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General InsurancePartnership

AboutOffering Peace of MindJN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI), formerly NEMInsurance, is the longest established of all General Insurancecompanies operating in Jamaica. The tradition of excellence datesback to its foundation in 1934.Reliability in Uncertain TimesJNGI has the financial resources to meet all of its obligations. Weare supported by a panel of the best A-rated international reinsurers,who share our philosophy towards the speedy and equitablesettlement of claims.A Strong Personal Relationship with YouWe help you protect your assets from loss, and commit to helpingyou achieve the coverage you want and need.2

Motor Insurance HomeownersInsurance Exclusively availableto Members of CCRPFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

“Comprehensive Cover”MotorInsuranceFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplatePREMIUM AS LOW AS 32,000.00 GCTCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

10,000,000.00(Bodily Injury) AnyOne Person 10,000,000.00(Bodily Injury) AnyOne AccidentMotor Insurance Limits of Liability 10,000,000.00Any Third PartyProperty Damage

MotorInsuranceFeaturesWindscreen Damage 250,000.00 (maximum of one claim)Wrecker Fees 75, 000.00ManslaughterDefence 250,000.00 any one period of coverPersonal Accident 150,000.00 for Insured and SpouseLoss of Use 5,000.00 per day for a maximum of 15 daysPersonal Effects 15,000.00 any one claim.Audio Equipment 25,000.00 without Excess (Factory Fitted only)Medical Expenses 25,000.00 per person/ 100,000.00 AggregateAny One Period of coverAccident ForgivenessThe first accident will not affectNo ClaimsComprehensive OfferFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.6

MotorInsuranceAdditional FeaturesUninsured DriverIf the other motoristinvolved in the accidenthas no insurancecoverage and you are notat fault, you will be ableto recover yourExcess/Deductible.Excess BuybackFor an additional premiumfor as low as 6,100 youcan pay a flat excessstarting at 10,000Comprehensive OfferFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.7


Complimentary JAA Membership:Benefits---Free SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateAccident ResponseEmergency Roadside AssistanceDocument Renewal Service (JAA willtake your vehicle documents on yourbehalf to the tax office)Fitness Valet Service (JAA will takeyour vehicle on your behalf to thedepot to be passed)Discounts from selected merchants.Copyright (C) All rights reserved.9


MOTORINSURANCEDISCOUNTSAPPLICABLE maximumof 4discountspervehicleareapplicable No Claims Bonus25% - JN Member Discount10% - Loyalty Discount ( renewal)20% - Restricted Driving15% - Insured and one additional person10% - for 2 vehicles (n/a to the first vehicle)10% - Value Pak Discount5% - Vehicle Tracker DiscountGift CardGet 5000 off new motorinsurance policy**Free SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.11

MOTORINSURANCEDISCOUNTSAPPLICABLEmaximumof 4discountspervehicleareapplicable No Claim Bonus - 65% maximum Ifearned over a five (5) year period (Proofrequired)1st Year20%2nd Year35%3rd Year45%4th Year55%5th Year65%NB: Subject to minimum premiumFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.12

MOTORINSURANCEPremiumCalculationmaximumof 4discountspervehicleareapplicableFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateNB: Subjectto minimumpremiumCopyright(C) SlideSalad.comAll rights reserved.13

Home Insurance14

15Coveragefor:Free SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateBuildingContentsBuilding and ContentsCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

HomeownersInsuranceFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateBuilding Scope of Cover Lock ReplacementBurst pipes and the overflow of watertanks Burglary, housebreaking, theft orlarcenyCopyright (C) All rights reserved.16

HomeownersInsuranceContentsScope of Cover Loss, theft or damage to yourluggage when travelling overseas Losses caused by power surge Loss or damage to your cellphone orcomputer anywhere in JamaicaAdditional BenefitsFreezer Content and Food SpoilageMoney LossGolfers Hole-in-OnePersonal Liability including sportingactivities and accidental death Legal Liability to domestic helpersand visitors. Free SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.17

CATASTROPHE CLAIMS RESPONSEFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

Distribution & SupportFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

Thank You!Any questions?You can talk with us or email us .comFree SlideSalad PowerPoint TemplateCopyright (C) All rights reserved.

General Insurance Partnership. Offering Peace of Mind JN General Insurance Company Limited (JNGI), formerly NEM Insurance, is the longest established of all General Insurance companies operating in Jamaica. The tradition of excellence dates . Personal Liability including sporting activities and accidental death

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The king's insurance options 5 Things you need to know 7 The stuff you need to do 14 How to claim 16 Our commitment to you 20 Car insurance 22 Car warranty 37 Shortfall cover 45 Scratch and dent 46 Tyre and rim 48 Motorbike insurance 53 Trailer and caravan insurance 64 Watercraft insurance 68 Home contents insurance 77 Buildings insurance 89

body for general insurance companies licenced under the Insurance Act. General Insurance Code of Practice 2.22 The General Insurance Code of Practice (the Code) is a voluntary self-regulatory industry code developed by the First introduced in 1994, the ICA. Code covers most classes of general insurance, including home, strata and motor insurance.

31 The Partnership Assets must be and are held by the Partners jointly. However, the Partners may appoint a Custodian to hold assets on their behalf under clause 34. Partnership's assets 32 The Partnership Assets comprise all assets acquired by the Partners using the funds of the Partnership or otherwise accruing or contributed to the Partnership.

4 Bangladesh Co-operative Insurance Ltd BD Co-operative . 7 Central Insurance Company Ltd Central 8 City General Insurance Company Ltd City General 9 Continental Insurance Company Ltd Continental 10 Crystal Insurance Company Ltd Crystal 11 Desh General insurance ltd Desh General 12 Dhaka Insurance Company Ltd Dhaka .

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