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Undergraduate ProgramsUndergraduateProgramsThe University of Alaska Anchorage provides curricula that offer itsstudents the opportunity to acquire the intellectual skills, habits of mindand ethical sensibilities necessary to develop into individuals who makeinformed judgments and interpretations about their community and thebroader world, who take full responsibility for their beliefs and actions,who recognize the connection between knowing and acting, and whocommit themselves to lifelong learning. The UAA curricula emphasizethat while the acquisition of knowledge is an end in itself, each UAAgraduate must enter the world beyond the university fully equippedto live resiliently in a changing world and be willing to apply theoriesand methodologies to examine and resolve the problems of their owncommunities and those of an increasingly diverse and interdependentworld.The university ms/baccalaureaterequirements/gers/#tier1text) does not prescribe specificcourses for all students. It is the responsibility of each student todetermine an appropriate program of courses within the frameworkof their academic program in consultation with an academic advisor(see Advising & Academic Support cesses/advisingacademicsupport/) for furtherinformation). The requirements for each degree include completion of aminimum number of courses, resident credits, fulfillment of the GeneralUniversity Requirements and the General Education Requirements(GERs), and completion of program requirements.Occupational Endorsements and UndergraduateCertificatesThe university offers two types of certificates at the undergraduatelevel: Occupational endorsement certificates (OECs) are certificatesrequiring 29 or fewer credits to complete. These certificates providethe specialized knowledge and skills needed in specific employmentsectors. General University Requirements for OECs. ms/oecrequirements/) Undergraduate certificates of 30-60 credits offer focusedinstruction in a concentrated area. These certificates provideknowledge and skill development in broad enough areas toprepare students for entry into a variety of career fields. Theyare particularly appropriate in scientific or technical areas suchas health care, computer systems, transportation or industrialtechnology. General University Requirements for undergraduatecertificates. ms/certificaterequirements/)Both of these certificate types are noted on transcripts. Courseworkused to complete each type may also apply to associate andbaccalaureate degrees that the student may pursue.1Associate DegreesUAA offers two types of associate degrees, both of which require thecompletion of 60 credits or more: The Associate of Arts (AA) degree combines broad studiesin written communication, oral communication, humanities,mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences, with electivecoursework selected by the student. The degree provides broadexposure to systems of thought and inquiry, allows exploration ofa variety of disciplines and learning experiences, and provides asolid foundation for further study at the baccalaureate level. The AAdegree is administered by the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).The complete program description is found under the CAS eprograms/cas/). Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees provide applied orspecialized studies that are used to satisfy a student’s specificeducational needs. Many AAS programs prepare students for workin a particular field of employment. Some AAS programs aredesigned to provide a foundation for a specific related baccalaureatedegree. Students in AAS programs build knowledge and skillsneeded to carry out specific tasks while they develop abilities inthe essential elements of communications, computation and humanrelations.Baccalaureate DegreesBaccalaureate, or bachelor’s, degrees consist of a minimum of 120credits and comprise three interrelated parts:1. General Education Requirements, which provide students a broadoverview of the liberal arts and sciences and create the foundationfor further study in the major or program, lifelong learning andworkplace preparedness. GERs are best taken early in a student'sacademic career.2. Major Requirements, which afford students intensive study ina specialized subject, program or professional area. The majorprepares a student for employment and/or graduate-level coursework.3. Elective Credits, which are the body of work to complete the120 credits. These credits may be limited, as in the case of manyprofessional programs, or open for the student's choice, allowing forstudents to investigate other areas of interest. Students may chooseto declare a Minor (generally 18-24 credits from within the Electivecredits) to pursue an additional area of study or qualification. Awell-selected minor can strongly complement a student's major areaof study.UAA offers a number of Baccalaureate degrees, depending upon thefield of study. The two primary types are as follows:1. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees generally require additionalcourse work in the liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences andoffer greater flexibility in elective credits, with a focus upon broadbased achievement in preparation for graduate school, the corporate orbusiness worlds, or education.

2Undergraduate Programs2. The Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees generally require additionalcourse work in math and the natural sciences (with labs), with a focusupon discipline-specific technical classes pertaining to particularprofessions or preparation for advanced study.If a program offers both a BS and a BA degree, the programs need to bedistinct by a minimum of 12 credits.UAA also offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), the Bachelor ofBusiness Administration (BBA), the Bachelor of Human Services(BHS), the Bachelor of Music (BM), and the Bachelor of Social Work(BSW).Baccalaureate degrees may also have specialized application andentrance requirements as well as specialized completion requirements.Students are strongly advised to speak with an advisor before declaringa major and signing up for classes.Post-Baccalaureate CertificatesPost-baccalaureate certificate programs present a cohesive sequenceof related courses designed to provide continuing education past thebaccalaureate level. Upon completion of a certificate, students will haveacquired an area of specialization or an interdisciplinary perspective,or will have completed requirements for professional certificationsawarded by agencies outside the university. Post-baccalaureatecertificates are designed with a majority of undergraduate coursework.MinorsA minor is a component of a baccalaureate degree. A minor may onlybe issued simultaneously with a baccalaureate degree. A minor fromUAA consists of a minimum of 18 credits, at least 6 of which mustbe upper division. Students must earn at least 3 credits in residence ineach minor field. They must also earn a UAA cumulative grade pointaverage (GPA) of at least 2.00 (C) in the minor. Students must followminor requirements from the same catalog used for the baccalaureateprogram. Refer to each discipline for specific requirements. Studentsmust declare minors no later than the deadline to submit an Applicationfor Graduation.Campus KeyCOEngCollege of EngineeringCOHCollege of HealthCTCCommunity & Technical CollegeHCUniversity Honors CollegeOccupational Endorsement CertificatesProgramCampusCollegeAdvanced Welding /oec-advancedwelding/)CTCAhtna Language , KPAlaska Native BusinessAIManagement nessmanagement/)CBPPAlutiiq Language ASApplied Behavior is/)AICASAutomotive Engine cautomotiveengineperformance/)AICTCAutomotive Specialist especialist/)AICTCCodeDescriptionAIProgram delivered throughAnchorageKOProgram delivered through KodiakKPProgram delivered through KenaiMAProgram delivered through Mat-SuPWProgram delivered through PrinceWilliam SoundBaking & Pastry Arts eDescriptionCBPPCASCollege of Arts and SciencesCBPPCollege of Business and PublicPolicyBookkeeping ms/cbpp/accounting/oec-bookkeeping/)SOESchool of EducationCollege KeyAI

Undergraduate ProgramsBusiness Analytics s/)AICBPPDena'ina Language ms/cas/alaskanativestudies/oecdenainalanguage/)AI, KPCASBusiness Leadership ip/)AICBPPDiversity & Social ice/)AICOHChildren’s Behavioral ealth/)AICOHEntrepreneurship /)AICBPPCisco-Certified Network Associate AI, ertifiednetworkassociate/)CTCFitness Leadership ion/oec-fitnessleadership/)COHCOEngMACTCGeographic Information systems/)AICommercial RefrigerationSystems (temporarily ccommercialrefrigerationsystems/)AICASConflict Resolution hic Design ms/cas/art/oec-graphicdesign/)Hospitality tion Ecology KPCASInfant & Toddler evelopment/)AISOEConstruction Skills s/)PWCTCInterprofessional Child nalchildwelfare/)AICOHCorrections ry Arts ms/ctc/culinaryarts/oec-culinaryarts/)AICTCIT Support Desk logy/oec-itsupportdesktechnician/)Marine Mammal ology/)CASCOHKP3

4Undergraduate ProgramsMarine Service technology/)PWCTCResidential and Light Commercial MAHeating and Ventilation(temporarily Medical Office ficecoding/)AICOHAICTCCTCSafety Specialist )Millwright CASValve Repair & irmaintenance/)Natural Resources echnician/)PWMACTCNondestructive TestingAITechnology ecnondestructivetestingtechnology/)CTCVeterinary Assisting )CTCPetroleum Production )KPCTCWeb Engineering ebengineering/)CTCPharmacy Technology ICOHWelding /oec-welding/)Phlebotomist ICOHProfessional Writing geration & nheating/)MACTCUndergraduate CertificatesProgramCampusCollegeAhtna Language htnalanguageinstruction/)AI, KPCASAutomotive ertificate-automotivetechnology/)CTCAviation MaintenanceAITechnology, Airframe enancetechnologyamtairframe/)CTC

Undergraduate ProgramsAviation MaintenanceAITechnology, ationmaintenancetechnologypowerplant/)CTCCivic Engagement ons ena'ina Language enainalanguageinstruction/)AI, KPCASDental Assisting )AICOHDiesel Power istics and Supply ChainAIOperations atelogisticssupplychainoperations/)CBPPPetroleum Technology hnology/)KPCTCRefrigeration and HeatingTechnology (temporarilysuspended) efrigerationheatingtechnology/)MACTCWelding ms/ctc/technology/certificate-welding/)KOWelding Technology /certificate-weldingtechnology/)CTCAssociate DegreesAssociate of Applied ScienceCTCProgramCampusCollegeAccounting ms/cbpp/accounting/aas-accounting/)AI, KO, MACBPPAir Traffic Control CTCApprenticeship nticeshiptechnology/)AICTCArchitectural and EngineeringAITechnology chitecturalengineeringtechnology/)CTCAutomotive -automotivetechnology/)AICTCAviation Administration(suspended) n/)AICTCAviation Maintenance Technology technology/)CTCBusiness Computer InformationAISystems (suspended) uterinformationsystems/)CBPP5

6Undergraduate ProgramsComputer and NetworkingAITechnology aascomputernetworkingtechnology/)CTCComputer Systems andAI, MANetwork Technology utersystemsandnetworktechnology/)CTCConstruction ctionmanagement/)AICTCCulinary Arts ms/ctc/culinaryarts/aas-culinaryarts/)AICTCDental Assisting iagnostic Medical diagnosticmedicalsonography/)COHDiesel Power asheavydutytransportationequipment/)CTCEarly Childhood development/)SOEAIFire and EmergencyAIServices Technology mergencyservicestechnology/)General Business )COHAI, KO, KP, MA CBPPGeomatics ms/coeng/geomatics/aas-geomatics/)AICOEngHuman Services ms/coh/humanservices/aashumanservices/)AI, MACOHIndustrial Process Instrumentation trialprocessinstrumentation/)CTCLogistics and Supply ChainOperations ticssupplychainoperations/)AICBPPMedical Assisting Medical Laboratory allaboratorytechnology/)AICOHNursing nal Safety and nalsafetyhealth/)AICTCOutdoor Leadership doorleadership/)COHParalegal Studies amedical caltechnology/)COHKP, MA

Undergraduate ProgramsPhysical Therapist icaltherapistassistant/)AIProcess Technology rofessional Piloting )AIRadiologic ctechnology/)AICOHCTCCTCAssociate of ArtsProgramCampusCollegeAlaska Native Studies AI, KO, KPCASAssociate of Arts ms/cas/aa/)AI, KO, KP,MA, PWCASBaccalaureate DegreesCOHAccelerated Pathways to Master's Degrees: Bachelor degrees withan "*" below offer an accelerated pathway where students may count aset number of credits toward both the UAA baccalaureate and master'sdegree. Go to the relevant Master's degree program page for moreinformation.Bachelor of ArtsProgramCampusCollegeAnthropology* ms/cas/anthropology/ba-anthropology/)AICASArt ( al Sciences* CASCOHCommunication uter Science gEarly Childhood cation/)AISOEEconomics n and HeatingMATechnology (temporarilysuspended) tionheatingtechnology/)CTCSmall Business Administration(suspended) inistration/)AI, MACBPPSurgical Technology ITechnology ms/ctc/technology/aas-technology/)AI, KO, KP,MA, PWWelding and NondestructiveAITesting Technology y/)CTC7

8Undergraduate ProgramsEnglish ms/cas/english/ba-english/)AICASMusic rams/cas/music/ba-music/)CASEnvironment and Society(suspended) )AICASPhilosophy ms/cas/philosophy/ba-philosophy/)AICASAICASHistory ms/cas/history/ba-history/)AICASPolitical Science TCPsychology ms/cas/psychology/ba-psychology/)AIHospitality Administration(suspended) ICASInterdisciplinary iology (suspended) ms/cas/sociology/ba-sociology/)AICASInternational Studies /)AICASTheatre (suspended) ms/cas/theatredance/ba-theatre/)Bachelor of Business AdministrationJournalism and PublicAICommunications andpubliccommunications/)CASJustice ms/coh/justice/ba-justice/)AICOHLanguages ms/cas/languages/ba-languages/)AICASLegal Studies ics pusCollegeAccounting ms/cbpp/accounting/bba-accounting/)AICBPPEconomics ms/cbpp/economics/bba-economics/)AICBPPFinance ms/cbpp/accounting/bba-finance/)AICBPPGlobal Logistics and SupplyAIChain Management icsandsupplychainmanagement/)CBPPManagement AI

Undergraduate ProgramsManagement InformationAISystems (suspended) formationsystems/)CBPPMarketing IChemistry ms/cas/chemistry/bs-chemistry/)AICASCivil Engineering* EngComputer Science gCASComputer Systems omputersystemsengineering/)AICOEngConstruction tionmanagement/)AICTCDental Hygiene ics ectrical Engineering ring/)AICOEngEnvironment and Society(suspended) )AICASGeological Sciences CASGeomatics ms/coeng/geomatics/bs-geomatics/)AICOEngBachelor of Fine ArtsProgramCampusArt ( chelor of Human ServicesProgramCampusCollegeBachelor of Human teprograms/coh/humanservices/bhs/)AICOHBachelor of MusicProgramCampusBachelor of Music ASBachelor of ScienceProgramCampusCollegeAnthropology* ms/cas/anthropology/bs-anthropology/)AICASApplied Technologies Leadership chnologiesleadership/)CTCAviation Technology CTCBiological Sciences* CAS9

10Undergraduate ProgramsHealth Sciences rdisciplinary esiology siology/)COHMathematics ms/cas/mathematics/bs-mathematics/)AICASMechanical nicalengineering/)AIMedical Laboratory boratoryscience/)AINatural Sciences g ms/coh/schoolofnursing/bs-nursing/)AIOccupational Safety and alsafetyhealth/)AIPsychology ms/cas/psychology/bs-psychology/)AISociology (suspended) ms/cas/sociology/bs-sociology/)AIBachelor of Social WorkProgramCampusCollegeBachelor of Social pusCollegeAccounting ms/cbpp/accounting/minor-accounting/)AICBPPAir Traffic Control ms/ctc/aviationtechnolog

The UAA curricula emphasize that while the acquisition of knowledge is an end in itself, each UAA . If a program offers both a BS and a BA degree, the programs need to be distinct by a minimum of 12 credits. UAA also offers the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), the Bachelor of

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