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UNC PemprokeUtilities at a GlanceUNC Pemproke UtilitiesMetricBasline2002-2003Gross square feetBtu per square foot per yearCost per million BtuTotal Avoided CostCurrent2010-2011929,00087,150 13.06 % change1,308,41541%113,53030%16.9930%- 6,495,841.43Electric consumption in kWhElectric Cost 881,596Natural Gas consumption in ThermsNatural Gas Cost 169,078#2 Fuel oil gallons#2 Fuel oil cost 6,838#6 Fuel oil gallons#6 Fuel oil cost -18,273,16325,941,63342% 2,164,177145% 267,405 34,030 -178,236556,6305,69812,2170Propane gallonsPropane cost 11,802Steam thousands of poundsSteam cost -Chilled Water tonsChilled Water cost -Water thousands of gallonsWater & Sewer cost 06,361 58,874 - -0042,932 105,533%%124%188%

UNC PemprokeYear End Utility ComparisonUNC Pemproke Utilities Summary 2010-2011 kWH 2,164,177 NG 267,405 2Oil 34,0306Oil - Propane 58,874Steam CHW - - Wtr Sewer 1,105,533 Total Utility 3,630,019 Wtr Sewer 9,958,718 Total Utility 208,041,9952010-11 UNC PembrokeUtility Cost DistributionkWH 59.6%WaterSewer 30.5%NG 7.4%Propane 1.6%2Oil 0.9%UNC System Utilities Summary 2010-2011 kWH 58,092,098 NG 19,714,190 2Oil 3,175,383 6Oil 703,988 Propane 222,115 Steam 24,494,432 CHW 9,944,0302010-11 UNC System SummaryUtility Cost DistributionkWH 46.0%WaterSewer 7.9%CHW 7.9%NG 15.6%Steam 19.4%Propane 0.2%6Oil 0.6%2Oil 2.5%

6Oil 0.6%Propane 0.2%2.5%UNC PembrokeYear End Btu by Fuel Type for 2010-2011UNC Pemproke Btu by Fuel Type 4,423,4466Oil0Propane2,673,757,082Steam0CHW0Total Btu148,544,032,3232010-11 UNC PembrokeUtility Distribution by Fuel TypekWh59.6%Nat Gas37.5%Propane1.8%2 oil1.1%UNC System Btu by Fuel Type 2010-2011kWHNG2Oil6OilPropaneSteamCHWTotal Btu4,631,331,556,856 3,993,176,408,800 79,855,119,007 21,044,238,943 23,401,556,122 1,123,287,738,000 382,712,575,680 10,254,809,193,4072010-11 UNC Summary SchoolsUtility Distribution by Fuel TypekWh45.2%Nat Gas38.9%Steam11.0%Chw3.7%Propane0.2%6 oil0.2%2 oil0.8%

Propane0.2%0.8%6 oil0.2%UNC Pemproke9 Year Energy Evaluation 2003-2011 & Trend Through 2020UNC Pemproke Energy /mmbtu 2002-0313.06 2003-0413.30 2004-0512.84 2005-0613.51 2006-0718.17 2007-0818.28 2008-0916.83 2009-1017.27 2010-1116.99UNC Pembroke /mmbtu 26.00 24.00 22.00 20.00 18.00 16.00 /mmbtu 14.009 Year Trend 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00UNC Pemproke Energy 62009-10114,5422010-11113,530UNC 00,00090,00080,00070,00060,000btu/sf9 year Trend

UNC System Summary9 Year Energy Evaluation 2003-2011 & Trend Through 2020UNC System Energy /mmbtu 2002-0313.22 2003-0413.86 2004-0514.67 2005-0616.69 2006-0716.43 2007-0817.85 2008-0918.37 2009-1018.36 2010-1118.49UNC System Summary /mmbtu 31.00 26.00 21.00 /mmbtu 16.009 Year Trend 11.00 6.00UNC System Energy ,4232009-10141,5692010-11136,362UNC System ,000Linear (btu/sf)80,00060,000Axis Title

Axis TitleUNC System SummaryBtu/gsf and % ReductionMillions190,000.0Btu/gsf greater than target with usedecreasingNCSSM170,000.0NCSUUNC GA150,000.0Btu/gsf greater than target withuse INCREASINGECUUNC CHNCCUNC A&T130,000.0ASUUNC CWCUWSSUUNC PECSUFSU110,000.0UNC WUNC SAUNC G90,000.0UNC A70,000.0TNCABtu/gsf less than target with use decreasing50,000.0-45%-35%-25%-15%-5%Btu/gsf less than target with use increasing5%15%25%35%45%

UNC C UNC CH UNC G UNC GA UNC P UNC SA WCU WSSU UNC W-45% -35% -25% -15% -5% 5% 15% 25% 35% 45% Millions Btu/gsf greater than target with use decreasing Btu/gsf greater than target with use INCREASING Btu/gsf less than target with use decreasing Btu/gsf less than target with use increasing kWH 46.0% NG 15.6% 2Oil 2.5% 6Oil 0.6% Propane 0.2 .

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