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ContractAdministrationProcess OverviewContractAdministrationContract Administration is a shared service for the following legal entities: 1) Stanford Health Care; 2) Lucile SalterPackard Children’s Hospital at Stanford (“Lucile Packard Children's Hospital” or “Stanford Children's Health”); 3) TheHospital Committee for the Livermore-Pleasanton Areas (“Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare”); 4) Stanford UniversityMedical Network Risk Authority, LLC (“The Risk Authority”); 5) University HealthCare Alliance; 6) Packard Children’sHealth Alliance; 7) Stanford Health Care Advantage; 8) Stanford Blood Center, LLC; 9) CareCounsel, LLCNovember 2019

Agenda1. Stanford Health Care Organizational Overview2. Contract Administration Department Overview3. Contract Administration Process Overview4. Request a Contract5. Track a Requested Contract6. Access a Fully-Signed Contract7. Contract Administration ResourcesMembers of the Stanford Health Care – Contract Administrationdepartment celebrate the department’s Top Ten Accomplishmentsfrom Fiscal Year 2017.2

Stanford Health CareOrganizational OverviewContract Administration is a Shared Service ofStanford Health Care to Eight Other StanfordMedicine EntitiesStanford Health Care (“SHC”) is theflagship academic medical centerassociated with the Stanford UniversitySchool of Medicine. SHC has 15,232employees and volunteers, 613 licensedbeds, and 4.1 billion total annualrevenue.Lucile Salter Packard Children’s Hospital atStanford (“LPCH”) is the academicchildren’s medical center associated withthe Stanford University School ofMedicine. LPCH has 4,854 employees andstaff, 312 licensed beds, and 1.4 billiontotal annual revenue.Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare(“ValleyCare”) is also an affiliate of SHCand LPCH and has more than 2,100employees and staff and 242 licensedbeds.Other affiliates of SHC and LPCH include University HealthCare Alliance, Stanford Blood Center, StanfordHealthCare Advantage, CareCounsel, Packard Children’s Health Alliance, and The Risk Authority. ContractAdministration provides services for these nine entities.3

Contract AdministrationDepartment OverviewContract Administration Provides CentralizedContract Management and Legal Review Servicesfor Stanford Health Care and Its AffiliatesMission StatementThe Stanford Health Care – Contract Administration departmentprovides centralized contract management and legal review servicesthat include: coordinating contract requests, advising on contractualmatters, negotiating and drafting legal documents, performing legalreview and facilitating timely renewal or termination of contracts tomeet internal policies and external regulations and optimize legal andbusiness terms.Vision StatementTo be the national leader in healthcare contract administration byproviding exceptional and timely contract management and legalreview services.Service Level Agreements1. Contract Administration will provide a disposition to email and phone inquiries by the end of thenext business day.2. Once a complete and correct contract request is submitted, Contract Administration will provideadvice, draft or revise a contract within ten business days.4

Fiscal Year 2019Annual Review1Reviewed over 5,500 Contracts andReduced Expired Contracts by 43%Contract Administration reviewed over 5,500 contracts while continuing to manage over 9,000 contracts fornine affiliated Stanford Medicine entities. Additionally, Contract Administration significantly reduced thepercentage of expired contracts in the contract database, which optimizes legal and business terms and therelevance of database search results.3Maintained Stakeholder Satisfactionabove 85%Contract Administration maintained stakeholder satisfaction above 85% by delivering exceptionaland timely service, reliable turnaround times, and convenience and transparency with onlineresources.5Administered over 240 Annual ContractEvaluationsContract Administration administered annual contract evaluations for over 240 contracts to satisfythe requirements of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and The Joint Commission forannual monitoring of contracts for the provision of care, treatment, and services provided to thehospital’s patients.7Automated Contract DraftingContract Administration implemented software that automatically populates contract templatesto minimize repetitive data entry and reduce turnaround times.9Partnered with theOffice of the General Counsel toOptimize Legal ResourcesContract Administration provided legal support for vendor dispute resolution matters, resultingin the settlement of several disputes for 50% of the amount claimed by the other party as wellas avoidance of potentially substantial outside legal counsel expenses. Contract Administrationalso supported compliance initiatives including assessing and tracking compliance withrequirements applicable to tax exempt bond financed facilities.Contract Administration’s Top 10Accomplishments From Fiscal Year 20192Completed 84% of ContractRequests within 25 Business DaysContract Administration’s service level agreement is to provide advice, a draft or a revisedcontract within 10 business days of receiving a complete and correct request. ContractAdministration met this service level agreement over 93% of the time. Additionally, 84% of allcontracts were completed within 25 business days.4Produced SevenStakeholder Training VideosContract Administration created seven online self-service training videos to educatestakeholders on relevant topics including: Introduction to Contract Administration, RequestingContracts, Tracking Requested Contracts, Managing Contracts, Preparing Effective Statementsof Work, Medical Equipment Purchases, and Understanding Business Associate Addendums.6Maintained 80% StandOutEmployee EngagementContract Administration has gone “all-in” with StandOut, earning kudos for being thedepartment with the most Check-Ins. Contract Administration team members participated inover 28 employee engagement activities and maintained the percentage of staff that are “fullyengaged” at 80%.8Revised Standard OperatingProcedures to Improve Processesand EfficiencyContract Administration performed a comprehensive update of its Standard OperatingProcedures, including developing a robust playbook for responding to vendor redlines, toenhance consistency and efficiency.10Presented atNational ConferencesContract Administration shared its expertise and knowledge with colleagues by presenting atthe national Association of Corporate Counsel, Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute, andHealthcare Financial Management Association conferences.5

Contract AdministrationProcess OverviewThere are Four Distinct Phases of the ContractLife Cycle6

Contract AdministrationProcess OverviewContract Administration is Organized into ThreeTeams that Specialize in Various Phases of theContract Life Cycle Intake Team Legal ReviewTeam Redlines anyrequired legalchanges Notes any businesscomments AdministrativeTeamReceives requests todraft or review newcontracts oramendments to existingcontractsEnsures compliancewith internal policiesand external regulations Ensures contract is fullysignedUploads contract into theonline contract databaseFacilitates timely renewalor termination ofcontracts beforeexpiration7

Contract AdministrationProcess OverviewEach Step in the Contract Process is Outlined ina Single Flow Chart that Contains SubsequentPages with Additional Definitions for theSpecific StepsKey StepsThis chart can be accessed s.html1.Before signing a contract or other legaldocument, the Stakeholder sends the documenttogether with a completed “Contract RequestForm” to Contract Administration Once Contract Administration approves acontract or other legal document, the Vendor(Other Party) must sign first.3.Once the Vendor (Other Party) signs, ContractAdministration will sign and provide a one-page“Contract Approval Form” so that thedesignated internal contracting officer can signthe contract.4.Once fully signed, the Stakeholder submits thedocuments to Purchasing so that a PurchaseOrder can be issued and payments made to theVendor (Other Party).5.Contract Administration will load all signedcontracts into the MediTract contract database.8

Contract AdministrationProcess OverviewContract Administration’s Internet Site isAccessible to Everyone and Contains Forms,Standard Contract Language, and Training GuidesThe website can be accessed at html9

Contract AdministrationProcess OverviewStakeholders Request a Contract by Clicking the“Request a Contract” Button, Completing theContract Request Form, and Submitting theForm to Contract Administration10

Track a Requested ContractStakeholders Can Use Smartsheet to Track theStatus of a Contract Request Submitted toContract AdministrationContract Administration enters all requests for contracts into a Smartsheet online tracking log.After any action is taken on a contract, a member of the Contract Administration team enters acomment on the log.Stakeholders can now track requested contracts – and view the action taken on contracts – byclicking on the “TRACK a Requested Contract” button on the Contract Administration Internet Site.For assistance with applicable usernames,passwords, or other access issues, please .11

Track a Requested ContractStakeholders Can Use Smartsheet to Track theStatus of a Contract Request Submitted toContract AdministrationStakeholders can review the comments on theSmartsheet log to see any activity taken on arequested contract.The comments will always show “Action Taken”and the “Next Steps” for each particularcontract.12

Access a Fully-SignedContractMediTract, the Online Contract Database,Has Been Updated to Store and CategorizeFully-Signed, Active Contracts Fully-signed, active contracts are loaded into MediTract ( Using MediTract, Stakeholders can view and download copies of their contracts 24/7. MediTract also sends automatic email alerts to Stakeholders assigned to contracts 90days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days before a contract expires.13

Contract AdministrationResourcesTraining Guides on the Contract AdministrationWebsite Include a Step-by-Step Guide forStakeholders on How to Purchase Goods andServicesThe “Training Guide – How to Purchase Goods andServices” provides an overview of potential stepsinvolved in purchasing goods and/or services froma Vendor.This training guide, along with training guides onother topics, is available on ContractAdministration’s ntracts.html14

Contract AdministrationResourcesContract Administration Updated and Revisedthe Contract Templates and Standard ContractLanguage, Which is Available on the ContractAdministration WebsiteContract TemplatesContract templates are updated tocontain consistent formatting andlanguage.Standard Contract LanguageStandard contract language is posted forall Stakeholders and Vendors to reviewon the Contract Administration tracts.html15

Contract AdministrationResourcesContact Contract Administration in Anyof the Following Ways:Online: htmlEmail: : (650) 723-305716

Stanford Health Care Organizational Overview 3 Contract Administration is a Shared Service of Stanford Health Care to Eight Other Stanford Medicine Entities Stanford Health are ("SH")is the flagship academic medical center associated with the Stanford University School of Medicine. SHC has 15,232 employees and volunteers, 613 licensed

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