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Event Management System(EMS)Virtual EMS

EMS Implementation Project Maintain a centralized and transparentcalendar for all campus spaces and users Web based, self service, space, andsupport service requests (Virtual EMS) Integration with Master Calendar andHaverford website for event publicity Centralized and consistentcommunication

www.haverford.edu/reserve Website landing page for everything EMSrelated at Haverford Portal to Virtual EMS (to makereservation) and support documentation

Submitting a Reservation Navigate towww.haverford.edu/reserve Virtual EMS button Students, Faculty, &Staff

Submitting a Reservation Login using Haverford user ID andpassword

Submitting a Reservation Menu Options:oooooBrowse ‐ view events and rooms/spacesReservations ‐ forms to submit bookings and/orview reservationsMy account ‐ manage account settingsHelpLogout

Submitting a Reservation Select appropriate form under“Reservation” menu

Submitting a Reservation Complete “When and Where” details tosearch for available spaces:o Date ‐ date of request Reoccurrence ‐ select this option for events withmultiple dateso Start / End Time ‐ time of the actual event Additional setup and breakdown times will be addedby Support Serviceso Facilities ‐ organized by campus buildings or outdoorspaceso Attendance ‐ approximate number of people attendingevento Setup Type ‐ room configuration (see diagram)o Availability Filters ‐ optional search for a room specificfeatures

Submitting a Reservation Select “Find Space”

Submitting a Reservation Select green “ ”next to room(s)you would like toselect Select “Continue”button at bottomof page or“Details” tab

Submitting a Reservation Complete information about event Event Details:oEvent NameoEvent Type: type of event for reporting purposes Group DetailsoGroup: Department supporting eventoStudents should select name or cluboPhone/Alt. Phone: contact number during eventoEmail: contact email for event and confirmation Attachments: diagrams, additional eventinformation

Submitting a Reservation(on behalf of another department) Select the magnify glassnext to the “Groups”fieldSearch for thedepartment you wouldlike to addSelect green “ ”Select “Done”New department nowappears in your groupdrop down menu.Contacts for thatdepartment will displayunder first contact.

Submitting a Reservation Calendar Visibility (Other Information)ooLinked with Haverford site calendar for publicityVisibility Options: Haverford Faculty/Staff/Students only: requiresHaverford loginGeneral Public: visible to anyone visiting websiteNo one: not shown on calendar

Submitting a Request Support Service Requestso Available based on location of reservationo Only requestable 7 or more days prior to event Within 7 days please contact Conferences & Events Support Services ageCampus Safety

Submitting a Request Department account number forreporting purposes Select “Submit”

Request Submitted Review summary pageoLog back in 7 or more days prior to event tomake changes

Event Request Summary Email Sent after submitting a booking (has notbe reviewed)

Confirmation Email Sent with 48 hours of submittingreservationoIncludes room and support service approval

Edit Event 7 or more days prior to eventoReservations “View My Requests”

Event Publicity If you select “Haverford Faculty/Staff/Students or“General Public” for calendar viewing event willimmediately appear on appropriate calendar withevent title, contact name, and email. Communications will send an email 48 hours afterreservation confirmation with a link to enterpublicity details (description, image, etc ) All events will receive publicity email

Feedback Reservations questions and supportservice requests:oConferences & 3 (x4923)Office located in Campus Center, Office 007

Event Details: o Event Name o Event Type: type of event for reporting purposes Group Details o Group: Department supporting event o Students should select name or club o Phone/Alt. Phone: contact number during event o Email: contact email for event and confirmation Attachments: diagrams, additional event information

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