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Choosing a College Applying for College Paying for CollegeTop Web Resources Colleges & Universities in AlaskaEGELLCOGOING TOIN 13

GOING TO COLLEGE IN ALASKACONTENTSMAGAZINEINFORMATION3College in Alaska/Your Choice4After High School5Applying to College/Training6Paying for Education8Alaska Performance Scholarship9UA Scholars/College Savings Plan10Alaska’s Top Jobs11Job Openings/Power of Education12Regional Training Centers13Programs for Alaska's High Demand JobsThe college and profileinformation for the 2012-2013academic yearwas provided by each institution.ACPE is not responsible for theaccuracy of informationprovided. For current tuition &fees and other information,readers should contact campusesdirectly.SchOOl PROFIleS14Alaska Bible CollegeAlaska text Copyright 2012,Alaska Career CollegeAlaska Commission onPostsecondary Education.15Alaska Christian CollegeAll rights reserved.Alaska Pacific UniversityEditor: Christina CampbellACPE: acpe.alaska.gov16AVTEC-Alaska’s Institute of TechnologyImages provided by AlaskaCentral Texas Collegeschools and colleges remain theproperty of the individual17Charter Collegeinstitutions.Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityConcept, design, images andgeneral educational text18University of Alaska Anchorage Copyright, 2012, NautilusPublishing Company. All rights19UAA Kenai Peninsula Collegereserved.Publisher: Neil WhiteUAA Kodiak CollegeAssociate Publishers:Carroll Chiles Moore20UAA Prince William Sound Community CollegeGenie LeslieThe Nautilus Publishing Co.Wayland Baptist UniversityTel: (662) 513-015921UAA Matanuska-Susitna Collegewww.nautiluspublishing.comUAF Community & Technical CollegeGoing to College in Alaska is apublication of ACPE, Alaska’s22University of Alaska Fairbanksstate higher education agency.ACPE’s mission is to promote23Ilisagvik Collegeaccess to and success ineducation and career trainingUAF Chukchi Campusbeyond high school.24UAF Northwest CampusAlaska Commission onPostsecondary EducationUAF Kuskokwim Campus(800) 441-2962 or(907) 465-296225UAF Interior-Aleutians CampusGoing to College in Alaska isUAF Bristol Bay Campuspublished under contract withNautilus Publishing Company’s26University of Alaska SoutheastEducational Custom Publishing27UAS Ketchikan CampusDivision.UAS Sitka Campus28Dates to RememberFind us on FacebookAlaskAdvantage Programs2Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

COLLEGE IN ALASKAYOURCHOICEHigher education, either college orvocational training, provides youwith opportunities and choices notavailable to high school graduates.As an upperclassman in highschool, you no doubt know by nowthat your progression in life isfueled by an unending series ofdecisions. One of the biggestdecisions now facing you is—whatnext? Going to College in Alaska isprovided so that no matter how youchoose to answer thatquestion—your choice can be awell-informed one.As decisions go, continuing youreducation beyond high school canbe a MILLION DOLLAR DECISION. Tohelp in narrowing down yourchoices Going to College in Alaskaincludes valuable facts andinformation about: choosing aprogram that fits you and yourinterests, Alaska’s hot jobs andwage and employment outlook,free and low-cost financial aid, anddiverse education and trainingopportunities right here in Alaska.Where to start and what toconsider? Start by finding thecollege or training program that fitsyou. Do that by looking at schoolsof interest and considering: cost,location, admission requirements,financial aid availability, program ordegrees offered, or study abroadoptions as well as the funextracurricular stuff such asintramural or intercollegiate sportsand campus life events andactivities. Going to College in Alaskaoffers a snapshot of your Alaskaoptions. It will be up to you to learnmore about them.The fine print is something you alsowant to pay attention to. If youdecide to start up the educationalladder one rung at a time, enrollingfirst in a certificate program andthen moving to an associate’sdegree and then to a bachelor’sdegree, etc., you really need to doyour homework about thetransferability of any credits youwill earn at one school to another.To avoid taking (and paying for) thesame or similar courses more thanonce on your way to a degree, lookinto an institution’s credit transferprocess and get a clear answerBEFORE you commit.So get started today! If you needinformation that is not included inthis publication, please, or call our callcenter, (800) 441-2962 forpersonalized assistance.Remember—it’s your life and ondaryPostsecondaryEducationEducation (800) 441-2962Alaska(800) 441-2962

AFTERHIGH SCHOOLIn Alaska, students can access a variety ofpostsecondary institutions offering vocationalprograms, certificates, two-year degrees, four-yeardegrees, and graduate programs. Alaska's institutionsoffer highly diverse programs of study designed tomeet the individual needs of students as they preparefor future careers and Alaska's workforce demands.CHOOSINGA COLLEGECONSIDER:n Location - Want to beclose to or far fromhome?n Academic Strengths Do you prefer “hands on”training or academiclearning?n Classroom/StudentBody Size - Large orsmall?n Costs - Is low-costfinancial aid available?n Other Goals/Interests- Do they offerextracurricular activitiesthat interest you?Community Colleges usually serve city, borough, or regionresidents. They typically offer vocational certificates and associate'sdegrees and have open admissions, meaning minimal entrancerequirements. EXAMPLE: Ilisagvik College in Barrow providespostsecondary academic, vocational and technical educationtraining in an environment designed to embrace Inupiat culture,language, values, and traditions and enable local residents to thriveand succeed.Vocational Schools & Colleges offer career and technicaltraining in a "hands on" environment. Vocational schools may bepublic or private. EXAMPLE: AVTEC - Alaska’s Institute ofTechnology in Seward is a public school within the AlaskaDepartment of Labor and Workforce Development, specializing injob training for the Alaska workforce. Private vocational schools orcolleges are also referred to as proprietary schools. Theseinstitutions, if accredited, are generally nationally accredited andare privately owned by for-profit businesses. EXAMPLE: AlaskaCareer College is a private vocational school offering specificcourses to meet the requirements of the growing industries inhealthcare, business, and computer technology.Four-Year Colleges & Universities grant a broad arrayof bachelor's degrees, also called the baccalaureate (Bachelor ofArts or Bachelor of Science). Many also offer vocationalcertificates, associate's and master's degrees. EXAMPLE:University of Alaska, Alaska Pacific University, or WaylandBaptist are regionally accredited public or private non-profitcolleges.4Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

APPLYING toCOLLEGE/T RA IN IN GApply to schools that best fit yourinterests and offer programsmatching your goals. You can getapplications by contacting theadmission office or apply onlinethrough the school's web site.You need to complete anapplication or register for courses foreach school you are interested inattending.Tip! Your application will be yourintroduction to an institution, andyou want to make a good impression.Make note of deadlines and submityour application or registration bythose dates. Be sure to thoroughlycomplete all requested documentationand meet the deadline. If an essay isrequired, take the time to make ityour best writing, and make sure youask someone to proofread it for you.Keep a copy of your application andany attachments for your records.GETTING ADMITTEDInstitutions have admissionsrequirements, which vary by school.To make an admissions decision,institutions will carefully review theinformation you provide on yourapplication and may require apersonal interview.OPENADMISSIONSMany colleges and vocationalschools have open admission policies.This means that in some cases, youmay qualify to begin taking classeswithout being formally admitted to adegree program. However, it’s stillbest to be admitted to a program, ifyou wish to qualify for financial aid.Consult each school for specificadmissions policies.COLLEGE APPLICATIONSCAN REQUIRE: personal information letters of recommendation educational experience awards and honors high school transcript extracurricular activities standardized test scores work experience class rank essay5Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

PAYINGFOREDUCATIONSTUDENTFINANCIALAID CANHELP YOUREACHYOURGOALS!START HERE:If you’d like one-on-one assistance, find a FAFSACompletion event or other resources at year, fill out a Free Application for Federal StudentAid (FAFSA) from the U.S. Department of Education,regardless of your family’s income. If at all possible, usethe FAFSA-on-the-Web for the quickest and easiest way tofile.THEN WHAT?WHEN:It’s available on January 1st of each year, so file it then orshortly thereafter. Make sure you file the FAFSA for theacademic year in which you plan to enroll – and remember,you will need to file the renewal in each year you seek aid.WHY:The FAFSA determines your annual eligibility for federaland state financial aid programs such as grants like thePell Grant, scholarships like the Alaska PerformanceScholarship, work-study, and lower-cost education loans.It’s also required to qualify for many campus-based andprivate scholarships.Shortly after submitting the FAFSA, you’ll receive aStudent Aid Report (SAR), which will tell you moreabout what aid you qualify for, and your Expected FamilyContribution toward your college expenses.GRANTS:Grants are gift aid, meaning you don’t have to pay themback. Award amounts are generally based on eligibilityrequirements such as your unmet financial need, and thecost of attending your school.n Federal Pell Grantn Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant(FSEOG)n AlaskAdvantage Education GrantFEDERAL WORK STUDY: This is part-time,HOW:on-campus employment to help students pay for college.Applying is fast, safe, free and easy at college you apply to will also have its own financial aid deadlines. Make sure you meet them. TheFAFSA is a free application and you should not be charged a fee. If a fee is requested, chances areyou have logged on to the incorrect web address. Try again at If you think youwill not be eligible for grants or work-study, it is still a good idea to fill out a FAFSA to ensure you are consideredfor scholarships such as the APS and that any loans you apply for are those with the lowest interest rates possible.If you need additional loan funds beyond the amount available through the federal Stafford loan, research yourlender options to find the lowest interest rates and costs.TIP6Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

SCHOLARSHIPS:Scholarships are also gift aid – free money! They may be awarded foracademic achievement, talent, skill, community service, leadership, schoolactivities, or your affiliation with a particular club, orcivic/regligious/fraternal organization. Scholarships can be awarded byyour school or college or by any organization sponsoring the scholarship.Be aware that many online scholarship search services may charge a fee.There is no need to pay a fee as there are several free searches available.For a free scholarship search try: or Alaska Performance Scholarship - Alaska now offers ascholarship to Alaska high school graduates whocompleted a specified rigorous high school curriculum,and meet GPA and test score requirements. The FAFSA isthe application for the APS. Talk to your high schoolcounselor for more information or visit TO APPLY?Complete a FAFSAonline at:www.fafsa.ed.govor call(800) 4-FED-AIDContact ACPE –your State HigherEducation Agency - or call(800) 441-2962TYPES OF LOANS:Education loans are borrowed money that must be paid back. STUDENTn Perkins - Based on need (offered by participating schools)n Stafford Subsidized - Based on need. The government pays the interestFEDERAL LOANSon this loan while in school.n Stafford Unsubsidized - Not based on need. Any student can apply.For more information, go to studentloans.govSTATE LOANSn Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL) - Low-cost state loan forstudents who cannot meet all their need through grants and scholarshipsor federal aid. For more information go to acpe.alaska.govSPECIALIZED ALASKA STATE LOANSn Teacher Education Loan (TEL)n A.W. Winn Brindle - Fisheries Loann Federal - PLUSn State - Alaska Family Education Loan (FEL) PARENT AND FAMILYADDITIONAL SOURCES OF AIDn 529 UA College Savings Plann Personal savingsn Community and corporate grants and scholarshipsn Service programs such as AmeriCorpsn Employer-sponsored tuition assistance programsThere are also state and federal student assistance opportunities for militaryveterans, dependents of veterans who died or became disabled as a resultof active duty, and dependents of military service personnel who wereofficially declared prisoners of war or missing in action. If you think youmay be eligible, consult the veterans coordinator or financial aid office atyour institution for more information.MAKE WISE CHOICES .MINIMIZE COLLEGEDEBT!To minimize your higher educationdebt, always be diligent in looking forways to reduce your education costs.Have you researched all your optionsfor free money from grants andscholarships? Have you consideredwork-study? Have you looked intostudent exchange programs thatwould allow you to pay in-statetuition but experience out-of-statecolleges? What about militaryoptions? In some cases, student loansmay be repaid for a borrower whilethey serve in the Reserve or theNational Guard. Additionally, somefederal loans may be eligible for thePublic Service Loan ForgivenessProgram.In short, by researching all of youroptions, meeting all financial aiddeadlines, setting up a flexiblespending plan, limiting impulsivebuying, and avoiding high intereststudent loans, you can graduate fromcollege without unnecessary debt.7Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

ALASKA PERFORMANCESCHOLARSHIPELIGIBILITY Complete a specified high school curriculum, and graduate from an Alaska high school in 2011 or later Achieve a high school GPA of at least 2.5 Earn a minimum score on a qualifying college or career readiness test Enroll at least half time, in good standing, in a certificate or higher program at a qualifying Alaska institution Have qualifying unmet costs of attendance after considering all other non-loan aidAWARD LEVELSFirst Level Award up to 4,755 per year – GPA of at least 3.5 An ACT score of 25 or An SAT score of 1680 orSecond Level Award up to 3,566 per year – GPA of at least 3.0 An ACT score of 23 or An SAT of 1560 orThird Level Award up to 2,378 per year – GPA of at least 2.5 An ACT score of 21 or An SAT of 1450 orFor all scholarship levels: Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2013, a combined WorkKeysscore of 13 or higher - with no score below 4 - in Applied Math, Locating Information, and Reading for Informationmay qualify an otherwise eligible student for a Career/Technical Education (CTE) APS award. The CTE APS awardmay be used to fund a certificate program but not an associate’s or other degree. By qualifying with an ACT or SATscore, students are eligible to pursue a certificate or a degree program.You can earn up to 8 semesters of aid to be used within 6 years of graduation. For more information, talk to yourhigh school counselor or visit WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!What do you think of Going to College in Alaska?Give us your feedback!Complete this quick online survey byDecember 31, 2012, for a chance to WIN an iPOD esMust be an Alaska high school or college student to be eligible to win.Employees and immediate relatives of employees of the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education are not eligible.8Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

UAScholarsProgramBuilding Alaska’s FutureTo encourage top students to attend the University of Alaska, UA offers eligible Alaskahigh school students an 11,000 scholarship. Eligible students are those ranked in the top10% of their class at the end of the junior year, as designated by a qualified high school.UA Scholars are making a difference for Alaska!UA Scholars: Receive 1,375 per semester for eight semesters of study at a UA school Can take a two-semester leave of absence May receive the award in conjunction with the Alaska PerformanceScholarship (APS) Are designated by their high school at the end of their junior yearThink you may be eligible for the scholarship?Contact your school counselor today!Clay Allen (top) andAllen Weise (bottom)UA ScholarsUA Scholars ProgramP.O. Box 755120, Fairbanks, AK (907) 474-5105, (877) 257-2465The UA College Savings PlanBenefits of the UA College Savings Plan: Easy start – with your PFD or as little as 50/month Lock in today’s UA tuition value for use in the future Use at eligible colleges or universities across the country Tax-deferred growth and federal tax-free distributions forqualified expensesDo you have an account in the plan? When you’re ready to beginusing it you can request a distribution by calling (800) 478-0003. Ifyou’re attending UA, we can even transfer the funds to your campuselectronically!Save in Alaska. Study (907) 474-5671collegesavings@alaska.edu9Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962UAF PHOTOS BY TODD PARIS

ALASKA’S TOP JOBSBACHELOR’S DEGREE AND ABOVEOCCUPATIONGeneral Operations ManagersPostsecondary TeachersKindergarten and Elementary School Teachers, Except Special EducationSecondary School Teachers, Except Special and Vocational EducationAccountants and AuditorsChief ExecutivesAirline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight EngineersMedical and Health Services ManagersPhysician and SurgeonFinancial ManagersZoologists and Wildlife BiologistsLawyersConstruction ManagersPharmacistsPetroleum EngineersCivil EngineersEnvironmental Scientists and Specialists, Including HealthComputer Systems AnalystsWAGE Quartile ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE OR VOCATIONAL TRAININGRegistered NursesCommercial PilotsLicensed Practical and Licensed Vocational NursesWelders, Cutters, Solderers, and BrazersComputer Support SpecialistsDental Hygienists WORK EXPERIENCE IN A RELATED OCCUPATIONExecutive Secretaries and Administrative AssistantsOffice and Administrative Support Workers, Supervisors/First Line ManagersFirst Line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Trades and Extraction WorkersMechanics, Installers, and Repairers, Supervisors/First Line Managers LONG-TERM ON-THE-JOB TRAININGCarpentersElectriciansPlumbers, Pipefitters, and SteamfittersPolice and Sheriff’s Patrol OfficersFire FightersMobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Except Engines MODERATE-TERM ON-THE-JOB TRAININGConstruction LaborersOperating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment OperatorsTruck Drivers, Heavy and Tractor-TrailerDental AssistantsCorrectional Officers and Jailers The top jobs list considers more than just earnings, such as projected growth in jobs and openings.For a complete list of Alaska’s Top Jobs, go s: 19.50 - 29.98 hourly ( 40,570 - 62,330 annually), More than 29.98 hourly ( 62,330 annually). Based on May 2009 OES estimates for Alaska.Source: U.S.ResearchCensus Bureau OccupationalSource: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development,and AnalysisSection Outlook(AugustQuarterly20, 2010)10Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

ALASKA JOB OPENINGSthrough 2018 for Occupations Making at Least 60,000 a Year.LESS THAN HIGH SCHOOL2.3%HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAOR EQUIVALENT38.3%48.3%BACHELOR’S AND ABOVE11%0.2%SOME COLLEGE, NO DEGREEASSOCIATE DEGREE ORVOCATIONAL/TECHNICALCERTIFICATESource: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce, Research and Analysis SectionThe Power of EducationDID YOU KNOWTHAT COLLEGEGRADUATES CANEARN AT LEAST AMILLION DOLLARSMORE IN THEIRLIFETIME THANTHOSE WITHOUT ADEGREE? 103,411PROFESSIONALEARNINGS RISEEARNINGSRISE FFOROR PEOPLEPEOPLEWWHOHO HHAVEAVE MMOREORE EEDUCATION.DUCATION. 88,867DOCTORAL DEGREE 69,958MASTER’S DEGREE 57,026 34,197 23,277IINCOMENCOM EHIGH SCHOOLGRADUATE 40,556SOME COLLEGENO DEGREE 44,086BACHELOR’SDEGREEASSOCIATE’SDEGREELESS THANHIGH SCHOOLSource: U.S. Census Bureau Occupational Outlook Quarterly11Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962 Copyright 2012, by The Nautilus Publishing Company. For information on free educational materials from The Nautilus Publishing Company,contact Neil White, Creative Director & Publisher, at 662.513.0159 or Visit us online at U.S.U.S. CCensusensus BBureau,ureau, CurrentCurrent PopulationPopulation Survey,Survey, NumbersNumbers inin thousands.thousands.PeoplePeople 1818 yearsyears oldold andand overover asas ofof MarchMarch ofof thethe followingfollowing year.year.

REGIONALTRAININGCENTERSYour dream job exists in Alaska.Alaska’s Regional Training Centers (RTCs) are public ornon-profit centers charged with creating employmentopportunities in Alaska. RTCs provide coordinated workforcedevelopment, education, and training in conjunction with local,statewide and federal partners to prepare citizens to havesuccessful careers in the Alaska workforce. Alaska Technical Center AVTEC- Alaska’s Institute of Technology Delta Career Advancement CenterRURAL REGIONSNorth Slope Borough Fairbanks Pipeline Training Center GILA- Galena Interior Learning Academy Ilisagvik College and North Slope Workforce TrainingPartners NACTEC- Northwest Alaska Career & Technical CenterInteriorNorthwest Arctic BoroughNomeMat-SuBethel,Wade-HamptonRural Southeast SAVEC- Southwest Alaska Vocational & Education CenterGulf Coast Southeast Alaska Career CenterAleutians UA Workforce Programs Yuut Elitnaurviat- Peoples Learning CenterBristol Bay, Dillingham,Lake and PenFor more information go to programs.htm12Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

PROGRAMS FORALASKA'SHIGH DEMAND JOBSALEUTIANBETHEL WADE-HAMPTONCONSTRUCTIONHEALTHCAREINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYUAF Interior-AleutiansUAF Interior-AleutiansUAF Interior-AleutiansYuut ElitnaurviatUAF Kuskokwim, Yuut ElitnaurviatUAF KuskokwimSAVEC, UAF Bristol BaySAVEC, UAF Bristol BayBRISTOL BAY/SOUTHWESTGULF COAST/ANCHORAGEINTERIORAVTEC, UAAUAA KodiakGILA, UAF,UAF Community Technical College,Fairbanks Pipeline Training CenterMAT-SUAlaska Career College, AVTEC, AVTEC, Charter College, UAA, UAACharter College, UAA, UAA-KPC KPC Homer, UAA-KPC Kenai, UAAHomer, UAA-KPC KenaiKodiak, UAA Prince Wm SoundGILA, UAF, UAF CommunityTechnical College,UAF Interior-AleutiansTRANSPORTATIONAlaska Career College, AVTEC,ERAU, UAA, UAA-KPC KenaiGILA, UAF, UAF Community TechnicalGILA, UAF,College, UAF Interior-Aleutians, UAF Community Technical CollegeDelta Career Advancement CenterCharter College, UAA Mat-SuCharter College, UAA Mat-SuUAA Mat-SuNOME/SEWARD PENINSULANACTECNACTEC, UAF NWNACTEC, UAF NWNACTECNORTH SLOPE BOROUGHIlisagvikIlisagvikIlisagvikIlisagvikAlaska Tech, UAF ChukchiAlaska Tech, UAF ChukchiAlaska TechUAS, UAS Ketchikan,UAS SitkaUAS, UAS Ketchikan,UAS SitkaUAS, UAS Ketchikan,UAS SitkaNORTHWEST ARCTIC BOROUGH Alaska Tech, UAF ChukchiRURAL SOUTHEASTUAS, UAS Ketchikan,UAS Sitka,Sitka Ed. Consortium13Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962

ALASKA CAREER COLLEGE1415 E. Tudor Rd. Anchorage, Alaska 99507alaskacareercollege.eduALASKA BIBLE COLLEGEEmployers are looking for the best.P.O. Box 289 Glennallen, Alaska, 99588www.akbible.eduAlaska Career College continues to successfully meet thisneed by preparing their students for the workforce withdiligent and committed staff and instructors.Explore His word, follow His steps. Alaska Bible Collegeoffers a unique location for study. Class sizes are small, sothere is greater opportunity for more individualizedinstruction. The remote setting,which minimizes distractions,provides opportunity for quietpersonal reflection – to be still andknow God. While the environmentis casual, students can expectacademic standards as high as orhigher than other colleges, andABC welcomes home-schooledstudents.Founded in 1985 (Career Academy), ACC Focuses on growthindustries strategic to the economy of Alaska (health,nursing, aviation, business, accounting, computertechnology).ACC students are inspired to look above the minimumexpectations to graduate, bymaximizing their talents. AtAlaska Career College it is notjust about investing in youreducation.but also yourself.ANNUAL TUITION ANDFEES: Program-based( 9,000 - 23,000)ANNUAL TUITION AND FEES: 6,930STUDENT/TEACHER RATIO: 15:1PER-CREDIT TUITION: 300ON-CAMPUS HOUSING: NoON-CAMPUS HOUSING: YesDEGREES OFFERED: Diploma,AssociateANNUAL ROOM & BOARD: 5,400STUDENT BODY SIZE: 50FINANCIAL AID: AvailableDeadline: ContinuousSTUDENT/TEACHER RATIO: 5:1ADMISSIONS:Deadline: ContinuousCall: (800) 770-7575 or (907) 563-7575Email: Admissions@AlaskaCareerCollege.eduHours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-6 p.m.DEGREES OFFERED: Certificate, Associate, Bachelor’sFINANCIAL AID: AvailableApplication Deadline: July 1ADMISSIONS: Fall Deadline: July 1Call: (800) 478-7884, (907) 822-3201Email: info@akbible.eduNeed to pay for college? Learn all the steps of the financial aid processand create a personalized list of scholarships, grants and loans. Ask yourteacher, school counselor, or career resource advisor about using AKCIS, orcall toll-free (877) 269-7974 or Commission on Postsecondary Education (800)

ALASKA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE35109 Royal Place Soldotna, Alaska 99669www.akcc.orgAlaska Christian College (ACC) is a Native-focused, Christcentered institution that encourages all students to reachexcellence in character, learning, and service. During thetwo-year Biblical and general studies education, Godlycharacter is modeled in everyday living, and students aregiven the life skills necessary to become engaged citizensin their homes and communities. The students and staffform a safe, supportive, familial community in whichstudents are introduced to the college experience andgrow in all areas of life: intellectual, emotional, social,physical, and spiritual. Students are encouraged to pursuefurther education upon completion of their time at ACC,as well as to grow personally, serving God and others. Thefriendships and relationshipsformed at ACC will last a lifetime.ALASKA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY4101 University Dr. Anchorage, Alaska 99508www.alaskapacific.eduLook to Alaska Pacific University for high-quality educationand personal attention in every course. APU providesAlaskan students with unique learning opportunities thatyou will not find anywhere else in Alaska or the lower 48.Travel courses, small class size, the Eco League, localinternships, field courses and amazing post-graduateemployment rates are only a few of the benefits ofattending Alaska Pacific University. DiscoverActive Learning! Additionalscholarships are available for Alaskahigh school graduates.ANNUAL TUITION AND FEES: 7,694PER-CREDIT TUITION: 250ANNUAL TUITION AND FEES: 15,000 - 29,700ON-CAMPUS HOUSING: YesON-CAMPUS HOUSING: YesANNUAL ROOM & BOARD: 6,500STUDENT BODY SIZE: 600STUDENT BODY SIZE: 50STUDENT/TEACHER RATIO: 7:1STUDENT/TEACHER RATIO: 5:1DEGREES OFFERED: Certificate,Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s,DoctoralANNUAL ROOM & BOARD: 8,300DEGREES OFFERED: CertificateFINANCIAL AID: AvailableApplication Deadline: ContinuousCall: (907) 394-2128FINANCIAL AID: AvailableDeadline: Continuous Call: (907) 564-8341ADMISSIONS: Call: (907) 564-8248 or (800) ALASKA-UEmail: admissions@alaskapacific.eduHours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-5 p.m.ADMISSIONS: Deadline: ContinuousCall: (907) 260-7422 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m.Email: admissions@akcc.orgImprove your job search skills. Find tips on completing applications,resumes, cover letters, and performing well in interviews. Ask your teacher,school counselor, or career resource advisor about using AKCIS, orcall toll-free (877) 269-7974 or Commission on Postsecondary Education (800)

AVTEC-ALASKA’S INSTITUTE OFTECHNOLOGYCENTRAL TEXAS COLLEGEAnchorage, Alaska Fairbanks, Alaskawww.ctcd.eduP.O. Box 889 Seward, Alaska 99664 www.avtec.eduAVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology offers industryspecific programs in occupations relating to Alaska’sexpanding and unique economy. AVTEC is a division of theAlaska Department of Labor and Workforce Developmentand responds to the needs of Alaska with industryapproved certifications and/or licenses. Placing 93% of itsgraduates in jobs, AVTEC works with more than 200business partners around the state. AVTEC is a friendly andcaring school, dedicated to helping all students achievethe highest level of technical knowledge and workplaceskills. All training programs are lessthan one year!Central Texas College is a community college whichbegan in Killeen, Texas in 1965. Central

Going to College in Alaska is a publication of ACPE, Alaska's state higher education agency. ACPE's mission is to promote access to and success in education and career training beyond high school. Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (800) 441-2962 or (907) 465-2962 Going to College in Alaska is published under contract with

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