doing the right thing. We take ownership of our actions. Trust - Setting clear expectations and ensuring policy guides decisions. We build trustwhen we are consistent in what we say and what we do. Courage - Taking action. Converting the values from text into visible outcomes. (Centerfor Academic Integrity, 2014)Diversity, Equity and InclusionColorado Technical University (CTU) values the individual experiences and perspectives of allstudents, staff, and faculty, understanding that an inclusive education supports and encouragesopen-mindedness, personal reflection, and the motivation to contribute to a just society. Westrive to continually recognize and address the diverse strengths and challenges of our studentpopulation. Our focus and commitment is continuing our progress in creating a diverse,equitable, and inclusive environment.Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2212

Academic GovernanceColorado Technical University is proud of its strong tradition of academic governance. Facultyare at the center of academic governance and have many opportunities to share in governanceand participate in decision-making processes across the university, including completion ofsurveys across a wide variety of University experiences.The University utilizes a variety of standing committees through which academic governanceoccurs. These standing committees allow for representation from individuals throughout theUniversity to support comprehensive perspectives. All proposals, policies, curriculum,assessments, coordination, and decisions are governed through standing committees.Committees are tiered with the highest level of academic governance at CTU being theUniversity Academic Leadership Committee. As a key stakeholder in the University, studentsmay also be nominated and selected to participate in several standing committees.CTU’s AccreditationColorado Technical University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission(hlcommission.org), an institutional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Departmentof Education.CTU’s Programmatic Accreditations, Affiliations, and LicensureTo learn more about accreditation for specific CTU programs you can review the UniversityHandbook’s section on Accreditation, Affiliations, and Licensure.Legal InformationPrivacy PolicyHere are some of the items students have the right to ask for: Copies of documents on CTU’s accreditation Information about CTU’s programs, faculty, laboratory, and otherphysical facilities Special accommodations CTU can provide to assist those withdisabilities Cost of attending and refund policy Procedures and deadlines for submitting applications for financial aidprograms Information about how CTU selects aid recipientsColorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2213

Explanation on how CTU determines financial need is metWhat types of financial assistance is availableHow and when financial aid is received by CTUThe type and amount of assistance for which the student was financiallypackagedHow CTU determines satisfactory academic progressLoan interest ratesLoan fees informationInformation on repayment, cancellation, deferment, forbearance,consolidation, refinance, and defaultCTU can collect information from and about students, but students also have rights to theirprivacy, and can determine how we use their information. CTU has a privacy policy thatinforms students about what information is collected and how it is used along with students’rights to manage the information CTU collects. For further information, please review the CTUPrivacy PolicyCTU’s Copyright and TrademarkCopyright 2022 Colorado Technical University (CTU). All rights reserved. No information maybe duplicated without CTU's permission. The CTU logo is a registered trademark of PerdoceoEducation Corporation. CTU cannot guarantee employment, salary, or career advancement. Notall programs are available to residents of all states. CTU does not accept applications fromresidents of Massachusetts or New York (except for select corporate partners) and certainforeign countries. Programs vary by location and modality; see the University Catalog fordetails. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. The appearance of U.S. Department ofDefense (DOD) visual information does not imply or constitute DOD endorsement. See theAccreditation & Licensure section for information on the agencies that approve and regulatethe school's programs, including relevant complaint procedures Visit Accreditations Page.Colorado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2214

2022 STUDENT ado Technical University 2022 Student Handbook Version 8.2 – Effective 5.25.2215

Academic calendarColorado Technical University follows the 10-week quarter system. Each term or quarterconsists of two sessions of 5 weeks each. In each 10-week quarter, sessions are identified asSession A and Session B. When a student begins his or her degree program, the timing of theirfirst session will determine their academic calendar (Session A or Session B). See diagrambelow:Quarter definition for student who starts degree program in Session A:Session A5 weeksSession B5 weeks10-We

Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs 1575 Garden of the Gods Road Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Colorado Technical University Aurora (Denver) 3151 S. Vaughn Way Aurora, CO 80014 Online Student Support Center (Note: This Center supports the delivery of the online programs offered through the Colorado Springs campus.) 231 N. Martingale Road

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