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EARLY EDUCATION SUPPORT OFFICENC EDUCATOR EFFECTIVENESSSYSTEM (NCEES)Instructions for Teachers accessing theNCEdCloud and Online Evaluation System

Getting Started Have your 10-digit UID number thatwas provided to you in your emailalong with the generic passwordfrom Kyle Worley. Follow the instructions in this powerpoint to complete the NCEdCloudlogin process. Complete the Training/Orientationand Self Assessment in NCEES

NCEdCloud Login- UsernameGo to my.ncedcloud.orgEnter the 10 digit UIDnumber (Username)Click Go

NCEdCloud Login- PasswordEnter the genericpasswordClick Go*If you want to change the genericpassword after logging intoNCEdCloud, see tip sheet attachedto email.

NCEdCloud Login- Security QuestionsPick 5 security questionsto answer.Make sure you write downthe questions/answers.Keep your UID, passwordand security questionanswers in a safe placeClick Save

NCEdCloud Home ScreenOnce you haveanswered/saved yoursecurity questionsClick on the P UnifiedTalent (NCEES) iconThis will take you tothe NCEES home page

NCEES Home ScreenClickMy EvaluationTo EnterTraining &Orientation Date

NCEES Evaluation PlanClick on Start Plan (Standard (SPII)or Comprehensive(LE/Residency/SPI))Evaluation 2019-2020 Plan2019-20202019-2020Then click onTraining /Orientation Container

NCEES Training / OrientationThen click EditClick Training /OrientationEnter the datewhen youcompleted theTeamAgreementwebinar.Then clickSave & Exit

NCEES Training / OrientationThen clickMark Complete.This will give you a green checkwhich means you are finished withthis action.

NCEES- Self AssessmentClick My Evaluation-Then click on theSelf Assessment.Then click Start Plan under theProfessional Development Plan 19-202019-20202019-2020

NCEES- Self AssessmentClick- Start NewGo through rubric and Click on whichindicators you are demonstrating.

NCEES- Self AssessmentOnce you have clicked at least one indicator undereach element click Save and ExitClick the Menu

NCEES- Self AssessmentClick Share to shareyour Self Assessmentwith your evaluator(optional)Click FinalizeClickMark CompleteSelf Assessment is completed.

NCEdCloud / NCEES Technical QuestionsIf you have questions or need support withNCEdCloud or NCEES, please follow thefollowing protocol:1. Review the NCEES Tip sheets north-carolinaeducator2. Contact your Mentor3. Contact your Evaluator

Getting Started. NCEdCloud Login- Username Go to my.ncedcloud.org Enter the 10 digit UID number (Username) . password after logging into NCEdCloud, see tip sheet attached to email. NCEdCloud Login- Security Questions Pick 5 security questions to answer. Make sure you write down the questio