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Customer Case Study

C U S T O M E R C A S E S T U D Y / E x act T ar g .comCOUNTRYUSACustomer Size497 employeesINDUSTRYProfessional services—Information technologyMarketing SoftwareProvider Uses DNNto Speed WebDevelopment 600%ExactTarget had just three months to developwhat would become a network for its more than7,000 customers. It met that goal with a fullyfunctional debut release thanks to DNN EvoqCUSTOMER PROFILEExactTarget, based in Indianapolis, IN,Content1 management system and applicationdevelopment platform for Microsoft .NET. Theis a Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerDNN Platform facilitated the use of prebuilt modulesproviding on-demand and one-to-onewhich jumpstarted development, cut .NET Webmarketing solutions.development time by a factor of six, and helpedensure reliability, scalability, and customization.TECHNOLOGYMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.5Business NeedsPARTNERSIt was three months before ExactTarget wanted to release arevolutionary social media solution to connect its customerswith one another and ExactTarget’s team of experts. Itnamed the site 3sixty for the role it would play in connectingdigital marketers to one another and to ExactTarget. ThePRODUCT IMPLEMENTEDonly problem: 3sixty didn’t exist yet. Could ExactTargetdevelop the product in time to meet its deadline and be thefirst to market, extending its reputation and market share?1

C U S T O M E R C A S E S T U D Y / E x act T ar g etExactTarget provides on-demand and one-to-Getting it done right was as important as gettingone marketing solutions that enable clientsit done fast. “We couldn’t put out just a skeletonto send business-critical and event-triggeredof a site and add features later,” says Stephaniecommunications, which increase sales, optimizeZircher, Director of Product Enablement Operations,marketing investments, and strengthen customerExactTarget. “We had to get it right the first time.”relationships. The company’s proposed 3sixtycommunity would represent a major advance:That put pressure on ExactTarget to choose thea creation of a single source for ExactTargetright development environment. It consideredcustomers to access the resources and onlinesome options—both open source and proprietary—training they need to succeed, combined withbut developers at the company thought the toolsthe opportunity to network and share successwere too abstract and lacked the applicationstrategies with other ExactTarget users. 3sixtyprogramming interfaces to enable them to producewould even include an “iLab” where users couldthe Microsoft .NET Framework code they requiredtest ExactTarget offerings before they becamefor the project. The development team was modestavailable to the general size—averaging three developers—so therewas no interest in learning a new developmentenvironment. ExactTarget developers wanted toproduce native .NET code, but they wanted a highlyexpedited way to do so.SolutionThe company had already gained experiencewith an open source platform it found promisingfor software development: DNN, a leading webcontent management system (CMS) and applicationdevelopment framework for Microsoft .NETbased development.The DNN Platform runs hundreds of thousandsof production websites worldwide. ExactTargetused the software to jumpstart development of2

C U S T O M E R C A S E S T U D Y / E x act T ar g etinternal tools to manage the company’s “We opened two support incidents whileThe experience was positive, according todeveloping 3sixty,” says Squires. “Both of themMicah Squires, Principal Engineer in Corporatewere answered and resolved within two hours.”Information Systems, Exact Target. “Our internalmanagement tools were built up to six times fasterwith DNN,” he says.“Because Evoq Content sits on top of the .NETFramework and takes advantage of our clients’existing resources and knowledge of .NETand the Microsoft application platform, it cancut development time dramatically,” saysShaun Walker, Co-Founder and Chief Architectat DNN Corporation.ExactTarget wanted this fast development, plussecurity, and reliability, for 3sixty. To gain that higherlevel of reliability, the company upgraded from theDNN Platform to Evoq Content. ExactTarget alsochose Evoq Content for the security and scalabilityit sought in its new product.Squires and his colleagues took advantage ofthe built-in provider model design pattern inEvoq Content, and available third-party modules,rather than having to build their application fromscratch. For example, they created a custom plugin authentication provider to meet ExactTarget’srequirement for single sign on to the solution.Another factor that led ExactTarget to DNN wasBenefitsExactTarget wanted to develop an enterprise-class,mission-critical solution in three months. That’swhat it accomplished with the help of Evoq Content.Development was up to six times faster than withtraditional tools, enabling ExactTarget to meet itstradeshow deadline. “We could not have launchedthe product otherwise,” says Zircher.Nor was the product a “skeleton” to which featureswere added later. “DNN Evoq Content helped usquickly deliver a feature-rich 1.0 product with userdiscussions, private messaging, group functionality,and much more,” says Zircher. “This was a trulyawesome first release with all major functionalityin place.”That functionality was highly customized.“Although we jumpstarted development withavailable functionality, we weren’t locked intousing that functionality as-is,” says Squires. “Thereare instances in which we acquired modules andonly used the back-end functionality, so from theinterface it’s impossible to tell you’re not in ourcustom-built software.”the software’s same day, unlimited technical3

C U S T O M E R C A S E S T U D Y / E x act T ar g etScalability was another key concern. “We wereExactTarget now plans to use DNN in a revamp ofencouraging everyone at the conference to useits corporate website. “Evoq Content has become3sixty and it was crucial that the software performeda standard part of our toolkit,” says Squires.without error as those users came online,” saysZircher. “The software ran perfectly.”1The ease of use of the DNN software extends beyondEvoq Content was previously known as DNNProfessional and Enterprise Editions.development to the continuing maintenance of thesite. ExactTarget maintains 3sixty with a single, nontechnical business administrator.“ DNN Evoq Contenthelped us quicklydeliver a truly awesomefirst release of our3sixty community withall major functionalityin place.”Stephanie ZircherDirector of Product Enablement OperationsExactTarget4

155 BOVET ROAD, SUITE 201SAN MATEO, CA y Copyright by DNN Corp. DNN, Evoq, and DotNetNuke are trademarks of DNN Corp.

It was three months before ExactTarget wanted to release a revolutionary social media solution to connect its customers with one another and ExactTarget's team of experts. It named the site 3sixty for the role it would play in connecting digital marketers to one another and to ExactTarget. The only problem: 3sixty didn't exist yet.

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