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OverviewCanvas by InstructureInstructure, Inc.September 5, 2013

Canvas by InstructureOverviewCANVAS BY INSTRUCTURECanvas is a cloud-based education technology platform with advanced Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) functionality. Instructure hosts Canvas as a subscription service on the state-ofthe-technology cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Instructure’scomprehensive implementation and hosting services include full system monitoring, automatedprovisioning, “Hands-Free” update/upgrade services, Basic Support Package, online StandardTraining Package, beta environment, and a test/training instance. The Canvas architecture,AWS infrastructure, and Instructure’s hosting and support services make Canvas the mostreliable, available, extensible, and scalable cloud-based LMS in the industry.The tables in the subsections below provide overviews of: The advanced LMS features and functions of Canvas (Table 1) Instructure’s hosting and support services (Table 2) Canvas’s architecture and the AWS cloud infrastructure (Table 3) Supported third-party content, tools, and services integrations (Table 4)1.1Canvas Features and FunctionsCanvas includes all of the LMS features and functionality identified in Table 1.Table 1. Canvas Features and FunctionsFeatureDescriptionAccessibilityAdheres to US Section 508 accessibility standards, and is committed to the WebAccessibility Initiative's (WAI) guidelines for content (WCAG) and rich internet applications(ARIA) as documented in our Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)AnalyticsMonitors student engagement, predicts success, and tracks students’ learning outcomes andprogress by pedagogical goals and desired outcomesAnnouncementsDelivered automatically to the course activity stream of all users and other communicationschannels based on users’ individual notification preferencesAssignmentsAssignment submissions can include web pages, Word docs, video, audio, slide shows,links, and moreBrowser-enabledCompatible with the latest two versions of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft InternetExplorer, and Mozilla FirefoxCalendarDrag-and-drop functionality to schedule and reschedule calendar events, plus automaticevent notifications and support for calendar feed subscription.ChatSynchronous text chat within a learning communityCollaborationsEnable users to collaborate on projects using shared Canvas work spaces leveraging realworld tools such as Google DriveConferencesIntegrated, synchronous webinars / video conferencing, whiteboard, and live chat5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.1

Canvas by ovides asynchronous, threaded, media-rich, gradable discussion forums for courses andgroupsePortfoliosStudents can create public or private ePortfolios to display and reflect on notable courseworkFERPA andCOPPA compliantComplies with U.S. federal law regarding Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)and Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and gives schools the tools they needto maintain complianceFiles repositoryHierarchical file folder creation and organization, zip file import and export, file locking, dragand-drop file reorganization, file renaming, file deletion, and other standard file managementfunctionalityGradebookAutomatically generated and updated based on course assignments and assessments,linked to gradebook scoring and the integrated with smart feedback and notification featuresGradesAssignments, Discussions, and Quizzes can be scored by points, rubrics, percentages, lettergrades, and complete/incomplete. Scoring can also reflect outcome performance andcompetencies.IntegrationsStandards-based, pluggable platform for easy integration with a wide variety of externaltechnologies, systems, tools, and servicesLearningoutcomesLearning outcomes can be aligned to rubrics for institution-wide initiatives such as academicstandards and accreditationMobile accessHighly-rated, native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android provide a complete studentexperienceModulesCan be thematic, focused on a specific topic, content type, or arranged chronologically toprovide a course sequence with support for selective releasePagesCreate flexible, customizable course pages with wiki functionality using the Rich ContentEditorParent CoEnrollment (K-12)Enables parents to keep informed of class activities, school communications, and their child’sclasswork and learning progressObserverUser role for class advisors and students mentorsPeopleIncludes the course roster and contact information for students, instructors, and TAsProfessionalLearningCreate opportunities for teachers to learn online and support institution-wide resourcesharingQuizzesRich-content, multi-featured, and robust assessment and quizzing system for online exams;supports proctoring, question banks, and extensive question types. Canvas supports IMSQTI and Respondus integrations.ReportsCover a wide variety of data needs, including learning outcomes that cover multiple courses,departments, or the entire institutionRich ContentEditorWYSIWYG and HTML editor modes used to create discussion topics, comments, andreplies; supports video and audio, images, tables, math formulas, and web linksRubricsCreated from sets of instructor-defined criteria to provide a structured, consistent, andprescriptive framework for assessment5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.2

Canvas by uctors can select course start and end dates, preferred language, grading scheme,copyright attribution, public or private visibility, as well as cross-list sections, add users,reorder course navigation, and configure external toolsSpeedGrader Enables instructors to step through a set of assignments and, in conjunction with theassociated rubric, quickly and consistently grade each submission in just a few clicksState standardsEnables schools to align course objectives to Common Core/State Standards to meetreporting requirementsSyllabusCourse calendar changes automatically update the course syllabus generated automaticallyby defined courseworkUser profileProfile options include full name, display name, language preference, bio, photo, websitelinks, registered web services, contact methods, time zone, and other options.1.2Instructure Hosting and SupportTable 2 lists key benefits and features of Instructure’s hosting services and support for Canvas.Table 2. . Instructure Hosting and SupportFeatureDescriptionComprehensive hostingservicesFull system administration provided by Instructure—including performance monitoring,account management, and system maintenance—freeing up local institutional IT/ISresourcesNative cloud serviceArchitected for the cloud; fully hosted, and managed on the infrastructure provided byAmazon Web Services with 99.9% guaranteed system /updates are released on a regular schedule and typically deployed with nodowntime incurredAnnual open securityauditsInstructure contracts independent, third-party firms to conduct annual security auditsof Canvas and publicly publishes the resultsBackup and recoveryData is automatically backed up daily on secure, geographically-diverse serversDisaster recoveryIn case of emergency or disaster, data is recovered from backups that span multiplepower grids and networks, with “offsite” backups in different geographical regionsCanvas Help CenterWeb-based support and knowledgebase, including links to Canvas Guides, videotutorials, FAQs, user-groups, discussion board, and release notesGeneral forumsInstructure Announcements, Ask a Question, The Water CoolerProduct forumsFeature Requests, Feature Requests We’ve Implemented, Product Release Notes,What’s New in Canvas, Security NoticesCommunity ResourcesBest Practice Webinar Topics (for vote), Best Practice Webinar Archive, CommunityCreated Resources, InstructureCon Presentations, Extension & Integration Library5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.3

Canvas by InstructureOverviewFeatureDescriptionIncident reporting andtrackingIncidents reported via the integrated Help Tool, Canvas Help Center, email, andphone are tracked using Zendesk, a web-based help desk / support ticket system.Users can track their own reported incidents.Three-tier support modelTraditional three-tier incident reporting, escalation, and resolution help desk supportmodelBasic Support Package24/7/365 access to the online Canvas Help Center, email response within twobusiness days, M-F phone support from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT, plus one LMS adminaccount (included in subscription fee at no additional cost)Optional PremiumSupport Package24/7/365 access to the online Canvas Help Center, email response within 8 hours,24/7/365 phone support, plus three LMS admin accounts (available at additional cost)Optional 24/7 live Tier ISupport for Students andFacultyFirst-line help desk support to address and resolve end user issues such as loggingin, questions about features and functions, and resolving other operational problems(available at additional cost)Online Standard TrainingPackageIncludes LMS Administrator, Support, and Instructor/User training webinars (includedin the one-time Canvas implementation fee)Optional training offeringsIncludes high-level course topics that can be delivered online or onsite including theCourse Design Workshop, Migrating to Canvas Workshop, Training StrategiesWorkshop, Collaboration Workshop, and customized training tailored to theinstitution’s specific training needsProfessional ServicesComprehensive deployment management and custom tool development can beengaged at additional cost1.3Canvas Architecture and AWS InfrastructureThe Canvas cloud architecture—built on Amazon Web Services infrastructure—providesunmatched availability, scalability, and reliability. The Canvas architecture and the AWSinfrastructure are fully horizontally scalable providing virtually limitless capacity via theprovisioning of additional resources. Canvas provides: Redundancy of computing resources with active monitoring for failure detection andautomated fail-over Real-time performance tuning via Automated Provisioning of resources to respond tospikes and peak usage times to minimize performance degradation Data protection through data replication, backup/restore, and disaster recoveryprocedures Load balanced application servers and aggressive data caching for superior webperformance Rolling release schedule of upgrades and updates, rarely incurring system downtimeCanvas was specifically designed to play well with other standards-based technologies such asIMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), enabling Canvas to integrate seamlessly with5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.4

Canvas by InstructureOverviewbest-of-breed tools. With this approach and architecture, Canvas will always benefit from itsposition in the forefront of LMS innovations by readily incorporating new and better tools whilephasing out and replacing obsolete technologies.Table 3 provides an overview of the Canvas architecture and AWS infrastructure.Table 3. Canvas Architecture and AWS InfrastructureFeatureDescriptionNative cloud serviceFully hosted and managed on the state-of-the-technology cloud-computing infrastructureprovided by the Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and SimpleStorage Service (S3)Highly available99.9% guaranteed system availability the least amount of scheduled maintenanceHighly reliableRedundant architecture with automatic failoverHighly scalableHorizontally scalable enabling increased capacity by simply provisioning additionalresourcesHighly extensibleDocumented open representational state transfer (REST) application programminginterface (API)AutomatedprovisioningDetection and accommodation of usage spikes to ensure efficient operations during peaktimes, such as the start of academic termsDevelopmentenvironmentAgile development methodology, Ruby on Rails programming language, Ubuntu platform,PostgreSQL database, and Apache web serverStandards-basedOpen web standards, CSV, HTTP/HTTPS, iCalendar, IMS Enterprise XML, IMS LTI, IMSQTI, JSON, REST API, RSS, HTML/HTML5, OAuth, jQuery, SCORM 1.2 and higher(content only), SMS, and SMTPHighly secureAll data traffic in and out of Canvas is 128-bit SSL-encrypted. The AWS cloudinfrastructure is SAS70 Type II audited, Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC 1) reportedand published under both the SSAE 16 and the ISAE 3402 professional standards, ISO27001 certified, Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) DataSecurity Standard (DSS), and has achieved FISMA-Moderate operation level.Message brokerIntegrated communication with real-time routing based on users’ notification preferencesBrandingSupport for institutional branding of interface is included in the one-time implementationfee; more extensive theming via CSSSSO andauthenticationSupport Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with CAS, SAML/Shibboleth, and externalauthentication through LDAP or Active DirectoryMigration toolsAutomated migration tools for importing content from legacy LMSs, including Blackboard,Vista, WebCT, Desire2Learn, ANGEL, Common Cartridge, and IMS QTILMS AdministrationDefine organization-specific user roles, assign permissions, maintain question banks,define institution-wide learning outcomes and rubrics, organizational hierarchy replicatedin Canvas, perform SIS data imports, specify grading schemes, set up sub-accounts, viewsystem usage statistics, manage authentication, view faculty journalBrowser-enabledCompatible with the latest two versions of Apple Safari , Google Chrome, MicrosoftInternet Explorer , and Mozilla Firefox5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.5

Canvas by ralCompatible with Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft WindowsMobile accessFree mobile native apps for Apple iOS and AndroidAccessibilityAdheres to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation guidelines and is committed to the W3C'sWeb Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AAand the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Suite as documented in ourVoluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)InternationalizationSupports English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese (Portuguese Brazil), Japanese,Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, with German and Polish on the near-term product roadmap1.4Third-Party Integrations SupportCanvas is a standards-based platform with an open API and an extensive set of supported thirdparty integrations enable institutions to easily extend the capabilities of Canvas to support theirspecific requirements. Table 4 lists Canvas supported integrations with third-party content, tools,and services. Note: Tools and services denoted with an asterisk (*) are provided and/orsupported by Canvas at no additional cost. Canvas support for integrations with the nonasterisked third-party tools and services is included at no additional cost but institutions wouldneed to already have or need to obtain licensing for those products from their respectivevendors.Table 4. Partial List of Third-Party Integrations SupportContent/Tool/ServiceDescriptionBoxContent management and collaboration toolsEQUELLAContent management and digital repositoryFacebook*, Twitter*, andLinkedIn*Social networking siteGoogle Drive* and EtherPad*Creating, editing, storing, printing, and sharing documents, spreadsheets, andpresentationsIMS LTI Tools and ServicesAll LTI-compliant tools and services including Mahara (ePortfolio), CengageLearning (content development), Campus Pack (ePortfolios, blogs, wikis),SoftChalk Cloud (open-licensed learning resources), WikiSpaces (educationwikis), WordPress (blogs), and Khan Academy (courses). Please refer to theCanvas App Center http://www.edu-apps.org/index.html for over 120 supportedLTI-compliant tools and services.Kaltura*Media management, providing audio and video recording and streamingMcGraw-Hill CampusDigital learning resourcesMcGraw-Hill ConnectOnline learning assignment and assessment solutionPearson MyLabsInteractive courses, content, and assessments5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.6

Canvas by RespondusAssessment development, management, and publishing and LockDownbrowserSCORM CloudCourse and content standards conversionScribd* and Crocodoc*Online electronic document publication and sharing service providing in-linedocument previewsSoftChalk and SoftChalk CloudContent development and managementSonicFoundry MediaSiteEnterprise webcasting, lecture capture, and hybrid event platformStudent Information Systems(SIS) and Human ResourcesInformation Systems (HRIS)Ellucian (formerly SunGard Banner or Datatel Colleague), PeopleSoft,Jenzabar, CampusVue, Poise, PowerSchool, CampusKey, and other SIS/HRISthat can export data can be translated into the Canvas CSV format or sentdirectly to the Canvas SIS API.Tegrity, Panopto, Echo360Lecture captureThird-party content and legacyLMS course/content importCengage ePack, Canvas Common Cartridge, McGraw Hill Common Cartridge,Pearson ePack, WW Norton packages, SCORM-compliant packages,Blackboard 6-9x, WebCT CE 6 , WebCT Vista 1-4, ANGEL, Moodle, andDesire2LearnTurningPointClassroom response system (clicker)TurnitinPlagiarism checking serviceTypeWith.me*Document collaboration tool that synchronously displays textBigBlueButton*, Wimba,Blackboard Collaborate, WizIQWeb conferencing and collaboration toolsAdditional third-party systems,applications, and services*Flickr, Delicious, Diigo, Skype, Amazon, Google Calendar, RSS/Atom Feeds,iCal, YouTube, and mobile apps5 September 2013Instructure, Inc.7

5 September 2013 Instructure, Inc. 1 Canvas by Instructure Overview CANVAS BY INSTRUCTURE Canvas is a cloud-based education technology platform with advanced Learning Management

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Intrusion Prevention: Instructure uses AWS GuardDuty to alert and inform on security incidents occurring against Instructure's services hosted in AWS. Intrusion Detection: Instructure leverages Lacework on all AWS accounts, forwarding alerts to the Instructure Security Team. All output is sent to Instructure's centralized logging

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