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WELCOME TO CHESAPEAKE HOMESWelcome to your new home! We wish you many years of happiness and sincerelyappreciate the opportunity you have given us to build your new home. We recognizeyour new home is one of the largest investments you will ever make, and thus we haveused high-quality products and the best available workmanship to protect yourinvestment.The key to happiness and pleasure in your new home is a trouble-free operation of thefine mechanical components, and quick satisfactory service when required.Take the time to thoroughly read this booklet and the procedures outlined to ensurethe orderly and systematic handling of your service requests.Additional information is enclosed that will assist you, as well as some suggestions forroutine maintenance that will enable you to avoid some of the more commoncomplications encountered by new homeowners.Again, welcome and thank you for joining our community.2

TABLE OF CONTENTSWarranty Guidelines and Procedures.5Quality Builders Warranty.6Coverage.6Warranty Request.7How to Submit a Warranty Request.712 Week Service Request.710 Month Service Request.8Where to Send the Service Request Forms. .8Product Warranties.9Excluded Items.9Denial of Warranty Service Request.10Resources.10ITK Homeowners Portal.10Emergency Service .11WHAT IS AN EMERGENCY?.12Heat Emergency.13Electrical Emergency.13Gas Emergency.14Plumbing Emergency.15Roof Leak Emergency.16Specific Warranty Guidelines & H/O Maintenance For Lasting Quality. 17Breaking in Your Home.18Foundation.19Landscaping.19Concrete Slabs, Walks, Garage Floors, Driveways and Patios.20Notes from the Ready-Mix Concrete Producers Technical Committee. 21Storm Related Damage. 21Roofing.21Sub-Floor.22Brick Work.22Windows.22Condensation.23Caulking and Grout.24Settlement and Frame Adjustments.253

Lumber. 25Insects/Rodents. 25Termites. 26Drywall/Paint/Stain. 26Painting. 27Plumbing System and Fixtures. 27Plumbing and Plumbing Fixtures. 28Heating and Air Conditioning System. 29Electrical.,. 30Smoke Detectors. 31Electrical System. 31The Heating and Air Conditioning System. 32Heat Pump Systems.32Gas Forced Air Systems. 33Power Off Conditions. 34Doors. 34Bathroom and Kitchen Care. 35Kitchen Counter Tops and Vanity Tops. 35Kitchen Cabinets and Vanity Bases. 36Metal and Composite Exterior Doors. 36Sheet Vinyl Flooring. 36Laminate Wood Flooring. 36Hardwood Flooring.37Appliances. 37Garage Doors. 37Summary. 384

Warrant yGuidelines& Procedures

Warranty Guidelines and ProceduresQUALITY BUILDERS WARRANTYChesapeake Homes provides a limited warranty through Quality Builders WarrantyCorporation (QBW). You are provided the official copy of the Quality Builders LimitedWarranty Agreement with this binder. We recommend that you review the booklet.Here are a few things you should know:Construction standards and repairresponsibilities are outlined in thewarranty booklet.Normal wear and tear does not fallunder the warranty.The warranty is on the home itself anddoes not include decks, patios, porches,landscaping, driveways, fences, etc.Consequential damages (costs ofshelter, transportation, food, moving,storage, and other incidental expensesrelated to relocation during repairs)are not covered under the LimitedWarranty Agreement.To review the specific warranty status of your home, you can go to (www.QBWC.com) andselect “My Coverage”.COVERAGEFirst Year Coverage – ChesapeakeHomes warrants against defects causedby faulty workmanship or materials dueto non-compliance with QBW approvedstandards. Please read your QBWLimited Warranty Agreement bookletcarefully.Second Year Coverage - ChesapeakeHomes warranty continues for thesecond year to protect against certaindefects in the ductwork, electricalfailure, and plumbing systems, exclusiveof equipment, fixtures, and appliances.Third to Tenth Year Coverage - The QBWLimited Warranty Agreement protectsyou against major structural defects.Should any major structural defect (asdefined by the warranty) occur duringthis period, QBW will replace, repair orpay the reasonable cost of the repair orreplacement, through its insurer.Throughout the 10-year Period, thewarranty is automatically transferable tosubsequent buyers, protecting you aswell as the buyer.6

Warranty Guidelines and ProceduresWARRANTY REQUESTDuring the first year of ownership, you will have two opportunities to request service workfor your home. We offer a 12 Week Service and a 10 Month Service (to be completed beforeyour first year expires). Please note the date(s) for each service and submit your requestsin a timely manner. All requests for the 12-week and 10-month services must be submittedthrough your homeowners portal. Emergency calls are always handled immediately and thehomeowner should call the contractor directly for service. Please be sure that all of yourrequests are in one submittal to allow for timely completion of your requests.The following items will be addressed one time only at the specified service dates:Drywall cracks, nail pops, and blemishes on the walls will be addressedat the 10 Month Service only.Paint touch up will be provided after the drywall service at the10 Month Service only.HOW TO SUBMIT A SERVICE REQUESTQuality Builders Warranty has made it easy for you to submit your warranty service requestby submitting online or calling them directly. When submitting online, please use yourChesapeake Homes Online Portal. You will be emailed a login and password by yourContract Administer during your home building process. All Warranty Service Requestmust be submitted to Quality Builders Warranty for review. Please see Additional WarrantyInformation Section, in the back of this binder, for more detailed instructions for submittingyour service request.12 WEEK SERVICE REQUESTOnce you have settled into your new home, you may realize that you still have questionsregarding its operation, or perhaps you want to better understand your new home warranty.We find that after living in the home for a few months, many homeowners appreciate arefresher. Please submit a 12 Week Service Request on the ITK Homeowners Portal, or onthe Chesapeake Homes Website under the Homeowner tab. This must be submitted nolater than the 12th week (3rd Month) after your closing date.7

Warranty Guidelines and Procedures10 MONTH SERVICE REQUESTWhen reviewing the Quality Builders Warranty Limited Warranty Agreement, you maynotice that the Limited Warranty Agreement is most comprehensive in the first year ofoccupancy. We offer a complimentary visit that we call the 10 Month Service Request, wherewe discuss the changes in warranty coverage that will occur in years two through ten. It isimportant to address any warrantable repairs before the expiration of the one year warranty.We require notification by submitting your service request no later than two (2) monthsbefore the expiration of the warranty. This will allow adequate notice to be given to thenecessary vendors to schedule any service work to be completed within the first-yearwarranty period.Note: Your 10 Month Warranty Service Request is directly affected by the One YearAnniversary of your closing. In order to schedule our vendors submit all final warrantyrequest before your 10 month anniversary.Your home is comprised heavily of wood, which expands and contracts with changingtemperatures and moisture levels. During this expansion and contraction, nails can bepushed outward, causing a blister or bubble in the drywall. These are called nail pops andoccur most heavily during the first year, as your home acclimates to changing temperatures.During the 10 Month Service, we offer a complimentary nail pop repair. Be sure to inspectyour drywall and mark the nail pops with painter’s tape before our arrival. Nail pops foundafter the complimentary repair will not be addressed. Paint touch-ups to cover nail poprepairs will be made in rooms whose original paint colors have not been altered.Please submit a 10 Month Service Request located on the ITK Homeowners Portal, or on theChesapeake Homes Website under the Homeowner tab.8

Warranty Guidelines and ProceduresPRODUCT WARRANTIESAlong with the Quality Builders Warranty, many of the products installed in your home arealso warranted by the manufacturers. In some cases, these warranties may extend beyondthe one-year Builders Warranty. Review the manufacturer’s warranty information for a betterunderstanding of each product’s warranty coverage.The appliance manufacturer’s operating instructions left in your home at the time of NewHome Orientation will assist you in determining the necessary upkeep and maintenance toensure continued carefree operation. Problems with appliances are to be reported directlyto the manufacturer listed in this booklet.*Please be sure to fill out and submit any warranty registration cards that accompany yourappliances.EXCLUDED ITEMSUnless the following items are annotated in writing on your Pre-Settlement Review, prior toclosing, the Warranty Services will exclude but are not limited to any of the following:Chips, cracks or blemishes to:Also Excluded are:SinksMissing or damaged screensTubsCracked windows, mirrors, or glassTileDamaged , Patios, Driveways,Landscaping, and WalkwaysSod, trees and landscaping are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain immediately after closing and isNOT A WARRANTY ITEM.*Any concerns must be in writing on the Pre-Settlement Review form. Any subsequentmaintenance and costs accrued after closing to include watering is the homeowner’s9

Warranty Guidelines and ProceduresITK HOMEOWNERS PORTALWe know having information readily available to our homeowners is the key to maintainlasting quality in your home. We hope you enjoy following the progress of your home on theInternet Took Kit (ITK) portal. When you are a proud homeowner, you can request serviceand track your open service orders through ITK, as well as have access to specific informationregarding your home.Please submit a 10 Month Service Request located on the ITK Homeowners Portal, or on theChesapeake Homes Website under the Homeowner tab.DENIAL OF WARRANTY SERVICE REQUESTWarranty service request can be denied for a few reasons: is specifically excluded from warrantyThe item was not entered in a way that a warranty response could be generatedIt was listed in the wrong categoryToo many items listed on a single lineIf you disagree with the assessment and believe that your item(s) should be subject to Quality Builders Limited Warranty for which Chesapeake Homes is responsible, you should contact Quality Builders Warranty since the Limited Warranty has a very specific Complaint andClaims procedure. If Quality Builders Warranty determines that Chesapeake Homes has arepair responsibility under the Limited Warranty, the item(s) will be addressed.Please email Quality Builders Warranty at WarrantyComplaint@QBWC.comor call 717-737-2522 for assistance.RESOURCESCHESAPEAKE HOMES WARRANTY 959.0103ITK HOMEOWNER’S ITY BUILDERS WARRANTY CORPORATIONhttp://www.qbwc.com/800.334.914310

EmergencySer vice

Emergency ServiceKEY RULES FOR THE FASTEST POSSIBLEEMERGENCY SERVICEThe best way to handle an emergency isto be prepared and informed when anemergency occurs.Be sure you check the suggested itemsBEFORE calling for emergency service.Read or be familiar with all theinformation in this Emergency Servicesection.Do not call your New Home Specialist.They are not equipped to handle youremergency.Emergency contact information for your home is located in your electrical panel boxand in this binder.WHAT IS AN EMERGENCY?In many cases, such as fire, theft, or the like, it is easy to recognize an emergency. Forour purposes, we define an emergency as an unexpected and quickly continuingcondition that if not immediately repaired will promptly cause further and continuingdamage to the residence.Items reported as emergencies which in fact are non-emergencies as defined hereinmay result in billing to the homeowner by the subcontractor involved. Non-Emergenciesare reported during submittal of routine Warranty Service cycles at the 12 Week and 10Month anniversary of closing.We hope the foregoing information will assist you should an emergency arise. Byfollowing the suggestions, you will assist everyone in providing you with the best possibleemergency service outside of normal working hours. Your cooperation is appreciated.Call your HVAC vendor for service during your first year of warranty.12

Emergency ServiceHEAT EMERGENCYHEAT EMERGENCY1. No heat in residence.Before calling for NO HEAT IN RESIDENCY EMERGENCY SERVICE outside of normalbusiness hours, check the following:1. Check circuit breaker box to be sure all circuit breakers are in “ON” position.2. Check the thermostat to be sure temperature setting is higher than thecurrent room temperature.3. Make sure the furnace disconnect switch is in the “ON” positionThe following is NOT considered to be a Heat Emergency and the homeowner isliable for a service charge plus applicable repair costs for service rendered outsideof normal business hours:1. Heat is on and apparently working, but the temperature is inadequate oruncomfortable. If you have a multi-level home and are experiencing more thanan 8-degree difference between floors, please contact your HVAC vendordirectly to schedule an appointment. Note: This is a non-emergency.Followed up with an email or phone call notification to Quality Builders Warrantyvia the Chesapeake Homes portal. Submit just as you would a service request.ELECTRICAL EMERGENCYELECTRICAL EMERGENCYNo electricity throughout the residence.Before calling for ELECTRICAL EMERGENCY SERVICE outside of normal business hours,check the following:1. Check the circuit breaker box to be sure the circuit breakers for theelectrical circuits in question are in the “ON” position.2. Be sure cause of difficulty is not a defective appliance or otherplugged-in equipment.3. Be sure cause of difficulty is not a loss of power throughout the neighborhood.If such should be the case, call your local power / electric company.13

Emergency ServiceELECTRICAL NON-EMERGENCYThe following are not considered to be electrical emergencies and the homeowner is liablefor a service charge plus applicable repair costs for service rendered outside of normalbusiness hours:No electricity to individual receptaclesor outlets in separate rooms.Oven or range is operating but oneelement or one part is not working.This is more than likely a situation withthe appliance. Please schedule anappointment with your appliancemanufacturer at the numbers listed atthe front of this manual.One inoperative electrical circuit iscausing one or more switches or outletsin one room or in parts of several roomsto be inoperative.Electrical arc observed when wall switchor appliance (especially the garbagedisposal) is turned on.(Switch circuit breakers to “OFF” position, then switch one by one back to the“ON” position, until the item in questionis located. Report same to the electricalsubcontractor on the next working day).Followed up with an email or phonecall notification to Quality BuildersWarranty via the Chesapeake Homesportal. Submit just as you would aservice request.GAS EMERGENCYIf you smell natural gas on the exteriorof your home, contact the gas companyimmediately. Call your local gascompany; they have a 24-hour servicedepartment to handle gas emergencies.Natural Gas Utility will advise youregarding safety precautions until sucha time as they can respond to the gasleak.Followed up with an email or phonecall notification to Quality BuildersWarranty via the Chesapeake Homesportal. Submit just as you would aservice request.14

Emergency ServicePLUMBING EMERGENCYBefore calling for PLUMBING EMERGENCY SERVICE outside of normalbusiness hours, check the following:In case of a leak shut off the water supply at valve controls to fixture in question.If a leak is in the wall, cut off supply at the house water cut-off valve.PLUMBING EMERGENCYWater leak on supply line (not fixture) not individually controllable(such as in the wall).Clogged main sewer line causing back-up in fixtures. 30 days after closing, sewerback-ups are not warranted unless defects occurring during construction are evident.Followed up with an email or phone call notification to Quality Builders Warranty viathe Chesapeake Homes portal. Submit just as you would a service request.PLUMBING NON-EMERGENCYThe homeowner is liable for a service charge plus applicable repair costs for servicerendered outside of normal business hours:No hot water.Hot water supply or temperature isinadequate for requirementsClogging or stoppage affecting only asingle fixture.Water leakage from a fixture, sink orcommode where cut-off valves areaccessible and could be used to cut offthe water flow.Followed up with an email or phonecall notification to Quality BuildersWarranty via the Chesapeake Homesportal. Submit just as you would aservice request.15Water leakage from a drain lineoccurring ONLY when a fixture, sinkor bathtub is drained or used.(Further leakage could be preventedby non-use of fixture).Continuous flow of water throughcommode tank.Frozen plumbing pipes. Frozen pipesare rarely a problem in this area,but occasionally because of variationin house exposure, wind and shading,some freezing may occur. THIS IS NOT APLUMBING EMERGENCY.Your Plumbing System must bewinterized and is a homeownerresponsibility.

Emergency ServiceIN SUB-FREEZING WEATHER, THE FOLLOWING PRECAUTIONS SHOULDBE OBSERVED:When your kitchen and bathrooms are situated on exterior walls, please open the doorsand have faucets dripping in freezing temperatures. The Builder will not be responsible forany frozen water pipes. All pipes have been adequately insulated to prevent freezing duringnormally anticipated cold weather. If you have cut-off valves inside for outside faucets, besure to turn them off during winter and drain outside faucets.*If you have an exterior tankless water heater, prior to inclement weather ensure the heattape on the water heater is plugged in.ROOF LEAK EMERGENCYThe information previously noted has covered in detail the steps to be taken to gainrelief from plumbing leaks. Roof leaks differ from plumbing leaks in that repaircannot normally take place until the rain stops and the roof material is dry. Theadhesives and mastics used to seal roofing imperfections or damage will notnormally adhere to wet surfaces.We do service such leaks on an accelerated basis however, and we ask that younotify Quality Builders Warranty as soon as signs of wetness are observed. If thiscondition is not noticed during a time when Quality Builders Warranty is open, holdyour Service Request until the start of the next normal business day.ROOF LEAK SERVICE REQUESTRoof leak Service Requests will be taken by telephone.It is important to mark or identify the area where water is observed, and ifpossible, to mark the exact source point in the roof or wall, if it is known.This will permit exact location of the problem when the repairman callsat your residence.Followed up with an email or phone call notification to Quality Builders Warrantyvia the Chesapeake Homes portal. Submit just as you would a service request.16

Specific WarrantyGuidelines andHomeownerMaintenance ForLasting Quality

Specific Warranty Guidelines & H/OMaintenance For Lasting QualityThis portion of your Homeowner’s Manual will give you helpful ideas about themaintenance of the many systems and materials used in your home. Maintainingyour new home is similar to maintaining a new car, the more you adhere to the“scheduled maintenance plan,” the longer your car will run and the moreefficiently it will operate. Your home is no exception. Attention to detail, such aschanging return air filters, replacing caulking, and understanding the best way toclean countertops and bathtubs, are just a few of the ways you can extend the useful enjoyment of your home and ensure its highest possible resale value for yearsinto the future.We hope you will take the time to review this information, and put its many ideasto use.BREAKING IN YOUR HOMEThe ten-year warranty manual from Quality Builders Warranty (QBW) you receivedwith the purchase of this home will address questions you may develop over time.The QBW manual is an excellent starting point in your determination as to whether anitem has fallen outside the allowable standards, and we hope you will take the time toreview this material as well.Your new home deserves good care. As with any product involving the assembling ofvarious materials, parts, and mechanical devices – all through human craftsmanship –your new home may require certain minor adjustments. However, in general, theupkeep and maintenance of your new home is your responsibility! Your continuedattention to and repair of the occasional small items as they occur, will pay dividendsto you and your family in the form of years of pleasant, comfortable, and major troublefree living.Properly maintained, your home will provide you a place of shelter, comfort, andenjoyment for many years to come. During the “break-in” period a little care andcommon sense will go a long way in assuring that your home “performs” to yourexpectations, thereby enhancing your pride of ownership. General knowledge of howthe materials and systems in your home react to changes in temperature, humidity,shrinkage, and expansion, along with an understanding of proper maintenanceprocedures, will enable you to more fully understand the adjustments that your home,and every home, will go through over the years.18

Specific Warranty Guidelines & H/OMaintenance For Lasting QualityYour warranty specifically applies to items constructed on your property byChesapeake Homes. Items that do not fall under the terms and conditions of thiswarranty are set out on the following pages. For a specific reference number, pleaserefer to your Quality Builders Warranty Limited Agreement Booklet that is providedto you in this binder.FOUNDATIONYour home is built on concrete footings, engineered to meet existing soilconditions and the various loads created by the home, wind and other factors.Nonetheless, you should expect some degree of settlement or shrinkageto occur as it does in every home. Again, the ten-year warranty manual willaddress when the effects of this shrinkage may have exceeded allowabletolerancesLANDSCAPINGShrubbery and nursery trees arenon-warranted items and will not bereplaced by the builder.It is the homeowner’s responsibilityto regularly water the sod, trees,and bushes. It is recommended towater sod daily, especially duringspring and summer months, toensure sod takes root.Adding topsoil to the yard, raising thelevel of dirt around the foundation, andinstalling additional flowerbeds orlandscaping voids any responsibility onthe part of Chesapeake Homesregarding drainage problems.Your lot has been finely graded, raked and seeded to the property lines with eitherFescue, Centipede, or Bermuda grass seed, and sod, depending on the time of the year.Also, a predetermined amount of shrubbery has been planted in a mulched bed. Whilewe’ve given you a good start, creating the lawn of your dreams is up to you. The fourbasic ingredients required are the seed, water, fertilizer and a lot of sweat equity!A good tip for having a lush lawn during the winter in this climate is to overseed withWinter Rye Grass that will stay green most of the winter and be lush looking about thetime the Azaleas and Dogwood are in full bloom.19

Specific Warranty Guidelines & H/OMaintenance For Lasting QualityIf you bring in additional top soil or plant additional shrubs, be careful not to fill in thedrainage swales that were established along property lines, between adjacentproperties or along the rear of your yard. These drainage swales and the finish gradingof the entire lot were done in accordance with a drainage plan for theentire community. If you alter or fill them, you run the risk of being held liable forflooding or damage to a neighboring property.Trees, shrubbery, landscaping, seeding, and grading are approved and certified at thetime of final inspection. From that point, the builder is not responsible for damageoccurring from owner neglect, Acts of Nature (wind damage, rain or storm erosioncausing gullies or washouts that may a

ity Builders Limited Warranty for which Chesapeake Homes is responsible, you should con-tact Quality Builders Warranty since the Limited Warranty has a very specific Complaint and Claims procedure. If Quality Builders Warranty determines that Chesapeake Homes has a repair responsibility under the Limited Warranty, the item(s) will be addressed.

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