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ENTERPRISEQUICK STARTGet yourself up and running inno more than 5 weeks timeBEGIN WITH US

OURMETHODOLOGY& APPROACHOur definitive approach and agilemethodology makes the projectexecution error free. We definerequirements meticulously eventhe granular ones, that are moreeasy to understand by your nontechnical team TOF WORKDefinitiveNEXT STEPS

STEP 1STEP 2DiscoveryBuildKick off call to go throughImplementation checklist.Account configuration, contentlibrary, automations, data import STEP 3STEP 4DeployCompleteThorough check by ourintense testing processGet your applicationsolution blueprint

ACCOUNT CONFIGURATIONTECHNICAL SETUPSTANDARD PROFILE MANAGEMENT Creation of three user rolesConfiguration of one Sender ProfileConfiguration of two Delivery ProfilesConfiguration of standard reply mailmanagement (RMM)Create and configure up to 1 Child BusinessUnitCreate and configure up to 5 user accountsConfiguring web collect code on marketingcloud only, to be added on client website bytheir website administrator.Setting up Account Based EmailPerformance report.Setting up standard profile subscriptioncenter includes:o Subscriber profile attributes creation upto 15 attributes.o Subscriber profile centero Subscription centero Setting Up Publication Lists up to 5(Visible on preference center)o Unsubscribe list

DATA IMPORT & OTHER TERMSDATA TERMSDATA TRANSFORMATIONWe propose a joint data mappingapproach as described below: Client will provide an initial extractof client’s subscriber data which issaid to be their marketing list. Itshould include Subscription status(Active/Unsubscribes)Our team will then review client’sdata and will suggest the bestpractices to use that data inmarketing cloud.Our team will then map the finalfields to the Salesforce MarketingCloud Data Extension which willbecome master data extension.The client team will transform client’s data into thecorrect format as defined in the templates for uploadinto Data Extension.The client team will also perform de-duplication suchthat the data is ready for load into data extension.DATA LOAD Once client’s data is transformed into the correct format, wewill import itinto Marketing cloud master list/data extension.For quality assurance purposes, we will first complete a mockconversion,followed by the final conversion. (Iterations maximum 2)Once the data load is complete, we will work with the clientteam to assure data quality by running key data metrics.

DATA IMPORT & OTHER TERMSCont.DELIVERABLESEXCLUDED SERVICES Data mapping2 hours of support during datatransformation including qualityassuranceMock and final data loadAfter successful data load, this quickstart includes 2 static segmentationlists/ filtered data extensions with awalk through to create more.Uploading all your assets needs tobe used in email build. Files shouldbe downloadable from a cloud drivelink.This service does not include data cleansing or transformationservices.Services not specifically identified above are not included in thisquick-start service.Custom development of triggers, visualforce pages, Sites andFlows.Additional support services can be purchased separately fordata administration, CRM configuration, development support,additional training. ADDITIONAL TERMS The implementation price does not include the Salesforce orMarketing Cloud license fees.The implementation is based on features of Marketing Cloudand Salesforce which are generally available

MARKETING CLOUD CONNECTSALESFORCE TO MARKETING CLOUD INTEGRATION CONFIGURATION Integration of ExactTarget with SalesforceSales Cloud including the following activities:Mapping of up to 5 Salesforce users toMarketing CloudConfiguration mapping of up to thirtySalesforce Contact fields to Marketing Cloudfields.Configuration of sending ExactTarget emailvia the ExactTarget interface, using aSalesforce campaign or report as aSubscriber sourceMapping of unsubscribes to Salesforce ExactTarget Opt-outs will correlate to a singleemail opt out field in the Salesforce record Syncing individual email send results withSalesforce Leads and Contacts object only. Configuration of salesforce synchronised dataextensions for salesforce selected standardobjects only and maximum to 1 relatedcustom object i.e. Users, Leads, Accounts andContacts. (Maximum to 1 related customobject) Configuring one population in contact builder.

CONTENT & ASSETSWEB STUDIO Creating total of 1 form using cloud pagessmart capture.This will include a form building in usingmarketing cloud smart capture forms in cloudpages.Configuring custom data extension to storedata.Configuring email notification upon formsubmissionEMAIL STUDIO – CONTENT BUILDERConceptualize, design and code 1 custom email templatewith multiple content areas the customer can re-use. Thisincludes One HTML email template shell (choose either staticdesktop or mobile responsive layout) Up to 10 designed, coded, stored content blocks to bere-used in template 1 personalised sample email built from template andstored content Email can include up to 5 dynamic content blocks withrules to send personalised emails. This email can include personalisation strings to getyou highly personalised emails. Personalisation willreference from target audience source. Migrating 4 HTML based emails only Creating 1 email from standard marketing cloud template Email design content will be provided by the client in theform of HTML, templating new design is not included.

JOURNEY BUILDERCUSTOMERS 1-TO-1 JOURNEYSConfigure 3 interactions using the Journey Builder lifecycle marketingautomation tool.Journey 1:§ A welcome email series including up to 10 maximum journey steps.§ It will not include engagements i.e. creating or updating salesforcerecords in sales cloud.§ Journey audience will be only from Salesforce standard objects. Wewill be using Salesforce Data as an entry source i.e. Leads /Contacts.§ Can include up to 4 emails as defined and accepted under emaildevelopment section of this SOW above.Journey 2: Custom Journey (No APIs included)§ A custom journey up to 10 maximum journey steps.§ Journey audience will be based on Contact builder data model asdefined and accepted under the Salesforce Integration section ofthis SOW above.§ It will include engagement based journey steps to make it highlyautomated.§ Can include maximum up to 4 emails same as defined andaccepted under email development section of this SOW above.Journey 3: Smart Capture Form Submission (No APIsincluded)§ A custom journey up to 10 maximum journeysteps.§ Journey audience will be determined as who isfilling up a smart capture form.§ This is an engagement based journey that canbe used to create update your Salesforce leadsor Contacts records.§ It will include one data extension mapped to thesalesforce object either lead or contact.

AUTOMATION STUDIOENTERPRISE AUTOMATIONSConfigure 4 maximum automations using marketing cloudAutomation Studio Tool.Automation 1: Segmentation§ Automating segments for your lists/groups/dataextensions using powerful automation activities.§ Segmentation will be based on your master subscriberlist or data extension attributes.§ We will build maximum up to 2 automatedsegmentations. These will be counted as 2 automationsagainst your total 5 automations.Automation 2: Configuring Data Import from FTP (No APIsincluded)§ Setting up automation to import data from FTPautomatically into a data extension.§ This will be a file drop automation.§ The moment you will drop a properly formatted excelsheet (will be given a template) in your designated FTPfolder this automation will occur.Automation 3: Journey Builder Entry Source preparation (NoAPIs included)§ This kind of automation can be used to prepare yourjourney entry audience if using custom data model.§ It will include SQL scripts maximum up to 2. It will beused to prepare audience from 2 or more dataextensions.§ Automating this custom prepared audience to beentered your defined journey.Automation 4: Custom automation of customers choice (NoAPIs included)§ Automation can include various interaction activitiesmaximum up to 5 steps§ It can include SQL query maximum up to 1.§ 1 custom data extension to be used for datamanagement purpose.§ Total estimated time to build this automation should notexceed 2 hours. Can be discussed with Adita developerin discovery.

WHOWE AREAdita Technologies is a Specialist Solutions Reseller and ServicesCompany. We specialize in ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation andInternet of Things.Adita is a Salesforce partner. We also work with several softwarevendors such as SAP, Microsoft, AWS and Google.Adita Technologies is part of the Ayan Group. Ayan Group wasformed in 2008 by several ERP and CRM consultants who haveextensive experience in implementing large scale ERP and CRMimplementation projects in several Iconic global organisation. Aditahas strong presence in North America and in Asia Pacific region.

Marketing Cloud Configuration mapping of up to thirty Salesforce Contact fields to Marketing Cloud fields. Configuration of sending ExactTarget email via the ExactTarget interface, using a Salesforce campaign or report as a Subscriber source Mapping of unsubscribes to Salesforce - ExactTarget Opt-outs will correlate to a single

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Marketing Cloud Configuration mapping of up to thirty Salesforce Contact fields to Marketing Cloud fields. Configuration of sending ExactTarget email via the ExactTarget interface, using a Salesforce campaign or report as a Subscriber source Mapping of unsubscribes to Salesforce - ExactTarget Opt-outs will correlate to a single

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