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VoiceThe7701 Maryland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63105 (314) 727.1747 KolRinahSTL.orgMay 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782Upcoming EventsSun 1, Mon 2 ROSH CHODESH IYARMon 2SciFi/Fantasy Book ClubWed 4YOM HAZIKARONThu 5YOM HA'ATZMAUTFood PerspectivesFri 6First Fridays for FamiliesSun 8Mother's DaySat 14New Member ShabbatSun 15Pesach SheniMitzvah DayTzitzit TyingJews in Science 15Wed 18Lag B'Omer at Shaw ParkThu 19LAG B'OMERSat 21Enchanting ShabbatSun 22Learner's ServiceStitch & SchmoozeIntruder Safety TrainingPurim at MLN ECCTue 24Intruder Safety TrainingThu 26KR/BA Book ClubSun 29YOM YERUSHALAYIMMon 30Memorial DayTue 31ROSH CHODESH SIVANAll Mondays Café IvritTue 10-31Fitness & FlexibilityTue 10, 31Zoom Movie NightThis Edition234567891012Building and Growing Together1Kol Rinah LeadershipA Message from Our RabbiMazel Tov!President’s MessageTzedek TeamKol Rinah Families and YouthUSY & KadimaMLN Early Childhood CenterKoREHVerein Discussion GroupSisterhoodBrotherhoodMay 2022 Calendarwww.KolRinahSTL.org

Kol Rinah LeadershipKol Rinah BoardRitualOur mission is to createGary KodnerRandi MozenterJoel SchwartzDan RosenthalJeremy BuhlerJoel PortmanDavid CoopersteinDenise FieldCindy PayantJanice ShenkerNoah ArnowRabbiJonathan BelskyBa’al KorehMark Fasman, Benson Skoff zt”l,Mordecai MillerRabbis Emeritia welcoming community thatEducationIsrael and Tikkun Olam, guided byScott ShafrinReligious School Director / Associate RabbiMelissa BellowsKoREH AssistantLiz CollinsEarly Childhood Center DirectorKol Rinah welcomeseveryone. We are a dynamicPresidentChair of the BoardVP CommunicationsVP DevelopmentVP Education / RitualVP EngagementVP FacilitiesVP PersonnelSecretaryTreasurerServing Through 2022Elisa Israel, Jerry Nuell, Joel Portman, JimSingman, Sherri Sadon, Skylar Swim, KarenWetmoreServing Through 2023Mike Besmer, Pat Cohen, Mike Gartenberg,Esti Goldman, Maurice Guller, Karen Rader,Alan RosenbergServing Through 2024Bette Abeles, Lauren Brenner, Alissa Duel,Rebecca Mollett, Aaron Schwartz, BarbaraShamir, Lvav Spector, Katherine TynanPast Presidents Board RepresentativesRalph Graff, Steve KeyserStaffStacey HudsonExecutive DirectorNancy GreeneExecutive AssistantMeir Zimand Director of Operations & FinanceMelissa BellowsYouth & Family CoordinatorHani Fish-BielerUSY DirectorOctavio Vargas- Norwood JanitorialFacilities / MaintenanceAuxiliary GroupsBob OlshanBrotherhood PresidentSusan Brown, Linda Carton Sisterhood PresidentMarilyn DienWomen's Social GroupCommittee ChairsStacey HudsonBuilding Opening Task ForceGina Bernstein, Dan RosenthalCapital Campaign/DevelopmentBarbara Bianco, Paula J. Lemerman ChesedWendy Love AndersonInferfaith Inclusion / RitualTovah Enger, Joel Schwartz CommunicationsRhiannon KayeECCGary KodnerEngagementDave CoopersteinFacilitiesGary KodnerFinanceBarbara ShamirHalls & CateringEsti Goldman, Bob OlshanIsraelRabbi Scott ShafrinKoREHDenise FieldPersonnelBenj SingerSocial Action / Tzedek TeamSkylar SwimCommunity LearningBeth RubinUSYRalph Graff, Richard GavatinVerein Discussion Groupembraces Torah and meaningfulworship, lifelong learning, music,the tenets of Conservative Judaism.and forward-looking congregationwhere all generations cometogether to experience Judaismin innovative ways. We are adiverse congregation, proud to bemade up of Jews and the Jewcurious, singles, couples, familiesof all shapes and sizes, multi-faith/multicultural households, peoplewho identify as LGBTQ , people ofcolor, of all abilities and more.Condolences to theFamilies OfDr. Jerry CohenLinda "Cookie" DworkAlan Norman JacobsMyron KodnerLearn Haftarah, Trope or PrayerIsrael PraissContact Howard Belsky 314.546.0810 or howardbelsky@gmail.comRobbie Daniel SpetnerMay their memories be a blessing.The VOICE2www.KolRinahSTL.org

A Message from Our RabbiRabbi Noah Arnow - Senior RabbiThe Rabbis Are Coming!Back in March 2018, I had lunch atGokul (the kosher vegetarian Indianrestaurant in the Loop) with two friendswho work for the Rabbinical Assembly(RA), the organization of Conservativerabbis.They were in St. Louisscouting out potential locations for theRA’s November 2020 convention.I became a chair of that conventionand was working throughout 2019and early 2020 to plan it. We werethinking about issues of racial justice,of gender equity, of climate change, ofintermarriage.Then CovidconventionRabbiArnow@kolrinahstl.orgto drop in and out of for an hour. And itMost of the programs will be for rabbis,was short—just a couple of days.but in the days preceding, during andBut we felt the need to meet inperson again, because there’s aquality of relationship and experiencethat cannot and does not happenwasand thatcancelled,andeventually rescheduled for November6-9, 2022.together with a staffed-up RabbinicalAssembly team. I’m much more in thevolunteer role, with some wonderfulcolleagues who work full time for theRA doing much of the work.to rabbis, though. I’m finding it witha medium that’s more inclusive andour congregation too.accessible than gathering colleaguesways to gather and reconnect over thefrom around the US, as well as Southcoming months, to build and rebuildAmerica, Europe, and Israel.the relationships that sustain ourSo,at this convention, we’re not goingtoconducttheformalbig movement conversations, becauseit’s going to be a limited group of rabbiswho will be able to travel and be here,and for important conversations weFor rabbis to invest the time, money,and carbon to travel to St. Louis, weneed to make it an experience theyfocusing on experiences that can onlyTo apply, please send a cover letter andresume to stacey@kolrinahstl.orgtake place in person, where a virtualmovement, singing, and conversation,we’ve learned so much over the pastand fewer big speeches and plenariestwo years.and passive experiences.Like many organizations (includingAnd there is a hunger for people toKol Rinah), the RA quickly shiftedcome together, to just be, to hang out,to operating virtually.to eat, to sing, to reconnect.years. It was cheap ( 36), and easywww.facebook.com/KolRinahSTLThis is a part-time position. TheCoordinator will serve as a highlyvisible, warm, and friendly liaison to allsegments of our community, with specialattention to our young families, as wellas work with the Director of KoREH, thecongregational religious school, in anassistant administrative position.See full position description here.This means more play, more physicalattended a convention in the last tenEngagement/ ProgrammingCoordinator Positioncould not have on Zoom. So, we’regroup since before the pandemic, andthan three hundred more than hadcommunity!(elections, resolutions, budgets) of therabbis will be gathering in a largehad over five hundred attendees, moreMay we findbusinessor hybrid experience wouldn’t work.convention they held in March 2020convention in different ways.there’s much that we can do on Zoom,This will be the first time ConservativeThe virtualRinah community to connect with theThe hunger to reconnect is not uniquewant to be much more inclusive.I’m chairing the convention, workingbe some opportunities for our Kolon Zoom. But we also realized thatorganization. We’re also not havinghappened,following the convention, there mayYouth Group AdvisorPositionI’m looking forward to welcomingThis is a part-time position. The YouthGroup Advisor oversees all Kol RinahYouth Groups, working with teen andpre-teen leaders to create communitythrough programming and outreachwithin the synagogue. There are alsoout of town regional events.colleagues and friends to St. Louis,See full position description here.and I’m so proud to be helping to leadTo apply, please send a cover letter andresume to stacey@kolrinahstl.orgthis gathering.3May 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782

Mazel Tov!May BirthdaysJoel Frankel, Amy Zaidman, Esti Goldman,Lauren Wolf, Noah Arnow, Rhona Lyons,Berta Hyken, Sonia Barrett, Rayne Buhler,Judy Allen, Gail Brody, Sara Kavanaugh,Abigail Simmons, Idan Lerner, AbbySchneider, Gloria Feldman, Beth Leeds,Katherine Tynan, Franklin Haspiel, LailaBach, Rachel Kodner, Zachary Gannam,Loren Bach, Sara Sorenson, RosalieStein, Bryan Sanger, Rhonda Bilger, LoriSiegel, Alan Snyder, Tobi Don, Jonah MayRauchman, Samuel Bernstein, DavannaRenee, Russell Gottlieb, Bonnie Shafrin,Donald Levy, Denise Bobick, NaomiZaidman, William Hogan, Jael Rogers, ElisaIsrael, Joshua Stein, Leah Berger, LeonidGrossman, Nicky Rainey, Cindy Ginsburg,Joseph Kavanaugh, Nancy Rosman,Penelope Sorenson, Edward Schukar, MarcLevin, Gretchen Schisla, Frances Wilner,Michael Bernstein, Stephanie Levy, AaronPraiss, Nicole Rainey, Hannah Rainey,Delia Rainey, Joseph Yenlin Paley, DeborahRubin, Patricia Cohen, Phillip Gould, ZekeSwim, Rena Munster, Michael Stein, EmilyGinsburg, Julie Davis, Josh Horwitz, JonahLevy, Saloane Sapot, Jason HobermanThank YouDear Friends, thank you all for the 80thbirthday wishes.Sincerely,Barbara BeckerDear Friends at Kol Rinah,I want to thank each and every one whomade a donation in my name for my 70thBirthday. It was a wonderful gesture. I amhonored that your donations to Kol Rinahwill help with the various missions of thesynagogue.Sincerely,Harlie FrankelThe VOICEMay AnniversariesJune AnniversariesKim Anderson & Marcia Sokol-AndersonMichael Cannon & Denise FieldAndrew & Nancy RosmanLauren Buchsbaum & Nick RiggioGuy Friedman & Laura HorwitzMark & Karen EngelMichael & Abby GoldsteinGary & Fran KaarBrad & Mindy HorwitzBen & Joan BarzilaiHarold & Diane SangerJosh & Laura ChaiseRussell & Rachel GottliebStuart Hoffman & Rita RothschildCorey Feit & Jenna Lew-FeitSteven Brody & Brenda GrossmanMike & Sherri BesmerRichard & Jody FeldmanPhilip & Leslie JohnsonMichael & Alisa ReichmanAlex Befeler & Serra-Lesa IvenerMichael & Karen WetmoreGail Brody & Richard KodnerStephen & Julie DavisHal & Marcia GoldsmithWilliam & Stacey HoffmanJoshua & Cindy KalachekEric Flug & Gretchen SchislaAlan Garelick & Abby SchneiderAlan Snyder & Sharon RosenbergSteven & Andrea RosenblumRepps & Stacey HudsonJune BirthdaysJerry Raskin, Helene Meyer, Daniel Buch, AriHorwitz, Nathan Goldstein, Jacob Goldstein,Hannah Friedman, Hanan Nathan-Slarskey,Cheryl Wasserberg, Nicola Hudson, TashaKaminsky, Julie Ettinger, Christopher Mollett,Courtney Rader, Sophia Gottlieb, MattReznick, Ruth Asher- Koshner, Isaac Besmer,Laura Rosenblatt, Jonathan Dien, Bruce Dien,Leora Spitzer, Phyllis Katz, William Mathis,Randi Mozenter, Florence Cohn, Jon Santer,Amitai Shafrin, Jacob Shanas, Golda Burke,Allen Levin, Rachel Bezalel-Buch, Nancy Berg,Jeffrey Jacob, Laura Horwitz, Matthew Wohl,Murray Kalina, Sherri Sadon, Elana Gottlieb,Lauren Bernstein, Nick Riggio, Mindy Horwitz,Enid Perll, Rosetta Weintraub, Hazel Sohn,Shira LeDeaux, Ari Brenner, Stan Braude,Harriet Shanas, Monroe Ginsburg, YitzchakSanter, Cecilia Asher, Ava Duel, DeborahFinkelstein, William Kaufman, KennethWeintraub, Kitty Gross, Lily Friedman, StaceyHudson, Robert Stein, Phil Levens, JacobKalachek, Marc Spector, Kenneth Stein, AlanGarelick, Susan Lew, Samantha Mollett, JudelLew, Fred Makler, Rebecca Gannam4Alfred & Sheila RosenfeldLeonid Shmuylovich & Ilana RosmanZachary & Julie LeedsHoward & Jacqueline BerlinerJeremy Buhler & Wendy Love AndersonMartin & Margaret IsraelWilliam & Helene MathisNaomi Hoffman & Loren BachWilliam & Meris HamiltonRick & Becky LernerJerry & Joyce RaskinArlene & Tim O'ConnellSanford & Elaine MelnickJohn & Barbara PerlmutterSanford & Cynthia BoxermanMarc & Penny AlperBurton & Benita BoxermanJudel & Susan Lew* Listed chronologically in the monthOur newsletter is designed by Tovah Enger withthe invaluable proofing help of: Rabbi Noah Arnow,Nancy Greene, Missy Kayman, Micki Kingsley andCindy Payant. Thank you!www.KolRinahSTL.org

President’s MessageGary Kodner - Kol Rinah Presidentpresident@kolrinahstl.orgreturns; and numberless mercies from“WithoutGod, who is infinitely above beingprogress, such words as improvement,benefited by our services. Thoseachievement, and success have nokindnesses from men I can, therefore,meaning.”only return on their fellow-men, and Ican only show my gratitude for thosemercies from God by a readiness tohelp His other children.”“The best thing to give to your enemy isforgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance;continualgrowthand“Who is wise? He that learns fromeveryone. Who is powerful? He thatgoverns his passions. Who is rich? Hethat is content. Who is that? Nobody.”“Remember not only to say the rightthing in the right place, but far more“When I am employed in servingto a friend, your heart; to your child, aothers, I do not look upon myself asgood example; to a father, deference;conferring favors, but as paying debts.to your mother, conduct that will makeI have received much kindness fromher proud of you; to yourself, respect;men to whom I shall never have an“Hide not your talents, they for useto all others, charity.”were made. What’s a sun-dial in theopportunity of making the least directdifficult still, to leave unsaid the wrongthing at the tempting moment.”shade?”– Benjamin FranklinTzedek TeamBenjamin Singer - ChairMitzvah Day is Sunday May 15!Kol Rinah’s Mitzvah Day is only daysaway! Join Kol Rinah to make adifference in the lives of people in St.Louis and beyond.Register by May 11 at https://www.benjamin.d.singer@gmail.comHumane Society of Missouri, OperationField for her leadership and guidanceFood Search, Ready Readers, Beyondin making Mitzvah Day a success.Housing, and Crown Center for SeniorLiving among others will benefit fromour activities. A special thank you goesto all of those who worked hard to makethis day a memorable and ent and Stacey Hudson and MelissaThere will be activities for all ages tomaking this day a success. Thanks toperform tikkun olam and repair ourworld. Organizations like the HarveyKornblum Jewish Food Pantry, theBellows for their time and energy inthe ECC, KoREH and Sisterhood whohave been wonderful co-sponsors ofthis event. We are grateful to DeniseLet’s start Mitzvah Day off on a greatnote! Bring some cans of food for theHarvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry(find a list of needed items here) or acouple of new or gently used children’sbooks to donate to Ready Readers.Come Watch The FirstKol Rinah Softball GameSunday, May 1, at 4pm(the Creve Coeur JCC softball fields,2 Millstone Campus Dr, 63146)Visit our webpage for the fullgame schedule.www.facebook.com/KolRinahSTL5May 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782

Kol Rinah Families and YouthMelissa Bellows - Youth & Family CoordinatorMelissa@kolrinahstl.orgWe had a very successful Tot ShabbatTot Shabbat continued April 9th withPurim party that filled the Communitysome fun activities in anticipation ofHall. Children came in costume, sang,Passover. On April 17th, K-5th gradersand heard the story of Purim throughwalkeda very cool puppet show from Karenexploring the traits one needs to reachKern. It was also nice to have our ShinfreedomShin, Roi there. What a joy!courage, and trust. It was very Families have more opportunities toget together for Mitzvah Day on May15th, and Lag B’omer on May 18th.We will also be beginning First Fridaysfor Families for Kabbalat Shabbat onMay 6th.and a great chance for kids to play .MLN Early Childhood CenterUSY & KadimaLiz Collins - Monica Lynne Neidorff ECC DirectorHani-FishBieler - USY rgClasses also got to listen to manybooks written by Dr. Seuss and on hisbirthday, March 2nd, classes could beoverheard singing “Happy Birthday.”This month, USY has enjoyed a rangeof fun lounge nights! We had a blastcelebrating purim together, and theUSYers have led us through gameOn Purim, children and teachersnights, photo scavenger hunts, anddressed up in costumes and paradedmore. Our USY president, Karen Huss,behind Ms. Karen, our Music teacher,also led us in a meaningful discussionthrough the hallway. After the parade,about the war in Ukraine, and JewishMs. Karen did a Purim puppet showresponses to the war. We look forwardfor all the classes. To end the Purimto another wonderful month together!festivities, our older classes weretreated to hamantashen.This month we will celebrate ourEarn Money for Kol RinahWhen You Shop!Starfish class. Taught by Ms. Dejahand Ms. Teresa, our Starfish graduatesMLNECC has been filled with suchwill be heading off to Kindergarten infun and excitement the last couple ofthe Fall. We know that all the kids aremonths. In March, classes celebratedready for their next learning adventureDr. Seuss’s birthday with a weekand can’t wait to catch up with themfilled with silly dress up days and aagain in the future.classroom door decorating contest.1. Go to: smile.amazon.com2. Select a charity- Type in Kol Rinah3. Select Kol Rinah (St. Louis)4. Shop normally5. Amazon Smile will donate .5% ofyour purchase to Kol RinahMichael Neidorff (z"l) will be deeply missed. He was an immensely generousman whose philanthropic endeavors allowed the Monica Lynne NeidorffEarly Childhood Center to begin to blossom in our new location. His legacywill continue to be celebrated by all of us at the MLNECC as we learn, play,explore, and grow. His memory will be one of our greatest blessings.The VOICE6Find us onInvite Code: joinkolrinahNeed help using JBuzzStL?Sign-up tutorialHow to follow a project or groupwww.KolRinahSTL.org

KoREHRabbi Scott Shafrin - Religious School Director / Associate RabbiRabbiShafrin@kolrinahstl.orgSpreading Learning Far and WideWelcome toKol Rinah!We will be celebrating these New Membersat May 14th at New Member Shabbat.(Children listed after parents where provided)Learning has always been fundamentalspaces, and traveling off-campus,In 2020to Jewish life and cultural expression.when possible, to experience learningSo much so that Jewish learning hasin other settings around St. Louis.Susan SchienbergPhilip & Leslie Johnson, Charles, HenryBrian & Barb HerstigRichard & Hazel SohnRichard Frankel & Kari KramerLauren LandayKatherine TynanRachel & Bryan SangerLinda Goldsteinbeen described as both “a tree of life”(Proverbs 3:18) and “like a warmingfire” (Jeremiah 23:29), as somethingthat nourishes and sustains us, andat the same time ignites our passionsand fuels us forward.All these things get me so excitedabout starting our learning journeyagain next fall. If your family, or otherfamilies you know, are looking for awelcoming and open place to learn,please have them be in touch withIn our own learning at our Kol RinahmeEducation Hub (KoREH), we haveor 314.727.1747). We are puttingseen our learning grow our communitytogether our classes now, and theby leaps and bounds. With the helpsooner we know how many studentsof our amazing staff and phenomenalwe will have in each grade, the easier itparents, we are poised to have thewill be to add more incredible teacherslargest student body in the last tento our wonderful staff team. We hopeyears. While the last two years ofto get to learn with each of you in theadapting to the challenges of theyear ahead!(rabbishafrin@kolrinahstl.org,COVID-19 pandemic have limitedsome of the ways we were used tobuilding our learning community, ithas also forced us to re-examine whatcreates the most impactful learningexperiences for our families.We are thrilled to be bringing back someNeed publicity for a Kol Rinahclass, program, fundraiser orother or non-event?Find all our forms in thesidebar of our website.of our students’ favorite experiences,like our chugim electives and weeklyHavdallah to start our mornings, aswell as adding new musical, artistic,and spiritual experiences for everyage group and for the school as awhole. Our parent learning cohort hasreturned and I have been absolutelyblessed to be able to learn everyweek with such caring, thoughtful,and inquisitive adults. We are lookingforward to utilizing all of our newbuilding, both our indoor and outdoorwww.facebook.com/KolRinahSTLShabbat Kiddushis Back!From sponsoring an entireKiddush, to contributing towardsjust one dish, we have manyopportunities for you to helpcreate a delicious ShabbatKiddush experience. Anyamount donation is welcome.In 2021Debbie WohlJoseph & Sarah Kavanaugh, Max, NateRebecca & Zachary GannamDaniel Buch & Rachel Bezalel-Buch, Noam,EitanLauren Bernstein & Fred Brown, Emmy, TeddySusan Neidorff ReinglassJosh WohfeldJacob SeigelAvi DobrusinStephen & Julie Davis, Arielle, EdenJohn & Barbie PerlmutterAdam & Lori Brok, Yael, LenaMatthew & Heather Wohl, Sadie, OwenRita Oppenheim PozniakoffJuliet ChayatCarol PortmanTony WestbrookNoah Priluck & Dena RennardLaura & William Hogan, WilliamRena & Roberto Munster, AriRobert & Susan GoldsteinIn 2022Rhonda & Al BilgerLynn WallisSteven & Beth LeedsGeorgia Zev & Delaney HoldenBruce SchneiderCall the office, 314.727.1747.7May 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782

Verein Discussion Grouprichardjrgavatin@gmail.com, Ralphjgraff@gmail.comRichard Gavatin and Ralph Graff, Co-ChairsThree incredible new installments in the Jews in Science SeriesOn May 15th, you will discover theIn Gus’s case, we are benefitted byFUN in Jewish Genealogy, with twohis own autobiography in which heof our favorite guys, Monroe Ginsburgexpresses his feelings about his timeand Gary Kodner. They will presentspent in a series of concentrationtheandcamps, starting with Auschwitz. He,proven strategies for discovering yourhis physician father and his motherroots. Best practices will be revealed!survived, although half of his extendedDo Not miss!family was lost.On June 19th, get to know localOur own Ralph Graff, himself amedical superstar, the former Chair ofgraduate of WUMS and instrumentalthe Internal Medicine at Washingtonin the creation and maintenance ofUniversity Medical School (WUMS),this Kol Rinah series, will give us hisGus Schonfeld. As we have presentedinsights into Gus.of this crucial group of thinkers,At a special time on July 17, 1pmtoday’s world. Do not miss this uniquefundamentaltechniquesindividuals with remarkable stories,our knowledge of their attitude towardJudaism has frequently been limited.local time, a special arch Fellow from the Universitiesof Potsdam, near Berlin and ParisSorbonne, Christina Feist will focuson the origin of the Judaism weand will explain why this matters inopportunity to learn firsthand from aworld class scientist – live from Paris,France!As usual, registration is required atthe Kol Rinah Website, and shouldexperience todayyou miss the session, you can alwaysThe Jewish Enlightenment was theavailable at the Kol Rinah website,foundation of what we now todaycall the Masorti, (or in the US) theConservative Movement of Judaism.Christina’s dissertation dives into theroots of the Jewish Enlightenment,The VOICEintroducing us to the key “players”8catch up, as they are all recorded andhttps://www.kolrinahstl.org/videosRalph & Richardphotos shown are Gus Shonfeldand Christina Feistwww.KolRinahSTL.org

SisterhoodSusan Brown, Linda Carton - Sisterhood Co-Presidentssusanmbrown77@gmail.com, genelin@att.netPurim has come and gone, Passoversisterhood members also helped packthe 180 level you get a special Torahhas passed over and now it’s timeand deliver the goody bags to our newFund pin as a gift. Torah Fund benefitsfor spring and for Shavout whichmembers.Conservativetranslates to “weeks” in Hebrew andcounts the number of weeks it took forthe Jews wandering in the desert toreach Mt. Sinai. During Shavout manyJews bring the outdoors into theirhomes and synagogue by decoratingwith greenery and flowers. Also, manyJews stay up all night to study andsymbolically prepare to receive thewisdom of the Torah.One of the activities Sisterhood hasbeen involved with was providingchallahs for the goody bags given tonew members of the synagogue. ManyAnotheractivitySisterhoodwillparticipate in will be co-sponsor forMitzvah Day on May 15 and will beSeminariesaroundthe world. This year the campaignis honoring the Verein group led byRichard Gavatin and Ralph Graff.supplying the goodies attendees willAlso on our calendar is Sisterhoodtake as they leave the festivities. ManyShabbat on Saturday, June 25.of our members will be working in theSisterhood members will participate indifferent mitzvah opportunity areasall aspects of the service. The Vereinthat day.Group will receive a special blessing.Torah Fund campaign started inApril and will continue until May 28.There will be a lunch Kiddush followingthe service.The theme of the campaign is B’YachadWe hope you’ll join us for the manywhich means together. Donations ofactivities and events we have coming up.any amount are appreciated and atAre you a regular Shabbat Morning Service attendee?Jewish Food PantryMay ListPlease take our Shabbat Service Survey.You can help the Harvey KornblumJewish Food Pantry during theCoronavirus Pandemic by donatingmoney or food. Currently, the need isgreat so please help in any way youcan. For more info, contact LouiseLevine 314.368.5902. Thank you.1. Canned Tuna Fish and CannedChicken2. Kosher Non-Perishable Foods3. Peanut Butter & Jelly4. Spaghetti, Tomato Sauce & OtherPastas5. Macaroni & Cheese6. Any Kind of Canned Vegetables(corn, peas, carrots & beans)7. Healthy Snacks8. Personal care items: Body Wash,Hand Lotion & Feminine Protectionwww.facebook.com/KolRinahSTL9May 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782

March Stitch and ShmoozePhoto by Melissa BellowsA lot is happening at Kol Rinah.Click on each of these ongoing items to learn more.Have you ever wondered what some of the funds on ourwebsite donation page are about?The VOICE10www.KolRinahSTL.org

BrotherhoodBob Olshan - Brotherhood PresidentALL THINGS MUST hetraditionofmen’sclubs,I am writing on behalf of Bob Olshanwonderful events, but our workerone generation would follow in thedue to the passing of his father-in-lawbees are getting up there in age. Thefootsteps of the passing generation.Jerry Cohen on April 10. Jerry was aBrotherhood is well represented byIn the spirit of l’dor v’ dor, the clubspast Man-of-the-Year and I considermen in their 70s.would pass the leadership on to thehim one of my best friends. He wasone of the first to welcome me to KolRinah. He will be greatly missed.It’s not your father’s Brotherhoodanymore ‒ it’s your GRANDFATHER’SBrotherhood. And we just are notThe Midwest Region FJMC retreatattuned to what younger men wantis May 13-15 in Bloomington, Ill. Theor expect.retreat is open to all Brotherhoodmembers and member “wannabes.”If you are on the fence aboutBrotherhood membership, considerattending the retreat and learn firsthand what we are all about. Wantto go? Contact me for details atdarthzaydah@gmail.com.We want to thank all who donatedto the Yom HaShoah Yellow Candleprogram. (It’s not too late to donate.)Don’t forget to light your candle atsundown April 27.We need some new people, to changethat dynamic, but we are struggling torecruit younger members and officers,especially a president. Kol Rinah has alot of men of all ages; in fact, Kol Rinahhas 86 men under the age of sixty.next generation to manage the cluband activities as that new generationsaw fit. The time has come to pass theleadership of Kol Rinah’s Brotherhoodto the next generation.To help with this passing we areintroducing Decade Captains to helpshepard the men in their respectivedecade. We are planning focus groupscomprised of the next generationswith a goal to create innovativeprograms that appeal to younger men.With a good deal of head scratchingThis transfer requires volunteers. So,and some wise thinking from Rabbigentlemen, please be prepared to say,Arnow, we have come to realize that“Yes,” when we call you.in addition to being out of tune withyounger men’s needs, we have gottenoff track with our mission’s EMPHASISto involve MEN in Jewish life. SoThis May 18th is our annual Lagnow, Brotherhood is embarking on aB’Omer celebration in Shaw Park. Therejuvenation!B’Shalom,Max BrownHonorary Presidentcommittee is hard at work to make itbigger than ever.L’DOR V’ DORI’d like to share part of my speechdelivered at Brotherhood Shabbat.www.facebook.com/KolRinahSTL11May 2022 Iyar / Sivan 5782

May 2022 Calendar1 Sunday - 15th Day OmerROSH CHODESH IYAR9am KoREH Open2 Monday - 16th Day OmerROSH CHODESH IYAR6:30pm Café Ivrit w/ Roi Mast, Shin Shin7:30pm KR Sci Fi/Fantasy Book Club3 Tuesday - 17th Day Omer7pm Finance Committee Mtng4 Wednesday - 18th Day OmerYOM HAZIKARON7pm Kol Rinah Engagement Committee5 Thursday - 19th Day OmerIyar/ Sivan 578213 Friday - 27th Day Omer11:30am ECC Shabbat12pm Torah Talk7:46pm Candle Lighting24 Tuesday - 38th Day Omer14 Saturday - 28th Day OmerParshat Emor9:30am New Member Shabbat10am Tot Shabbat7:40pm Mincha/Maariv8:50pm Havdalah25 Wednesday- 39th Day Omer15 Sunday - 29th Day OmerPesach Sheni9am Communication Mtng9am KoREH Siyyum10:30am Mitzvah Day4pm Jews in Science 15YOM HA'ATZMAUT10:30am Food Perspectives: How DoJews Eat? - Bill Solomon Gallery &Sanctuary/Chapel7pm Personnel Mtng16 Monday - 30th Day Omer6:30pm Café Ivrit w/ Roi Mast, Shin Shin6 Friday - 20th Day Omer10:30am Fitness & Flexibility11:30am ECC Shabbat12pm Torah Talk6pm Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'arivFirst Fridays for Families7:40pm Candle Lighting7 Saturday - 21st Day OmerParshat Kedoshim7:30pm Mincha/Maariv8:44pm Havdalah17 Tuesday - 31st Day Omer18 Wednesday - 32nd Day Omer5pm Lag B'omer Bonfire Celebration Shaw Park19 Thursday - 33rd Day OmerLAG B'OMER7pm Kol Rinah Board Mtng20 Friday - 34th Day Omer8 Sunday - 22nd Day Omer11:30am ECC Shabbat12pm Torah Talk7:53pm Candle Lighting9 Monday - 23rd Day Omer21 Saturday - 35th Day OmerParshat Behar9:30am Enchanting Shabbat7:45pm Mincha/Maariv8:56pm HavdalahMother's Day9am Communication Mtng9am KoREH Open6:30pm Café Ivrit w/ Roi Mast, Shin Shin7:30pm Capital Campaign Mtng10 Tuesday - 24th Day Omer10:30am Fitness & Flexibility7pm Zoom Movie Night11 Wednesday - 25th Day Omer7pm Ritual Committee Mtng12 Thursday - 26th Day Omer7pm Coordinating Committee Mtng22 Sunday

Kol Rinah Leadership A Message from Our Rabbi Mazel Tov! President's Message Tzedek Team Kol Rinah Families and Youth USY & Kadima MLN Early Childhood Center KoREH Verein Discussion Group Sisterhood Brotherhood May 2022 Calendar Sun 1, Mon 2 Mon 2 Wed 4 Thu 5 Fri 6 Sun 8 Sat 14 Sun 15 Wed 18 Thu 19 Sat 21 Sun 22 Tue 24 Thu 26 Sun 29 Mon 30 Tue 31

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modern slavery:classical and Bayesian approaches Bernard W. Silverman University of Nottingham, UK [Read before The Royal Statistical Society on Wednesday, November 13th, 2019, Professor R.HendersonintheChair] Summary. Multiple-systems estimation is a key approach for quantifying hidden populations such as the number of victims of modern slavery.The UK Government published an estimate of 10000 .