Comprehensive Workforce Management To Optimize Contact Center Performance

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ENGAGE WFM Enterprise-Scale, Multi-site Workforce ManagementDATASHEETComprehensive Workforce Management to optimize contact center performanceBENEFITSEngage WFM is a powerful, highly effective Workforce Management solution, which combines industry-leadingforecasting and scheduling functionality with an easy-to-use design, guaranteeing you get the absolute most out of yourinvestment. In short, Engage WFM helps ensure you have the right number of agents, with the right skills, in the rightplace, at the right time. Simple as that. Optimize staffing through accurateand reliable forecasting Properly scheduled resourcesimproves customer satisfaction Detect and correct adherenceissues immediately with real-timemonitoring Flexible reporting and KPIs supportscontinual process improvement Improve agent performance withtools to motivate and reward Reduce agent attrition withimproved work-life balanceThe comprehensive Engage WFM solution consists of abase product includes all the tools needed to effectivelymanage your staff, accurately forecast demand, createschedules automatically, develop accurate and insightfulreports and improve your overall customer service.Optional, add-on modules are easily adaptable andexpandable to your needs. The modular design allowsthe incorporation of additional functionality as theorganization grows and the needs increase.Engage WFM algorithms combine historical informationwith seasonality data, trend analysis and plannedcampaigns to predict future requirements. Forecasts canbe created for any time interval and schedules updatedinstantly based upon real-time events.Advanced features support employee engagement andempowerment for agents and real-time notificationcapabilities for supervisors. Provide your agents with theability to make scheduling requests, check messages andperformance – at work, home or on the run. Front-linemanagers have all the tools needed to proactively monitoradherence and respond in real time to improve contactcenter performance.Increase customer satisfaction,agent involvement and profitabilitywith Engage WFM.www.telstrat.comOptimize the Customer ExperiencePowered by1

NOTIFYLIFESTYLEReal TimeAdherenceShiftTraderVacationPlannerMyTime - forAgentsTrainingPlannerCalendarLinkSMS m - forTeam leadersASMSDK3rd PartyAppsCRM, HR, QMConnectorsINTEGRATIONSFeature-rich solution expandableto support organizational growth.FEATURESForecastsSchedulesEngage WFM provides multi-skill, multi-site andmulti-channel forecasting tools for the long andshort term, including trend and seasonal analysisfunctionality. The addition of easy-to-use wizardsmakes forecasting simple and user friendly. Improvedforecasting accuracy helps avoid surprises.Powerful tools for scheduling optimization bring together business needs, agent preferences and scheduling rules to produce the best schedules possible foryour organization. Capabilities range from full automation to cut-and-paste editing with the ability to mixand match scheduling periods for complete flexibility.PeopleAgent administration includes the ability to specifyemployee types, skill levels, contractual requirements,languages, work rules, policies, and time-zonerestrictions. Using resources to their full potentialreduces costs and improves efficiency.www.telstrat.comShiftsThe efficient shift generator allows creation of shiftsfrom any mix of schedule activities with the ability toreview compliance to your policies before committingto schedule. Time periods can be specified by days,weeks or months.Optimize the Customer Experience2

FEATURESIntradayMyTimeIntraday management is all about staying in control ofthe day, and being ready to handle the unexpected.The Intraday module includes all the tools needed toproactively monitor and respond in real time, all fromthe same user friendly interface with drag-and-dropease.The web-based My Time portal provides agentsaccess to their current day’s schedule – as well asthat of other team members – and lets them enterpreferences on how they would like to work forany predefined period. Agents can also view theirperformance report with adherence, number of callsanswered, average call duration and collected agentbadges.ReportsAn extensive reporting package includes scheduleadherence with drill-down capabilities, graphs andexport to Excel. Advanced reporting capabilitiesinclude rapid access to Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) and agent scorecards for various KPIs, such asabsenteeism, adherence, productivity and others.BudgetsAccurate and flexible budgets are essential to thelong term sustainability and profitability of yourcustomer service organization. The Budgets modulebrings together your long-term forecasted needand the resources you have available. It also enablesyou to add the effects of attrition, shrinkage, newhires, overtime and other factors that affect theorganization s ability to deliver the highest levels ofcustomer service, at the right cost.www.telstrat.comAgent badgesTo further improve motivation and performance,Engage WFM has added the use of gamificationfeatures! Gamification is increasingly being adoptedand successfully applied in business contexts asorganizations realize the tremendous value it canbring to their business; i.e. the fun and competitivenature and its built-in positive reinforcement pushesagents to perform to the best of their ability.Software Development Kit (SDK)Designed with openness in mind, Engage WFM includes the powerful SDK platform for customizeddevelopment and integration, based on industrystandard web services. The SDK provides anadvanced set of functions to access and modify yourdata while still using Engage WFM business logicand rule sets.Optimize the Customer Experience3

ADVANCED FEATURESMANAGEMENT FEATURESMyTeam – On the go and in the knowMyTeam puts agent schedules right in the palm ofteam leader hands, from any web-enabled device –in real time. Team leader life is made easy with theuser-friendly, web-based solution for viewing andediting schedules, as well as monitor agent status.Furthermore, access to agent schedules and real-timeadherence – wherever, whenever – greatly improvesteam leader knowledge of operational performance atany given time.NOTIFY PACKAGE FEATURESLIFESTYLE PACKAGE FEATURESThree self-service modules to increase agentmotivation and empowerment include:Act and respond faster – with real time notifications!Four complementary modules encompass:Vacation Planner – Automated request handlingbrings reduction in administrationSave time and money with Vacation Planner, freeingup valuable resources and eliminating paper-basedvacation scheduling and approvals. Agents bookvacations autonomously via the agent portal andreceive manual or automated approvals, based onpre-defined business rules.Agent Schedule Messenger (ASM) – Keep track ofand improve adherencePop-up reminders and the messenger interface (forrapid, efficient communication between agents andteam leaders) help agents not only keep track oftheir scheduled activities throughout the day but alsoimprove schedule adherence.Shift Trader – Shift trading in no time whilemaintaining service-level requirementsAgents can trade shifts – with or without teamleader/administrator intervention – while maintainingstaffing-level requirements. Agents can view, evaluateand trade available shifts on their MyTime agentportal – in no time at all.Overtime Availability – Find available resourcesin a flashFinding agents at short notice to meet staffingrequirements has been made easier than ever. Agentssimply enter their overtime availability on theirMyTime agent portal, which creates a supplementaryresource pool that’s ready for automated schedulingwhen needed.Real-Time Adherence (RTA) – Detect and correctproblems immediatelyReal-Time Adherence monitors agent status, givingoverviews – in real time. The information, visible in theintraday module alongside schedules and incomingdemand data, makes tracking agent-adherence andadjusting schedules effortless, with drag-and-dropease maintaining service-level targets throughout theday.CalendarLink – Share schedules; access themfrom anywhereAgents are able to view the latest schedule changeson preferred mobile devices and from third-partycalendar services (e.g. iCal, MS Outlook) – anywhere,anytime. This not only eliminates tedious, manualnotification-processes but also increases scheduleadherence.SMSLink – Schedule changes on the go, in real-timeAutomated notifications of schedule changes, sentto agents via SMS (Short Message Service), eliminatelabor-intensive, manual processes. The moment anagent shift changes – i.e. new starting or finishingtimes, or a day off switches to a work shift, TeleoptiWFM generates an automated message which is thensent to the agent’s mobile via a local SMS gatewayprovider. It gives pro-active notifications, bringingabout improved schedule adherence!www.telstrat.comOptimize the Customer Experience4

OPTIONAL FEATURESPerformance Manager – Gain insights from advanced analysesA must-have for managers who need to quickly identify, evaluate and improve factors that impact operationalperformance. Performance Manager brings you advanced reporting and rapid access to Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs), including organization-wide comparisons down to the individual level. Agent scorecards,including KPIs by agent and day, come with performance indicators, such as efficiency, productivity – and manymore.Competence Manager - Optimize employee performance to transform business outcomesEmployees that possess the right skills, knowledge and attributes can deliver exceptional transformationalresults. Competence Manager shows you what “best” performance looks like by pinpointing the key skills of topperformers - what they’re doing differently/ better – and how to achieve it. The solution also identifies gaps inemployee skills/knowledge and flags the best course of action by replicating desirable profiles.Training Planner - Take control of your training plan; save time, money and invaluable resourcesPlan, schedule and manage training with advanced automation functionality – regardless of the size of yourworkforce. Service-level targets, agents, trainers and training room availability are all factored in to deliveroptimal training schedules. Quickly and easily select individuals and groups, the training content, delivery details,trainers and dates.Payroll Integration – Eliminate errors; save time and moneyAutomating your payroll process, by integrating Engage WFM with your payroll system, may potentiallyeliminate costly payroll errors and wasting administrative time. Payroll integrates Engage WFM with the payrollsystem, transferring simple imports and/or exports of scheduled employee work hours and any deviations– absences, overtime or shifts allowances, and the like – to more complex exports that include advancedcompensation calculations.For more information on Engage WFM , contact your authorized telecom equipment reseller or support@telstrat.com1101 Central Expressway South Suite 150Allen, TX 75013 USANorth America 1-972-543-3500Caribbean & Latin America 1-972-543-3476Europe, Middle East, Africa 44 2035 140670Asia Pacific 61 2 8014 7499Copyright 2015 TelStrat International, Ltd. All rights reserved worldwide. All information in this document subject to change without notice. The TelStrat name, the TelStratlogo, Engage Contact Center Suite, and Conversation Save are either trademarks or registered trademarks of TelStrat International, Ltd. All other trademarks are property of theirrespective owners.Rev. 2L 06/15

Agents are able to view the latest schedule changes on preferred mobile devices and from third-party calendar services (e.g. iCal, MS Outlook) - anywhere, anytime. This not only eliminates tedious, manual notification-processes but also increases schedule adherence. SMSLink - Schedule changes on the go, in real-time

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2. Install WFM Historical and RTA software on your workforce management servers or on another designated server as described in Installing WFM on an application server. WFM with GMT or IEX workforce management software If you are using WFM with the GMT or IEX workforce management software, do the following: 1. Start Interaction Administrator. 2.

2. Install WFM Historical and RTA software on your workforce management servers or on another designated server as described in Installing WFM on an application server. WFM with GMT or IEX workforce management software If you are using WFM with the GMT or IEX workforce management software, do the following: 1. Start Interaction Administrator. 2.

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Perhaps the most critical of these strategies is workforce planning. Workforce planning tells an organization what types of skills are needed to get the job done. in doing so, workforce planning should drive all human capital strategies. Workforce planning is about aligning an organization’s human capital—its people—with its business plan to

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