Project 7: Email Marketing - Cross-Validated

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Project 7: Email Marketing

Project Summaryby Katerina Bosko, PhD( In this project, I prepared a Email Campaign consisting of 3emails, drafted the first email in MailChimp and analyzed its results.Results: prepared Creative Briefs for 3 Emails for automated Email Workflowthat should follow-up on leads generated with the Facebook Campaign(Email 1) and move them further the Customer Journey from interest (Email2) to action phase (Email 3).Details on slides that follow:1.Marketing Objective & KPI2.Email Seriesa.Creative Brief for Email 1b.Creative Brief for Email 2c.Creative Brief for Email 33.Calendar & Plan4.Draft & Final Versions for Email 1 built in MailChimp5.Sending & Analyzing Results for Email 16.Final Recommendations

Part 1Plan Your EmailContent

Marketing Objective & KPI Marketing Objective:Convert leads gathered throughadvertising of free Social MediaAdvertising Guide into DigitalMarketing Nanodegree (DMND)students via three Email series runbetween June 8 and June 26, 2020. KPI - conversion rate

Target Persona: DMNDBackground andDemographicsMale, in Mid-20s,Computer Sci studentworking in InsuranceSales,Married without kidswithup to 50,000 USDincome (middle-class)HobbiesTarget PersonaNameNeedsMoneyGrow own businessAmbitious AndyCareer Support &MentoringGoalsBarriersGet a PhDReadingWolf of Wall Streetfavorite movieStart a leadgeneration companyLaunch a career innew industryNever completedonline courses before

Part 2Create an EmailCampaign

Email SeriesEmail 1: Social Media Advertising Guide.Success! Your free Ebook is ready fordownloadEmail 2: Liked our Social MediaAdvertising Guide? Enroll in DigitalMarketing Nanodegree to launch yournew careerEmail 3: Reminder! Digital MarketingNanodegree enrollment ends on June 25

Creative Brief: Email 1Overarching Theme: 3-5 SentencesGeneralThis email follows up on leads generated by Facebook Campaign.Objective: engagement and awareness building about the product andthe platform.Subject Line 1Social Media Advertising GuideSubject Line 2Success!Preview TextYour Ebook is ready for download.BodyDownload Social Media Advertising Guide here.What to do next:Check out Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree to learn 360-degreeunderstanding of digital marketing and run real campaigns onFacebook, Google AdWords and much more!Udacity is the world’s fastest, most efficient way to master the skillstech companies want. 100% online, part-time & self-paced.Outro CTALearn More

Creative Brief: Email 2Overarching Theme: 3-5 SentencesGeneralInformation about the DMND program to those thatdownloaded free Ebook. Objective: encourageenrollment in DMNDSubject Line 1Liked our Social Media Advertising Guide?Subject Line 2Become a Digital MarketerPreview TextEnroll in Digital Marketing Nanodegree to launch your new careerBodyDigital Marketing NanodegreeESTIMATED TIME3 month at 10 hours/weekPREREQUISITESNo Experience RequiredWhat you’ll learn:- Marketing Fundamentals- Content Strategy- Social Media Marketing- Social Media Advertising with Facebook Blueprint- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads- Display Advertising- Email Marketing- Measure and Optimize with Google AnalyticsOutro CTAEnroll Now

Creative Brief: Email 3Overarching Theme: 3-5 SentencesGeneralRemarketing: customers that Downloaded Ebook (Email 1) andclicked on Enroll Now button (Email 2) but did not complete theenrollment in DMND. Objective: encourage enrollment by creatingurgency for action to those that showed interest in enrollment andare thus further down the customer journey (move from desirestage to action stage).Subject Line 1Reminder!Subject Line 2Digital Marketing NanodegreePreview TextEnrollment ends on June 26BodyHi {Name},Interested in Digital Marketing Nanodegree?Enroll by 11:59 PM on June 26, 2020 to enter the classes that start onJuly 1, 2020.Don’t miss your chance to join 1000 students who study to becomethe next generation of digital marketing leaders.Outro CTAEnroll Now

Calendar & PlanEmail NamePlanningPhaseTestingPhaseSendPhaseEmail 1June 8-9June 10June 11June15-16Email 2June10-11June 12June 15June17-18Email 3June17-18June 19June 22June25-26Week OneMTWWeek TwoTFMTWAnalyzePhaseWeek ThreeTFMTWTF2223242526Email 1Email 2Email 389Color Key10111215PlanningPhase161718Testing19Send PhaseAnalyzePhase

Part 3Build & Send

Draft Email

Final Email

Part 4Sending & AnalyzingResults

Results Email #1After you have hit send on the first email of yourcampaign, you can spend some time analyzing theresults.1. Calculate the Open RateResults and AnalysisSent2500Delivered Opened2250495OpenedRateBounced22%225

Results Continued Email #1Results can be monitored within the first 24 hours of anemail send, after a couple days or even after a week.1. Calculate the CTR and the Conversion RateResults and 3.3%30

Final RecommendationsBased on results from Email 1, we have 30 customers thatunsubscribed. We should remove their emails from ournewsletter list to exclude further communication immediately.Analyzing the results from the first email, we may conclude:1. The unsubscription rate is about 1.3% which very low sowe should not worry much and proceed with the emailworkflow as planned.2. The open rate was rather low for a free ebook - 22%(expected around 40%). So try changing the Emailheading/ preview in the next round.3. Bounced rate was 9% which is relatively high. But wegathered leads through Facebook campaign, so peoplemight have entered wrong email mistakenly/on purpose.Let’s see if bounce rate decreases with the Email 2.4. CTR of 8% was rather high. We also got 3.3% conversionsfrom Email which objective was merely to create brandawareness, which is good. Expecting Conversion Rate tobe higher in the Email 2 which objective is to driveconversions.

(Email 1) and move them further the Customer Journey from interest (Email 2) to action phase (Email 3). Details on slides that follow: 1. Marketing Objective & KPI 2. Email Series a. Creative Brief for Email 1 b. Creative Brief for Email 2 c. Creative Brief for Email 3 3. Calendar & Plan 4. Draft & Final Versions for Email 1 built in MailChimp 5.

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