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NON-PROFITS CHARITY DONATION SYSTEM USING MOBILECOMPUTINGNUREEN AFIQAH BINTI MOHD ZAINIBachelor of Computer Science (Internet Computing)with HonoursFaculty of Informatics And ComputingUniversiti Sultan Zainal AbidinAUGUST 2018

DECLARATIONI, Nureen Afiqah Binti Mohd Zaini declare that this thesis and the work presented in itare my own and has been generated by me as the result of my own original research.Wherever contributions of others are involved, every effort is made to indicate thisclearly, with due reference to the literature, and acknowledgement of collaborativeresearch and discussions.Name: Nureen Afiqah Binti Mohd ZainiDate: 8th August 2018ii

CONFIRMATIONThis is to confirm that :This project entitled Non-Profits Charity Donation System Using Mobile Computingand submitted to the Faculty of Informatics & Computing by Nureen Afiqah Bt MohdZaini (Matric No:BTCL15039934) and has been satisfactory in terms of scope, qualityand presentation as partial fulfilment of requirement for the Bachelor of ComputerScience (Internet Computing) with Honours.Supervisor : Mrs. Maizan Binti Mat AminDateiii:8th August 2018

DEDICATIONIn the name of Allah , Most Gracious , Most Merciful.Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor Mrs.Maizan Binti Mat Amin for her continuous support, kindness, patience, motivationand immense knowledge towards my project. Her guidance helped me in all the timeof research and writing of this thesis. I could not have imagined having a bettersupervisor for my thesis study.Besides my supervisor, I would like to thank the rest of my panels duringpresentation: Prof. Madya Dr Mokhairi Bin Makhtar, Mrs Khairani Binti Abdul Rawi, for their insightful comments and encouragement, but also for the hard questionwhich incented me to widen my project from various perspectives.I also would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to mybeloved family for their prayers, encouragement and support during my study. Notforgotten, my appreciation also goes to my fellow friends for their help and ideastowards my project and also to those who indirectly contributed in this project.Praise be to Allah. The Cherisher and Sustainer of the world.iv

ABSTRACTNowadays, people just realize that there are a lot of people who are in trouble outthere. Statistic of homeless, famine, shortage of daily needs in welfare home isincreasing from day to day. By providing this platform, the donor can just registertheir details and donate any item they want to the needy. This platform not only easesthe donors to donate but also ease the recipient to receive the donate’s item.Thisapplication will provide date and time where the item is going to arrive at the welfarehome. In case, they got no idea where to donate all the items. The donor can choosewhich welfare home they want and make the donation by just clicking according tothe category provided in the system .Currently, a lot of cheating issues risingregarding the donors who want to donate something for welfare purpose. Some of thenon-integrity people might admit that they will provide the donation to the needy butuse all those donations for their self-satisfaction .By providing this application, donorscan easily donate anything without worrying the donations go to the wrong channel.An academic value used for this application is mobile computing.v

ABSTRAKPada masa kini, orang hanya menyedari bahawa terdapat banyak orang yangmenghadapi masalah di luar sana. Statistik kehilangan tempat tinggal, kelaparan,kekurangan keperluan harian dalam rumah kebajikan semakin meningkat dari hari kehari. Dengan menyediakan platform ini, pendermaboleh mendaftarkan butiranmereka dan mendermakan apa sahaja barang yang mereka perlukan. Dalam kes ini,mereka tidak tahu di mana untuk mendermakan semua barangan. Penderma bolehmemilih rumah kebajikan yang mereka mahu dan membuat sumbangan denganmemilih kategori yang disediakan dalam sistem. Umum mengetahui banyak isupenipuan yang semakin meningkat mengenai penderma yang ingin menderma sesuatuuntuk tujuan kebajikan. Sesetengah orang yang tidak berintegriti mungkin mengakuibahawa mereka akan memberikan sumbangan kepada mereka yang memerlukantetapi menggunakan semua sumbangan untuk kepuasan diri mereka. Denganmenyediakan aplikasi ini, penderma dapat menderma dengan mudah tanpa perlurisau wang atau sumbangan yang didermakan akan pergi ke saluran yang salah .Platform ini bukan sahaja memudahkan penderma untuk menderma tetapi jugamemudahkan penerima untuk menerima item sumbangan tanpa menunggu keranapermohonan ini akan memberikan tarikh dan waktu di mana barang itu akan tiba dirumah kebajikan. Nilai akademik yang digunakan untuk aplikasi ini adalahpengkomputeran mudah alih .vi

STRACTVABSTRAKViCONTENTSViiLIST OF TABLESXiLIST OF FIGURESXiiCHAPTER IINTRODUCTION1.1Introduction11.2Problem Statement31.3Objectives31.4Scopes41.5Limitation of Work41.6Expected Outcomes5CHAPTER 2LITERATURE REVIEW2.1Introduction62.2Information System72.3Mobile Computing82.4Application and system for donation92.4.1 Existing Application (Donate.OM)92.4.2 Existing System (Aman Palestin)102.4.3 Existing System (Telekung Project)112.4.4 Table comparison of existing application and12system2.5Related Studies142.6Summary16vii

CHAPTER 3METHODOLOGY3.1Methodology for Mobile Application173.1.1 Requirement Phase173.1.2 Design Phase173.1.3 Implementation Phase183.1.4 Testing Phase183.1.5 Deployment Phase183.1.6 Maintenance Phase18Project Requirement193.2.1 Software Requirement193.2.2 Hardware Requirement20Framework and Design213.3.1 Framework21Process Model223.4.1 Context Diagram223.4.2 Data Flow Diagram Level 0233.4.3 Data Flow Diagram Level 1243. Manage Profile243.4.3.2 Manage Welfare Home253.4.3.3 Manage Donation263.5Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)273.6Data Decomposition283.6.1 Admin283.6.2 Donors29Data Dictionary303.7.1 Admin303.7.2 Donors303.7.3 Donation313.7.4 Welfare Home31Summary323.73.8viii

CHAPTER 4IMPLEMENTATION AND TESTING4.1Introduction334.2Interfaces344.2.1 Main Page344.2.2 Admin Page364.2.3 Donor Page39Implementation of Database414.3.1 Admin Database414.3.2 Donation Database424.3.3 Welfare Home Database424.3.4 Donor Database43Implementation of Mobile Computing434.13 Command for Charity Donation Application434.14 Command for Charity Donation Application444.15 Coding for Charity Donation Application444.16 Coding for Charity Donation Application44Testing454.5.1 Introduction454.5.2 Test Case454.5.1 Login Admin454.5.2 Delete Page Admin464.5.3 Report Page Admin474.5.4 Status Page Admin474.5.5 Login Donor484.5.6 Register Donor494.5.7 Add Donation494.5.8 Update Donation504.5.9 View Donation514.5.10 View Profile52Summary524.

CHAPTER 5CONCLUSION5.1Introduction535.2Project Contribution535.3Project Limitation545.4Future works54REFERENCES55APPENDIX56x

LIST OF TABLESTABLE2.1TITLEComparison of characteristic between the system orPAGE13application2.2Comparison of related research studies.143.1List of software requirements193.2List of hardware requirements203.3Details of admin’s table in Charity Donation Application303.4Details of donor’s table in Charity Donation Application303.5Details of donation’s table in Charity Donation Application313.6Details of welfare home’s table in Charity Donation31Application4.1Success Login for Admin454.2Success Delete Page for Admin464.3Success Report Page for Admin474.4Success Status Page for Admin474.5Success Login for Donor484.6Success Register for Donor494.7Success Add Donation for Donor494.8Success Update Donation for Donor504.9Success View Donation for Donor514.10Success View Profile for Donor52xi

LIST OF FIGURESFIGURETITLEPAGE2.1Interface of Donate.Om Application92.2Interface of Aman Palestin System102.3Interface of Telekung Project113.1Framework of Charity Donation Application213.2Context Diagram for Charity Donation Application223.3Data Flow Diagram Level 0 for Charity Donation Application233.4Data Flow Diagram Level 1 for Manage Profile Process243.5Data Flow Diagram Level 1 for Manage Welfare Home253.6Data Flow Diagram Level 1 for Manage Donation263.7ERD of Charity Donation Application273.8Data Decomposition of admin283.9Data Decomposition of donor294.1Screenshot of main page for Charity Donation Application.344.2Screenshot of main page for Charity Donation Application35(Continued)4.3Screenshot of admin page for Charity Donation Application364.4Screenshot of admin page for Charity Donation Application37(Continued)4.5Screenshot of donor page for Charity Donation Applicationxii38

4.6Screenshot of donor page for Charity Donation Application39(Continued).4.7Screenshot of donor page for Charity Donation Application40(Continued).4.8Screenshot the list of table in database for Charity Donation41Application4.9Screenshot of admin database for Charity Donation41Application4.10Screenshot of donation database for Charity Donation42Application4.11Screenshot of welfare home database for Charity Donation42Application4.12Screenshot of donor database for Charity Donation43Application4.13Screenshot of command for Charity Donation Application434.14Screenshot of command for Charity Donation Application444.15Screenshot of coding for Charity Donation Application444.16Screenshot of coding for Charity Donation Application44xiii

CHAPTER IINTRODUCTION1.1Project BackgroundThe more we give, the more we get. This quote absolutely true because peoplenowadays had just realized the good of donation for themselves. When donatingsomething to needy, it just not the donors' satisfaction but also can tighten-the-bondbetween donor and recipient. But, hapless there is still a small group of non-integritypeople who like to cheat on others. For this urbanization era, all matters are promotedon media social nor an advertisement. Unfortunately, not all of them are true. Some ofthe guiltless donors might be received from the scammer. The donation will go fortheir owns good instead of giving to the needy.This application is developed completely for the donors to donate anything tothe welfare home. This platform is totally avoiding from any scammer who intendedto take the donation's item for their own sake. The system is recorded all the donor'sinfo. Date,time delivering and received the item are storing in the database. The usercan choose which category of their donation. Lists of welfare home are also provided .The user can make a decision by choosing which welfare home are going to receive.1

The aim of this application is to ease the donors who wish to make a donationbut do not know where to donate it. Besides, to avoid fraud issues regarding stolenmoney or any donation item for their satisfactory. This application is developed usingCordova platform. All the planned worked will be done according to gantt chart inAppendix section.2

1.2Problem StatementReading all those fraud issues might make some people suspicious to donatetheir money to the welfare home. This application help a lot to prevent those negativeissues. Cheating issues by non-integrity people rising illegally these days, thisapplication is a platform for people who have no idea where to donate and some mighthave no time to go to the place to give their donation's item. The main problems canbe highlighted for this application are:I.How to design and implement an application for welfare purpose thatcan ease people out there.1.3ObjectivesBelow are few of objective that need to be achieved in developing this application.I.To design a mobile application that can ease donor to make thedonation.II.III.To develop Charity Donation Application.To test the functionality of the Charity Donation Application.3

1.4 ScopeThe scope of this project are mainly focuses on the development of application fordonors out there who are intended to donate things but do not have any idea where todonate it. Scope for this application are specifically for Terengganu’s state only interm of listed welfare home. There are also two main users for this applicationdenoted by admin and donor.1. Admin-The role of an admin is login account of the application to make anychanges by reading, updating or deleting the application.2. Donor-The donor can donate the item by clicking based on the category andsearch any listed welfare home.1.5 Limitation of WorkBehind every sophisticated application, there must be obstacle and limitationto achieve it. There are also go for this application, below are listed the limitation ofthis application:I.II.Might not involving banking method if the donors donate in term of money.Donation item are specifically for food, stationery and clothes only.4

1.6 Expected OutcomesThe expected outcomes for this Charity Donation Application after completingthe development is user can easily make a donation only by using mobile application.Donor also can save their time to make a donation. These results represented toachieve the objectives project which is to design mobile application of non-profitcharity donation. Results obtained will assist donors to donate the donation item in acorrect channel without any cheating issues.5

CHAPTER 2LITERATURE REVIEW2.1 IntroductionThis chapter continue with the studies of non-profits charity donation systemusing mobile computing. As we know that mobile computing is too mainstreamnowadays. By using mobile computing, donors can make a donation on anytime oranywhere. Back then, there are also traditional way to make a donation. According toWiepking (2006) ,the author finds that age to positively affect donations toorganisations using appeal letters as a fundraising method in the Netherlands. Incontrast, the author also finds that older people have a lower probability of donating toorganisations soliciting by means of door-to-door collections. As the years passing by,all the traditional method can be diminished. Security and the ways for donors todonate are more efficient by using mobile. Donors do not have to worry about thesecurity of their donation's item.6

2.2 Information SystemInformation system is used for this development of charity donationapplication. This mobile computing is categorized as information system is because ofthe information given to donors. Most of this application is all about information fordonors regarding the application or welfare home. Information system is one of thebest system because it can provide useful information and user which is donors itselfcan interact all the time. Besides, information system are also be able to storeinformation despite capable of data processing and responding to its end user byproviding the answers to all set of queries. The main purpose of information systemsare to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. It is used totrack, store, manipulate and distribute the information from gathered data toappropriate persons when necessary. Based on Knight & Silk, (1990) they stated thatinformation systems should best interacts and communicates with the end user inorder to provide the accurate required information.In order to get information system, there are several steps that need to beachieved. First, we must know what data used for the application. Data don't becomeinformation until we have successfully linked meaning to them. If we fail to buildcommon meaning and understanding, data remain just a bunch of unconnected events.In this application, data needed like all the categories types are very important notonly for the information for donors but also that need to be keep for database.Information given in the application for the donors must be knowledgeable andunderstandable by the user. If not there will be a miscommunication between user andapplication.There are also a few of advantages of implementing information system in themobile application. Advantages that can be obtain if implementing information system7

are in terms of communication. By the use of mobile computing, communicationbetween donors and recipient become easy, quicker and cheaper. Besides, availabilityalso is one of the advantages. It is because information system made it possible fordonors to donate anytime and anywhere. Lastly,creation of new types of jobs .It is oneof the best advantages of information systems is the creation of new and interestingjobs. Computer programmers, systems analyzers, hardware and software developersand web designers are just some of the many new employment opportunities createdwith the help of information technology (IT).2.3 Mobile ComputingThis application is using mobile computing as a platform for user which isdonors to donate item. Mobile computing is a device that allow people to access dataand any information in anytime and anywhere. It also can be called as a humancomputer interaction. Mobile computing can be connectivity, social engagement andpersonalization at the same time. Platform use are exclusively for android user whichis as Android Based. Mobile computing also can increase in productivity. Mobiledevices can be used out in the field of various companies, therefore reducing the timeand cost for donors and themselves. This would be one of the main advantages ofmobile computing, it is not restricted to one location in order for donor to donate theitems.8

2.4 Application and system for donationThere are few system and application that already available for donors to donate.But not all the available system and application are user-friendly. So, CharityDonation Application comes out with the solution which is user-friendly. There aresome adding features for this application in order to ease the donors to make adonation.2.4.1 Existing Application (DONATE.OM)There are some application exist to assist donors out there to donate.Unfortunately, the scope is out of bound. As an example, this application is exist inthe play store for user to download but it is not really a friendly application which iscan confused the user to donate. Everyone can reach this application but not all peoplecan donate. Language preferred also not recommended to our country because thereare only two choices which are English and Arabic. This application is only focusedon certain country that used English and Arabic as their third or daily language.Figure 2.1: Interface of Donate.Om Application9

2.4.2 Existing System (Aman Palestin)This system is created by non-government organization for people to donate tothose country that are in trouble especially in Palestin. They will collect all thedonation at one time and will give when the times come. Unfortunately, this kind ofdonation channel only exist in web that might cause trouble for donor to donate. If thiskind of donation exist in term of mobile computing, this will ease the donor to donateanytime and anywhere because the size of mobile itself is small and can be carriedanywhere.Figure 2.2 : Interface of Aman Palestin System10

2.4.3 Existing System (Telekung Project)‘Telekung Project’ is another channel for donor to make a charity. But, thisproject exists only on advertisement in media social. There is no specific applicationor system for this project. In order to donate, some traditional user might think this isnot a legitimate channel for them to donate. They might be worried that their donateditems are not going to receive by a correct person. So, they make a decision by notmaking any donation. By developing this mobile application, all the donor’s doubtfulcan be get rid because they already know that this is a true channel to donate anythingthat they want.Figure 2.3 :Interface of Telekung Project11

2.4.4 Comparison of existing system and applicationThere are three existing application that have been developed which related todonation application or system. Each of this application and system have their ownpro and cons. All this application and system are compared according to specificcharacteristics. The three main existing application and web that currently availableare ‘Telekung Project’, ‘Aman Palestin’ and Donate.OM. Among all the existingsystem and application, Charity Donation Application proposed the mostcharacteristic needed by the donor such as it can be either in web based, ubiquitouswhich is donor can donate anytime and anywhere by using mobile. Next characteristicis various item can be donate .Charity Donation Application give donor choiceswhether to donate food, stationery or clothes. And lastly is, donate according categorycharacteristic. For this characteristic, donor has to choose the category based on theitem that they are going to donate. Below are the details of comparison table.12

Table 2.1 :Comparison of characteristic between the system or application.CHARACTERISTIC NAPPLICATIONWEB BASEDNOYESNOYESUBIQUITOSNONOYESYESVARIOUS ITEMNOYESYESYESNONOYESYESCAN BE DONATEDONATEACCORDINGCATEGORYBased on categorization above, it can be conclude that Charity DonationApplication is the most systematically application so far. It is because this applicationis proposed based on the characteristic that need by the user. Example characteristicthat need by users are as web based, ubiquitous, various item can be donate anddonate item according category. So, Charity Donation Application is the mostpreferable application for donors.13

2.5 Related StudiesTable 2.2 :Comparison of related research studies.AUTHORYEARTITLESUMMARIZATIONWAY OFIMPLEMENTEDBryanG. 2009HughesMETHOD,Information about the non-Text messageSYSTEM ANDprofits may be dis played invia shortARTICLE FORsome embodiments of themessageDONATIONSinvention.After selecting aserviceON MOBILEnon-profit icon, a user can(“SMS) to theCOMMUNICAmake a donation of anaddressTIONindicated kind and amount toDEVICESthe non-profit represented bythe non profit icon. In someembodiments, after pledginga monetary donation, thecommunication provider tothe mobile communicationdevice collects the donationvia the communicationprovider's bill and gives atleast a portion of the donationto the indicated non-profit.George W. 2005M. MullSYSTEMSAn electronic donor directedSystem debitANDcharitable donation Systemcard.14

METHODSdesigned specifically for theFORWWW/Internet wherebyCHARITABLEdonors can direct theDONATINGdisposition of donations.Participating charitableinstitutions can identify goodsand Services needed anddonors can donate money tobe applied for those Specificneeds by the institutions.Kevin2010SYSTEM ANDA system and method forOnlineJeromeMETHOD FORdonations using onlineGamingGORMLEYDONATIONSinteractive games with,etUSINGplayers using social play games whereinINTERACTIVEwinning results in othersGAMESdonating to their selectedrecipient, such as a cause,charity, school.Based on the studies that been done recently, we can conclude that not allexisting application and web are suitable for all stages of age. As an example, forsystem and method for donation using mobile online interactive games is using onlinegaming method in order to gain the donation. Thus, this method is not suitable for allstage of ages seems its only can be played by the teenager but not for folks. It is the15

same goes for the method of using text message via short message service. Thismethod is not so reliable today because people nowadays only using Whatsappapplication for texting. So, Charity Donation Application is proposed to ease alldonors at all stage of ages who wish to donate and donor-only can download CharityDonation Application in Playstore.2.6 SummaryTo conclude, a literature review gave the details and some research on therelated studies. Using mobile computing is also one of an effective way for donors outthere to donate instead of using a system. Despite that, it is also a nowadays trend thateveryone is using mobile in their daily life. So, this will not become a problem for theuser to use the mobile and admin no need to prepare the user’s manual to guide themon how to use.Because people nowadays are already in IT generation.16

CHAPTER 3METHODOLOGY3.1 Methodology for Mobile AppsWaterfall methodology is going to use in order to complete this CharityDonation Application. Waterfall methodology is the simplest methodology amongothers. There are six phases used in this methodology which are requirement, design,implementation, testing deployment and maintenance.3.1.1 Phase 1: RequirementRequirement needed in this application is gathered. The purpose of gathering theinfo is to develop the application successfully and satisfied the user when they use thisapplication. The development of application are based on available application andthere is an improvement in this Charity Donation Application.Most requirementsneeded are as follow:I.II.Available WebsitesAnalysis available application3.1.2 Phase 2 : DesignAfter collecting the requirement needed, the next step is designing theapplication. This phase plays an important role because of the way the design ispresented can attract the user. Otherwise, this application is not interesting for the user17

to use. A context diagram is developed in this phase. After that data flow diagramlevel 0 and 1 is generated. Lastly, the entity relationship diagram (ERD) is developed.3.1.3 Phase 3 : ImplementationThis system is mobile application based. In order to run this application,Google Chrome and server are used. Charity Donation Application is developedusing Android Studio. Database software used is MySQL and XAMPP as server.3.1.4 Phase 4 : TestingIn this phase, each level is testing. If there is any error during this phase ,design activity will be performed again. Alpha testing is conducted during thisphase. In Alpha testing, developer is present while testing so the problems willrecorded and errors encountered during testing. Alpha testing also close for public.3.1.5 Phase 5 : DeploymentThe system is deployed at the user side, after it has undergone through testing.After the deployment of the system, routine maintenance work is carried out. Once thesystem has been deployed, in case the user asks for any changes or enhancements,then the entire process is restarted.3.1.6 Phase 6 : MaintenanceOnce the application is in good state, it will show that the application satisfiedthe requirement. Free from bug and user can use this application.18

3.2 Project RequirementProject requirement consists of two parts which are software requirement andhardware requirement. All these requirement tools are very important in order todevelop successful application.3.2.1 Software RequirementTable 3.1 below listed type of software needed:Table 3.1: List of software requirementsNO.1.SOFTWARECordovaPURPOSESoftware used to code program of the project.Cordova is use torun and test the application.2.NOTEPAD To code the program and connect application to database.3.XAMPPType of local server used.4.PHPProgramming language used.5.MySQL DatabaseSoftware used for keeping the data6.MICROSOFT WORD Use for documentation of application.20137.GOOGLE CHROMEBrowser to run the localhost and also for searching theinformation.19

3.2.2 Hardware RequirementTable below listed type of hardware needed:Table 3.2: List of hardware ESSORIntel Core i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz3.MEMORY4.00 GB RAM4.OPERATING SYSTEMWindows 105.SYSTEM TYPE64-bit Operating System6.MOBILE PHONENexus 5X7.GOOGLE CHROMEBrowser to run the localhost and also for searching theinformation.20

3.3 Framework And DesignFramework designed below represented the whole Charity Donation Applicationflow.3.3.1 FrameworkFramework is an illustration layered structured which it is represent theapplication flow. There are a few layers need to be done of such as operating systemand network layers. Based on figure 3.1, there are two entities involved which areadmin and donors. Data such as admin details, report details, login details anddonation details which are highlighted in blue arrow in the figure below are storing indatabase. While output such as information, report, login confirmation and donationstatus which are highlighted in pink arrow in the figure below are receiving by adminand donors. After data have been stored in database, all the information are retrieveinto mobile application such as Android Based.Figure 3.1: Framework of Charity Donation Application21

3.4 Process Model3.4.1 Context DiagramFigure 3.2 shows the main process of Charity Donation Application. There aretwo main entities involved which are user and admin. Each of the entities play theirsrole in this application. Admin role are managing the data that given by user such asread, create, update and delete. The data are storing in database. Admin just need tokey in their username and password in order to pass through this application. Admin’sdata inserted into the database.While for the user, the role is to sign up or sign in first. If the user or donor arefirst time visited this application, user must sign up their details first to be keep indatabase. Otherwise, they just insert their username and password. Then, there areinterface of grouping of item according to category that user need to choose whichcategory are belong to their donation items. Next, go through choosing welfare homeand set date, time.Figure 3.2: Context Diagram for Charity Donation Application.22

3.4.2 Data Flow Diagram Level 0Figure 3.3 shows the details of the application. This application carried outfive process altogether .This five processes are include with two entities which aredonor and admin. Then, there are also three data storage for this application that needto be keep in database. Admin play very important role in this application compared

4.13 Command for Charity Donation Application 43 4.14 Command for Charity Donation Application 44 4.15 Coding for Charity Donation Application 44 4.16 Coding for Charity Donation Application 44 4.5 Testing 45 4.5.1 Introduction 45 4.5.2 Test Case 4.5.1 Login Admin

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