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VoiceThe829 North Hanley Rd. St. Louis, MO 63130 (314) 727.1747 KolRinahSTL.orgThe Right QuestionsUpcoming EventsImagine if every single time you came to services on a Saturday morning or a holiday,you said every single one of these things to a different person. How many more peoplewould you meet?ytinummoC evisulcnI gnidliuBJuly / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778A Message from Rabbi Arnow, page 3Announcing: Kol Rinah SwagSun July 1FAST OF TAMMUZWed July 4Independence DaySun July 8The Conversation ProjectFri July 13ROSH CHODESH AVSat July 14Honoring Rico at KiddushSun July 15Make Soup PacketsSat-SunJuly 21-22EREV and TISHA B'AVFri July 27TU B'AVytinummoC evisulcnI gnidliuBShow yourKol Rinahpride bywearing ourexclusivenew t-shirt.Proceeds will supportKol Ri nah’s future.ORDER YOUR SHIRTS TODAY!This Edition23457911121314Kol Rinah LeadershipA Message from Rabbi ArnowMazel TovPresident’s MessageKR on the MoveSisterhoodAdult EducationMembershipKR Religious SchoolKol Rinah FamiliesYouthECCMen’s ClubCalendarCosts: 30* each for adult sizes, 15* each for children sizesk Choose crew or v-neckk Unisex/child sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXLk Color choices:Lt. Blue, Pink, Lt. Grey, Navy BlueEasy to order at* 5 Discount if ordered by July 829 N. Hanley Road St. Louis, MO 63130 314-727-1747Building Inclusive Community1Thank YouPhil & Sima Needleman foryour generous sponsorshipof the

Kol Rinah LeadershipKol Rinah BoardRitualRandi MozenterPresidentSherri SadonChairman of the BoardSue AlbertVP CommunicationsJeremy BuhlerVP EducationDavid CoopersteinVP FacilitiesElisa IsraelVP PersonnelBarbara ShamirVP MembershipStephen Selipsky VP Development / FinanceEsti GoldmanSecretaryMichael LevineTreasurerNoah ArnowRabbiMarvin Lerner, Jonathan Belsky Ba’alei KriahMark Fasman, Benson Skoff zt”l,Mordecai MillerRabbis EmeritiServing Through 2018Benita Boxerman, Todd Cohen, Michael Goldstein, Howard Granok, Maurice Guller, StacyHudson, Dan Rosenthal, Lvav SpectorServing Through 2019Pat Cohen, Denise Field, Debbie Igielnik, AlLeving, Linda Makler, Beth Rubin, DebbieRubin, Andrew SabinServing Through 2020Steve Birenbaum, Denise Bobick, Amy Friedman, Gary Kodner, Paula Lemerman, MarvinMarcus, Jinny Petrofsky, Al SnyderStaffMitch Shenker, Barbara Shamir Co-DirectorsExecutive AssistantNancy GreeneMeir Zimand Director of Operations & FinanceTammy Arnow Family Programming CoordinatorSara SteinerYouth DirectorRico CraneFacilities / Maintenanceand forward-looking congregationEducationwhere all generations come togetherScott ShafrinReligious School Director / Assistant RabbiElyse Picker, Liz CollinsEarly Childhood Center Co-DirectorsPatty KaplanB'nai Mitzvah Tutorto experience Judaism in innovativeMax BrownMicki KingsleyMarilyn Dienways.Our mission is tocreate a welcoming community thatembraces Torah and meaningfulAuxiliary GroupsMen’s Club PresidentSisterhood PresidentWomen's Social Groupworship, lifelong learning, music,Israel and Tikkun Olam, guided bythe tenets of Conservative Judaism.We embrace a diversity ofCommittee ChairsRichard Gavatin, Ralph GraffAdult EdBarbara BiancoChesedCommunicationsGary KodnerRichard Gavatin, Michael GreenfieldConstitution & BylawsSteve RosenblumDevelopmentJeremy BuhlerECC CouncilSue Albert, Dan RosenthalFacilitiesFinanceTodd CohenMarsha BirenbaumHalls & CateringEsti Goldman, Bob OlshanIsraelJoyce OlshanMembershipDenise FieldPersonnelStrategic PlanningMichael LevineKRRSCindy KalachekMitch HalpernRitualJews and Jewish families, includingJews by choice and Jews by birth,Jews of all hues, Jewish singles,couples, and families, interfaithhouseholds, LGBTQ Jews, Jewsof all abilities and disabilities, theJew-curious, and more! If there isanything we can do to make youmore welcome or to accommodateyour needs, please let us know.Wanted: Maintenance SupervisorPlay Mahjonggwith Kol Rinah'sWomen's SocialGroupJob Description:ÎFull-timeÎ40 hours/ weekÎMustÎwork Friday, Saturday and SundayÎFullÎHealth Insurance provided for the positionÎDutiesÎinclude general maintenance and setupand breakdown for eventsEvery Thursday 1pmÎOccasionalÎovertime will be offeredat Crown CenterPlease contact Mitch Shenker at 314.727.1747 ifWant to learn? We'll teach you!The VOICEKol Rinah welcomeseveryone. This meansYOU! Kol Rinah is a dynamicyou know of someone that might be

A Message from Rabbi ArnowRabbi Noah Arnow - Senior RabbiRabbiArnow@kolrinahstl.orgThe Right QuestionsWhat are the right questions to ask achild (or several children), with steps,person you see at shul? Here are somewith the elevator, with a walker, with asuggestions:stroller, with books, with anything—ask,ΓHowÎare you feeling today?”“How can I help?”to services on a Saturday morning orΓForÎwhom are you saying Kaddish?”Don’t let people sit by themselves—ΓMyÎname is . What’s yourat shul on Friday night or Saturdayname?”ΓHowÎcan I help?”ΓCouldÎI sit next to you?” or “Wouldyou like to come sit next to me?”ΓCanÎI introduce you to ?”If someone has been sick, they may notfeel like going into their whole medicalhistory. But one can safely ask, “Howare you feeling today?”When someone is saying Kaddish,Imagine if every single time you camemorning, at minyan, at Kiddush, or ata program. Ask them—invite them tosit with you, or plop yourself down nextto them, asking if it’s alright. They maywant a little solitude, but give themthe option of some company. And thisdoesn’t need to be just new people whoyou’ve never seen. This is a kind thingto do for acquaintances too. No onea holiday, you said every single oneof these things to a different person.How many more people would youmeet? How warmly would people feelwelcomed? If you ask all six questionsin a single Shabbat, let me know—I’llpublicly appreciate you from the bimaor in writing, anonymously or not—your choosing. Do it every week, andyou’ll be a hero, a tzadeek (saint) ofwelcoming and kindness.should sit alone unless they say theywant to be alone.if you don’t know for whom they aresaying Kaddish, it’s just about alwaysappropriate to ask, “For whom are yousaying Kaddish?” You can also followup with, “Tell me something about yourloved one.”If there’s someone you don’t know,You don’t have to be theonly person to talk tosomeone you don’t knowthat you’re just meetingfor the first time.don’t pretend—just introduce yourselfjob to meet people. But please don’task people if they are new—becauseif they’ve been coming for a year, andkeep getting asked if they’re new, it canQ: Why aren't the Fast of Tammuzand Tisha B'Av on their true Hebrewand ask their name. and don’t assumeit’s someone else’s job—it’s everyone’sIn the Calendar ."What is This"?You don’t have to be the only personto talk to someone you don’t knowthat you’re just meeting for the firsttime. Introduce them to others. And thedates (17th of Tammuz & 9th of Av)?A: That is because the only fast daythat can occur on Shabbat is YomKippur.people to whom you introduce them canQ: What is Tu B'Av on July 27?be like them—another mother of youngA: It isn't a typo, this is an ancientchildren, for example, or someone notJewish holiday that has been revivedlike them. But introducing people is ain recent decades, especially inkind, welcoming thing to do. And youIsrael. In ancient times it was a dayIf you see someone struggling—with acan introduce people you know whofor matchmaking. Today it is a dayheavy bag, looking for a page, lookingdon’t know each other, or don’t knowfor studying Torah and a festival offor something or someone, with aeach other well.celebration, joy and love.make them feel invisible and unnoticed.And you can ask someone’s nameeven if they’re not new—but simply ifyou don’t know / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778

Mazel Tov!July BirthdaysAugust BirthdaysBeatrice Engel, Jerome Nuell, Elsie Levy,Jessica Mirowitz, Carolyn Epstein, CindyKalachek, Josh Shimony, Sarah Levy,Jeremy Buhler, Jaden Cohen, Noah Levy,Bonnie Templeton, Laura Weinstock, RonaldFagerstrom, Julie Leeds, Joseph Levy, MichalGoldstein, Beth Rubin, Rebekah Simmons,Caleb Arnow, Rabbi Mark Fasman, JessicaIgielnik, Oliver Kodner, Jaron Asher, SaulDien, Karen Aroesty, Jaron Asher, JoshuaLevine, Henry Berger, Alice Fasman, MatthewShoykhet, Adin Cooke, Benjamin Igielnik,Rachel Miller, Joyce Olshan, Jeremy Brenner,Bonnie Cerulo, Caleb Scherer, AlexanderKarabell, Harold Karabell, Boden Kweskin,Jonathan Root, Lisa Gellman, Joseph Cooke,Jeffrey Kraft, Ken Sandler, Grace Cooperstein,Bernard Feldman, Stuart Portman, VeraShmuylovich, Rabbi Shulamit Cenker, StanleyShmuger, Bernice Brandmeyer, DeborahIsraeli, Myron Jacobs, Moriah Lotsoff,Courtney Cerulo, Samuel Israel, Esther ClaireLega, David Cort, Marsha Soshnik, BradleyAbel, Jeffrey Carra, Matthew Cooke, MarciaSokol-Anderson, Robert Kopitsky, VernonVonderheydt, David Levenson, Jordan Kodner,Paul Kodner, Mitchell HalpernDavid Cohen, Marcia Goldsmith, EvelynLieberman, Rachel Guller, Robert Levin, LonnieZwibelman, Mimi Graff, Daniel Hudson, JoanMeres, Alfred Rosenfeld, Lauren Cohen, EliotSimon, Beverly Rehfeld, Jillian Sandler, TeriCohen, Hannah Rosenthal, Benita Boxerman,Fred Shafrin, Rita Fineberg, Samuel Levenson,Abigail Weinstock, Denis Altman, LorenEttinger, Leo Kraft, Hope Shimony, RuthHartstein, Robert Olshan, Edith Goldman,Mitchell Podolsky, Marc Alper, Ethan Schwartz,Sage Bernstein, Marc Tenzer, Michael Drake,Barbara Frommer, Liav Fox, Marshall Myers,Rose Shmuylovich, Ruth Altman, Roger Cohen,Marvin Goldford, Michael Greenfield, ZacharyPraiss, Frances Oppenheim, Grace Paley,Benjamin Root, Jacqueline Berliner, MichaelGoldstein, Claire Spector, Asher Zimand,Jeffrey Rose, Lawrence Goodman, MyronApplebaum, Noemi Neidorff, Yael Portman,Alyson Wolf, Andrew Gold, Maxine Kalina,Shirley Portman, Dennis Rainey, SandraRosenberg, Irene Belsky, Lauren Buchsbaum,Stuart Hoffman, Donna TepperJuly AnniversariesJoel & Susan AllenDavid & Marsha SoshnikPhil & Bonnie LevensDavid Geller & Nira Asher GellerLarry Friedman & Randi MozenterJeffrey & Shira KraftRobert & Diane KopitskyMonroe & Cindy GinsburgMitchell Halpern & Amy FriedmanJames Bashkin & Shelley ShrayScott & Jessica ShafrinAdam & Lori BrokJonathan Root & Deborah ZimmermanEric & Lisa SheldonJeichael & Miriam Nova* Birthdays and Anniversaries are listedchronologicallyThe VOICEAugust AnniversariesMitchell & Janice ShenkerLoren & Julie EttingerDonald & Betty SiegelJosh & Becky ShimonyOmri & Juliane PraissFred & Bonnie ShafrinBenjamin & Jessica IgielnikDennis & Laura RaineyBob & Carol GlickAaron & Denise BobickBernard & Marjorie FeldmanPhillip & Sima NeedlemanSteven & Marsha BirenbaumJeremiah & Laura WeinstockGerald & Marion CohenMarc Levin & Deborah RubinScott Slarskey & Tracy NathanMeir & Rachel ZimandDavid & Golda CohenGarry & Bonnie VickarGershon & Patsy SpectorJacob & Jessica MirowitzThank YouThanks to all the members of Kol Rinahwho generously donated to various fundsor sent us lovely cards in honor of our firstanniversary and Nick’s not-first birthday.We are so grateful to be part of a lovingsynagogue community.Eli & Stacy AbelesStanley & Judy AllenJoel Goldstein & Maxine Lipeles GoldsteinMyron & Vickie ParkerLauren Buchsbaum & Nick RiggioThank you for all the lovely donations inhonor of my new great-grandson's birth andthe bat mitzvah of my great-granddaughter.Sincerely,Irene BelskyCondolences to theFamilies OfKate BlumenfeldThank you to the Women's Social Group foryour Birthday and Anniversary wishes.Howard PaleyGail BrodyThomas PlatnicoThank you to all my Kol Rinah friends for thelovely birthday wishes. They are very muchappreciated.Florence Cohn4Arthur ParkerOur newsletter is designed by Tovah Enger withthe invaluable proofing help of: Rabbi Noah andTammy Arnow, Nancy Greene, Micki Kingsleyand Cindy Payant. Thank you!

President’s MessageKR On The Move!Randi Mozenter - Kol Rinah Presidentpresident@kolrinahstl.orgEighteen months into my Kol Rinahstaff, on a committee, attend servicespresidency seems a good time toor programs, are involved in the ECCreflect on the hardest job I’ve everor Religious School, participate in ourhad and the most fulfilling job I’veMen’s Club, Sisterhood or Women’sever had. Of course, this momentSocial Group, USY or Kadima, attendin time for Kol Rinah is especiallyTorah Talk, Rhythm n' Ruach, Totexciting, challenging, gratifying andShabbatsuspense-filled. I am honored tocome for daily minyan or Havdalah,have the opportunity to make a smallattendmark on the future of Kol Rinah andResidencea new Jewish presence in an areaKiddush, or volunteer your time andwhere there has been no synagogueexpertise. YOU are what makes all offor 50 years.this possible.As we prepare for the groundbreakingAs a wise individual once said, tothis summer, new programs andparaphrase; Some people come intoinitiativesourour lives for a reason, a season or aredesigned religious school, KoREHlifetime. I am proud and humbled by(Kol Rinah Education Hub) and ourour community, whether we serve yourEarly Childhood Center are continuingneeds for any or all of the above. Andto innovate and we are alreadyI am grateful to serve you and ourplanning for a High Holiday seasoncommunity, in the best and toughestwith more options for meaningfuljob I have ever held. I look forwardexperiences than ever before.with awe and devotion to our presentAll of these wonderful opportunitiesand our future.would not be possible without YOU.Zei Gesundt.Whether you serve on our leadershipYours warmly,areblossoming,team, as a member of our lyYou can also keep up to date by visitingthe On The Move section of our you haven't driven by our Maryland Ave.location lately, check out our new sign!Randi MozenterJewish Food PantryJuly ListIn May you helped raise 210.74 for1. Canned Pasta with Meat2. Any Type of Canned Vegetables3. Healthy Snacks4. Kosher Foods5. Healthy Cereals6. Peanut Butter & Jelly7. Personal Care Items(Deodorant, Dish Soapand Baby Diapers)Kol Rinah Operations with SchnucksScrip and 76.43 with Amazon Smile.Thank you!Don't have a Schnucks scrip card?Nancy in the office can send one to you.If you shop through Amazon and, they will donateThank you. For more info, contact LouiseLevine 636.227.1259.5% of your purchase to Kol r receiving bid proposals from bothSM Wilson and Lawlor Corporation forconstruction, Kol Rinah has enteredcontract negotiations with the LawlorCorporation as General Contractor for ourMaryland Avenue project. Our first stepwill be a “value engineering” cooperativeproject with Patterhn-Ives, Lawlor,Lawlor’s sub-contractors, and KR Facilitiesleadership. The goal of value engineeringis to find as many ways within the scopeitems of the base project to reduce costsso that we can afford as much of the baseproject as possible. It is our expectationthat construction will begin sometime thissummer.5July / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778


SisterhoodMicki Kingsley - Sisterhood Presidentmichele kingsley@yahoo.comThank you for the sponsorship of aTorah Fund - We exceeded ourAs we reach the end of our fiscal year,Sisterhood Kiddush over the past twoTorah Fund goal of 2700, and thankour donations this year have been: tomonths:everyone who donated. Our donationsthe ECC, we sponsored the ECC PJsupportLibrary Friday night dinner for YomTo the Faye Keyser Seudah Fundfor the two Kiddushes - on May 19ththeJewishTheologicalSeminaries around the world.Ha'atzmaut; we provided the funds forto bid goodbye to Sara Steiner, andOur Sisterhood Board has beenon May 26th to say thank you to Galmeeting in the Art Studio at CrownRoberman, our Shinshinit for theCenterpast year.sisterhood member is welcome toTo Nancy Goldstein for sponsoringthe beautiful Kiddush in honor of hergrandsons’, Nate and Jake, b’naimitzvah on June 2, 2018. Mazal tovto the twins’ parents Will and SuzannesinceJanuary;andanyattend any meeting. We especiallyinvite any sisterhood member toattend the meeting in July when wewill vote on the new slate of officersand board.Goldstein, and to little sister Abbie,If you haven’t ordered honey yet,and their whole shipping for Rosh Hashanah isPlease continue to keep Ellen Harkenavailable through July 11th.laptops for the religious school’s newinteractive technology program; wedonated to the USY so that many morekids could attend leadership trainingand conventions; and to the synagoguegeneral fund for partial purchase ofa new folding machine, and severalother unexpected expenses that werenot covered in the budget.I thank all the officers, board membersandmembers-at-largewhohaveenabled Sisterhood to carry on our work.I hope you are having an interestingbusy sending tributes. Give her at 314.961.7232 or email her in the / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778

The Time to Give is NOW!Your pledge matters! Be a part of this historic, transformational project Please join us:Louis and Susan AlbertMarc and Penny AlperFrank Anderson andMarcia Sokol-AndersonAnonymous (11)David and Madeleine ArnowRabbi Noah andTammy ArnowJaron AsherBen and Joan BarzilaiIrene BelskyHenry and Mary BergerMichael and Gina BernsteinBarbara BiancoLinda BiggsSteven andMarsha BirenbaumAaron and Denise BobickBeatrice BorensteinBurton and Benita BoxermanLeo BresslerMax and Susan BrownRabbi Micah andAviva Buck-YaelJeremy Buhler andWendy Love AndersonJoe BursteinMichael Cannon andDenise FieldJosh and Laura ChaiseJerry CohenTodd and Lauren CohenRoger and Teri CohenFlorence CohnDave and Alisa CoopersteinEleanor CorreaDavid and Susan CortNancy CripeSaul and Marilyn DienMichael and Nancy DrakeBarry and Sheila DurlesterJoyce EisenbergTovah Enger and Betsy EngerMichael FacciniRabbi Mark and Alice FasmanJim Fehr and Anne GlowinskiRichard and Jody FeldmanHarvey and Jackie FensterRoberta FineSarah Fowler-DixonAnn FrankHarlie FrankelMichael andJessica FriedlanderHannah FriedmanRichard and Linda GavatinMichael GinsburgMonroe and Cindy GinsburgJoseph and Abigail GoldbergTheresa GoldenhershEdith (Edie) GoldmanEsti GoldmanHerb GoldmanHal and Marcia GoldsmithLouis and Ellen HarkenStuart Hoffman andRita RothschildAbraham HorowitzRabbi Brad andMindy HorwitzRepps and Stacey HudsonPhyllis HykenBenjamin and Jessica IgielnikSimon and Debbie IgielnikElisa IsraelMarty and Margaret IsraelGary and Kathy JacobJames JacobJeffrey and Janet JacobVicki LevinsonDonald and Hedva LevyJudel and Susan LewAdam and Alison LewkowitzBruce Lippman andPatricia CohenBarbara Lowes andC.W. SchneiderFred and Linda MaklerMarvin and Ginger MarcusMen’s ClubRabbi Mordecai MillerJacob and Jessica MirowitzRandi Mozenter andLarry FriedmanOur campaign has surpassed 5,000,000Michael and Abby GoldsteinDorothy and P’nenah GoldsteinRobert and Susan GoldsteinLawrence GoodmanPhillip and Deborah GouldRalph and Mimi GraffHoward and Jodi GranokAnthony and Carole GranilloMike Greenfield andClaire HalpernGRS Auction ServicesLois GullerMaurice and Rachel GullerSidney Guller and FamilyMitchell Halpern andAmy FriedmanFred and Estelle HandlerGary and Fran KaarScott and Courtney KaarMerwyn and Maxine KalinaMarian KatzMicki KingsleyGary Kodner andPeggy NehmenBob and Diane KopitskyMelania LapidusPaula LemermanPhil and Bonnie LevensDavid and Stefanie LevensonMarc Levin andDeborah RubinVicki LevinsonMichael and Allison LevineAl LevingRichard MozenterMarshall and Sara MyersPhil and Sima NeedlemanSteven NehmenJerry NuellDonald andSharongay PearlineKeith and Jinny PetrofskyHarlan RadinskyJonathan Root andDeborah ZimmermanSteven andAndrea RosenblumDan Rosenthal andLaurie FurmanAndrew and Nancy RosmanFran RothchildDonn and Beth RubinAndrew Sabin andMaryAnne Smyly SabinBruce and Ellen Sabin,David Samuels and theSamuel HonigbergFoundationEli and Sherri SadonKen Sandler andRuth SandlerKay SandweissEdward and Trina SchukarHenry and Joyce SchwobStephen Selipsky andPhyllis HansonFred and Bonnie ShafrinRabbi Scott andRabbi Jessica ShafrinAmos and Barbara ShamirMitch and Janice ShenkerLeigh SherDonald and Betty SiegelSylvia SilverEliot and Dee SimonJeffrey and Terri SimonJames SingmanSisterhoodRabbi Scott Slarskey andRabbi Tracy NathanAlan Snyder andSharon RosenbergBill SolomonGershon and Patsy SpectorMarc and Lvav SpectorCraig SpiegelStarlight InvestmentAcquistions LLCSara Steiner andDoug SorensonMarc and Elaine TenzerSteven and Lisa TenzerUpscale Resale ShopGarry and Bonnie VickarKenneth Weintraub andSharon Katz-WeintraubMichael and Karen WetmoreJames White andCindy PayantWomen’s Social GroupKeith and Karen Zeff

Adult EducationRichard Gavatin & Ralph Graff -, 314.283.2081, 314.725.7778Doing Your Own TheologyOver the last several months ourin which he proposes that each of us,which addresses theological issues inDiscussion Group has been reviewingworking alone or in groups, preferablya style easy to read and understand.Rabbi Neil Gillman’s book Sacredwith a teacher, write a “theological will."Fragments,whichdescribestheevolution of Jewish theology fromthe Traditional to “Theology for theModern Man”.We are proposing that you read thenext meeting, tentatively scheduled forfinal chapter, and perhaps Gillman’sSeptember, before the High Doing Jewish Theology, (writtendate and time and location TBD.2008, available at Half Price BooksHe concludes the book with a briefat Delmar and McKnight for 9.49),chapter entitled” Do our own theology”,MembershipJoyce Olshanolshanj@gmail.comThe membership committee is gearingeven learned to use our 314/636 areaup for the new year already as arecodes to look ‘more friendly’.other committees at Kol Rinah.This would be in preparation of ourSome of our members will be usingWrite or call us at our contacts listedabove.Come Make SoupPackets for theJewish Food Pantry!Sun, July 15 1pmContact Carol Battle for more info:crgbattle@yahoo.comWe have been tasked with the job oftheir own cellphones and their areareaching out to all members to verifycodes may not be local. At least letYou can now pay your memberif the contact information we have isthe answering machine pick up so yousupport on-line by going to theas up-to-date as possible. We plancan hear if it is ‘friend from Kol Rinah’Donate page and under “Fund”to soon start a phone call systemor foe. We will identify ourselves at theto speak with you. We may rely onvery “Member Support”.emails or regular mail if we cannotreach someone. are not asking for pledges or anymoney. We simply want to ask youAll you need to do is be open tohow do you want the synagogue toChesed Visits!phone calls coming your way thatcontact you, send you information,Contact Barbara Biancomay have an area code that you arekeep you connected. Even if you just314.727.2399 ornot familiar with. We will try to use Kolgave the office an update, we may stillbarbarab2@aol.comRinah phones as much as possiblecall. You will also have the prerogativeso that number should look familiarto tell us that you would not like to(314.727.1747,share certain information with othersorsomeclosevariation depending on which line wecall you from). We totally understandthe situation we are all exposed to,with telemarketers reaching out tous that we’d rather avoid – and the office.We look forward to speaking with asLawrence J. Levens DDS, MS, P.C.many of you as possible. It’s a nice2821 North Ballas Road Suite 155way to get acquainted too.St. Louis, MO 63131Joyce OlshanFax 314.872.3219 info@levensortho.com9Phone 314.872.3218 lenvensortho.comJuly / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778


Kol Rinah Religious SchoolRabbi Scott Shafrin - Religious School DirectorRabbiShafrin@kolrinahstl.orgA Place Where You Are Seenthe moment I came here, and I amOne of my favorite images from all ofof the wonderful efforts our membersthe Talmud comes in Tractate Brachottake to recognize and support onesimilar experiences.6b, which translates as “blessings.”another, to welcome each person inThe story goes that when someoneand make them feel at home, and, yes,whotominyanto notice when they are not there andcommunaleventsmake sure they are ok. The way peopleis suddenly absent, God inquiresgreet one another on Shabbat and atas to their whereabouts. I love thesynagogue events, the innumerablepicture of God sitting at minyan on aphone calls, home visits, hospitalTuesday thinking, “Where’s Rivka?check-ins, and meal deliveries that theHas anyone seen Rivka? She wasn’tcommitted volunteers of the Chesedat minyan today, but she ALWAYSCommittee, and many others, make,makes the Tuesday minyan! Whereand the care with which we treat eachcould she be?”other all serve to build a communityorregularlysynagoguecomesThe moral of the story is plain tosee: if even the Creator of theUniverse notices when a memberof the community is missing and isconcerned, we should notice as well.I am so proud of this community for allof caring, thoughtful people. Whilethere are always more ways we canconnect to others and bring themcloser to our lives and the joys of ourcommunity, I am proud to say that thisis an incredible community to live,learn, and grow in. I have felt it sinceso thankful that others have sharedIn our Religious School community,new people and families have alsobeen captivated by the warmth ofthe community and the innovativeframework of our newly brandedKol Rinah Education Hub (KoREH).I am happy to report that as of thiswriting, our little school of just over 30students has added 10 new learnersto our classrooms for the 2018-2019school year! That tremendous growthis due in large part to the warm andwelcoming nature of this community,to the hard work and passion of ourteachers and congregational staff, andto the countless hours our volunteersput in to make this place incredible.Thank you all for the incredible workyou do, and for investing your time,resources, energy, and love into thisgreat community.Kol Rinah FamiliesTammy Arnow, Family Programming Coordinatorfamilies@kolrinahstl.orgAs I write this article, outside in the 95spiritual journey. Once again, we havePark, with relay races and fun for all, anddegree shade, my kids have just startedthe opportunity to welcome guests to joinon Tot Shabbat we got a special peeksummer camp -- and High Holidays areour community for the holy experienceinside the Torah and discussed how,on my mind! I am thrilled about someof the High Holidays. I am so proud thatjust as we each have favorite books,new offerings we will have for families,Kol Rinah does not require tickets tothe Torah is really the favorite book ofconceived with the help of the youngattend High Holiday services, and I invitethe Jewish people. I loved seeing thefamily Leadership Team. Families will beus all to extend a gracious invitation towonder on the little ones' faces as theyable to join a musical service for all ages,those we know who might like to join us.searched out letters in the Torah andexperience the shofar service togetherwith the entire synagogue community,and explore age-appropriate stationsPlease mark your calendars for Backto-School Shabbat on August 25!learned about the special garmentsit wears. I am looking forward to asummer of relaxing and community andwith their kids, giving each of us at KolLooking back a bit, we celebrateda wonderful start to the new year withRinah a way to move along our ownShavuot with a family picnic at Mooneythis special / August 2018 Tammuz / Av 5778

YouthSara Steiner - Youth Directorsara@kolrinahstl.orgWhat a great year our USYers andPresident Social Action/TikkunÎViceÎKadimaniks had! We finished the yearOlam & Israeli Affairs: Joey SparksShafrin, KR President Randi Mozenter,outgoingUSYPresidentPardeswith a pool party/final banquet in whichPresident Communications &ÎViceÎLyons-Warren and KR Co-Directoreach outgoing USY Board MemberReligious Education: Jane KalinaBarbara Shamir for making that such“passed the torch” to the incomingÎFreshmenÎRepresentatives: Samuela special Shabbat for me. I also wantboard member through a specialcandle ceremony. The group alsotook some time to reflect, sharing theirfavorite moments and those thingsthey would like to improve upon. Webid farewell to our two seniors, PardesLyons-Warren and Maayan Gazit andwe had a visit from Rabbis Arnowand Shafrin who also shared theirreflections including their pride thatthese teens represent Kol Rinah.With great excitement, I share withyou our 2018-2019 USY Board:ÎCo-Presidents:ÎNoa Hahn & YaelPortmanBaker and Toby ZaidmanSummer is a time of transition forour Youth Groups and one of thosetransitions will be in the advisor role.I have loved serving as the Directorfor our youth groups for the past twoyears and will cherish this experience.While I know stepping down is the rightdecision for both our youth and myself,I will miss these incredible teens.During Shabbat Services on May 19, Iwas extremely humbled to be honoredby Kol Rinah for my work with our youththese past two years. I am so gratefulto Board member Beth Rubin, Rabbito thank Sherri Sadon, ChairwomanExtraordinaireoftheBoardanddear family friend. She and Randiencouraged me to take this positionon and supported me every step of theway, and it is because of the guidanceand leadership they consistently showthis community that I was inspired totake this on even in addition to a morethan-fulltime day job.Lastly, to my USYers and Kadimaniks-please know that I am truly a better mebecause of you.“I do believe I have been changed forthe better.”- WickedEarly Childhood EducationLiz Collins, Elyse Picker - ECC, pickere@kolri

Kol Rinah Leadership A Message from Rabbi Arnow Mazel Tov President's Message KR on the Move Sisterhood Adult Education Membership KR Religious School Kol Rinah Families Youth ECC Men's Club Calendar Sun July 1 Wed July 4 Sun July 8 Fri July 13 Sat July 14 Sun July 15 Sat-Sun July 21-22 Fri July 27 FAST OF TAMMUZ Independence Day The .

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BUILDING CODE Structure B1 BUILDING CODE B1 BUILDING CODE Durability B2 BUILDING CODE Access routes D1 BUILDING CODE External moisture E2 BUILDING CODE Hazardous building F2 materials BUILDING CODE Safety from F4 falling Contents 1.0 Scope and Definitions 3 2.0 Guidance and the Building Code 6 3.0 Design Criteria 8 4.0 Materials 32 – Glass 32 .

interpretation and application13, ‘inclusive education’ has been unambiguously defined in GC4. The advent of GC4 is one of many efforts towards bringing inclusive education to a reality in the time since the first edition. Nonetheless, it unfortunately remains the case that the right to a full and inclusive education is not afforded

Towards inclusive education in Finland . Key words in Finnish basic education . framework of inclusive education but it still consists of . co-operative literature clubs concerning inclusive settings case study analyses and after the meetings with parents

l’éducation inclusive exige une large reconnaissance et un engagement de la part des gouvernements, qui doivent eux-mêmes, pour réaliser pleinement l’éducation inclusive, s’appuyer sur les responsabilités de nombreux ministères gouvernementaux. L’éducation inclusive comprend la mise en place d’une base

Inclusive Schools without Special Education Resource Teacher Support. In district a number of primary schools selected for inclusive education (no criteria used). SpED built capacity for inclusive education in the district through; – Training of trainers (TOT) workshop. –