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Roger inspiroUser Guide

Contents1. Welcome72. Getting to know your Roger inspiro83. Getting started103.1 Charging Roger inspiro103.2 Switching Roger inspiro on123.3 Wearing Roger inspiro133.4 Wearing the iLapel microphone173.5 Wearing the optional EasyBoom microphone 193.6 Muting the microphone213.7 Activating the keypad lock224. Using Roger inspiro4.1 How to access Roger inspiro’s menu23234.2 Using Roger inspiro to connectdevices in a network234.2.1 Connecting Roger receivers244.2.2 Connecting FM receivers254.2.3 Connecting Roger DigiMaster devices262

4.3 Using Roger inspiro in a classroomnetwork (Primary Talker)264.4 Using Roger inspiro in a conferenceroom network (Equal Talker)274.5 Creating a Sub-Network for use by ateaching assistant (SubNet / EndSub)284.6 Using Roger inspiro to check devices (Check) 294.7 Using Roger inspiro to manage Rogerreceiver settings (Check / Manage)5. More detailed information30325.1 Checking the Roger inspiro softwareversion325.2 Customizing the softkeys325.3 Changing the Application mode335.4 Adjusting the audio volume of RogerDigiMaster loudspeakers345.5 Adjusting the volume of a RogerDigiMaster’s external audio input345.6 Joining an existing network (JoinNet)355.7 Creating a new network ID (NewNet)353

Contents5.8 Viewing list of connected devices365.9 Viewing a device’s total usage time375.9.1 Viewing Roger inspiro’s total usage time375.10 Changing Roger inspiro’s FM channel385.11 Finding a new FM channel in theRoger inspiro385.12 Changing FM receiver settings5.13 Re-activating the first-time use menu5.14 Changing menu type5.15 Connecting audio devices with Rogerinspiro5.16 Verification mode5.17 Roger inspiro settings5.18 Help394142424344455.19 Technical data465.20 About accessories4746. Troubleshooting487. Important information51

8. Service and warranty589. Information and explanation of symbols605

1. WelcomeCongratulations on choosing Roger inspiro from Phonak.Roger inspiro is a high performing wireless microphonesuited to the needs of teachers and designed for use inboth regular and special schools.Your Roger inspiro is a Swiss premium-quality productdeveloped by Phonak, the world’s leading hearinghealthcare company.Please read this User Guide thoroughly to benefit fromall the possibilities your Roger inspiro offers.If you have any questions, please consult your hearingcare professional or local Phonak support center.Phonak – life is onwww.phonak.comI7

2. Getting to know your RogerinspiroRoger inspiroa On / off sliderb Color screenc Softkeysd Keypad lock andBack keye Microphone muteabcdef 3.5 mm audio inputg Mini-USB for chargingf8g

h Hook for attachingbelt clip and neckloopi Cable wrapperhiiLapel microphonej Microphone openingsk Clothing clipjkEasyBoom microphone(optional)l Microphonel9

3. Getting started3.1 Charging Roger inspiroRoger inspiro contains a built-in rechargeable stateof-the- art lithium polymer battery with fast-chargecapability. A fully-discharged battery will reach itsmaximum charge in approximately 2 hours.10

The Roger inspiro battery symbol will flash duringcharging. The battery cannot be over-charged.Once Roger inspiro is disconnected from its power supplyor charging dock, its on-screen battery symbol willshow its remaining capacity.The battery is fully charged.Approximately 1 hour before Roger inspiro’s batterybecomes empty, its vibration alarm will be activated.Check the message on the Roger inspiro’s screen andfollow the instructions.Once the Roger inspiro’s battery is completely exhausted,its battery symbol will turn red.I Use only the original Phonak charging unitfor Roger inspiro.11

3. Getting started3.2 Switching Roger inspiro onTo switch on, push the top slider to the left until thegreen mark appears and the screen is illuminated.To save power, the backlight of the Roger inspiroLCD will switch off after a few seconds. Pressing anybutton reactivates this backlight.To switch Roger inspiro off, push the sliderto the right.onoffI After switching Roger inspiro on for the firsttime, follow the on-screen instructions to set yourpersonal preferences.12

3.3 Wearing Roger inspiroRoger inspiro can either beclipped to the belt or worn aroundthe neck13

3. Getting startedAttach the clip to thebutton on the back ofthe Roger inspiro.“click”Make sure it is secure.The clip can also be fixed to the belt or trousers beforeRoger inspiro is attached.ba14

To remove the clip, press its top button.ab15

3. Getting startedSlot the neckloop into Roger inspiro’s button.a16bc

3.4 Wearing the iLapel microphoneiLapel is an easy-to-use directional lapel microphonewhich provides excellent sound quality.I You must switch Roger inspiro off before changingthe microphone.a) Unwind the iLapel from the Roger inspiro.17

3. Getting startedb) Fix the iLapel to your shirt and ensure the distancebetween microphone and mouth is approximately20 cm / 7 inches.OK!Wrong!I Do not cover either of the twomicrophone openings!18

3.5 Wearing the optional EasyBoom microphoneEasyBoom is a comfortable, easy-to-use and robustboom microphone, ideal for use in classrooms.I You must switch Roger inspiro off before changingthe microphone.(A)(B)Make sure the head of the microphone is wellpositioned, as depicted above (A). If required you caneasily bend the boom section (B).19

3. Getting startedFix the clip on your clothing asdepicted and ensure the cable isnot stretched between the clipand the ear, or the clip andRoger inspiro.Position the microphone correctly as depicted below.IIIIII20

Classic FMClassic FMH333.6 Muting themicrophoneJudy SmithChannelsSyncH33Judy SmithChannelsSyncRoger inspiro’s microphonecan be muted simply by pressingits microphone key.J This symbol confirms that the microphone isactive:J This symbol confirms that the microphone has beenmuted:21

FM3. Getting ClassicstartedClassic FMH33Judy Smith3.7 Activatingthe keypad lockChannelsSyncH33Judy SmithChannelsSyncIt is recommended to activatethe keypad lock wheneverpossible.To activate this, go to thehighest menu level (shown right),press the key symbol, then pressOK. A key symbol appears in thestatus bar.01.10.200801:57pmH33To unlock the keys, repeat the above procedure.I Once the keypad lock has been activated the frontkeys will be locked. These even remain locked whenusing the on / off slider.Judy Smith22

4. Using Roger inspiro4.1 How to access Roger inspiro’s menuJ Press either Up/Down arrow ( ) or ‘OK’ ( ) on thekeypad. All these keys provide instant access to themain Roger inspiro menu.J Press Back ( ) to go back a step in the Rogerinspiro’s menu.J Press left or right softkeys (the buttons ( ) underthe screen) in the Roger inspiro’s menu whenprompted.4.2 Using Roger inspiro to connect devices ina network (Connect)A wireless system consists of one or more wirelessmicrophones, which send the voice of the talker (orother incoming audio signal) wirelessly to one ormore receivers (worn or used by the listener). To worktogether in a network, microphones and receiversmust be connected. This connection is carried out bypressing the Roger inspiro’s Connect softkey. Duringthe connection process, simply hold Roger inspiro closeto the device you want to connect.23

4. Using Roger inspiro4.2.1 Connecting Roger receiversAn unlimited number of Roger receivers can beconnected with Roger inspiro.How to connect:J Turn Roger inspiro on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of theRoger receiver.J Ear-level Roger receivers must be attached to theirrespective hearing aids and these hearing aidsturned on. Body-worn Roger receivers must beswitched on.J Press the Roger inspiro’s right Connect softkey.The receiver will sound confirmation beeps.J The Roger receiver is now connected with Roger inspiroand the Talker can talk into the Roger inspiromicrophone. Repeat these steps to connect anyadditional receivers.24

4.2.2 Connecting FM receiversAn unlimited number of FM receivers can be connectedto Roger inspiro when Roger inspiro is in its Roger FM application mode. The receivers must be attached totheir respective hearing aids and these aids turned on.How to connect:J Turn Roger inspiro on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of thereceiver.J Ear-level receivers must be attached to their respectivehearing aids and these hearing aids turned on.Body-worn receivers must be switched on.J Press the Roger inspiro’s right Connect softkey. Thereceiver will sound confirmation beeps.J The receiver is now connected with Roger inspiro andthe Talker can talk into the Roger inspiro microphone.Repeat these steps to connect any additional receivers.I Roger and FM receivers can be used simultaneouslywith the same Roger inspiro.25

4. Using Roger inspiro4.2.3 Connecting Roger DigiMaster devicesRoger DigiMaster devices such as the Roger DigiMaster5000 loudspeaker can also be connected with Rogerinspiro.How to connect:J Turn Roger inspiro on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 1 m (40 inches) of theRoger DigiMaster device.J Turn the Roger DigiMaster on.J Press the Roger inspiro’s right Connect softkey.J The Roger DigiMaster device is now connected withRoger inspiro and the Talker can talk into the Rogerinspiro microphone.4.3 Using Roger inspiro in a classroom network(Primary Talker)Several transmitter microphones (Roger DynaMic, Rogerinspiro etc.) can be used together in a classroom network.The primary Roger inspiro will always have first networkpriority, while other devices have second priority.26

Primary Talker mode helps the main talker to leada classroom discussion involving several wireless Rogermicrophones. When the main talker speaks, thetransmission of any other talkers’ voices will beinterrupted and the listeners will no longer hear theirvoices via their receivers, meaning only the primarytalker will be heard. The other talkers can then takeover during the speech pauses of the main talker.How to select Primary Talker mode:J In the Roger inspiro menu go to: Settings / Modes /MTN mode / Primary Talker.4.4 Using Roger inspiro in a conference room network(Equal Talker)Several transmitter microphones (Roger DynaMic,Roger inspiro etc.) can be used together in a conferencenetwork. In Equal Talker mode, all these transmittermicrophones have equal network priority, meaning talkerswill be heard on a first come, first served (i.e. the firsttalker to speak gets priority).27

4. Using Roger inspiroHow to select Equal Talker mode:J Go to: Settings / Modes / MTN mode / Equal Talker4.5 Creating a Sub-Network for use by a teachingassistant (SubNet / EndSub)In a classroom situation teaching assistants sometimesneed to provide specific instruction to one or twochildren. These instructions do not need to be heard bythe whole class but only by these specific children. TheRoger inspiro’s Sub-Network (SubNet) function createsa sub-network that allows the teaching assistant tocommunicate with these children directly, withoutdisrupting the existing main network.First, assign the SubNet function to Roger inspiro’s leftcustomizable softkey:J Go to: Settings / Config. SoftKeys / Left SoftKey.J Select the SubNet / EndSub function and presskey to go back to main menu.J Press theOnce the left softkey is configured, create the SubNetwork:J Press the SubNet softkey.28

J Hold Roger inspiro less than 10 cm (4 inches) fromthe receiver and press Connect.To go back to the main network:J Press the EndSub left softkey.J Hold Roger inspiro less than 10 cm (4 inches) fromthe receiver and press Connect.4.6 Using Roger inspiro to check devices (Check)A network device’s data can be checked wirelesslyusing Roger inspiro.Several types of data can be checked:J Network statusJ Link quality of connected devicesJ Stored device dataJ Roger DynaMic battery statusHow to check a device:J Turn Roger inspiro and the device on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of thedevice.29

4. Using Roger inspiroJ Press the left Check softkey.J The device’s data can be read on the Roger inspiro.J Simply scroll down the data list.4.7 Using Roger inspiro to manage Roger receiversettings (Check / Manage)Roger receiver settings can also be managed directlyfrom Roger inspiro.Several settings can be changed:EasyGainIncrease or decrease the volume of the Roger receiver.Default settingsReset Roger receiver to its default settings.How to manage Roger receiver settings:J Turn Roger inspiro and the Roger receiver on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of thereceiver.J Press the left Check softkey.J Press the Manage softkey on the right.30

J Choose the settings you want to manage from the.list and press.J To apply these changes pressCI moduleSeveral settings are available for the miniature universalRoger receiver (Roger X) to suit the CI in question.CI ModuleAutomaticSetting #1Setting #2Setting #3Setting #4Setting #5Setting #6Setting #7Setting #9Suitable for CI (manufacturer / type)AllAdvanced Bionics AB / Harmony / Auria /Neptune; Cochlear / Freedom BWMed-El / Opus 2Neurelec / Digi SPKPhonak MicroLink / CI SCochlear / Esprit 3GNeurelec / Digi SPCochlear / Nucleus 5,6I Please consult (support section)to check the CI module settings for the latest CIs onthe market.31

5. More detailed information5.1 Checking the Roger inspiro software versionTo check which software version Roger inspiro is using,use its ‘About Roger inspiro’ function.How to check:J Go to: Help / About Roger inspiroJ The installed software version will be displayed.5.2 Customizing the softkeysThe functions of Roger inspiro’s two softkeys can becustomized to help optimize your daily usage.How to customize the softkeys:J Go to: Settings / Config Softkey.J Select the Left or Right softkey and pressJ Select the function you want to assign to the softkey.from the list provided, then pressonce to also customize the Roger inspiro’sJ Presssecond softkey.key several times to go back to theJ Press themain screen.32

J The selected functions for both softkeys will now bedisplayed on the main screen.I To restore the softkeys to their defaultconfiguration, the Default softkey is available(Settings / Config Softkeys / Default).5.3 Changing the Application modeRoger inspiro can run in two application modes:Roger mode: to use Roger inspiro with the Rogerreceivers and Roger DigiMasters.Roger FM mode: to use Roger inspiro with theRoger receivers, Roger DigiMasters and FM receivers.How to change the Application mode:J Go to: Settings / Modes / Application modeJ Select the required application mode in the menu.J Roger inspiro will automatically restart in the chosenapplication mode.33

5. More detailed information5.4 Adjusting the audio volume of Roger DigiMasterloudspeakersThis can be done wirelessly using Roger inspiro.How to change Roger DigiMaster’s volume:J Go to: SoundField / Adjust volumeJ Use the Up / Down arrow keys to adjust the RogerDigiMaster’s volume.5.5 Adjusting the volume of a Roger DigiMaster’sexternal audio inputOnce an audio or multimedia device has been connected(via cable) to the external audio input of a RogerDigiMaster loudspeaker, the volume of the audiodevice can be adjusted either directly on the deviceitself or using Roger inspiro’s ‘Adjust ext audio’function.How to adjust the external audio input volume:J Go to: SoundField / Adjust ext audioJ Use the Up / Down arrow keys to adjust the volume.34

5.6 Joining an existing network (JoinNet)If a network already exists, Roger inspiro can simply jointhis network.How to join an existing network:J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of anydevice that is already connected to the network.J Go to: Network / JoinNetJ Roger inspiro will join the existing network.5.7 Creating a new network ID (NewNet)To create a new network within the same operatingrange (i. e. room or department) as an existing network,it is necessary to create a new network ID.I Creating a new network ID will erase all the existingnetwork data in your Roger inspiro and there is noway to revert back to the previous network ID.How to create a new network ID:J Go to: Network / Create NewNet35

5. More detailed information5.8 Viewing list of connected devicesThis function shows which microphones or RogerDynamic SoundField devices are currently connected toa network. These devices must be switched on.To View MultiTalkers (transmitter microphones such asRoger inspiro, Roger DynaMic etc.):J Go to: Network / View MultiTalkersTo View Roger DigiMasters (Roger Dynamic SoundFielddevices):J Go to: SoundField / View DigiMastersI The ‘View list of connected devices’ function doesnot apply to receivers.36

5.9 Viewing a device’s total usage timeThe total usage time of any Roger device refers to thetime during which that device has been used (since itspurchase or last service). This time can be viewed usingthe primary Roger inspiro’s Check function.How to view a device’s total usage time:J Ensure both Roger inspiro and the device areturned on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of thedevice in question.J Press the left Check softkey.J Scroll down the data list to view the time.5.9.1 Viewing Roger inspiro’s total usage timeRoger inspiro’s total usage time can be checkeddirectly in the Roger inspiro itself.How to select:J Go to: Settings / DataLoggingJ Read Roger inspiro’s total usage time.37

5. More detailed information5.10 Changing Roger inspiro’s FM channelThe FM channel in Roger inspiro can easily be changed.How to change Roger inspiro’s FM channel:J Go to: FM / Change channel.J Select the required FM channel and pressJ The selected FM channel will be activated.J Press Connect to connect FM receivers with thenewly selected FM channel.5.11 Finding a new FM channel in the Roger inspiroThis function locates a new unused FM channel.How to find a new FM channel:J Turn Roger inspiro on and hold within 10 cm(4 inches) of the FM receiver.J Ear-level receivers must be attached to their respectivehearing aids and these hearing aids turned on. Bodyworn receivers must be switched on.J Go to: FM / Find channelJ Press Yes or No when prompted.38

5.12 Changing FM receiver settingsFM receiver settings can be managed directly fromRoger inspiro.Several functions are available:Scan for channelsSearches for an existing transmission from anotherwireless microphone, e. g. if a speaker is alreadyusing an FM microphone at a lecture or presentation.Identify receiversHelps to identify a receiver. Relevant receiver data canthen be read and displayed on the Roger inspiro’sscreen (e. g. the user of the receiver or the serial number).View channelsDisplays the channels currently programmed into thereceiver.Set FM volumeIncreases or decreases the volume of the FM receiver.39

5. More detailed informationChange channelChanges the receiver’s channel without changing thecurrent Roger inspiro channel. This can be useful ifseveral working groups need to be created in a class.Set beep toneChoose between the different beeping tones availableto indicate when the FM receivers are being synchronizedor monitored.Lock push buttonLocks or unlocks the push button of the universal FMreceiver.How to change FM receiver settings:J Turn Roger inspiro and the receiver on.J Hold Roger inspiro within 10 cm (4 inches) of thereceiver.J Press the left Check softkey.J Press the right Manage softkey.J Select the setting to be changed from the list and.pressJ Follow Roger inspiro’s subsequent instructions.40

5.13 Re-activating the first-time use menuThe Roger inspiro is pre-configured in our factory.However after switching Roger inspiro on for the firsttime, you are given the option of changing the Rogerinspiro’s configuration. To ensure you are asked aboutthis configuration again when you next turn on Rogerinspiro, select Reactivate and reboot the device.How to re-activate the first-time use menu:J Go to: Settings / Modes / Reconfiguration / Re-activateJ Switch Roger inspiro off and on again.41

5. More detailed information5.14 Changing menu typeTwo types of menu are available: Full provides accessto the complete Roger inspiro menu, while ‘Quick’ suitsless advanced users who do not require access to allof Roger inspiro’s features.How to change the menu type:J Switch on Roger inspiro.J When the microphone symbol appears in the top leftandcorner of the Roger inspiro screen, pressagain.the left softkey simultaneously, then press.J Select the menu type you prefer then5.15 Connecting audio devices with Roger inspiroRoger inspiro can be directly connected to any audiodevice via Roger inspiro’s audio input socket.How to connect an audio device:J Plug a 3.5 mm audio cable into the audio device’sheadphone jack.J Plug the cable’s other end into the Roger inspiroaudio jack input (at the base of the device).42

J The audio symbolinspiro’s display.will appear on the RogerEach type of audio device has a specific audio impedanceoutput. Roger inspiro’s audio input type can be set toreflect this more accurately.How to set the Roger inspiro audio input:J Go to: Settings / audio input.J Select the audio device and pressI For permanent connection between an audio deviceand Roger inspiro, it is recommended to use theRoger AudioHub device. This product allows one ortwo audio sources to be wirelessly connected toRoger inspiro, Roger DigiMaster devices and Phonakreceivers.5.16 Verification modeThe Verification mode is a mode for Professionals toverify a device according to the iPOP (Phonak OperationProtocol).43

5. More detailed informationHow to activate Verification mode:J Go to: Settings / Verification / ActivateJ The device will restart automatically in Verificationmode.I When the device is switched off, Verification modewill be automatically deactivated.5.17 Roger inspiro settingsUnder Settings in the menu different Roger inspirosettings can be changed.Setting languageChoose Roger inspiro’s on-screen language.Setting the Roger inspiro desktop imageChoose the desktop image you prefer.Setting date & timeSet the date and time as well as their format.44

Setting alarmRoger inspiro features a basic daily alarm function.Here you can set the time of this alarm.When the alarm has been set, the alarm symbolwill be shown at the top of Roger inspiro’s screen.I This alarm will sound only when Roger inspirois already switched on.Setting the Roger inspiro displaySet Roger inspiro’s display parameters.Viewing Roger inspiro battery statusView battery status.5.18 HelpHelp indexSummarizes all Roger inspiro’s help topics.Web supportDisplays a website that provides further usefulinformation for users, teachers and parents.45

5. More detailed informationAbout Roger inspiroShows the device’s serial number, software version,hardware version, and device settings.5.19 Technical dataRoger wireless technology standardRoger is a digital wireless technology standard, allowingfor long range, ultra-low delay, broadband audiobroadcast to miniature low power receivers. Roger iscompatible with all brands of hearing aids, cochlearimplants, Roger Dynamic SoundField and solutions forlisteners with normal hearing. Roger operates in the2.4 GHz band and is globally license free. Roger offersunprecedented speech understanding in noise and easeof use.Operating rangeIndoor: approx. 15 meters / 50 feetOutdoor: approx. 50 meters / 170 feetBattery operating timeApprox. 12 hoursCharging time: approx. 2 hours46

5.20 About accessoriesSpecific accessories are available for Roger inspiro.Please visit to learn more.47

6. TroubleshootingThe following is a summary of frequently asked questionsand the answers to them.Most probable causeSolutionRoger inspiro cannot be switched onJ The battery is run downJ Charge the Roger inspiro forat least two hoursPoor speech intelligibilityJ The microphone is notpositioned properlyJ Move the microphone closerto the speaker’s mouthSpeaker’s voice is inaudible even though Roger inspiro isturned onJ Check Roger inspiro’s screendisplay and press themicrophone mute key in orderto activate the microphoneJ The hearing device has notbeen set to the correctprogram. Or J Connect the receiver andcheck that it is set to thecorrect mode (DAI, EXT,FM)J The Roger Dynamic SoundFieldsystem has not been correctlyset-up. Or J Connect or switch on orcheck the volume settings ofthe Roger Dynamic SoundFieldsystemJ SubNet function is activatedJ Press EndSub48J The microphone has beenmuted. Or

Most probable causeSolutionRoger inspiro does not respond to commandsJ Software issueJ Reboot Roger inspiro bysimultaneously pressing itsfour side buttonsFM receiver cannot be connected to Roger inspiroJ FM application mode is notactiveJ Select the Roger FMapplication mode underSettings / Modes / ApplicationModeWhistling sound from Roger DigiMaster loudspeakerJ Audio feedback betweenloudspeaker and microphoneJ Move away from RogerDigiMaster loudspeaker and /or reduce Roger inspiro’svolumeInterruptions in audio transmissionJ Distance between Rogerinspiro and receivers is toolargeJ Reduce distance betweenRoger inspiro and receiversVolume of Audio Line-in device is too lowJ Incorrect volume settingsJ Increase volume on audiosource or change audio inputsettings on Roger inspiro49

6. TroubleshootingMost probable causeSolutionUnintended talker can be heard in receiversJ Talker has not muted orturned off their Roger inspiro(i.e. when leaving the room)50J Mute or turn off talker’sRoger inspiro

7. Important informationR Please read the information on the followingpages before using your Phonak Roger inspiro.7.1 Hazard warnings! Keep this device out of reach of children under3 years.! Opening the Roger inspiro might damage it. Ifproblems occur which cannot be resolved byfollowing the remedy guidelines in the troubleshooting section of this user guide, consultyour hearing care professional.! The Roger inspiro may only be repaired by anauthorized service center. Changes or modificationsto the device that were not explicitly approved byPhonak are not permitted.! Dispose of electrical components in accordancewith your local regulations.51

7. Important information! Do not use your Roger inspiro in areas whereelectronic equipment is prohibited. If in doubt,please ask the person in charge.! Roger inspiro should not be used on aircrafts unlessspecifically permitted by the flight personnel.! External devices may only be connected if they havebeen tested in accordance with correspondingIECXXXXX standards.! Only use accessories approved by Phonak AG.! Using your Roger inspiro cables in any way contradictory to their intended purpose can cause injury.! When operating machinery, ensure that no parts getcaught in the machine.! Do not charge Roger inspiro while it is on your body.! Caution: electric shock. Do not insert plug alone intoelectrical outlets.52

7.2 Product safety informationI Protect the Roger inspiro from excessive moisture(bathing, swimming), heat (radiator, car dashboard),and direct skin contact when sweating (workout,fitness, sport).I X-ray radiation, CT or MRI scans may destroy oradversely affect the correct functioning of theRoger inspiro.I Protect the Roger inspiro from excessive shock andvibration.I Do not expose your Roger inspiro to temperaturesand humidity outside of the recommended conditionsstated in this user guide.I Do not use excessive force when connecting yourRoger inspiro to the different cables.I Protect all openings (microphones, audio input andcharger) from dirt and debris.53

7. Important informationI If the Roger inspiro has been dropped or damaged,if it’s overhead during charging, has a damagedcord or plug, or has been dropped into liquid,discontinue use of Roger inspiro and contact yourhearing healthcare professional.I Never use a microwave or other heating devices todry the device.I Clean the Roger inspiro using a damp cloth. Neveruse household cleaning products (washing powder,soap, etc.) or alcohol to clean the Roger inspiro.I For safety reasons, recharge the Roger inspiro onlywith chargers delivered by Phonak or by stabilizedchargers providing 5 VDC and 500 mA.I Do not connect an USB or audio cable exceeding3 meters (9 ft) in length to the Roger inspiro.I When the Roger inspiro is not in use, turn it offand store it safely.54

I The Roger inspiro has a built-in rechargeablebattery. This battery can be charged and dischargedhundreds of times but may eventually wear out.I The battery may only be replaced by authorizedpersonnel.7.3 Other important informationJ High-powered electronic equipment, larger electronicinstallations and metallic structures may impair andsignificantly reduce the operating range.J Roger inspiro collects and stores internal technicaldata. This data may be read by a hearing careprofessional in order to check the device, as well asto support you in being able to use the device inthe ideal manner.J Persons with pacemakers or other medical devicesshould ALWAYS consult their physician, the manufacturer of their pacemaker, or other medical deviceBEFORE using the Roger inspiro. The use of Rogerinspiro with a pacemaker or other medical devices55

7. Important informationshould ALWAYS be in accordance with the safetyrecommendations of the physician responsible foryour pacemaker or the pacemaker manufacturer.J The digital signal sent from the Roger inspirotransmitter microphone to a connected receivercannot be overheard by other devices which are notin the network of the transmitter microphones.J Your Roger inspiro is approved to operate at a radiofrequency that is specific to your country or regionand might not be approved for use outside yourcountry or region. Be aware that operation duringinternational travel may cause interference withother electronic devices, or other electronic devicesmay cause interferences with your Roger inspiro.J Be aware that the FM radio signals might also bepicked up and overheard by other FM receivers.J Be aware that the wireless transmission fromthe

2 1. Welcome 7 2. Getting to know your Roger inspiro 8 3. Getting started 10 3.1 Charging Roger inspiro 10 3.2 Switching Roger inspiro on 12 3.3 Wearing Roger inspiro 13 3.4 Wearing the iLapel microphone 17 3.5 Wearing the optional EasyBoom microphone 19 3.6 Muting the microphone 21 3.7 Activating the keypad lock 22 4. Using Roger inspiro 23

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