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Azure Data FactoryVS. SSISReza Rad, Consultant, RADACAD

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About Me: Reza RadDW/BI Architect, ConsultantSQL Server MVPAuthor of SQL Server and BI booksAuthor of SSIS webcast seriesMicrosoft Certified TrainerMicrosoft Certified Professional@Rad

AgendaAzure Data Factory OverviewSSIS OverviewComparison

Why This Session?

I was working with SSIS

I’ve heard about Azure Data Factory


Give it a go

Found it as Great tool

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Azure Data FactoryFully Managed Service for Composing Data Storages,Processing, and Movement Services into Streamlined, Scalable,and Reliable Data Production Pipelines.General Availability August 2015

What You can do with Azure DataFactoryAccess to data sources such as SQL Server On premises, SQL Azure, and Azure Blob storageData transformation through Hive, Pig, Stored Procedure, and C#.Monitoring the pipeline of data, validation and execution of scheduled jobsLoad it into desired Destinations such as SQL Server On premises, SQL Azure, and Azure Blob storageAnd last but not least; This is Cloud based service.

Azure Data Factory Architecture

Administration Panel

ADF EditorWrite JSONEdit/Create/Delete ObjectsDeploy

Main BenefitsPay as UsageCloud BasedHDInsight compatibility

Demo: Azure Data Factory

Evolving Approaches to AnalyticsExtractOriginal DataTransformETL Tool(SSIS, etc)LoadTransformed DataEDW(SQL Svr, Teradata, etc)BI ToolsData MartsData Lake(s)DashboardsApps

Evolving Approaches to AnalyticsExtractTransformOriginal DataETL ToolLoadTransformed Data(SSIS, etc)EDW(SQL Svr, Teradata, etc)BI ToolsData MartsData Lake(s)DashboardsIngest (EL)Original DataApps

Evolving Approaches to AnalyticsExtractOriginal DataTransformETL ToolLoadEDWTransformed Data(SSIS, etc)(SQL Svr, Teradata, etc)BI ToolsData MartsData Lake(s)DashboardsIngest (EL)Original DataScale-outStorage &Compute(HDFS, BlobStorage, etc)Streaming dataTransform & LoadApps

SSISData Transformation and Consolidation ToolPart of SQL Server InstallationNext generation of legacy DTS technologyIntroduced in 2005, Mature, but still new features coming

What you can do with SSISDefining Flow of ActivitiesGet data from many types of data sourcesTransform dataLoad data into many types of destinations

Main BenefitsRich Development Tool: SSDTMany Built-in Transformations

Demo: SSIS

Comparison FactorsDevelopment ToolAdministration ToolUser TypeDataSources/DestinationsData TransformationsPricingError ronmentRequirementsHDInsightCompatibilityAzure AnalyticsIntegration

Development Tools: SSISSSDT / BIDSRich and PowerfulAvailable Free

Development Tools: ADFAzure PortalNew ADF EditorAzure Power ShellJSON scripts

Visual Studio Templates for ADFAwesome!But way far fromRich EditorNo GUINo IntellisenseNo Debugging .

Comparison: Development ToolSSISADFStandalone ToolYesYesPowerful GUIYesNoAvailabilityFreeFreePrerequisiteSQL Server LicenseAzure Subscription

Administration Tool: SSISSSMSAvailable Free (New Versions)

Administration Tool: ADFAzure PortalAvailable under Azure subscriptionAzure Power Shell; Scheduling Pipelines Azure Data Factory Cmdlets

Comparison: Administration ToolSSISADFStandalone ToolYesYesPowerful GUIYesNo (Power Shell)AvailabilityFreeUnder subscriptionPrerequisiteSQL Server LicenseAzure Subscription

User TypeBoth SSIS and ADF are Developer Tools and Services

Not a Power User, But Developer

Data Src/Dest: SSISWide RangeSQL ataMySQLPostgreSQLFoxProCSVsWeb ServicesMany other Data Sources and Destinations types

Data Src/Dest: ADFData Store Types Supported so far: Azure SQL Data Warehouse Azure Data Lake Store

Comparison: Data Src/DestSSISADFSQL Server On PremisesYesYesSQL AzureYesYesAzure sCSVsYesYesWeb ServicesYesMany other Data src/destYesAzure Data Lake StoreYes

Data Transformations: SSISWide range of Built-in TransformationAbility to extend more with Script ComponentMerge JoinAggregateUnionLookupFuzzy Lookup/GroupingConditional SplitDerived ColumnOLE DB CommandMany other Data Transformations

Data Transformations: ADFCopy ActivityStored Procedure (SPROC) ActivityHive and Pig Activity Support wide range of transformations through HDInsightCustom C# Activity Write your own transformation with C#Azure ML Batch Scoring ActivityAzure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL Activity

Comparison: Data TransformationMore Built-in Transformation will come for ADFSSISADFCopyYesYesC# Custom TransformationsYesYesPig and HiveWith ScriptingYesAzure ML Batch ScoringWith ScriptingYesStored ProcedureYesYesBuilt-in Data TransformationsYes

Pricing: SSISBasic SSIS for Free (Import and Export Wizard) Express EditionStandard SSIS features Standard and BI EditionAdvanced SSIS Features Such as CDC and advanced adapters Enterprise Edition

Pricing: ADFPay for Usage

Comparison: PricingSSISLicensingYesPay for FeaturesYesPay for Usage49ADFYes

Environment: SSISYou need usually a physical good spec Server Example SSIS practice for 1TB data movement in 30 Minutes!Hardware RequirementsSoftware RequirementsAdministration Efforts

Environment: ADFAzure will take care of EnvironmentCloud based benefitsHDInsight for ADF is also supportedNo Hardware, Software Administration efforts

Comparison: EnvironmentSSISHardware SetupYesSoftware SetupYesAdministration CostsYesAzure Environment Usage52ADFYes

Error Handling: SSISError Handling through Event Handlers (OnError)Error Output in Data FlowFailure Precedence Constraint

Error Handling: ADFError Message LoggingAlert RulesNo Error Handling Events

Comparison: Error HandlingSSISADFAlertsYesYesError LoggingYesYesError HandlingYes

Deployment: SSISDeployment WizardDTSPAC files to export

Deployment: ADFPower Shell scriptsAll steps can be automated through a Power Shell Script

Deployment through SSDT: ADF

Comparison: DeploymentSSISADFDeployment GUIYesYesDeployment ScriptsYesYesCorporate Deployment Scenariowith automated scriptingYesYes

Monitoring: SSISSSIS LoggingSSIS Catalog Reports

Monitoring: ADFDiagram ViewDrill through monitoring featuresPowerful GUIData Slice executionData Lineage Very Important Feature

Comparison: Monitoring62SSISADFMonitoring GUIYesYesDrill through MonitoringYesYesData SliceYesData LineageYes

Security: SSISRole BasedRoles for Deploy, Execute, Monitor

Security: ADFRole BasedRoles: OwnerContributorReaderData Factory ContributorUser Access Administrator

Comparison: SecurityRole Based Security65SSISADFYesYes

HDInsight CompatibilityAzure Data Factory can work with existing HDInsight ClustersADF Can create HDInsight cluster on demandADF HDInsight Activity run Pig and Hive scripts

Azure Analytics IntegrationAzure ML Batch Scoring ActivityData Lake Analytics U-SQL Activity

Comparison SummarySSISADFDevelopment ToolYesYes (More Scripting Required)Administration ToolYesYes (More Scripting Required)User TypeDeveloperDeveloperData Source and DestinationsWide RangeAzure Storage, SQL Azure, SQL Server On PremisesData TransformationsManyCustom Code requiredEnvironmentSetup RequiredAzure SupportedPricingPay for FeaturesPay for UsageEnvironmental and Administration CostsYesNo CostsError HandlingEvent Handers, gYesYesData LineageYesSecurityRole BasedRole BasedHDInsight CompatibilityNormalHighAzure Analytics IntegrationHigh

PurposeThese tools/services didn’t built for the same purposeThey are complement of each other

Evolving Approaches to AnalyticsExtractOriginal DataTransformETL ToolLoadEDWTransformed Data(SSIS, etc)(SQL Svr, Teradata, etc)BI ToolsData MartsData Lake(s)DashboardsIngest (EL)Original DataScale-outStorage &Compute(HDFS, BlobStorage, etc)Streaming dataTransform & LoadApps

Get Benefits of BothHybrid SSIS and ADFCloud based data movement, Computing and monitoringRich On Premises Data Transformations

Summary If you are dealing with Big DataIf source or destination of data is on cloudIf you are dealing with Azure StorageIf you want to cut down environmental costsIf you want to cut down administration costsIf you want to cut down PricingIf Azure is one side of the dataThen ADF Can be good responseBut always Consider Hybrid Scenarios

SummaryADF comes as a Complementary serviceNot to Compete with SSIS

Reference To StudyAzure Data Factory entation/services/data-factory/Azure Data Factory posts on my SSIS pert-cookbook


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Thank You

SSIS ADF SQL Server On Premises Yes Yes SQL Azure Yes Yes Azure Storage Yes Yes Oracle Yes Yes SAP Yes MySQL Yes Yes DB2 Yes Yes CSVs Yes Yes Web Services Yes Many other Data src/dest Yes Azure Data Lake Store Yes. Wide range of Built-in Transformation Ability to extend more with Script Component Data Transformations: SSIS Merge Join

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What You can do with Azure Data Factory Access to data sources such as SQL Server On premises, SQL Azure, and Azure Blob storage Data transformation through Hive, Pig, Stored Procedure, and C#. Monitoring the pipeline of data, validation and execution of scheduled jobs Load it into desired Destinations such as SQL Server On premises, SQL Azure, and Azure Blob storage

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Author of MSBI webcast series on RADACAD Microsoft Certified Trainer Microsoft Certified Professional Co-Leader of NZ BI User Group. Agenda Azure Data Factory Overview SSIS Overview Comparison. Why This Session? I was working with SSIS.

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