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REPLACING A FAILED "WINDOWS XP MODE"VIRTUAL MACHINEIN "WINDOWS VIRTUAL PC"IN "WINDOWS 7"Summary:Even though "Windows XP Mode" is a virtual computer, it can catch viruses orother malware. It can be the victim of "zero-day" malware attacks like any real,physical "Windows." computer."Windows XP Mode" can fail for a lot of other reasons.If your "Windows XP mode" virtual machine fails for any reason, you can delete itand create a new one.DELETE A FAILED "WINDOWS XP MODE"VIRTUAL MACHINEYou need to delete a failed "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine before creatinga new one.To delete the failed, corrupted, or virus-infected "Windows XP Mode" virtualmachine, do the following:Step 1:Click on the Windows "Start" button.Step 2:Click on "All Programs".Step 3:Click on "Windows Virtual PC".

Step 4:Click on "Windows Virtual PC" again. ("Windows Virtual PC" appears as asubmenu item also.)Step 5:Locate the unwanted virtual machine.Step 6:Use the right mouse button to perform a right click on the "Virtual Machine ShellInformation" file of the unwanted virtual machine.Step 7:A pop-up context menu will be displayed:

Step 8:Click on "Delete" in the pop-up context menu:

Step 9:A "Delete File" box will be displayed:

Step 10:Click on the "Yes" button of the "Delete File" box.Step 11:Now, you need to make "Windows Explorer" show hidden files, folders, anddrives as follows:Click once on the Windows "Start button".Step 12:Click on "Control Panel".Step 13:Double-click on "Folder Options":

Step 14:A "Folder Options" box will be displayed.Step 15:Click once on the "View" tab:

Step 16:Look for the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives "radio button" option:

Step 17:Select the "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option:

Step 18:Click on the "Apply" button.Step 19:Then click on the "OK" button.

Step 20:Start or go to "Windows Explorer", you will now see a folder called "AppData"folder insideC:\Users\ username \Step 21:Go toC:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\VirtualMachinesand delete the the rest of the files for the failed "Windows XP Mode" virtualmachine.

CREATE A NEW "WINDOWS XP MODE" VIRTUALMACHINEStep 22:Click on the Windows "Start" button.Step 23:Click on "All Programs".Step 24:Click on "Windows Virtual PC".

Step 25:Click on "Windows XP Mode".Step 26:A "Cannot start Windows XP Mode" box will pop up:Step 27:Click on the "Create New" button of the "Cannot start Windows XP Mode" box.Step 28:A "Windows XP Mode License Agreement" box will be displayed:

Step 29:Place a checkmark to the left of "I accept the license terms":

Step 30:Click on the "Next" button of the "Windows XP Mode License Agreement" box.Step 31:An "Installation Folder and Credentials" box will be displayed:

Step 32:Your default username for the "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine will be"XPMUser". You cannot change this at this time.Step 33:Type in the desired password twice:

Step 34:Click on the "Next" button.Step 35:A "Help Protect Your Computer" box will be displayed.

Step 36:Select the "Not right now" option button.

Step 37:Click on the "Next" button:Step 38:A "Setup will share the drives on this computer." box will be displayed:

Step 39:Click on the "Start Setup" button.




*Step 40:The new "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine will be ready for you to use whenthe "Windows XP." desktop finally is displayed.


DELETE A FAILED "WINDOWS XP MODE" VIRTUAL MACHINE You need to delete a failed "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine before creating a new one. To delete the failed, corrupted, or virus-infected "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine, do the following: Step 1: Click on the Windows "Start" button. Step 2: Click on "All Programs". Step 3: Click on "Windows .

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