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ABOUT THE MARKETWELCOMEThe Dallas Farmers Market welcomes all applicants that meets the standards of the GuidingPrinciples set forth in 2019.MISSIONThe Dallas Farmers Market exists to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for all ofNorth Texas through the promotion, availability and appreciation for locally produced qualityfood, producers, growers and makers.HISTORYOnce a humble horse-and-wagon wholesale business, the Dallas Farmers Market has grown withthe city and turned into a farmer’s market for farm-direct vegetables, dairy and more. As Dallasbegan to flourish in the late 19th century, farmers came to sell in various locations around thecity from their wagons. Soon, the intersection of South Pearl Expressway and Cadiz Streetbecame the hub of a thriving farmers and ranchers street shop with produce, chickens, pigs,eggs and goats were all sold to the people of North Texas. As the city grew, so did the demandfor farm-direct produce and meat. By 1941, the site was officially sanctioned as a municipallyowned and operated market and the first shed was established. The Shed that you know today isthe original shed.In 2013, the City of Dallas entered an agreement with a private entity to manage the DallasFarmers Market where the focus is to ensure fair and consistent management and clearlycommunicated processes to enhance the vendor and customer experience for a sustainablefarmers market into the future. Continual improvements are a combination of increased diversityand uniqueness of vendors with a focus on producers, growers and makers. Today, the DallasFarmers Market is the largest farmers market in Texas and continues to be a thriving market!THE MARKETIn 2016, the Dallas Farmers Market opened The Market, nearly a 30,000 square foot artisanalfood hall with shops and restaurants at 920 S Harwood Street. The Market is the newlyrenovated indoor Shed 2 that was built in the early 90’s. These Guiding Principles set forthpertain only to the outdoor shed.THE SHED HOURSOpen rain or shine during the following days and hours however closed on Thanksgiving Day,Christmas and New Year’s Day: Friday (Seasonally) 10am-3pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday10am-5pm.THE REGIONAL WHOLESALE MARKETThe historic ‘night market’ for farmers, growers and wholesale produce dealers to sell to thepublic, farm stands, restaurants, chefs, produce companies and schools/hospitals. This is aseparate farmers market choice when choosing a market at the end of the application process. Aproduce farmer can choose to sell both at the Dallas Farmers Market 2019 and the RegionalWholesale Market 2019. This market is open rain or shine during the following days and hourshowever closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day: Sunday 9pm-Monday 9amand Thursday 9pm-Friday 9am.1 Page

VENDOR TYPES & ELIGIBILITYThe Dallas Farmers Market has adapted the definition of “local” from the USDA. DFM sellsproduce grown in Texas or within 400 miles from Dallas. The DFM shall be operated as amarketplace for local farmers and farm merchants and vendors. “Local farmer” means a personwho makes or intends to make a substantial portion of his or her income from farming. A localfarmer must have ownership or leasehold rights to the land being farmed during the entiregrowing season or must have use rights pursuant to a government sponsored or non-profitprogram whose purpose is to aid farmers in full-time farming endeavors. A local farmer mustalso possess all required permits and/or licenses. “Farm merchants and vendors” means thoseother than local farmers who grow, produce or resell farm products or who prepare, make orfabricate homemade or locally produced foods, beer, wine, clothing, art, sculpture, jewelry,knick-knacks and similar products.FARMERS AND RANCHERSA farmer/rancher who grows, raises, or produces agricultural products and may be a soleproprietorship, a partnership, non-profit or corporation that owns or leases land. Includes familymembers and employees who assist in the production or sales/marketing of the farm directproducts, including THEIR produce, meats, dairy, cheese, honey, grains, plants, cut flowers andvalue-added products if not over 25% of entire booth offering. Depending on the weather, theoff season may fall around, September 1st to March 31st. During this time frame, high quality,non-local produce purchased from a farm and signed appropriately will be allowed in order toprovide an abundance of produce during the time of year when not as many farmers areproducing. The market manager will decide based on availability of crop from local farmers eachyear if territory will need to be expanded. Both farmers and farm representatives may sell nonlocal produce during this timeframe. Produce must be sourced from the Continental US for bothfarmer and farm representative. The DFM Administration will conduct a farm visit for inspectionto determine if the farmer/producer is involved in the production of farm products. Thefarmer/producer is required to display signage of the name of the farm, growing method andspecific farm location. Floral – a person who grows and sells cut flowers, plant baskets,transplants, starts and bouquets must have the appropriate Texas Agriculture DepartmentNursery Floral license.FARM REPRESENTATIVEThe Dallas Farmers Market recognizes that farmers and ranchers may not be able to attend allmarkets due to time and product availability restraints. Therefore, there are a select few farmrepresentatives each year to represent farm direct produce under the direct purview of the DFM.Outside sourcing must be in constant coordination with the DFM Administration and disclosedwith farmer’s names, contact information and weekly receipts for verification. There will berestriction of produce that is in direct competition with the farmers selling what they have grownthroughout the year. Signage of the farm name, growing method, location, item and price will beused at all times.ARTISAN FOOD PRODUCERSA person who prepares, produces and packages a specialty food and beverage product usually byhand or traditional methods. Priority for approval is to those that create a value-added foodproduct sourcing directly from local farmers and ranchers. Examples: herbs, coffee roasters,2 Page

pickles and canned goods, fermented products, breads, pastries, pastas, sauces, spices and herbblends, cultural foods, non-alcoholic drinks and mixes. Please contact the DFM Administrationwith questions about products.ARTS AND CRAFTSAnyone who creates and makes by hand a quality and unique product. All products will beproduced by the person applying for the Dallas Farmers Market.SEASONAL VENDORSOff-Season Arts and Craft vendors and Artisanal Food vendors who are not hand crafting will beallowed from November to February given the availability of stall rentals. Priority will be given tohand crafters. Resellers will be required to provide a 3-month commitment.APPLICATION PROCESSREGISTER IN FARMSPREADPrior to selling at the Dallas Farmers Market, all vendors must submit an online application byregistering through the website and be approved by the Dallas Farmers Market Administration.Go to and create a profile. Please ensure the market selected is correct atthe beginning of your application. It should read “Dallas Farmers Market”. A vendor withdifferent businesses will submit a separate application for each business for a separate approvaland space. Applications may be submitted at any time and are valid for that calendar year.Vendors will apply every year, pay the processing fee, and will be evaluated for approval based onadherence to the rules.APPLICATION FEEThe yearly application processing fee is 50 and must be paid for consideration as a vendor.The application processing fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee approval to sell.PROCESSING APPLICATIONSThe Dallas Farmers Market Administration reviews newly completed applications on Sundays.Farmers and Ranchers are contacted first as the farmers market has a “farmer first” policy.Once the application fee has been paid, new applicants will be brought in for a group interview.Interviews typically fall on the third Friday of the month however exceptions do apply. You willhave three minutes to give a pitch and then two minutes for our team to ask questions. Werequest that your complete presentation including signage and displays. Small samples shouldbe prepared for the interview. After the interview, vendors are either accepted, waitlisted ordeclined. It usually takes a few weeks to process applicants.3 Page

APPROVAL OF VENDORS ANDPRODUCTSACCEPTANCE CONSIDERATIONSThe Dallas Farmers Market has criteria for approval of vendors and products: Complete application online in Farmspread with application processing fee paid.Read all the Guiding Principles for understanding and adherence to the mission and rulesand regulations.Upload all applicable permits, license and certificates for the retail sale of the vendor’sproducts at the DFM. This does not include the Dallas Consumer Health Division permit,as it cannot be issued without an approval letter from the DFM. Expectations will be thatthe applicant has determined if the product they are selling will require this permit.New vendors must commit to a minimum of 8 market days and pay in advance for a 5week period.Once approved, vendors must start in a one-week period of date of approval.Priority is given first to farmers and ranchers, then products made with local farmproducts, unique and unusual products, attractive displays and signage and those withlarge social media presence.Priority will be given to those who are seeking a year-round commitment (52 weeks) orthose who can commit to a 3-month, quarterly commitment.Ability to be a positive communicator with customers, DFM staff and vendors to educateand promote others about the values and belief of the Dallas Farmers Market.Space availability is contingent upon overall mix and percentage of vendors and productsA copy of the Certificate of Liability Insurance with the DFMarket1, LLC as additionallyinsured before attending the first market day.All products must be approved by DFM AdministrationVENDOR REQUIREMENTSINSURANCE REQUIREMENTSAll DFM vendors must carry a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the DFMarket1, LLCadditionally insured. Risk management and safety of the vendors, staff and customers is of highimportance. Vendors at the Dallas Farmers Market are responsible for carrying liability insuranceon their business with a minimum of 1M with the “DFMarket1, LLC” as additional insured.The indemnity and release of liability is in the terms of agreement that all applying vendors mustsign and submit with application. Check with your current insurance provider or as a suggestiononly, the Texas Farm Bureau provides farmers market insurance. Please contact Robert Dobbs at972.962.2116. Another resource is VISITSThe DFM Administration will make an initial visit to the farms and ranches during normal dayhours. Farm visits are scheduled prior to the day of the visit. Additional follow-up visits may benecessary with season changes or additional fields or herds.4 Page

PRODUCT VALIDITYThe DFM Administration may at any time question the validity of any product sold at The Shed.A proof of product’s origin, a visit to the production location and/or additional proof of validitymay be requested.APPROPRIATE PERMITS, CERTIFICATIONS AND LICENSESIt is the vendor’s responsibility to know and obtain the permits needed to sell at The Shed. Seethe list of resources. All permits, certificates, licenses and the Certificate of Liability Insurancewith DFMarket1, LLC must be uploaded into Farmspread.SALES REPORTINGIt is the vendor’s responsibility to report sales in Farmspread on a weekly basis. This will only becollated as an average and mean report for the entire market and will never be released on anindividual business basis. This information will be helpful in marketing evaluations and futureplanning for the Dallas Farmers Market vendors.DALLAS CONSUMER HEALTH DIVISION DALLAS FARMERS MARKET PERMITVendors that will be sampling, including cutting produce and/or preparing and serving on site willbe required to have a Farmers Market Permit from the Dallas Consumer Health Division. Contactthe Dallas Consumer Health Division for requirements for potentially hazardous food, foodhandling certification, sampling and manufacturing license. Click here for farmers marketpermit guidelines.FOOD MANUFACTURE LICENSEObtained from the commercial kitchen (commissary) where the product is made.FOOD HANDLERS CERTIFICATIONRequirement for the Cottage Food Law.SALES TAX NUMBERSome vendors may be responsible for sales tax if required by the State of Texas and collectingand paying any sales tax that may be assessed on their products. The vendor shall beresponsible for filing any and all returns required by the State of Texas with respect to sales taxcollection.FEES AND PAYMENTSAPPLICATION FEEThe application processing fee is 50 and must be paid for by new vendors and returningvendors for consideration for each new calendar year. Please note, the application fee is nonrefundable and does not guarantee approval to sell at the Dallas Farmers Market. Please see theattached fee schedule.LATE PAYMENT FEEPayments of all fees will be due upon receipt of invoice and must be paid to operate as a vendor.The late fee for payments made after midnight on Wednesday is 25 per vendor stall per day.5 Page

RULE INFRACTION FEEA 15 fine will be invoiced for disregard for these 2019 Guiding Principles. The fine will needto be paid before the next market day. Five fines will be allowed in one year before vendor statusis re-evaluated.PAYMENTSFees may only be paid online through Farmspread. Farmspread accepts payments via creditcards or debit cards. All fees are non-refundable. You may pay monthly or each week, whateveryou decide. Should you pay monthly, you will receive a 10% off discount on vendor rate and will receivea semi-permanent booth placement. To qualify for this, you must pay for the entire month, Saturdayand Sunday. Vendor schedules are due the Wednesday prior to the start of the new month. Vendorswill be held accountable to pay for the days requested at the beginning of the month. Should youdecide to attend a market day that was not originally selected, there will be a 25 late fee. Paymentsare requested by Wednesday at midnight or a late fee per stall per day will be applied. Pleasenote: To reserve your booth, please upload your desired dates that you would like to attend inFarmspread. Credits are not given for missed days. All rates and fees are subject to changeduring the year. Dallas Farmers Market Administration will make every effort to ensure that allvendors are made aware of upcoming fee changes. Payment of all fees are required as acondition of operation.OPERATING GUIDELINESVENDOR DISPLAY Vendor displays must be assembled in a manner that allows clear and visible access toadjoining stalls.Displays may be left overnight at your own risk and may be moved by DFM Administrationat any time if needed, without DFM Administration assuming responsibility.All signage and displays must be attractive, of good quality and look professional all ofwhich is subject to the discretion of the Dallas Farmers Market Administration. Pleaseseek approval for displays that are outside the normal table, display and sign.Vendors are encouraged to display prices of items for sale.The 10x10 canopy must have 25lbs weights on each of the four canopy legs. All weightsmust be fastened to the canopy and approved.Tables must have a base spread and locking legs. The Dallas Farmers Market will inspectfor overloading and condition of the tables.Display products are to be within the designated vendor space. A-frame signs must bewithin the vendors 10x10 stall and not in the walkway so they do not interfere withcustomer flow.Only temporary attachments may be used such as zip ties, bungy cords or tape may beused to secure display/signs to The Shed property and removed when vendor leaves.Electrical outlets may be used only with Dallas Farmers Market Administration approval.Electricity may be denied if it results in excessive circuit loads. In addition, priority isgiven to those that require electricity to operate their booth.6 Page

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Vendors shall keep vendor spaces in a neat, clean and sanitary condition. No smoking ispermitted within 150 feet of all buildings on the Dallas Farmers Market property.Vendors must remove all booth generated trash and recycling at the close of the marketday and take with you to dispose.The Shed trash cans are for customer use only.Animals are allowed in vendor stalls only with permission of the Dallas Farmers MarketAdministration.Vendors shall not wash down or pour water onto sidewalks, common areas or aisles.All places where food is stored, sold, sampled or handled in the Dallas Farmers Marketshall be maintained and operated in a sanitary manner in accordance with therequirements of all applicable local, state and federal regulations.BUSINESS CONDUCT Approval and placement are at the discretion of DFM Administration and is based onvendor participation, vendor display, vendor mix and market operations.Vendors are required to be in attendance on their committed market days exceptionsneed to be communicated to the DFM Administrations prior to the start of the market.All vendors are required to be fully set up each market day 30 minutes prior to advertisedstart time. Late arrival will need to alert DFM Administration and hand cart products anddisplays from designated parking. If space is not set up 30 minutes prior to start time,your booth space may be reassigned or forfeited.All vendors are to remain open during market times, so bring enough product to cover thetimes.Vendors will completely close within one hour after advertised market close time.Vendors selling the next day may secure vendor space for the evening at their own risk.Vendors may only sell within the space designated to them by Dallas Farmers MarketAdministration. Standing in front of spaces hawking customers and pushing samples willnot be allowed. No vendor shall sell in the common areas, only from behind their table.Vendors may not sublet or trade vendor spaces.The DFM Staff is held to a standard not to accept gifts or food from vendors. Discountsare acceptable. Refrain from giving free products to DFM Staff.Vendors and their employees are expected to immediately comply with requests of theDFM Administration and the security team.VEHICLES In order to put the customer first, please utilize vendor parking on the lower level of theparking garage.The dock parking is for farmers only with designated parking cone. All other vehicles maybe towed after 9am Saturday and 10am Sunday.Off-site parking may be required during peak seasons or events to ensure the customerhas convenient parking. Shuttles will be provided. No moving of vehicles in The Shedgrounds while the farmers market is open.We do not drive or park on any of the brick paved surfaces or under The Shed at any time.Unloading of vehicles must be complete within ½ hour of market start time.Vehicles must be approved to be parked directly behind vendor spaces on the north andsouth sides of The Shed.7 Page

Vehicles are to be parked in the parking lot designated by Dallas Farmers MarketAdministration after they have been unloaded.BEHAVIOR AND CUSTOMER SERVICE Vendors are an extension of the Dallas Farmers Market and will at all times maintain apositive, kind and respectable presence on the premises to customers, other vendors,employees and DFM staff.The Dallas Farmers Market is committed to providing a space that is free fromharassment, in any form and does not allow discrimination.No vendor, or their agent, shall be under the influence of illegal drugs or intoxicatedwhile selling at the Dallas Farmers Market.Children must remain in vendor space and not disturb othersNo vendor at the Dallas Farers Market shall enter into any price agreement or join anyorganization for the purpose of raising or fixing abnormal or artificial prices of products.It is highly encouraged to display prices of product listed for sale.Music played in vendor spaces will be for listening enjoyment of that said vendor.Customer and vendor complaints that cannot be resolved amicably shall be immediatelyreferred to the Dallas Farmers Market Administration for mediation.Attire and grooming must be neat, clean and appropriate for the work being performed atthe Dallas Farmers Market.EMPLOYEES Vendors may have employees or agents selling their products that are included in theapplication. Please notify DFM Administration if that person changes.All vendors are responsible for the actions of their employees.Vendors will not encourage, invite or hire individuals at the Dallas Farmers Market thatare undesirable to the customers.PRODUCT QUALITY STANDARDS Products will be approved according to a list of priorities for each market day. Higherpriority is given to producer made products, organic/natural, quality, packing, locallysourced ingredients and mix of products on any given farmers market day.It is the responsibility of each vendor to warranty refund or exchange merchandise that isunsatisfactory to a customer.All pre-packaged products must be labeled and have weight and measure declarations.All product must be identified by a sign that states price, farm of origin, city and state oforigin.All products shall be sold at a standard weight and measure. Produce may be sold by thepound, provided scales are certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA);otherwise produce may be sold by the piece, pint, quart, peck or another generallyaccepted measure of quantity. All vendors are required to have the vendor’s businesscards/name and contact posted in a place where the customers have access.INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICYRecognizing it is the responsibility to provide a venue for farmers and vendors to sell theirproducts, it is also our responsibility to ensure a safe market environment. The DFMAdministration will make decisions to alter market times based on weather reports and on-sitemarket conditions. It is the authority of the DFM Administration to close a market early, open a8 Page

market late, or cancel a market day due to severe or inclement weather. Farmers and vendorswill be notified in a timely manner by email. During inclement weather events, it is up to theindividual vendor to decide about whether or not to attend farmers market that day if the marketremains open. Refunds will not be given due to weather.CONTACT INFORMATIONStaff DirectoryNamePositionE-Mail AddressLori DavisDirector of The DallasFarmers MarketThe Shed Managerlori.davis@spectrumprop.comBeth Clembeth.clem@dallasfarmersmarket.orgPHYSICAL ADDRESSThe Dallas Farmers Market Administration office is located at 1011 S Pearl St. The office isopen Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. During the weekend farmers market, meet with ourstaff located at the information booth in The Shed. The Dallas Farmers Market does not acceptpostal mail on behalf of vendors. Any and all mail addressed to vendors will be returned tosender. The DFM Administration Office is located across from the Shed inside Harvest Lofts.EMAILinfo@dallasfarmersmarket.orgPHONE NUMBER214.664.9110SECURITY AND COURTESY OFFICESecurity is on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For security issues and locked restrooms,please call 214.878.1619COMPLAINT PROCESSVendors or customers may file a complaint in writing to the DFM Administration if they suspect avendor is violating market rules and regulations. Complaints will need to be in writing to theShed Manager and should include the complainant’s name and phone number and the complaintpertaining to quality, conduct, or unfair practices of a vendor or DFM staff. DFM Administrationwill follow up with a visit to determine compliance. If the complaint is not remedied to thesatisfaction of the DFM Administration, a written warning will be given to the offending vendorwith the expectation that it will be remedied. A second complaint may result in a briefintermission from selling at The Shed. A third complaint will result in a 90-day suspensionand/or permanent removal from The Shed.GRIEVANCESAll vendors agree that they understand and agree to the DFM Shed Guiding Principles as part ofthe application process. In the case of a fine, suspension or termination, a written notice of theaction to be taken will be provided to the vendor. The vendor may appeal, in writing, the actionto be taken within 5 days prior to becoming effective. Any vendor may also file a grievance inwriting with the DFM Administration if they believe any DFM staff is violating the Guiding9 Page

Principles. The response to the grievance will be provided in writing to the vendor by DFM within30 days of the appeal. All grievances will be sent to Dallas Farmers Market office, 1011 S PearlExpy. Dallas, TX 75201.ATTACHMENTSTHE SHED FEESDaily Fees - The ShedAmountFarmer/Producer 15Farmer Representative 45Food Artisan 60Arts & Crafts 60Corner Booth Space 85Electricity - 110V 10Electricity - 220V 15Late Payment Fee (Per Space, Per Day) 25Trucks/trailer Overnight (farmers exempt) 2010% Discount on vendor spaces, if paid monthly½ off Friday fee, if paid for both Saturday and SundayOther FeesAnnual Processing Application/Membership Fee 50Fines for Rule Infraction (up to 45 before evaluation ofvendor status) 15DFM Produce Signage (15 Signs) 10Instructor-led Field Trip ( 8/person)10 P a g eAmount 8

RESOURCESGo Texan Farm Bureau Insurance and MembershipRobert Dobbs, 972.962.2116Dallas Farmers Market PermitDallas Consumer Health Division7901 Goforth RoadDallas, TX 75238Matt tyhall.comTexas Retail Sales ursery and Floral LicenseYou will need a permit from the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to obtain a Nursery andFloral License. Phone Number: 512.463.7476. or for more informationview antQuality/NurseryFloral.aspxUSDA Grants and ntsSelling at a Farmers ingAtFarmersMarkets2010.pdfNational Center for Appropriate Technologies Market Coalition Harvesthttp://www.localharvest.orgTexas Cottage Food Law Retail Food ing for Market – Selling at a Farmers ingAtFarmersMarkets2010.pdf11 P a g e

and uniqueness of vendors with a focus on producers, growers and makers. Today, the Dallas Farmers Market is the largest farmers market in Texas and continues to be a thriving market! THE MARKET In 2016, the Dallas Farmers Market opened The Market, nearly a 30,000 square foot artisanal food hall with shops and restaurants at 920 S Harwood Street.

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