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Online Marketing: Online Marketing FundamentalsTitle: Online Marketing: Online Marketing FundamentalsCourse material - knowledge required - for certificationCopyright 2018 eMarketing InstituteWeb: www.emarketinginstitute.orgContact useMarketing Institutec/o Web Media ApSTove Maës Vej 7, Valby, CopenhagenDenmarkVAT ID: DK 3531871301Email: support@emarketinginstitute.org2

1. The Basics of Internet Marketing. 11Introduction . 11What is internet marketing? . 12Types of online marketing. 14Online marketing trends . 18Summary . 202. Web Analytics . 23Introduction . 23What is web analytics?. 23Off-site web analytics . 24On-site web analytics . 24Reasons for using web analytics . 25Various subtopics of web analytics: methods of measuring web traffic . 26Basic Metrics . 26Using log files . 28Page tagging . 29Determining geographical location. 30Click analytics . 30Google Analytics . 31Summary . 323. The Basics of Conversion Optimization . 35Introduction . 35What is conversion optimization? . 35What conversion optimization is not . 37Some important terms to remember . 38Calculating conversion rate optimization . 41Elements of the CRO process . 42The numbers . 433

Making sense of the CRO . 43The ideal CRO . 44Metrics to help you understand CRO . 45Summary . 464. The Basics of Search Engine Marketing. 49Introduction . 49What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? . 49The definition . 50Advantages of SEM . 50Internet marketing: search engine marketing . 51Paid methods . 54Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) . 54Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) . 54Ad formats . 55The position of search engine marketing today . 55Search engine optimization and search engine marketing . 57The importance of SEM . 57Summary . 585. The Basics of Social Media Marketing . 61Introduction . 61What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)? . 62Social media platforms. 63Facebook . 63Twitter. 64Google . 65LinkedIn . 66YouTube . 67Foursquare . 684

Social media marketing strategy . 68Step 1: Have a plan . 69Step 2: Develop goals. 69Step 3: Choose a platform . 70Step 4: Implement the plan . 70Step 5: Monitor and control . 71Benefits of social media marketing . 73Increase brand recognition and loyalty . 73Make use of the reach of the internet . 73Increase conversion . 74Reach more people . 74Reduced cost of marketing . 74Take advantage of different formats . 74Available to everyone . 74Summary . 746. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization . 77Introduction . 77Essentials of search engine optimization . 77Search engine optimization elements . 78On-page SEO . 78SEO content writing . 79Code optimization . 80Inbound links. 81Origin and history of search engine optimization. 81First ever algorithms used by search engines . 82Present-day algorithms: Non-disclosure. 82Three types of SEO . 82White hat SEO . 835

Black hat SEO . 83Grey hat SEO . 84Mistaken belief about SEO . 84What SEO can and cannot do. 84SEO Disclaimers. 85Off-site SEO . 85Tips and tricks of SEO . 86Writer for the readers first . 86Get your readers to re-post . 86Earn natural Links. 86Images and image characteristics . 87Text length . 87No plagiarism . 87Page formatting . 87Navigation . 87SEO suitability . 88Summary . 887. Email Marketing . 90Introduction . 90What is email marketing? . 90Debunking the myth. 92Why is email marketing one of the most preferred ways to contact people? . 92The different ways in which email marketing works . 94Tips, tricks and things to keep in mind when implementing an email marketing strategy . 95Planning . 95Scheduling . 96Styling. 96Writing . 966

Proofreading . 96Optimizing . 97Personalizing . 97Email marketing services. 97Summary . 998. Affiliate Marketing . 102Introduction . 102What is affiliate marketing? . 102How does affiliate marketing work? . 104Marketing techniques . 104Pay per sale . 104Pay per lead . 105Pay per click . 105Why become an affiliate marketer? . 105Cost effective . 105Global market . 105No fees needed . 105No shipping and storage required . 106Work from home . 106The benefits of affiliate marketing. 106Different affiliate marketing programs . 107In-house hosting . 107Third-party hosting . 108Summary . 1089. Steps to Develop Internet Marketing Strategy . 111Build your marketing framework . 111Focus on your customers . 112Develop your own story . 1127

Take advantage of SEM . 112Launch social strategy . 113Build your community . 113Increase traffic . 113Increase conversions . 114Analyze and get feedback from the community . 115Summary . 11610. Lead Generation. 118What is a lead? . 118Generating leads . 118Lead generation process . 119Host a survey. 119Refine your approach. 120Share a coupon . 121Content . 121Summary . 12311. Internet Marketing for Mobile Devices. 126How to optimize your website for mobile devices? . 126Use responsive design . 127Separate pages or URLs for mobile . 127Mobile marketing in local searches . 127Why is this important? . 128Summary . 13012. Internet Marketing Glossary . 13213. Sample Questions . 141Questions . 141Answers . 1528

14. Conclusion . 1549

1The Basics of InternetMarketing10

1. The Basics of Internet MarketingIntroductionIn a world where every business has to fight for a share of the customers’ attention, marketingplays a huge role in boosting the number and interest of a company’s clientele. With thegradual increase in the number of small and large businesses that have sprung up in the lasttwo decades, domestic and international markets have become saturated with suppliers,manufacturers and intermediaries, all striving to be the first ones to make it to the end of thechain.Until only a few years ago, marketing itself was a highly criticized concept. For many, it wasnothing more than a waste of resources that could be spent better if they were invested inmanufacturing and building of sales force. This sales-oriented approach makes businesses pushproducts and services into the market, rather than creating a pull that customers would not beable to resist.Marketing manages to do just that. With creatively designed strategies and concepts, thepromotional campaigns of goods and services slowly began to play an important role in theoverall mission of a business, achieving sales targets as well as creating much neededawareness. Thus, the role of physical marketing became clearer and more defined. Today, asuccessful business cannot even think about producing goods and services without having anauthentic marketing strategy in place.Therefore, marketing is a business’s ammunition in front of a market that is full of choosy,precise and curious customers. It helps the business to answer questions, solve problems,present solutions and build long-term associations with the customers. A similar concept thathas surfaced in the 21st century is that of online marketing.The move to a virtual world has been the result of the saturation of the market that has beenmentioned here. With more and more businesses looking to attract customers, the internetbecame an efficient way to reach a large audience and to market one product or service ondifferent vehicles and through different perspectives. Online marketing soon turned out to be amassive industry that today deals in billions of dollars’ worth of advertisements.11

However, just like many struggled to understand the importance and need for physicalmarketing strategies, adopting online marketing as a norm has not been easy for many oldschool businesses. Since they have been functioning just fine with a brick and mortar presence,for them, online marketing might seem quite unnecessary. How can this perception bechanged? What is it that marketers can do to create and increase awareness about onlinemarketing?The answer is quite simple. Ask an average individual about online marketing; they may stop fora second or two to collect their thoughts before giving an answer. The concept of onlinemarketing is not quite clear to people yet. While millions of businesses worldwide have jumpedon the bandwagon of online marketing, not to mention the early adopters of this practice, amillion others are still contemplating whether it is worth adopting.This e-book will prove to how useful understanding what online marketing actually is, and it willlook at how this modern technique can help to spring a business up from being average toextraordinary.What is internet marketing?Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to the promotion of goods and services on theinternet. The online world acts as a medium to communicate messages that a business draftsfor its audience. Online marketing is also synonymous with online advertising.It is essential to understand that online marketing is not second to traditional marketing. Nor isit a complimentary service that you can use to boost your marketing efforts on other mediums.Instead, online marketing is a hardcore way to promote a business and make it known to anaudience that is bombarded with tons of similar stimuli every minute of the day.Perhaps the very foundation of online marketing lies in finding newer ways to reach customersand markets that would be interested in what a business has to offer. Since traditionalmediums like newspaper, prints and TVs have been tried over and over again, a new andcreative internet marketing idea seems to be the fresh start that modern businesses sodesperately need.12

Another reason why internet marketing has gained so much momentum in the last few years isthat, by using this method, many companies and business owners aim to break the clutter thathas piled up because of nonstop marketing efforts. Every company and every business, in anattempt to attract customers, indulge in various marketing tactics, like an ad in the localnewspaper or a TVs campaign that can be viewed on various channels.When combined, all these campaigns lead to an overload and customers usually becomeresistant to such attempts. Internet marketing provides a different way to do the sameactivities, and cash in on high consumer interest as well. Coupled with this, increased internetusage is another factor that has made this marketing alternative quite a hit.According to statistics, 80% of the people in the United States use the internet regularly. Out ofthese, 97% use it to search for products that they eventually end up buying. Google researchreveals that 10.3 billion searches are conducted online result in nine out of 10 product/businessfollow-ups. With such high rates of internet usage and the possibility of customers getting backto you, wouldn’t you want your small business to have a face in the realm of the World WideWeb?However, the dilemma comes in when owners of small business, who rightly play the part ofmarketer, administrator and finance office as well, voice that they do not have time to keeptheir online presence updated. With such a bleak outlook of even trying to take advantage ofthe Internet, these companies often ignore one of the biggest consumer touch points of the21st century.Not only does such a business let go of an opportunity to grow and mature with the market, italso sets itself up to lose to the competition. Businesses that compete with you, directly orindirectly, can make tremendous profits and convert potential sales leads into loyal customersby taking advantage of being present on the internet.Therefore, it is essential for a small business working in the global economy to make use ofinternet marketing. Even if you do not have the resources to spend on an e-commerce website,at least make sure you are listed in the online yellow pages directory. When customers conducta quick search for the product they want, your company name will be displayed.Approximately 48% of all customers using the internet to search for businesses use the YellowPages Directory, which is available online. As it will be discussed in later sections, there are13

many ways to market your business on the internet, using either free or paid solutionsdepending on the budget you have to assign to internet marketing. Using these met

What is internet marketing? Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to the promotion of goods and services on the internet. The online world acts as a medium to communicate messages that a business drafts for its audience. Online marketing is also synonymous with online advertising.

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