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It’s Time to Switch to aSoftware PlatformYou Can TrustKareo is an all-in-one, integrated technologyplatform that streamlines care delivery, patientengagement and business management workflows.

More Time With Patients,Less Busy WorkOne of the most important factors in determining the ongoingImproving efficiency in all areas of patient care and businesssuccess of today’s independent medical practice is operationalmanagement has become an imperative, especially in indepen-efficiency. You don’t have time to log into multiple solutions anddent practices with big goals and limited staff. Unfortunately, thedouble-enter data. You need one solution to meet all yourmarket is currently flooded with disconnected and inadequatepractice needs, from billing, electronic health records, patientsolutions leaving practices to juggle multiple tools that don'tintake, telemedicine, patient engagement, eRx and more.address their needs. It’s no wonder clinicians report spending43% of their time entering data, and only 28% with patients.The Care Delivery Workload:43%Time spent entering data28%Time spent with patients

5.7 :GININAEMRECNLAABHow’s YourPatient Experience?Patients have become savvy and vocal consumers, expecting technology-enabledconveniences and a high level of service. Patient experience can now make or breakyour practice. Do you have secure two-way communication for patients and staff?Do you offer a patient portal for lab results and access to medical records?With the increase in high-deductible healthcare plans, patient payments can represent 30% or more of your practice revenue. Practices are focused on new policies,procedures and workflows to ensure efficient and reliable patient collections. Doyou offer multiple easy and convenient ways for patients to pay their balances?Patient Payments 30% of RevenueReady to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736 2

Are You Keeping Up WithMIPS and CMS Regulations?CMS increased the performance threshold to 15 points for providersto avoid the 5% penalty, applied to payments in 2020. Beginning inthe 2021 performance period, the new MIPS Value Pathways (MVP)participation framework will seek to overhaul MIPS reporting to!reduce burden and make the program more meaningful forparticipating clinicians and patients.EHRs have become even more vital to delivering quality care,avoiding costly penalties and getting paid. But not all softwarevendors have the right technology solutions to scale into the future.Many EHRs are poorly funded, have not met regulatory requirementsor are going out of business. Do you have a reliable software partnerthat streamlines your regulatory compliance and helps you receivemerit-based incentives while avoiding costly penalties?3 Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-27367% PenaltyFailure to report will resultin a 7% penalty in 2021

Medical Billing Has Changed,Has Your Software?Gone are the days when coding and billing were rote functions, withpayments coming in like clockwork. Antiquated billing systems aren’tequipped to help you avoid rejections and denials that put a halt to yourpayments. You need a technology platform that offers features tostreamline your revenue flow.The bottom line is this: You need a complete solution forefficient billing, patient care and practice growth from asoftware partner you can trust.Few companies offer an easy-to-use, complete solution inone integrated platform, and only one company is devotedsolely to the success of independent medical practices.Kareo’s integrated clinical, billing and patient engagementplatform drives end-to-end efficiency, resulting in betterpatient care and higher revenue.“”“Most billing software just does billing. And most EMRs aredesigned for just medical records. Kareo is the only softwareI’ve found that is good at both, and simultaneously lets medelve into data from a business perspective.”Akiva GreenfieldNexus Solutions

The Kareo Advantage“”“Kareo has provided my small private practicewith an easy-to-use, reliable, cost-effectivepractice management system. I am in theprocess of converting from my previousKareo is the leading cloud-based, clinical and businesssystem to Kareo's EHR, which will make themanagement platform designed specifically for the independentlink between patient records and billingpractice. Our integrated modules work together as part of avirtually seamless. The customer support withseamless platform, so you have helpful tools to tackle yourthis company has been phenomenal.”toughest administrative challenges.Ashley Wagner, OwnerA L Wagner Family Chiropractic PCUse kareo photo here

Kareo’s Integrated PlatformK A R E O C L I N I C A L (EHR )Our certified EHR is powerful and easy to use. Writenotes and ePrescribe, code encounters, and managepatients in our fully integrated, cloud-based EHR.K A R E O B I L L I N G (PM )Easily manage patient payments, insurancebilling, A/R, reporting and analytics.K A R E O E N G A G E ( PA T IENT ENG AG EM ENT )Boost patient communication, simplify patientintake, build your online presence and provide asuperior patient experience.Additional OfferingsMARKETPLACE PARTNERSComplement and extend the value of Kareowith popular third party integrations.PLATFORM EXTENSIONSAdd telemedicine, point of service creditcard payments, patient statement mailingservices and more.

Integrated and Secure TelemedicineThe care delivery landscape is rapidly changing andtelemedicine has become an increasingly important clinicalWhy Kareo Telemedicine?tool. With Kareo Telemedicine, you can connect with patientsanywhere at any time. It’s simple, secure, mobile and fullyStreamlined Reimbursementreimbursed by private payers. With seamless integration toAutomated eligibility checks, reimbursement-specialistthe Kareo EHR and practice management software, you cansupport team and Kareo’s award-winning billing engine.implement a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that willmeet the current and future needs of your practice.Boost Practice EfficiencyDrive revenue, practice efficiency and patient satisfactionwith seamless integrations into Kareo’s integrated EHRand practice management system.Promote Patient SatisfactionIntuitive cloud software for both patients and physiciansmeans no downloads and up and running in minutes onpatient-owned devices.Reduce No-Shows/CancellationsSocial distancing, transportation issues, taking time off fromwork and finding child care are no longer an issue for routinevisits and follow-up care.

A Partner You Can TrustAt Kareo, we share the vision that independent practices are the bestplace for building relationships with patients and providing the mostmeaningful care.SecureHIPAA, HITRUST, PCI DSS and FIPS-140-2 compliant.Trusted since 200450,000 providersONC CertifiedEasily track your performance on quality measures andearn positive performance-based payment adjustments onMedicare reimbursements45 specialtiesserved60M securepatient records75,000 active users,including doctors & billers 20B annual claimrevenue processedAward WinningRecognized technology leader for ambulatory practices.Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736 8

It’s Easy to Switch to KareoFlexible ImplementationAdjust your subscription without penalty so growingyour practice is easy and affordable.Free Support & TrainingWith a dedicated Customer Success Coach and ongoing experttraining, get best-in-class support at no additional cost.FastStart as soon as 10 days from receipt of accurate data frompractice, depending on size and complexity of the transfer.SecureOur team has the experience and expertise to import datasecurely and quickly from most EHR and billing software systems.* No-contract subscription is based on eligibility. Go to for details.

Meet Your KareoSuccess TeamEnrollments SpecialistsThis team takes care of all your paperwork, includingelectronic data integration (EDI) setup and plugging in theelectronic infrastructure for any third party integrations—insurance companies, prescriptions, lab providers,etc. The enrollments team also works with the endOur team of experts are on your side to ensure yourtransition to Kareo is smooth, seamless and successful.vendors to help set up the software and enable workflowon the clinical side.Customer Success CoachData ServicesYour Customer Success Coach is your main point of contact.This team is in charge of importing your existing billingThey assist you with set up, direct you to key resources,and/or clinical data into Kareo, including appointmentscoordinate other teams and answer any questions that comeand insurance providers, but not claims. Our dataup along the way. Think of them as your quarterback.specialists work closely with a key contact in yourpractice—we recommend an office manager or similarposition—to drive the process and letting you knowexactly what we need from you to successfully integrateyour data into your new Kareo systems.Training SpecialistOur expert training team offers the comprehensive,easy-to-follow Kareo University training programdesigned to help you make the most of our integratedplatform. They’ll show you all the tips and tricks to savetime, boost efficiency and get paid!Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736 10

Kareo’s Game Planfor SuccessS T EP 2Account setupYour Success Coach will help you configure critical platformsettings including setup wizards, locations, calendar settings,Switching to Kareo is easier than you think. The keys to apatient engagement features and enrolling for payer e-claimsuccessful software change are sound planning and solidsubmission. Our enrollment and data teams will prepare yourexecution. Here’s a step-by-step guide of what to expect andcustomized system and begin migrating all of your existinghow the Kareo team will support you through it all!data into it.STEP 1Welcome to Kareo!Expect a call from your dedicated Customer Success Coach tostart setting up your account. Your coach will also help youregister for training courses and talk about data importmilestones, including data requirements.Clinical Data ImportBilling Data Import ePrescriptions Patient Demographics eLabs Policy Information Referrals Immunizations Insurance Companies &Plans C-CDA Exchange Appointments Patient Portal API AccessKey Patient Balances Patient Notes (scanned) Referring Physicians Fee Schedules Service LocationsData Import Discovery12During this step, we'll learn about yourcurrents systems and the data you'relooking to import, and prepare the way311 for a smooth transition to Kareo.Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736 Documents: pdf, jpg, etc.

STEP 3:S T EP 5 :TrainingBecome a Power User!While we’re busy moving your data over, you and your staff canOnce you’ve completed a full month in Kareo, we’ll check backstart learning the ins and outs of your new software with freein to make sure everything’s set up correctly and runningtraining courses from Kareo University. We offer webinars,smoothly, and that you’re getting the training you need to be aeLearning and resource guides for specific roles and solutions.Kareo Power User! Move on to more advanced functions suchIf you want to turbocharge your onboarding process we canas posting payments, ordering labs and more.provide customized on-site training for an additional fee.Congratulations! You’re ready to rock—but remember, KareoSTEP 4:Launch (Day 10*)provides ongoing, industry-leading customer support andtraining, so you’re never really on your own.Now that all your data has been imported, you’re ready to startusing Kareo—and we’re here to help. Your Success Coach willmake sure you’ve completed the training sessions you’ll needto take full advantage of our robust system. Start schedulingappointments, entering patient notes, sending prescriptions,submitting claims, and more.Note: Kareo can scan and upload patient notes into for anadditional fee. For claims, close out previous claims in yourlegacy software, and enter only new claims into Kareo.*Estimated 10 days to launch after Kareo receives correct andcomplete data from the practice. Time to usage will vary.Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736 12

Happy Customers, Happy Patients“”“”“”"We have very low A/R with an"Our no-show rate has decreased by"After six months, our revenueover 50%. . I wish I had known howaverage of 24 days. Kareo is wellrealization was up 95.6%. . I have aeasy this transition to Kareo wasestablished, reliable, has greatlot of faith in Kareo, which makes it sogoing to be because I would havepartnerships, is integrated withmuch easier for us to keep practicingdone it much sooner."specialty EHRs, and offers strengthsindependently."for our practice that other systemscould not."13 Amber Jensen, Practice ManagerDr. Scott Mayer, Clinical DirectorDaniel Soteldo, Practice ManagerGreener Healing WaysToday ClinicWestgate Skin & CancerReady to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736

New Customer FAQsWill there be a delay in my insurance claims?What are common data sets imported into Kareo?During onboarding, you can continue claims processing in yourThe most common data sets that practices like to import areprevious system. When your data import is complete, you canPatient Demographics, Appointments, Patient Case (Insurancestart submitting all new claims into Kareo. Finish off all existingPolicy), Payer List, Provider List, Scanned Documents (Clinicalclaims in your previous system, so there will be no interruptionand non-Clinical), Fee Schedule, Care Summary Documentto payments.(C-CDA).What are the different types of Data Portability servicesoffered by Kareo?Kareo offers 3 different types of Data Portability services: DataImport, Data Migration and Data Export Data Import: Data Import is the process through which theKareo Data Services team imports practice data from legacyBilling and/or EHR systems into the Kareo platform. Othervendors also refer to this as Data Migration, Data Transfer,etc. Data Migration: Copy data from one Kareo Account (source)to another Kareo Account (target) Data Export: Copy data from current Kareo Account to beused for import with a new software vendor.

What is the timeline for the Data Import Process?What are my options to extract data?Once all the data is made available to Kareo Data Services team,Data extraction from the legacy system varies based on thein the correct format and with no critical issues, it takes about 10vendor. Some vendors provide practices with the option tobusiness days to complete the import process.export data from within the application itself. These are typical-Timelines may vary depending on data size, complexity of work,or if custom scripting is needed.1. Data Imports kickoff call (1-2 weeks from initialwelcome call)2. Signed Scope and Service quote (1-2 weeks)3. Customer provides data from legacy system (1-2 weeks)4. Data Import and customer validation (1-2 weeks)5. Go Live/Final move to Production (1 week)“”15 “We are extremely happy with Kareo. My favorite partis the customer service. When I don’t know how to dosomething, Kareo’s service is amazing.”Ready to make the switch? Contact Kareo at 888-775-2736ly available as reports that can be downloaded or extracted in aCSV format. In other cases, practices have to request data fromthe vendor.Kareo has experience extracting data from several legacyvendors and can provide guidance to the practice in someinstances via written instruction or screen share. However, ifclients are interested in importing documents, they must berequested from the vendor.Fernanda Rivera, Office ManagerPhysical Therapy and Wellness Center, Inc

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tool. With Kareo Telemedicine, you can connect with patients anywhere at any time. It's simple, secure, mobile and fully reimbursed by private payers. With seamless integration to the Kareo EHR and practice management software, you can implement a HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that will meet the current and future needs of your practice.

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