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State Technical College of MissouriCOLLEGE CATALOG2020-2021One Technology DriveLinn, MO ery effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information available at the time this catalog was prepared.All information is subject to change at any time by proper administrative processes without prior notice, obligationor liability. This includes statements of tuition, fees, programs, course offerings, and graduation requirements.i

State Technical College of MissouriGUARANTEEState Technical College of Missouri guarantees satisfaction with the training it provides. Anygraduate of the college who is found by either his or her employer or the graduate to lack entrylevel skills (competencies) listed in the graduate’s records as having been satisfactorilydemonstrated may return to State Technical College of Missouri for retraining with the tuitionbeing waived. This guarantee shall be subject to the following terms:1. The guarantee shall be good for 180 days after graduation; i.e., the performancedeficiency must be identified within 180 days.2. The graduate must notify the college of his or her intent to return for retrainingwithin 210 days after graduation.3. The retraining must be completed the first time it is offered as a part of thecollege’s regular schedule after the college is notified of the graduate’s intent toaccomplish retraining.ii

State Technical College of MissouriACADEMIC CALENDARFALL SEMESTERPower UpFall Semester BeginsLabor Day/College ClosedProfessional Development/College Closed*Advisory Council/College Closed*Free Day/College ClosedEnd of 1st 8 WeeksBeginning of 2nd 8 WeeksThanksgiving/College ClosedFinalsFinals/Fall Semester EndsWinter Break Begins/No ClassesCollege Closed2019-20202020-20212021-20222022-2023August 26, 2019August 27September 2October 10October 11October 14October 23October 24November 2829December 18December 19December 20December 21August 23, 2020August 24September 7December 3 December 4 Not applicableOctober 13October 14August 23, 2021August 24September 6October 7October 8October 11October 20October 21August 22, 2022August 23September 5October 6October 7October 10October 19October 20November 26-27November 25-26November 24-25On or before Dec. 15December 15December 16December 17December 15December 16December 17December 18December 14December 15December 16December 17January 7, 2020January 20February 17March 3March 4March 6March 16-20April 3April 10May 5-7May 7May 8May 9January 5, 2021January 18February 15March 2March 3March 5Not applicableApril 9April 2April 27-29April 29April 30May 1January 4, 2022January 17February 21March 1March 2March 4March 14-18April 8April 15May 3-5May 5May 6May 7January 4, 2023January 16February 20March 1March 2March 3March 13-17March 31April 7May 3-5May 5May 5May 6May 14, 2020May 25June 1June 30July 1July 1July 3August 17August 18May 13, 2021May 31June 7June 29June 30June 30July 5August 16August 17May 12, 2022May 30June 6June 28June 29June 29July 4August 15August 16May 11, 2023May 29June 5June 27June 28June 28July 3-4August 14August 15SPRING SEMESTERSpring Semester BeginsMartin Luther King Day/College ClosedPresidents’ Day/College ClosedEnd of 1st 8 WeeksBeginning of 2nd 8 WeeksAdvisory Council/College Closed*Spring Break/College ClosedSkillsUSA Contest/No ClassesFree Day/College ClosedFinalsHEO Classes EndSpring Semester EndsCommencementSUMMER SEMESTERSummer Semester BeginsMemorial Day/College ClosedHEO Classes BeginEnd of 1st 8 WeeksBeginning of 2nd 8 WeeksDAT/PNT Classes BeginIndependence Day/College ClosedFinalsFinals/Summer Semester Ends* The College is closed to the public. This is a required work day for college employees. The College is open on Professional Development Day and Advisory Council during fall 2020 only.College academic calendar is subject to change.Approved September 18, 2020 by the State Technical College of Missouri Board of Regents.iii

State Technical College of MissouriTABLE OF CONTENTSCollege Catalog. iGuarantee . iiAcademic Calendar . iiiTable Of Contents . ivAbout The College . 1Mission. 1Mission Statement. 1Vision . 1Legislative History . 1Values . 2Institutional Goal Statements . 2The Higher Learning Commission Accreditation . 2Nondiscrimination Policy . 2Board of Regents. 3Advisory Council . 3Facilities And Resources. 3Missouri’s Green State Technical College . 3Classrooms And Laboratories . 4Main Campus . 4Business & Industry Training . 4Lewis & Clark Career Center . 4Osage County Community Center . 5Osage Country Club. 5Foundation For State Technical College Of Missouri . 5Consumer Information . 5General Admissions Policy And Procedures . 5Admissions Policy . 5Campus Tours . 5The Coordinating Board For Higher Education-Recommended College Preparatory HighSchool Core Curriculum . 6Admissions Procedures . 7Resident Status . 7Student Classifications And Application Requirements . 7Degree Seeking Students (First-Time, Transfer, or Returning) . 7Non-Degree Seeking Students . 10Tuition, Fees, And Other Costs. 10Tuition . 11Fees . 11Bookstore . 11Housing . 11Meal Plans . 11Payment Of Tuition And Fees . 12Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option . 12Third-Party Agency . 12Return Check Policy . 12iv

State Technical College of MissouriRefunds . 12Refunds For Dropped Classes . 12Administrative Withdrawal From A Class . 13Student Housing Related Refunds . 13Credit Balance Refunds . 13Bookstore Refunds . 13Military Deployment Refund . 13Student Financial Appeal Petition . 13Financial Aid Impacts Of Class Withdrawals . 14Return Of Title IV Funds . 14Student Financial Aid . 16Eligibility Criteria . 16Satisfactory Academic Progress . 16Federal Verification . 17Proof Of Citizenship . 17Forms Of Aid . 17Additional Government Financial Aid Programs . 19Internal Tuition Waivers Provided By State Technical College Of Missouri . 19State Technical College Of Missouri Scholarships . 21Corporate, Endowed, And Privately Sponsored Scholarships . 22Externally Managed Scholarships. 24Academic/Institutional Regulations . 25Official College Communication With Student. 25Graduation Requirements . 25Graduation Procedures . 25Commencement Ceremony Participation . 25Student Learning Outcomes . 25AJA@TMSTC Grading System . 26Academic Grade (GRD) . 26Job Readiness Work Ethic Score (JR) . 26Attendance Percentage (ATT) . 27Computing Grade Point Average . 27Grade Reports . 27Incomplete Grades . 27Grade Change Request . 27Class Re-Take Procedure . 27Transfer Credit . 28Missouri Reverse Transfer . 28Residency Requirement For An Associate of Applied Science Degree . 28Residency Requirement For A Certificate . 28Articulation Of Secondary/Technical Courses . 29Advanced Placement Credit . 29Dual Credit . 29Offered Through State Technical College Of Missouri . 29Offered Through Other Two/Four Year Colleges . 30Dual Enrollment . 30v

State Technical College of MissouriCredit For Prior Learning. 31Credit By Examination/Test Out . 31Industry Credentials/Licenses . 31Military Courses. 31Credit/Class Load. 31Late Enrollment And Additional Classes . 31Independent Study . 31Special Topics Class . 31Auditing A Class . 32Class Attendance . 32Make-Up Work . 32Inclement Weather . 32Academic Standards. 32Academic Honors. 32Academic Probation . 33Academic Suspension . 33Standard Of Student Conduct . 33Student Handbook. 33Academic Integrity. 33Student Drug Screening . 33Substance Abuse . 33Tobacco Free Campus. 34Weapons Policy . 34Presidential Order On Firearms . 34Archery Equipment Policy. 34Sexual Harassment . 34State Technical College of Missouri’s Commitment to Addressing Sexual Misconduct(TITLE IX). 34Filing a Complaint . 35Campus Crime Prevention and Awareness . 35Dispute Resolution Process. 35Withdrawing From A Class . 35Withdrawing From The College . 35Transcript Request . 36Academic Records . 36Student Life, Activities, And Services . 36Counseling Services . 36Services For Special Populations . 36Library. 36Academic Resource Center . 37Student Computer And Internet Acceptable Use Procedure. 37On-Campus Housing Facilities . 37Career Services . 37Student Activities/Organizations . 38Main Campus Traffic . 38Main Campus Parking. 38vi

State Technical College of MissouriDegree And Certificate Requirements . 39Associate Of Applied Science Degree . 39Certificates . 40Course Prefixes . 40Course Requisites. 41Catalog Year . 41General Education Requirements . 41Philosophy Of General Education . 41Core Curriculum Transfer (CORE 42) . 41The Associate Of Applied Science General Education Core. 42The Certificate General Education Core . 43General Education And Related Courses . 43Agriculture . 43Communication . 44Engineering/Mathematics/Science . 46Mathematics . 46Science . 48Seminar . 50Social Science . 51Technical Literacy . 52Major Program Curriculums . 53Automation & Robotics Technology . 54Automotive Collision Technology. 58Automotive Technology . 63General Option . 63Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Option . 63High Performance Option . 63Light-Duty Diesel Option . 63Aviation Maintenance . 70Business Administration . 78General Option . 78Accounting Option . 78Technical Specialty Option . 78Civil Engineering Technology . 84Commercial Turf & Grounds Management . 89Computer Application Development . 94Dental Assisting Technology . 98Drafting And Design Engineering Technology . 102Electric Power Generation Technology . 106Electrical Distribution Systems. 110Electronics Engineering Technology . 115General Option . 115Biomedical Engineering Technology Option . 115General Technology . 120Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Technology . 121Heavy Equipment Operations . 124vii

State Technical College of MissouriHeavy Equipment Technology . 129General Option . 129CAT Dealer Service Technician Option . 133Industrial Electricity. 136Automated Controls Technician Option . 136Construction Option . 136Medical Radiologic Technology . 141Medium/Heavy Truck Technology . 146Networking Systems Technology . 149Nuclear Technology . 154Instrumentation and Control Option . 154Radiation Protection Option . 154Reactor Operations Option . 154Nursing . 160Physical Therapist Assistant . 165Powersports Technology. 171General Option . 171Agriculture & Turf Equipment Option . 171Practical Nursing Technology. 178Precision Machining Technology . 183Utility Systems Technician .

Winter Break Begins/No Classes December 20 December 16 December 17 December 16 College Closed December 21 December 17 December 18 December 17 SPRING SEMESTER Spring Semester Begins : January 7, 2020 . January 5, 2021 : January 4, 2022 . January 4, 2023 : Martin Luther King Day/College Closed January 20 January 18 January 17 January 16

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