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EMC E20-598Backup Recovery - Avamar Specialist forStorage AdministratorsEMC E20-598 Dumps Available Here m/e20-598-dumps.htmlEnrolling now you will get access to 237 questions in a unique set of E20598 dumpsQuestion 1For each file that is backed up in an EMC Avamar system, how many total bytes are added to the filecache?Options:A. 20B. 24C. 40D. 44Answer: DExplanation:The most important thing to do on a client with so many files is to make sure that the file cache is sizedappropriately. The file cache is responsible for the vast majority ( 90%) of the performance of the vamarclient. If there's a file cache miss, the client has to go and thrash your disk for a while chunking up a file thatmay already be on the server.So how to tune the file cache size?The file cache starts at 22MB in size and doubles in size each time it grows. Each file on a client will use 44bytes of space in the file cache (two SHA-1 hashes consuming 20 bytes each and 4 bytes of metadata).For25 million files, the client will generate just over 1GB of cache and-large-dataset-with-multiples.htmlQuestion 2The EMC Avamar client needs to backup a file and has performed sticky-byte factoring. This results in om

EMC E20-598- Seven (7) chunks that will compress at 30%- Four (4) that will compress at 23%- Two (2) chunks at 50% compressionHow many chunks will be compressed prior to hashing?Options:A. 4B. 7C. 9D. 13Answer: CExplanation:vamar, has a rather nifty technology called Sticky Byte Factoring which allows it to identify the changedinformation inside a file by breaking the file into variable length objects, this leads to much greater efficiencythan fixed size approaches as changes made early in a fixed length sequence affect all subsequent blocks/chunks/objects/whatever in that sequence. This in turn changes all the fingerprints taken following thechanged data which means you end up with a lot of new blocks/chunks/objects/whatever even if the datareally hasn't changed all that much. Sticky Byte Factoring on the other hand can tell what exactly haschanged, not just that things have changed.Question 3Which hash type represents an individual data chunk processed during an EMC Avamar backup?Options:A. AtomicB. RootC. CompositeD. MetadataAnswer:

EMC E20-598Question 4What are three types of EMC Avamar hashes?Options:A. Composite, Root, and AtomicB. Root, Atomic, and IndexC. Composite, Atomic, and StripeD. Root, Atomic, and ParityAnswer: A

EMC E20-598Question 5What is used by EMC Avamar to provide system-wide fault tolerance?Options:A. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and ReplicationB. RAID, RAIN, Checkpoints, and HFS checkC. Asynchronous crunching, Parity, RAIN, and CheckpointsD. HFS check, RAIN, RAID, and ReplicationAnswer: AQuestion 6Which four account management actions can be performed from the EMC Client Manager interface?Options:A. Move clients to a new serverRetire clientsMove clients to a new domainView management logB. Move clients to a new domainRetire clientsModify client group associationsSchedule backupsC. View management logModify replicationRetire clientsMove clients to a new serverD. View management logRetire clientsDelete clientsBrowse clientsAnswer: AQuestion 7In EMC Avamar 6.0, which tool is used to completely move clients to a new Avamar server?

EMC E20-598Options:A. Client ManagerB. Enterprise ManagerC. Activation ManagerD. Avamar AdministratorAnswer: AExplanation:Question 8Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0?Options:A. Client ManagerB. Activation ManagerC. Enterprise ManagerD. Installation ManagerAnswer:

EMC E20-598Question 9How many simultaneous client connections per node will an EMC Avamar server support?Options:A. 10B. 15C. 18D. 25Answer: CExplanation:During the backup window, an Avamar server has 18 backup "slots" per node, minus one slot that isglobally reserved for restore.Question 10What is a characteristic of variable block deduplication?Options:A. Better granularity and more efficiencyB. Commonly provided in snapshot technologiesC. Small changes require all segments to change

EMC E20-598D. Most common deduplication methodAnswer: AExplanation:Would you like to see more? Don't miss our E20-598 PDFfile

A. Client Manager B. Enterprise Manager C. Activation Manager D. Avamar Administrator Answer: A Explanation: Question 8 Which tool is used to move a client to a new domain in EMC Avamar 6.0? Options: A. Client Manager B. Activation Manager C. Enterprise Manager D. Installation Manager Answer: A Explanation: Explanation: EMC E20-598

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The Avamar REST API provides an API to develop applications and tools that interact with Avamar systems. The Avamar REST API uses client/server communication which is based on the representational state transfer (REST) API architecture model. Programming interface When using the Avamar REST API, write the code that can manage multiple Avamar

As of Avamar 7.2, Enterprise Manager (EM) will become a deprecated feature and will cease to exist in the product. EM will be replaced by Backup Recovery Manager (BRM). Improving on Avamar EM, BRM offers a number of enhanced constructs/semantics to monitor, report, and conduct basic administrator operations on multiple Avamar servers.

Avamar Data Store Gen 2 yComplete EMC backup and recovery product – Avamar backup and recovery software with integrated de-duplication – EMC-certified hardware—fully configured and delivered yBuilt-in high availability – Avamar RAIN technology – Sp

EMC Avamar currently offers four different methods for protecting virtual machines residing in various VMware environments: Guest Backup and Restore. Guest backup and restore is simply installing Avamar client software in a virtual machine just as if it were a physical machine, then registering and activating that client with an Avamar server.

6 Bare Machine Recovery for Dell EMC Avamar ABMR User Guide 2 Overview This document describes the essential elements of Bare Machine Recovery for Dell EMC Avamar (ABMR) and Disaster Recovery based upon a tailored WinPE5 or WinPE10 recovery module. It is based upon version 9.4 of the software.

Avamar Data Migration Enabler (ADMe) is a software tool used to migrate Avamar backup data to a different storage medium, such as tape, cloud storage, a target Avamar with different storage type or stand alone hard drives such as external USB or NAS units. ADMe relies on simple concepts