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Ohio StatewideAssessmentProgramRules BookOhio Department of EducationOffice of Assessment and CurriculumOriginal Release: Sept. 30, 2011

Table of ContentsRules Book Overview . 7Purpose.7New for 2011-2012 .7Changes During Year to be Posted on Website .7Assessment Schedule .8Statutory/Regulatory History of Statewide Testing .10Timetable for Statewide Testing Graduation Requirements .12Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) . 13Assessment of the Grade 3-8 Students.13Test Window .13Test Administrator .13Practice Tests .14Third-Grade Guarantee .14Summer Intervention – Grade 3 Reading .14Suspension of OAA Writing and Social Studies Assessments .15Overview of Number and Question Types for OAA . 15Performance Levels .16Performance Level Scores Established by State Board of Education.17Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) . 18Assessment of Ohio High School Students .18Test Window .18Test Administrator .19Practice Tests .19Requirement for Administering Full-Length OGT Practice Test .19Summer Administration of OGT .19Did Not Pass the OGT .20Did Not Pass the Ohio Ninth-Grade Proficiency Test .21Foreign Exchange Students.21Criteria for the Alternate Pathway to Graduation .22Criteria for Earning a Diploma with Honors .22Overview of Number and Question Types for Ohio Graduation Tests .25Performance Levels .25Performance Level Scores Established by State Board of Education.25Rules BookBack to Table of Contents1

Students Identified English Language Learners. 26Identification of English Language Learners (ELL).26ELL and OGT .26Requirements of ELL.27Test Administrator and Accommodations .27Accommodations for ELL .28Read-Aloud Accommodation for Eligible ELL .28Special Test Formats for Eligible ELL .28Foreign-Language CD .29Language Translations .30Procedures for Language Translators .30Spanish Bilingual Form of the OAA .31Braille and Large-Print Versions .31Exiting the English as a Second Language Program .31Guidelines for Identifying, Assessing, Serving and Reporting ELL .32Decision Flow Chart for Selecting Additional ELL Accommodations .35Ohio Test of English Language Acquisition (OTELA) . 36Assessment of English Language Learners (ELL) .36Overview of Number and Question Types for the OTELA .36Performance Level Standards .37Students with Disabilities . 38Assessment of Students with Disabilities .38Graduation Requirement .38Blanket Excusal from Consequences .39Test Administrator and Accommodations .39General Information on Accommodations.39Read-Aloud Accommodation with Test Administrator .40English Audio CD .40Special Version .41Students with Disabilities in Adult High School Programs .41Students with Disabilities in Chartered Non-Public Schools .42Rules BookBack to Table of Contents2

Alternate Assessments for Students with Disabilities (AASWD) . 43Assessment of Students with Identified Disabilities (IEP and 504 Plan) .43Ungraded Programs .43Collection of Evidence .44Suspension of OAA-AASWD Writing and Social Studies Assessments .44Specific Subject and Content Standard Requirements for Each Entry .44Special Services Outside District of Residence .45Scoring the AASWD.45Performance Level Scores Established by State Board of Education.45Accountability and 1 Percent Cap Limit .46Training and Technical Assistance (SSTs) .47Guidelines for Participation in AASWD .47Excusal from the Consequences and the AASWD .47Decision Making Framework .48AA-MAS . 49Alternate Assessments based on Modified Academic Achievement Standards (AA-MAS) .49Diagnostic Assessments . 50Purpose of Diagnostic Assessments.50Components of Diagnostic Assessments .51Administration of Diagnostic Assessments .52Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy (KRA-L) . 53Administration of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment – Literacy (KRA-L) .53End-of-Course Exams . 54Overview .54American Diploma Project .54ADP Algebra I and Algebra II End-of-Course Exams .54Administration of all Statewide Tests . 56Ohio’s Statewide Assessment Program .56Statewide Assessment Development .56Operational Tests, Field Tests, Practice Tests and Released Tests.56Administration Procedures of OAA, OGT, OTELA, OAA-AASWD and OGT-AASWD.57Test Administrator .58Administration Time .58Statewide Assessment Policies/Procedures .58Rules BookBack to Table of Contents3

Administration of all Statewide Tests, continued . 59Home Education or Home School .59Required Statewide Assessments for Home-Education Students .59Home Instruction .59Chartered Non-Public Schools .59Statewide Test Information/Student’s Record .60Transfer Student Record to Another School/District .60Conflict School Calendar .60Closed Due to Snow/Emergency .61Testing Session Interrupted.61Student Becomes Ill .61General Method for Scribing .61Word Processor Method for Scribing .62Dictation Method for Scribing .62Supplemental Guidelines for Transcribing Student Responses .63Additional Test Administration Time .63Students Who Finish Early .64Allowable Reference Materials, Resources and Devices .64Statewide Student Identification (SSID) .65Scorable Material Pickup .65Special Version Format.66Standards for the Ethical Use of Tests .66Test Security Provisions . 70Statewide Testing Security .70Shrink-Wrap Packages .70District Test Policy/Procedures.70Copies or Photocopies.71Penalty for Revealing Test Questions .71Consequences of Test Security Violations .71Standards for the Ethical Use of Tests .71Additional Monitoring Procedures .72Appropriate Help for Students .72Additional Test Security Resource .72Rules BookBack to Table of Contents4

Guidelines and Procedures: Maintaining Test Security and Reporting TestingIncidents .73Purpose.74Overview .75Types of Test Incidents .76Who Reports and How to Report a Test Incident .76Procedure for Reporting a Test Incident .77Procedure for the Use of a Breach Form .78Possible Conditions for a Breach Form .78Procedure for Submitting an Invalidation .79Use of Scribe Form .79District Investigation Report .79Interaction with the Office of Professional Conduct .79Test Administration Forms and Resources .80Forms and Other Resources .80Report of Test Incident .81Guidelines to Help Districts Document an Inquiry Into Possible Testing Irregularities .84Request for a Breach Form .

o Grade 4: Reading and Mathematics. o Grade 5: Reading, Mathematics and Science. o Grade 6: Reading and Mathematics. o Grade 7: Reading and Mathematics. o Grade 8: Reading, Mathematics and Science. Grades 10-12 Ohio Graduation Tests Grade 10 March 12-25, 2012: Ohio Graduation Tests in reading, mathematics, wri

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